ShamZees Review

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Like every parent, your kids become the centre of your universe and you want nothing but the best for them. It’s also true when they are in bed on their own and you want them to feel comforted and enjoy a good night’s sleep. But you also understand how tricky it can be to tuck kids in bed at the right time, especially when they want to play and have a nice time. But now you have a simple answer to this situation in the form of ShamZees; these pillow eating friends will not only be comfortable for your kids, they will also look forward to cuddling up to them and get into bed.


A gobble, a giggle, a hug and a wiggle, as the tag line goes for this product, which will be a lot of fun for your kids. It’s perfect for days when your children’s friends come over for a sleepover or when they want to have a play time at home with their friends. These pillow eating friends will be a constant source of entertainment for them, and when it’s bed time they will be their cuddly companions too.

This product is very easy to use and you start with choosing your favourite pillow and feeding it to ShamZee. That’s it; your own ShamZee is ready and now you can take it with you wherever you go. You know kids can get restless when they have to travel long distances in the car, but when they have their favourite pillow eating friend with them, they will be calm throughout the ride. They will instantly sense that comforting home like feeling with ShamZees, when they are out on a holiday too.

For your convenience this product is machine washable and fits all standard size pillows. It’s big, cushy and soft for kid’s use as well. From Bally to Candy Corn, Gobble and Munchie, Poodalina and Little Miss Dottie, there’s a ShamZee of your choice for everyone.



What do I get?
You can buy ShamZee from a choice of 6 characters for $19.99 plus shipping and handling charge of $8.99 at



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4 thoughts on “ShamZees Review

  1. Be prepared to wait for shipping. I’ve been waiting 47 days and after calling them today they say it’s on backorder and don’t know when it will be available to ship. I’ve not received a thing telling me they are on back order only when I ordered it that it would ship within 45 days. To me 45 days is a long time when everyone else is shipping with a day or two. For my grandson I figured I would wait, now on his big day he won’t get what he has been asking for. Won’t order this for any of the other grand-kids!

  2. March 2 I ordered a unicorn ShamZee and never received any type of confirmation. I tried e-mailing the company to no avail. I also tried calling the number listed which doesn’t work.


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