Party In The Tub Review

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Do you have trouble getting your kids in the tub for a bath every time? Of course they like to have more play time and detest baths to a great extent. But what if you could add their play time to the bath and make it more enjoyable for them? It will save you a lot of time running behind them trying to get them to have a bath. And now you have a novel way of making their bath time, fun time with Party in the Tub.


Party In The Tub

With the help of this product, your kids can literally have a fun party while they are in the bath and that’s why they will begin to look forward to it. All you have to do while using this product is to turn it on and drop it in the bath. The party for your kids can commence as they can just watch the fun with these floating lights. They can also spin them, dunk or splash them and have a merry time while they soak in the bath and get the task out of your way as well.

This fizzy fun in the bath is now available to you and what’s more, it’s a well made product for your convenience. To begin with it’s made from durable plastic, which is why it’s long lasting and it is also water tight to make it safe to use in the bath. You will also be pleased to note that the LED lights display is water safe and will have no problems in the bath whatsoever. Who needs those multiple toys in the bath to keep your kids entertained when this one product can do the trick for you?

Save yourself a lot of money and time with Party in the Tub and also make sure that your kids have a whale of a time in the bath as they splash around for some clean fun.


What do I get?

  • 2 Party In The Tub lights
  • 10 Tub Tizzies

All this for $14.95 + $7.95 P&H. Official website



Party In The Tub Video

16 thoughts on “Party In The Tub Review


  2. Got the party in the tub from family dollar for 15 dollars. I thought it would be cool for my daughters. First one didn’t work at all, so I went to get another one. Brought it home, it worked for a couple days, now it will not turn off. Opened it up and it was completely soaked even though it says it is water tight. That is not true at all. Contacts are already corroded and light will not go off unless you pull the batteries out. Taking it back. Cool idea but it’s not that great.

  3. Does anyone know how to turn this light off? There’s only 1 button and I can NOT get it to turn off! I think this is a BIG rip off!!!

  4. I bought this piece of crap party in the tub light! Tried everything to get it to work! So tonight I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and exchanged it! The second one doesn’t work! Seriously!!! And this company is still allowed to make this crap and sell it thru well known franchise stores! Someone is getting rich thru this scam! I’m getting my money back! DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY TO PURCHASE THIS! You will be disappointed

  5. Very disappointing for my grandson-the tizzys do not work at all! Alka setzers fizz more than this! Wow! A web site Disappointing children for a dollar! Typical yet still unbelievable!

  6. This really doesn’t work. All it does is flash lights. It worked for about a day then it was like every other toy, it became boring. Unless you want to waste $14.99 then this is the product for you!

  7. I don’t know why, but I ordered my Party In the Tub Lights online on 12/14/13 and received them within less than a week! I was very happy! Maybe they got a new shipment in or something? Anyway, I don’t know how well it will work until tomorrow (12/25/13) when my Granddaughter tries it out in the tub. They do light up, but for some reason, I thought that they were supposed to spin around by themselves. I was wrong. Will let you know how well it works after tomorrow..

  8. I ordered Party In the Tub in beginning of october hoping to get it for my granddaughters birthday end of November, here we are Dec 20 and still nothing. Horrible business.

  9. I ordered one in October. I still have not received it. Was told it was backordered and I’ll receive it in January. Pretty ridiculous

  10. My son begged me to get the Party in the Tub, so I agreed, it’s not expensive, and hey, if it helps get him in the bath, I’m all for it. We ordered April 18th, and kept checking and checking, nothing. I finally called the company in June, 2 months later, and they claimed they sent me a postcard to tell me it was on backorder. She said it would ship out in July. I wasn’t happy, but we’d already waited this long. Yesterday, I got a letter that they were canceling my order but would notify us when more would be available. BAD business. WOW. What really gets me, is they ARE STILL SELLING THEM ON THEIR WEBSITE! Don’t bother. You will only end up with a broken-hearted child.

  11. I placed my order in April (8th) today we have 2nd of July and I still didn’t get my Party in the Tub order. each time I call they tell me different date that it will be coming. supposed to be here yesterday and after another call I found out it will be here in august.

    DO NOT ORDER unless you want to wait 6 months for it….I don’t understand why they keep advertising if they don’t have any in stock.

  12. It has been two months since I placed my order. My daughters ask me every day why it has not arrived yet. In this day, there is no excuse for any product taking this long to ship.

  13. My daughter was thrilled when I told her she could order the Party In the Tub Light because she had done so well at school. You can imagine her disappointment after two month of waiting, and the package has not been delivered! It is not a good feeling watching your 7 year old check the front porch each day, only to be let down.

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