Shmoozee Review

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Children love loads of soft toys of all kinds, especially those which are adorable and innovative. If you have kids too who love soft toys like that, you just can’t miss out on having Shmoozees. They are amazing and cute soft toys that are great to play with and also be decorated with jewelry and accessories! They are designed to be dolled up by kids with jewelry on what you can call ear resistible ears. That’s something kids really love doing besides playing as creativity gets them all excited and happy. So make sure you get the cuddly soft and glamorous Shmoozees home as that’s sure to delight children!

How does Shmoozee work?

There’s not just one Shmoozees, but a gang of six out there for your kids to play with! There is the Wild Giraffe, Dreamy Purple, pretty Pink, Funky Zebra, Twilight Black and Cool Blue! All of them have ear resistible ears that kids can glam up with Ear Resistible charms that pop. What’s more, they can also turned into great fashionable icons by adorning then with the range of fashion accessories made especially for them.

Kids can even brush their hair and tie them up with clips or bands. They can be turned all hip and happening with the Ear Resistible charms by kids themselves! Shmoozees look so lovable that kids can’t have enough of them playing and decorating them. What’s more, when you turn out the lights, they glow in the dark!

Shmoozees are fluffy soft and captivatingly glamorous too. Girls can even make them wear their own accessories like clips, bands and earrings! It is the perfect way to make kids experience something new and totally creative! And it doesn’t end at that. Kids can go online and play games with Shmoozees. They can even enjoy the lovely Shmoozees music available for them! Video games and original Shmoozees fashion to dress these adorable ones in are also available once you get the special Shmoozees code. So, do get the sweet Shmoozees home and with them endless moments of creative fun for your kids!




What do I get?
Get 2 Shmoozee Characters for just $19.99 + $8.99 S&H. Official website



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5 thoughts on “Shmoozee Review

  1. Ordered these for my daughter a month ago for her birthday- just called and was told they were on back order and it could be another month (or more) until they arrive. Based on Mark review I am not sure they ever will arrive- and I will not order from then again either. I just “love” listening to an 8 year old cry/whine/complain every day because the toy she wanted for her birthday hasn’t arrived.

  2. Seems like a scam. I ordered some for my daughter almost 2 months ago. They have still not arrived, I have called to check on the order twice, yet I always get a sorry sir they are still on back order. Then a third party company contacted me trying to sell me some kind of scam, problem is they got my credit card info from, they had MY CREDIT CARD number. They even recited the digits to me. I have contacted Shmoozee and informed them that if I receive any charges from a third party vendor that not only will I report them to the B.B.B, but I will file a lawsuit against them and their vendor. Good luck if you choose to order from them, but I never will again.

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