Rocket Tops Review

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Children in today’s age need a lot of excitement when it comes to purchasing toys. Toys on the other hand are becoming more in number and fancier in nature than before but the old school charm of some toys will never wear off. Take tops for example. The spinning tops usually gave hours of fun in the yesteryears but with all the advancement in technology it has lost itself in time. What if there was a way to revive interest in your kids to play with spinning tops with a touch of technology from their age? Well, get ready to be amazed when you see the new Rocket Tops, a new fun way to play with tops.


Rocket Tops

Rocket Tops is an advanced form of the classic tops for children’s playtime. It combines new age mechanisms of full motorized powerful launcher that spins the top instead of the painstaking traditional methods that make it fun to use. Named as Rocket Tops it goes on and on at a very high speed due to the super charging provided by the motorized launcher. It can provide hours of fun with its spinning and comes in different sizes. These five differently colored and sized tops are designed in such a way that they can be stacked one over the other for lots of fun.

Rocket Tops, a set of 5 high quality tops and a launcher has neon lights in the bigger top so that it can light up excitement in the darkest of rooms. The robust tops can take heavy duty playtime and can be fought against each other in a complimentary Battle Arena which comes with the set. It also features an In-Flight Booster which keeps charging the tops while they are spinning making the spin last almost as long as one wishes to. All the pieces of Rocket Tops are made out of durable high quality material which has no sharp corners or in any way inappropriate for use by children. Backed with a 30 day guarantee, it is definitely a must buy toy for kids seeking endless fun.




What do I get?

  • 5 Tops
  • 1 Arena
  • 1 Launcher
  • 1 In-Flight Booster

All this for just $14.99 plus $7.99 S&H. Official website



Rocket Tops Video
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3 thoughts on “Rocket Tops Review

  1. ROCKET TOPS: I ordered these to arrive in time for my son’s birthday, which they did not. When I contacted the vendor, (they are sold through Idea Village), customer service informed me they were delivered to my home on April 16 (they were not). She told me to call customer service if I had any questions (did not provide the number, I had to look it up), and that I should have a nice day. Why would I be writing about the status if I had in fact received them three days prior? And I most certainly will NOT be having a nice day, because now customer service is closed for the weekend and my call will not be answered. Furthermore, attempts to go to the product web site the past two days indicate the site no longer exists or is unavailable. Anyone else have this issue?

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