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Kids are delighted beyond words when they come across something new and adorable. For that, Puppet Monsters are the perfect way to get kids all excited and in action to have loads of fun. Combine the words puppet and monsters and you have Puppet Monsters, puppets that look like monsters which are worn on head and fingers put in the hand! What adds to the fun is the fact that Puppet Monsters come as separate parts that can be assembled by kids as they like.


Puppet Monsters

Puppet Monsters are puppets you can play with whenever you want. They bring hours of creative fun and tons of wonderful entertainment. They are cuddly, colorful and adorable. They have on them lots of button holes and ways to attach, change, mix and match accessories to make crazy, new characters. There are loads of accessories which are interchangeable and versatile. You can change the eyes, ears, nose and other parts to make hundreds of monsters. This amazing feature is sure to bring out the creative streak in kids and let them have loads of fun!

Puppet Monsters are so simple and easy to use that even kids can make new puppets with adorable new puppets on their own. The accessories are very easy to attach, remove and exchange. What’s more, they also provide easy storage. They can be opened and you can safely store all the attachments inside them. And Puppet Monsters won’t just sit there and stare. Anyone can prepare puppet shows with these creatures and bring story telling talent to the fore. You can invent your own puppets and make creative puppet shows with them too. There’s just no limit to creativity when it comes to these adorable little ones!

If Puppet Monsters get dusty, you need not worry as they are machine washable. They’ll always be there as perfect playmates and companions. You can also give away Puppet Monsters as gifts to kids. They can also be wonderful for kids to play with in holidays. Buy Puppet Monsters now and avail of a fantastic bonus too!



What do I get?
Select from the following characters: Silly Dragon, Dizzy Antlers, Big Beak, Twinkley Eyes, Jumbo Eyes, Mr. Mustache.

Select your free gift from the following characters: Funny Duck, Furry Octopus, Funky Mohawk, Wacky Bear, 3 Eyed Monster, Hot Lips

Official website: PuppetMonsters.com | Price – $19.95 + $13.90.


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