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What is Roll-A-Troll:

It is a soft, cute and furry troll that can be your kids’ favourite companion for a long time to come.
Roll-A-Troll asserts that it can be a source of entertainment for kids, who just won’t have enough of them. You know how easy it is for your kids to get bored of their toys. You end up spending a lot of money on them but they hardly are worth that, since kids grow out of them before you know it. You need something that can be fun for kids for a long time. That’s what Roll-A-Troll claims to be for them, wherever they might be.

Roll-A-Troll for unlimited fun for your kids

Roll-A-Troll are soft, furry and cuddly trolls that share all their good luck with your little ones. It’s particularly true when it’s play time because kids can have all the fun with them. The good thing about Roll-A-Troll is that when they are closed, they can be rolled around, thrown up in the air or played with any way you want. Fun never ends when you have these cute and funky trolls to go with you, according to its claims.
Imagine having a lot of young kids on hand for a party and wanting to keep them engaged. Well, now you can easily do that with Roll-A-Troll that are also perfect accomplices for your kids’ adventures, projects or any other activity they want to partake in.


Roll-A-Troll for lots of colourful ideas

Do you find it difficult to get your kids into bed at nights? Do you think they are often scared of the dark and wish you could comfort them one way or the other? In that case, you can simply get them Roll-A-Troll, which is bright and colourful so that your kids will be cheery. They will also feel comforted in the dark and will be looking forward to their bed time. Roll-A-Troll also brings several smart and brave options, which will have a calming impact on kids. Moreover they will be a colourful inspiration for your kids’ imagination too.

Roll-A-Troll for a rainbow of opportunities

The best part about Roll-A-Troll is that there are several cool and funky options that your kids will just love to have. There is the pink haired princess and blue haired police officer, red haired fireman and the birthday troll to look forward to in the collection. Roll-A-Troll also has options like rock star, chef, vampire, scientist, pilot, zombie, nurse, doctor, Santa, and many more. Each of them is a fun loving troll that your kids will take to instantly. These cute trolls also claim to be the perfect present for your kids too.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Roll-A-Troll for $19.99 +$6.99 S&H.
  • Official website:
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