Perfect Polly Pet Review

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Every parent has to at some point or another deal with their children’s demand to have a pet. And as much as you’d like to have a pet home, you understand that it can be a lot of hard work. You have to make sure, your pet, especially if it’s a bird, is well looked after and is comfortable in your surroundings. And given your pressing daily schedules you just don’t have the time to keep up with all the chores that are involved. But what if you could get all the joys of having a pet without the work required? Yes, Perfect Polly is the way of doing that and bringing a smile to your children’s faces.


How does Perfect PollyPet work
Your kids might probably love Parakeets, which are extremely beautiful and lively birds. They also make for good companions for your young ones. But looking after them can be tricky and time consuming. Now you can let your children experience the joy of having a parakeet at home with Perfect Polly, the singing parakeet. It’s not one of those birds that you find in the market that end up looking tacky. Perfect Polly is very lifelike, which will go down well with your kids.

It’s a motion activated bird, which is why it’s so real and a lot of fun to have. Perfect Polly will chirp and sing as beautifully as a real parakeet and watching her head and tail feathers move backwards and forwards will be a delight. Now why would you deal with costs and maintenance of cages, bird food and accessories when you have such a lively companion at home, who won’t make any mess around the house? You can take Polly to any part of the house and spread joy and laughter.

You get your singing parakeet sitting on a perch and in a variety of colours. And you can also switch this lifelike bird off with a simple touch of a button. This beautiful feathered companion is perfect for your homes.



What do I get?
You can buy Perfect Polly for $14.99 plus shipping and handling charge of $6.99 at and get a $15 As Seen On TV card with your offer.


Perfect PollyPet Video


15 thoughts on “Perfect Polly Pet Review

  1. I bought one (at target or Walmart) for some friends who have two indoor cats. The cats are not accustomed to birds since the have never been outside. but, those kitties find this toy interesting and are mesmerized by it. mission accomplished!!!!

  2. DO NOT buy this Perfect Polly Pet!! I ordered 1/4/14 with extra for priority shipping and my sister still has NOT received this item. Now I have been on hold for more than 15 minutes and attempted to track online and the site was not able to track my order. Please do not waste your time, energy and money.

  3. Also I bought it at Walmart! No s/h charges. I don’t buy As Seen on TV through the mail. I wait till the things show up at Walmart.

  4. RE: Perfect Polly plastic parakeet, I am basically pleased. I am absolutely 100% very pleased with the chirping/tweeting, and I am certain it is a tiny recording that was made of a real live parakeet.

    The reason I am certain is that the chirping/tweeting sound is so soothing to my nerves. I keep it beside the couch/bed where it is turned on all the time and tweets with every move I make while sitting or lying in bed.
    Being a high-strung, nervous person, I can’t stand— I have zero tolerance for all—electronic sounds (such as those detestable cell phone/smartass phone “ringtones” that set off my nerves every time I hear them!!!! Those horrible ring/tone sounds alone that smartasscell phones make are the number one reason I want to grab those phones and smash them to smithereens every time I hear one go off—the privacy invasion they promote is the second reason to abolish noisy smartass cell phones!!!)

    So Perfect Polly’s chirping/tweeting cannot possibly be electronic imitation of a parakeet—if it were, I would hate it as much as cell/electronic device sounds. So the soothing chirping that I keep turned on 24/7 is the best thing about Perfect Polly and the reason I am pleased.

    I admit that although the size, shape, realistic proportions, colors, etc, are real looking, it is plastic after all and can’t really be called lifelike, at least not up close. From across the room the movements do give it a lifelike effect.

    The little holes in the bird’s chest also prevent it from being mistaken for a live bird, but then the holes are necessary. One for the motion detector that makes it tweet and move, one for the little screw that opens the chest to insert the AAA batteries (not included of course), and the 3 tiny holes that are where the sound comes out. (The Perfect Polly in the picture on the web site doesn’t show all the holes.) It would have been nice if they weren’t necessary, but then without any holes it would be just a still model of a parakeet with no sound or movement.

    The only thing I really feel needs improvement is the base of the perch!

    Although it did take a little patience to insert the perch into the bird’s feet, I did manage it.

    But the perch base is way to light weight. The bird on the perch is top heavy even empty, and with batteries it is very top heave for that thin plastic rectangle of a base.
    The slightest bump to the table or brush with a sleeve, or even a strong breeze can knock over the Perfect Polly. I keep its base weighted down with a heavy brass magnifying glass laid across the base.

    They really need to make the base heavier than the bird with batteries inside so that it doesn’t topple over so easily. In spite of the too light plastic base and unaesthetic looking holes, I am still very pleased with the Perfect Polly. I have had it for 3 months and never turn it off. The chirping is so soothing!!

  5. My father in-law bought my wife 2 Perfect Polly Pets and it took over a month to get them and he paid an extra $10 for faster shipping. We took them out of the box today and the first one worked for an hour and now it doesn’t move, but it still chirps. The 2nd bird worked at first for about 5 minutes. Now it occasionally works. It responds to the motion sensor randomly. Very cheaply made. I am glad we didn’t buy it.


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