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About My Tuggles

My Tuggles are stuffed animals that are just like real pets that can actually walk. Just pull on a leash and watch them magically move as they wiggle and waggle everywhere. What’s more? No batteries are required. These soft and adorable pets make a great gift for children. They come as cats and dogs and unicorns too. They are incredibly soft and furry and cuddly too, even when sleeping.


How does My Tuggles work?

My Tuggles come with a leash. When the leash is pulled, the legs begin to move, resembling walking. This makes it just like walking a real cat or dog.

My Tuggles Questions and Answers

Q. Does My Tuggles bark?
A. No.

Q. Does it need batteries?
A. No.

Q. Is this a mini version?
A. No. It is a regular-sized stuffed puppy.

Q. Does toy work on carpet?
A. Yes, but it depends on the type of carpet.

Q. How does is move without batteries?
A. It moves when the leash is pulled.

Q. How long is the leash?
A. Long enough for an adult to walk.

Q. Does the leash and collar come off?
A. No, they are stitched on.

Q. Can it climb up stairs?
A. No. They can only move their paws without bending the knees.

My Tuggles Review

My Tuggles can be used indoors or outdoors. It works without batteries. This stuffed toy is cheap and easy to use. It is soft and cuddly.

My Tuggles can get dirty and the material cannot be easily washed. The walking motion can get hampered even if the leash is tugged at lightly. It falls over even indoors. The legs pop off and need to be reattached to the spring. It slides on surfaces that are too smooth, like hardwoods. It falls over often even when pulled gently. Although the fur is soft, the body is hard and the padding less.

My Tuggles Verdict

The concept of My Tuggles is not unique, there are many such similar products available in the market. You can get My Tuggles on official website for $28.99 and also on ranging from $14 to $26 having different price for different stuffed animal.

Before finalizing on the product on which one to buy we suggest you to look for other options available to get the best value for your money considering the pros and cons of My Tuggles. An alternative we recommend is Peppy Pups Mutt by Peppy Pups. You can find this on for $29.76 which is in the similar price range of My Tuggles but better than them. Peppy Pups Mutt has 4.6 stars rating with 171 customer reviews and also featured in the amazon’s choice for this category product. In addition look for 1, 2 and 3 star reviews to understand its actual working from the verified buyers.


What do I get?
Please check the official website:

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