Silly Slippeez Review

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Kids these days have so much fun with all new age toys and games available to play with. Everything from a bicycle to video games has changed over the years, so why should their slippers remain the same old boring ones? Though until now there was hardly anything to do with the slippers except adding some badges or printings of their favorite cartoon character. What if someone told you that you can now get slippers for kids that can come to life when they walk? Don’t be surprised because it’s a true fact with the latest Silly Slippeez.


Silly Slippeez
Silly Slippeez are fun slippers for kids which actually pop up to life whenever they are pressed during walking, running or jumping. The slippers have a built in technology to sense any pressure on the bottom part and in response has a part of the design pop out. It also has provision to glow in the dark to increase the amount of fun for kids. The material used for Silly Slippeez is strong and durable and resists to any wear and tear which generally is possible since kids are active all the time. The stitching is of high quality to provide use over a long term.

Silly Slippeez comes with choice of 6 different characters. It comes in a Mr. Monster design wherein its eyes pop out when pressed, there is Princess Kitty which has her ears popping out, Sneaky Shark whose mouth opens up wide, Lucky Leopard whose ears are flexible, Zany Zebra also having its ears ready to dangle and a Dizzy Dinosaur who opens its mouth on contact. Silly Slippeez definitely is a cool catch for a slumber party, for use at home, for playing, taking them for a visit to grandparents on a weekend and even used as a perfect gift to kids on birthdays.

These adorable and huggable slippers are quite soft to touch and comfortable for the kids. Plus they keep the feet warm enough to avoid any cold getting through it. Each Silly Slippeez comes for an astonishingly low price and has a 60 day money back guarantee on purchase.



What do I get?
Choose from: Mr Monster, Princess Kitty, Sneaky Shark, Lucky Leopard, Zany Zebra, Dizzy Dinosaur

Sizes available – XS (9/10 shoe size), S (11/12 shoe size), M (13/1 shoe size), L (2/3 shoe size), XL (4/6 shoe size)

Official website Price $19.95 + shipping/handling.

Customer Care Number – 1-973-287-5139



Silly Slippeez Video


9 thoughts on “Silly Slippeez Review

  1. I bought 3 pair of Slippeez. 2 work and one doesn’t. I’ve been searching the Internet for a manufacturer website to have the product replaced because the eBay seller said that it was new in box so the manufacturer should replace it. No luck finding anyone to help me yet.

  2. I wanted to read some reviews of Silly Slippeez before buying the product and that had me browsing the web for the same. After a short while I ended up so riled up because all the sites I went to had only good things to say about the product or then buttons asking me to “Buy Now” or order the product. All these links were redirecting to other websites where one could purchase the product without reading reviews. I wouldn’t buy the product blindly because I noticed the pattern and put two and two together that these fake review sites were manufacturer promoted websites. Then I came to this site and wow I could find them all there by reading all your experiences about the product. So thanks to all of you. Some of the sites having fake reviews are,,

    • You will find such review sites a dime a dozen and his is because of what we call SEO. It’s a cakewalk to cheat people by writing wonderful reviews of a product that is not up to scratch. What make it worse is that it is just as easy to cheat the search engines too. These search engines cannot say which is a genuine review and which is a fake one. So you will find many instances of malpractices whereby scammers flood the internet with such fake reviews. The sites that you visited all belong to affiliates of manufacturers who abuse the loopholes in the search engines to promote their products and take heavy commissions for selling products.

  3. These are just crappy imitations of the product Stompeez that came out last year. I hate companies that come up with these knockoff and try to screw over the inventors.

  4. We tried these silly slippers bought a pair my daughter was so excited after only wearing them for about 45 mins it stopped working . Took them back to the store got another pair and the quality isn’t great its hit or miss working . I would not recommend these, its a waste of $ .

  5. I ordered the Princess Kitty Silly Slippeez and we haven’t tried it yet – so we don’t know the quality. Why? because I ordered a month ago, paid the $7.95 processing and handling, and guess what? they haven’t shipped it yet, after a month. So I called the customer service, they said that I will get it next week, and they are shipping it today (the day I called to complain about not getting the slippers). WTH! I have to wait another week for it to arrive. So there goes my 60-day money back guarantee.

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