Room Protector REVIEW | Make Your Kid Feel Safe at Night

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About Room Protector

Does your child get scared in his/her room at night or is he afraid of the dark? If you answered yes, then what you need is Room Protector.Room Protector is a device that claims to be designed with an advanced technology that clears your room off zombies, monsters, ghosts and all imaginary dangers to ensure your child feels safe so they get a good night’s sleep.It guarantees to help your child overcome bedtime fears and get a good night’s sleep.We wouldn’t believe these claims though till we look at and analyze Room Protector reviews.


How does Room Protector work?

Scan and Protect- Simply enter your secret code and Room Protector states that its child-safe Red Lasers and 3D Jamming technology penetrate behind curtains, into closets and under beds to clear the room of all imaginary dangers.Then, the Green LED Scanners promise to create a “protective shield” so your child feels safe. At this point of time there are no Room Protector reviews to verify this claim.

Fall Asleep- Next, Room Protector declares that it glows softly and rotates through a multi-colored, soothing light show to help you child feel relaxed, and help them fall asleep peacefully.Does it really help children feel relaxed and fall asleep? We have to wait for Room Protector reviews to make up our mind.

Reassure – Room Protector emphasizes that a green light glows softly during the night, so if your child wakes up scared, they will see they are safe and can fall back to sleep. The built- in Blaster Night Light claims to light up their room so they can confirm that nothing’s there- so they can feel safe and fall back to sleep. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once Room Protector is reviewed.

Room Protector improves children’s behavior, helps with school and lets everyone sleep!

Room Protector REVIEW

Room Protector is a truly unique “feel safe at night” for kids gadget and very hard to judge. There is a similar gadget available at with the name “Room Defender”, it has over 100 reviews and has a 4.5 star rating. Room Protector seems to be a down-graded version of the Room Defender.

Room Protector can be a good toy to make your kids feel safe and help boost their confidence but there could be some drawbacks with the gadget. You need to think of the following points before buying the Room Protector.

1. Could be difficult to setup and use.
2. Kids may find it frustrating to use and operate.
3. Kids can get used to it and loose interest in it and get bored too soon.
4. Kids may love it but could be annoying for parents.
5. Completely un-tested method of making kids feel safe at night, you may want to try some other tried and tested solutions available out there to make your kid feel safe at night.
6. A simple and affordable night light projector can also serve the same purpose.
7. Room Protector is available only at the Official website


What do I get?
1 Room Protector Projector for $29.95 + $5.95 s/h at | Order Room Protector today!

One thought on “Room Protector REVIEW | Make Your Kid Feel Safe at Night

  1. I LOVE this thing. My kids love it and sleep in their beds all night. Made really well, no complaints.

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