Press Dough Cookie Factory Review

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Its crazy, funny and makes cookies super yummy…its the Press Dough Cookie Factory. Now you can eat all the fun you make with this as seen on tv cookie maker. Press down the squishy, squeezy, tasty and pleasy cookie fun for everyone.


How does Press Dough Cookie Maker work?
Just fill the Press Dough with the cookie dough, pick a pattern then Press Dough , watch the dough squish out in the crazy ways, twist it. Switch the pattern to make your own creation. Squish out a car or make a race car, squish out skinny noodles. Use the Press Dough Shaper and molds to make even more silly shapes. Monkey on the run or an elephant with a giant trunk. Make an entire zoo all under one happy sun. Make your own dough or use the store-bought one. And after you have a grown-up bake them its time to decorate them.

With Press Dough you can do your own cookie show. Press Dough is one fun edible art . It is dishwasher safe so cleanup is a breeze.



What do I get?

  • 2 Cookie Presses
  • 24 Cookie Patterns
  • 24 Cookie Molds
  • 4 Cookie Shaper
  • 8 Frosting Tips
  • 2 Flour Shaper
  • 2 Spatulas
  • 2 Rolling Pins
  • 2 Cutting Wheels
  • 1 Instruction Book and Decorating Guide
  • You get the 70 piece Press Dough Cookie Maker and Instruction and Decorating Guide for just $19.99 + $7.99 S&H. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. This offer is not available in stores.



    Reviews and Complaints
    Please see the “Reviews” section below.


    Press Dough Cookie Maker Video


    8 thoughts on “Press Dough Cookie Factory Review

    1. Still have not got call back or email. Got notice left on gate (at my place of business) sat. Dec 24,2011 from ups about package. Dec. 27, 2011 UPS dropped off. Very disappointed with the customer service in the way they handled things and again will not order from them again.

    2. Have had no good luck with customer services,keeps giving me the run around about the shipping and tracking number. I ordered buy one get one free. I call and get the same answer of they can’t find info on tracking and will not email me back or call back, I will not order from them again. Ordered mine on Dec. 13 it is Dec.23 and no answer as of today. VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH HOW THINGS ARE HANDLED THERE. Two different CS people and one supervisor could not give me answers.

    3. I ordered this for my children. I have not received it yet, but I wanted to let everyone know to really pay attention to all the screens when you make your online order. I only ordered the cookie press, but ended up with the Deluxe Cookie Press also at the end. Their system does not give you a chance to view the total order and allow you to make sure it is correct before it sends the order on. I could send the extra item back when it gets here, but I would just have to pay all the shipping, so I am stuck with it.

      I will not order from this company again, because of the way that they slide other items in to your order. I will update you on the product when I receive it. I just hope my children like the product.

    4. Just bought this Press Dough Cookie Factory, after watching review as well, will update once we get and try it out. Just a NOTE, the $20 price Does NOT include the deluxe cookie dough press, only the manual hand one, which may be difficult for little ones to squeeze. They do offer it for $10 more on the website after you purchase. If you want multiple orders, just say one and wait for the next few screens when it asks you to get additional units with free shipping. More and more websites are doing this, which I think is a crock. If they offer you additional at that cost, they should offer you that when you buy multiples to begin with or they will lose customers (had this on another website we tried for a wallet). Anyway, looks like it will be fun and my son will enjoy it. Will update when we try to use it if it is bad or not 🙂

    5. I can tell you that Press Dough Cookie Factory’s customer service is horrible…I received a nasty email from their customer service telling me to call the customer service number which I have been on hold for over 15 minutes now.

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