My BFF – My Best Fish Friend Review

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Do you wish you had your own fish, introducing the incredible, the awesome, the real “My Best Fish Friend”. You can name them, they will become a part of you, BFFs (Best Fish Friend) can be shared with friends, families. Its amazing, its cool science – miracle pouch + water = LIVE FISH. Raise your own beautiful living fish, you can even watch them grow by putting them in a dish. You have never seen anything like this.


How does My Best Fish Friend work?
Here is how My Best Fish Friend works – just drop the miracle pouch in the water and in 24 hours you begin to see baby fish-hatch and grow into beautiful colorful Best Fish Friends. You grow up to 8 full sized fish in just weeks. You will never find this fish in stores. Whether you are young or old, big or small – My Best Fish Friend is the best pet for all ages.

My Best Fish Friend will bring you hours and hours of colorful fish-fun for everyone.

My BFF Food

When one talks about pets at home, people tend to think of cats, dogs or a bird for that matter. But those who have fish bowls or aquariums at home know that their fish is no less a part of their family for them. While others might think that home aquariums are about the charm they add to your house, you know your fish means the world to you and you want to give them your best. And if you have My BFF fish at home, you want to ensure you give them special Brine Shrimp food, which they can’t do without. Hence you need My BFF Fish Food in regular supply at home.

My BFF fish cannot be fed any other kind of fish food; they need this special blend of brine shrimp food. It has to be fed to them every day to keep them alive, healthy and happy, which is exactly what you want. Hence you have to have this special type of food stocked up in your house, so that your fish will not suffer at any costs. And since this 3 month supply is reasonably priced, you won’t feel the pinch either.

You can buy 3 month supply of My BFF Fish Food for $12.99 plus shipping and handling cost of $2.99 at You can also get a one month supply for $4.95 plus shipping and processing charges of $1.99.

My BFF Frequently Asked Questions

Are these real fish?

Yes; they originate from South America, South Africa and their scientific name is Nothobranchius Korthausae.

How many of these fish hatch at once?

The miracle pouch in these fish can produce about 8 fish; but it doesn’t mean it will happen at one time.

Are there any specifications about the water to be used?

Plain, unflavoured and non-carbonated bottled water at room temperature is ideal for hatching. If you must use tap water, it should be rust free and should be kept in the Sun for a couple of hours to get rid of Chlorine in it.

Why don’t I see any fish?

They take about a day to hatch and they are very tiny, often hiding in the brownish flakes from the miracle pouch.

Are BFFs very delicate?

Initially they are and have to be fed properly and never kept under direct Sunlight. Once they are a week old, water should be changed every 2-3 days.

Do they need oxygenated environment?

There’s no need for air pumps, heaters etc because BFFs survive well in fresh and clean water.

How long does it take before they grow to adult size?

It depends on how they are looked after; but if fed well and given fresh, clean water, they get to adult size in about 2-3 months.

How often do they have to be fed?

Ideally, they should be fed one dropper/siphon of brine shrimp each day for the first four weeks. After that you can feed them two droppers for each fish.

Is it safe to keep adult and baby fish in the same container?

Since there’s a substantial difference in their sizes, adult fish could bite or eat baby fish; hence it’s a good idea to keep them separately till they grow to adult size.

Can BBFs be hatched in an aquarium?

Not; it is better that they are hatched in small sized containers and then moved to a larger one.

What age range are they suitable for?

Any ages above 3 years old.




What do I get?

  • Miracle Fish Pouch
  • One-Month Supply of Fish Food
  • Fish Food Containers
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Food Siphon
  • Measuring Spoon
  • Breeding Manual
  • Sleek fish tank for only $10 more


Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


My Best Fish Friend Video

133 thoughts on “My BFF – My Best Fish Friend Review

  1. I am quite disturbed by what I found when I started looking for reviews of the product My Best Fish Friend. There was a time when reviews were considered to be sacred and you’d find honest opinions about a product from other users. You would know about pros and cons of a product at any rate. But things seem to have changed dramatically in the recent past and I can’t say it’s for the better. Sites with Buy Now tabs masquerade as review sites, which is annoying. It’s so difficult to find a genuine review site like yours. But now that I have found it, I am going to stick to it and also mention it to my friends and colleagues.

    • Your experience is shared by many users who look online for genuine reviews of products. But as you say they are hard to come by and that’s because fake review sites have mushroomed on the Internet. Manufacturers help bring up these sites to promote their products and affiliate marketers host these sites and get good commissions on them. Search engines meanwhile haven’t been able to keep up with this ploy, which is why many users like you are suffering.

  2. Some of you people are just so Lazy, research, these are Killifish, Yes they do live in the Amazon Rainforest, Killifish are very hard to get I have been looking, most pet stores just sell golden Wonder killies(not very colorful) I understand why you people buy these because it is very hard to get killifish, the colorful ones like gardneri or australe killies. I just ordered some because I am interested in killies, I just have wonders, and I want more colorful ones, there are many factors to hatching these fish: water, temp,light,tank,you can not just throw them in a little fish bowl with tap water for them to hatch!! Know your facts!! I will tell you soon if they work.

  3. When My Bff arrived, my son was very excited so we started right away. We first followed the directions to make the fish food, (shrimp).

    Then we began the process of hatching the fish eggs. I am extremely disappointed. We did everything the instructions said and nothing! No shrimp swimming around, no fish hatched….NOTHING at all but a complete waste of $$ and a disappointment to my 6 year old son who was looking forward to getting his My BFFs. I do not recommend this to anyone unless you have money to waste; which I am sure like most of us, you don’t!

  4. My 8-year-old daughter saw this My BFF – My Best Fish Friend advertised on Qubo and was so excited about it that I really had no choice but to buy it. When ordering, I didn’t like the pressure to buy all sorts of “necessary” accessories; and when it arrived, I had a very bad feeling about the likelihood of success. I followed the instructions very, very precisely, and absolutely nothing happened, neither with the shrimp brine (which never hatched) nor the My BFF (which never hatched). I called for a refund, was told they’d send me a replacement, to which I insisted on a refund. I have to wait for management’s determination. Personally, I think that company’s like this are borderline criminal enterprises, and, if the continue their policy of refusing full refunds, would be more than happy to represent disgruntled consumers in a class action suit against them.

  5. My fiance bought this for his son (7yrs old). It came WITHOUT the instructions!! had to watch the video online. the little mess package would not fit into the little medicine style cup and so it is unclear if I lost any eggs!
    I have raised different fish (not from hatchlings though) and this seems to be like all those ‘COOL’ grow your own animal kits!

    Terribly time consuming ( we work 12hrs-4 to 5 days a week). and not easy to take care of like hatched fish!
    I don’t know how much this cost my fiance, but I do know it will be me caring for them if they hatch!
    this whole kit to me was useless and pointless! and a great waste of money… I hate the ‘as seen on tv’ garbage as it is! But this is truly already feeling like a waste of time, some poor dead fishes and a very upset 7yr old!
    I wish I would have know he was going to purchase this-I would have stopped him, until he did some research!

  6. I allowed my daughter to use some of her allowance money to purchase this product. The 1st order got lost in the mail and then the 2nd order finally arrived. We followed all of the instructions from start to finish and it never happened. In the meantime, the other package was found by the post office and sent to us, so we tried it again…no results. So….don’t waste your money or your child’s hard earned money on this product. It is just as much of a scam as it is unbelievable. My daughter cried and I had to promise to buy a fish from the pet store to put in the nice little aquarium we purchased for the “unbelievable” fish. Save yourself a headache parents…DON’T PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!

    I am extremely thankful that I read some reviews before rushing out and buying My BFF. I have read every comment posted on this page, and I’ve got to agree with the people that believe that this product is cruel. It displays a total disregard for the welfare of animals. You can’t blame the consumers, as we are all fooled by that false advertising and blatant lies. People need to be aware of “whats really going on” so I would like to thank everyone who stated their opinions as it decreases future sales and by doing so lessens the amount of income those cruel and immoral producers of the product receive.


  9. I considered getting this for myself as I adore fish, especially freshwater tropical fish. But after reading these reviews I doubt I’d be able to keep fry alive especially if their food and them are DOA. Dead on Arrival or if the eggs are not fertilized.

    I’m a betta expert. Killifish I have no clue. I am gonna do some research as they are gorgeous but after learning all I could on raising fry I know one thing…It’s a dangerous road to the rest of their lives from hatching.

    They need water changes, live food, heaters, everything a Betta needs – to survive to juvenile age – isn’t included and I know these aren’t Bettas but I heard because they are aggressive they are eerily similar.

    I’d go out and buy a 2 gallon heated tank and a Betta fish for the same amount of money this kit costs. Petsmart’s having a big tropical fish sale too! All tropical fish are a dollar.

    I got my Crowntail Betta from there and he is amongst the cutest fish I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

    Also: The Deluxe kit with a tank and all is bull. Fish need grow out tanks not tiny bowls which will become over stocked.

  10. We bought these fish and my cousins, who are little, were so excited to come to grammas to find these fish and after a week we had nothing. We followed the directions perfectly and no fish or shrimp. It was a rip-off. Gramma called the people and they gave her a free one. Now we have around 6 little fish but they have stayed tiny for about 2 weeks.

  11. After reading these reviews I was skeptical. I received the kit & was happy to have counted 10 at one point. Today I am sad to report that I only have 4 left. ( after 5 days) I have tried to make sure there was plenty of food, added small amounts of fresh water & have kept them at a consistent temperature.
    I know you can buy fresh water fish for next to nothing. I was fascinated by the hatching process, that’s the draw.

    Anyhow, I hope the others make it & if they do, I will provide them with a lovely, proper, small aquarium…

  12. I ordered these fish last year and they never came. So this time I’m ordering it again. But I want to know, are these fish really worth buying?

  13. I was so excited when I saw this product. I had to have it. But now that I do have it and am trying to figure out how this works. It is not as easy as it seems. The instructions are so vague that I’m not even sure if I’m doing it right. The brine shrimp food isn’t easy to hatch. If I can’t hatch the food how can I hatch the baby fish? Maybe its just me…I plan on doing more research before I try this again. I am hopeful though that I can figure this out. I do not recommend this product for small children, the parents WILL be the ones doing all the work.

    • Yes, as you said the instructions are vague…but if you do hatch these fish they can not be kept in a fish bowl…the people are stupid, the fish need an filter, aerator and heater!

  14. These things are rip-offs, and probably are bad for the fish. I’m not a big killifish expert (which is what these are) but I’m pretty sure fish do not come in these colors. Also, I bought some of these fish, and put them in CLEAN, FILTERED water, and they all died within a day.

    All these people do is send you bad fish-eggs and pretty much kill these fish.

    • These fish cannot live in filtered water. I read the instructions and had no problem. I used Arrowhead bottled water and have grown 9 fish over the past 8 weeks who have just started to turn colors.

  15. I thought about buying this My BFF for my kids but after seeing the commercials a couple of times I noticed they give you a whole tea bag full of caviar just to get like 7 fish. That’s the commercial…actual results may vary. Did you people really expect anything less? Yeah I got my hopes up for a second too but then common sense kicked in and I decided to read some reviews. Good thing too, I’m definitely going to the pet store instead. :-/

  16. Then again, Chinese businesses don’t make the most efficient of products. So don’t expect them to work all that well. (not calling the fish a thing instead of an actual animal)

  17. Now people, don’t go thinking that you just put fish in water and they automatically live. They are not toys. They require just the right amount of food (depending on how much there is in the thing your using) and proper cleaning. Too much food could kill them and too little will make them starve and probably eat each other. Plus, leaving fish waste can and food rot in water can cause diseases. Different diseases depend on fish. (not saying that there are kits of the same brand other than sicklefish) For example: Betta fish can get these diseases from too dirty water: fin rot, advanced fin and body rot, swim blatter (which can do with any type of fish if you feed them too much), and more. But Betta fish is the most I know about. Plus, you can buy these fish at pet stores for only like, a dollar (not entirely accurate) So there is a possibility that your doing something wrong (no offense) or the eggs are duds. But just remember this: Sickle fish are extremely aggressive so there is a possibility that they are eating each other before you notice that they hatched. So don’t expect them to get along like most fish. (not calling them the worse fish in the world)

  18. I bought My Bff and the shrimp are doing fine and they live on eggs that hatched and if the eggs are gone they can eat bakers yeast or egg yolk. I hatched some eggs today and see 2 swimming around and haven’t checked under the coco substrate yet cause I have to wait 3 days. I had fun hatching the shrimp and the fish my only problem is they dont give to many instructions but at least some hatched thats better than nothing.

  19. They didn’t even hatch, a big rip off….I call customer service and get somebody with a Chinese accent….knew right then the scam would get deeper….yep it sure did…they wanted me to spend more money for a replacement eggs which should have hatched the first time.

    Nothing like Chinese business ethics….rip off first and charge more later…the land of shoddy

  20. Hi, These are killifish, killifish fight in small spaces, they dont live in bowls. Killifish are sold in pet-stores , in fact give me 25 dollars and I’ll buy 4 for you=)


  21. Hi I am in Jordan and my friends bought me some My BFFs due to my fish obsession… the fish hatched but no shrimp and no where do we have places that sell shrimp..tried calling 1800 nothing worked… ended up buying baby fish food and now I am with one survivor after I counted around 6! Feel like a murderer… water is getting gross and smelly they need more details on cleaning!

    • You were supposed to hatch the shrimp first and when you saw the shrimp in both bowls you do the fish eggs. Good luck on the one fish.

  22. Crap…guys just by reading this I could tell that these things are BS… don’t even waste your money, my god don’t debate over these crappy things. Just go to the store and buy some fish that you dont have to grow they live much longer and you dont have to grow their food!

  23. I got a kick out of reading these reviews. Not only was it lacking ANY form of a positive review, people got into a fish care argument. That was pretty funny. I’m going to safely assume that this product sucks.

  24. I found out that some of the pouches don’t have fish and some do. Two of the 5 pouches hatched fish. I don’t know if this means they are damaged in shipping or are bad fish eggs or what. Don’t use as much salt on the little shrimp use half as much. All my shrimp made it but only got 6 fish out of 5 bags.

  25. Save the money and go on eBay and buy killifish eggs, that is what they are selling you anyways, A LOT more eggs for the money and they come with shrimp eggs to hatch for food also. Good luck and let me know what you think.

  26. I hope everyone who’s complaining about how this doesn’t work is using filtered/ bottled water and not tap water that’s been treated with a poison like chlorine in it because that could easily be why this didn’t work for you.

  27. I bought this My BFF. No shrimp, no fish. I followed the directions to the T. My daughter was so excited to get these things and I finally just went to the pet shop and bought her fish – so with the cost of the BFF and the new fish and supplies – I spent upwards of $100 on 3 fish – unbelievable!!

    • OMG! My BFF is such a rip off! I regret not reading these reviews prior to making the purchase. My son already has 9 fish (bought at walmart), I wanted to get him interested in science so I got the My BFF. He was so excited about it that I even told his teacher that I will get a set for their class. Needless to say, she was also very excited about it as well. I have followed the directions step by step for a whole month, still no shrimps or fish. They even sent me an additional packet of fish food and fish eggs but I’m getting the same results. People, please DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on this product!

        • better yet, go to Petco or Petsmart and buy some feeder fish (minnows if you want them to stay small, comet fish if you want them to grow big) 14-27 cents each, usually lacking in health as they’re intended to be food but you’ll still have better luck than scam-o-mercial products (and they eat flake food)

  28. You are supposed to hatch shrimp before you can hatch your fish. I have been trying repeatedly to hatch the shrimp and can’t get it to work. SO FRUSTRATED!

    • Did you add non iodized salt? any other salt will not make them hatch. I have heard people using sea salt but I dont know if it works.

    • Yes you should, If done right you will get some fish. I got 2 so far and people on youtube have some to so its not a total waste.

  29. So is there a chance that maybe everybody is not following the directions quite like they think they are? just thought I might ask, I promised my kids some before I read peoples comments.

  30. Wow I’m glad I read these comments before I went and bought these things. I just saw the commercial today and thought they were beautiful fish. I’m glad I did my research though as I’ll just be going to the local aquarium store and asking there about killifish and snagging a new filter for my old tank.

    • I have done the butterfly one and it worked but make sure that your there to get the package. I had 9 wonderful butterflies.

  31. The brine shrimp that everyone’s saying they need for this are simply sea monkeys. You can get sea monkeys at Wal Mart & put them in warm water (above 75 degrees) and feed them to your BFF, should they hatch. I was going to get this for my daughter as a reward for school work, but I read these reviews and decided to get her a 1- 2.5 gallon tank with a filter & get her a couple fish, or possibly a Betta for in her room. I’m glad I read the reviews!!

  32. My 6 year old got her My BFF fish for Christmas. She was so excited. We got the brine shrimp to hatch but have been following the instructions to the letter and have not seen a single fish and it has been 3 weeks. Everyday I keep putting the brine shrimp in there as if there are fish in case I can’t seem them yet, but there is not a single fish in there. Why do companies feel the need to rip off little kids?

  33. What a disappointment. Neither the shrimp or the fish hatched. Its already been 4 days and nothing. Followed the instructions with bottled water for the fish and salt for the brine shrimp. Would have been better to just flush a $20 bill down the toilet.

    • I concur! We’re on day 3 with the brine shrimp and what’s in the water still looks exactly as it does in the packet. What’s worse is my 6 yr old daughter really wanted it for Christmas and has been so excited, checking the cups (brine shrimp) every morning and night to see no progress at all.

      • I found that if you put less salt into the water then the brine shrimp will hatch. They tell you to put way to much salt into the water so the shrimp don’t hatch!

    • YES! thanks we’re totally not gonna waste our money on this, sad though because our daughter would love this.. if it worked.

  34. Don’t buy this My Best Fish is a rip off! We followed the instructions exactly. No fish hatched and neither did the shrimp.

  35. my mom got up in the morning and said that she saw 2 of the fish swimming around. when I got up I saw nothing and I didn’t even see the eggs/bubble things. I don’t think mine are going to come about. I guess I’ve joined the club.

  36. After 24 hours I saw clear balls that looked similar to bubbles but they were kind of greenish looking. they move every once in a while jerkily. My question is how do they get out of the pouch if they are bigger than the wholes provided to get out? right now I can see 6 of them. hopefully they don’t just turn out to be bubbles.

    • Just trying to remember what I read from the instructions, and I think you are supposed to soak the pouch for a few minutes, then open it.

      • Yes you open the top carefully and it will rip down the sides easily. I have to fish within 24 hours and maybe more under the coco substrate. If you leave fish in pouch they will probably die.

  37. I got 2 My-Bff packs for a Christmas present and was very excited to try them. I followed the exact instructions and……..NOTHING. I waited 4 days to see if they would just hatch late or something,but now it has been 6 days and there is nothing but the “coco substrate” on the bottom. IT LOOKS LIKE DIRT TO ME! THE BRINE SHRIMP DID HATCH THOUGH. I started the other kit and am waiting. it has just about been 24 hours. My shrimp are getting bigger and I have nothing to feed them to yet. hopefully the kit I am waiting on now will work!

    • I don’t know, I think they can last awhile but wait till you see brine shrimp in both cups before soaking the miracle pouch.

  38. I got My BFF from the fair, read up about them and then started them up. had only 7 hatch so I followed the steps and tried to get the 8th one or more to show. nothing so I was going to dump the water when I saw movement, It was a worm of some sort. Also out of those 7 there are now only 4. I’m feeding them every day and changing the water when it’s time.

    See as everyone else is have trouble with them too, I’m just going to have a little talk with them next time I see their both at the fair.

  39. I got My BFF at the NYS Fair. Four fish hatched, one still remains. I have had him for 3 1/2 months. He is doing fine. If everyone is having so much trouble why doesn’t someone report the company to the Better Business Bureau?

  40. From my first attempt, none hatched. I did get the brine shrimp to hatch though – but had nothing to feed them to. I tried again and this time ONE fish hatched and no brine shrimp. So this time I had nothing to feed the baby fish.

  41. My BFF was a huge rip off. We bought it at the NYS Fair, I followed directions exactly. We hatched four fish, and they all died. I am complaining to the NYS fair director and tell him what a huge farce this is, a big disappointment to my six year old son.

    • Same deal with us. My son worked hard all month to earn the fish with good behavior then four fish hatch and they all die a week later. Followed everything to the T. Complaining to the big E people.

  42. Wow, you can buy 500 eggs online WITH the live shrimp for $12.99 and free shipping! The little containers to keep the babies in are about $3 – that’s a deal! Of course once they’ve grown they’ll have to be upgraded to a larger tank with a filter but that is so very obvious….even to the lazy parents.

    I can see buying this My Best Fish Friend is quick and easy, but its horribly over priced for what’s available. *Killie fish are gorgeous!

  43. Is it too soon to buy for Christmas. Since they are or will be live fish I want to make sure it is OK to stay in the box and be a couple months before using. thanks

  44. I bought 1 packet in the mail, it arrived on time. However, when it came, 3 showed up and they charged me for 3!! I called them and said I would return the 2 boxes and they won’t give me my money back, I have called 3 times requesting a refund and have been put on hold for several minutes. We left the pouch in the tank for a couple days, NOTHING!!! My son was so upset, we went out and bought actual fish and thankfully we bought a female and she had a dozen baby fish, so that is exciting. DON’T ORDER THIS PRODUCT!

  45. This is a scam. my girlfriend and I ordered 2 starter kits. Each kit comes with food, and fish. Each of our fish packs only hatched half of the guaranteed amount, and one of our packets of shrimp did not even hatch!

    Upon calling the customer service, I was told that “they are not taking customer service calls for My BFF, and to call back in two weeks.” We will see in 2 weeks if I actually get what we were promised or, I just get the run around. If you or your kids want fish, and want these kind, save yourself the hassle and wasted time. Go to your local pet store, and just buy the fish fully grown. The shrimp can also be bought in stores or off the internet for hundreds of times cheaper than the my BFF company.

    Once again this is a gimmick and a scam, don’t waste your money.

  46. We received our My Best Fish Friend, followed the directions and in less than an hour some of our fish hatched. We hatched 9 fish. In the days to come they started dropping off…I thought we would more than likely loose some, but after 3 weeks we ended up loosing every one of them. It really made me feel bad! I totally followed the directions and did everything as it stated to do. After doing some research I have come to find that you have to be careful not to feed the fry (baby fish) to much, as it can effect the fishes swim bladders. I don’t know but I think there is a lot of little issues that could effect the baby fish that we just don’t know about.

  47. Something else to keep in mind before purchasing this product: every state has restrictions on what species of fish are allowed to be kept legally as pets. The fish in these kits are killifish. For example, if you live in Maine, the ONLY species of killifish you can legally own is the Blue Panchax. If you are hatching out any species other than this one, you technically own an illegal species. I recommend checking your states Dept. of Fish & Wildlife website. They should have the list of what is legal in your state.

    This may not seem important, but there is a reason why they make species illegal. Often it’s because they are potentially invasive and may pose a threat to native fish if released. Sometimes though, it’s due to the fact that some species are difficult to keep alive and are not allowed to be sold (retail)/owned for the sake of the animal itself.
    Thanks for listening 🙂

  48. I bought My BFF Best Fish Friend at the Iowa State Fair, they were $20. I put the egg bag in an Aquafina filled jar, in about 4 hours I noticed tiny fish. After several days I ended up with 10 little fish. They are now about 2 months old. I start a new batch of brine shrimp every morning to keep the food coming. I have noticed that the brine shrimp eggs I bought at the local fish store hatch better than the ones in the BFF kit. I do a water change of about a third of the water every three days. They seem to be thriving. I am starting to see some color on some of the fishes fins now. I will eventually move them to an aquarium when they are larger. I enjoy them and my 12 year old loves the process of them hatching and growing, although I take care of them, a child probably wouldn’t take good care of them since you can’t just shake some fish flakes into the bowl.

    • If I was to purchase some would it b okay if I came to u for help through email or something since you were successful with the hatching.

  49. DO NOT ORDER My Best Fish Friend! Worst customer service ever. After finally getting through the order online after all the try this and this buttons I realized I never was prompted for a shipping address. Well I work during the day and when my child got home from school. There it was on my kitchen table. She grabs it and says ”MOM look what just came in” Well that was her birthday present that she really wanted which was spoiled. I called and received email conformation that the shipping address was changed. Then not to mention received calls later from some sales person telling me they are sending me coupons and if I didn’t send something back a fee of 99.00 would be subtracted from my debit card. DO THEY NOT REALIZE I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING FROM THEM SENT TO MY HOME ADDRESS. Now she has her birthday present and they wont even credit anything on my account and customer service cant do anything.

  50. DO NOT BUY THIS My Best Fish Friend! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!! I recently bought two of the kits at the Tulsa State Fair. Spent $40 on the two kits. When I returned home and opened the boxes, neither kit had the box #1 which is the fish. This was on a Friday evening, so come Monday morning when there customer service open, I called them to see if I could have my fish replaced. I was then given another # 1-800-541-4594 to call as they were suppose to be able to help me. The gentleman that answered that call was very rude to me, refused to let me talk, and told me I could either go back to my fair (pay another $10 entry which I don’t want to do), or I could call my fair, to find who the promoter was that rented the booth, the then find who the vendor was. I feel that these are a lot of hoops as I as a customer am trying to jump through just to get the product that I paid for. But I have tried to call my fair and get the information with no avail. So now we are on day two of trying to get our product, and I am still sent down the same road. I’m getting very irritated and for a company that claims “We are committed to providing the best products and friendliest customer service” they are disappointing me beyond belief.

  51. We bought 2 kits from ca state fair. I followed the directions. I waited a couple of days to see if they hatched……… NOTHING. So I moved the pouch gently around…… NOTHING. So I decided to wait a week……..NOTHING. So I called the company to complain, they said they never heard of this and they will not send me out anymore. I said I spent 40 bucks on a little pouch of dirt. I finally got through to the guy and he said that he would send me out 2 new kits BUT that was it. Well now I am setting up the little tank again to start this AGAIN, but after reading these reviews its almost like why bother. I will try to keep you up to date on this but I am really thinking it might be good to just go out and buy fish for the fish tank we bought.

  52. Okay, so might I ask why someone would spend $20 on fish that are mass produced and will die quickly when they could spend just as much for healthy fish AND a tank with a filter and supplies? All you have to do is a little research! What is the point of spending so much money on fish that will have such a short lifespan and disappoint you and your child? Plus, it is so extremely cruel to the poor Killifish! They are such beautiful fish, and they are certainly not the sort of fish that are for inexperienced keepers. Please, if you want a pet for your children, take a trip to a real pet store (after you or your children do your/their research on how to care for the fish they want!) and let your children pick out the supplies AND their fish! That way they get the exact fish they want, and it will most likley live for a long time if you know how to care for it properly.

    Please do yourself, your children, and these fish a favor and do not buy this My Best Fish Friend.

  53. I also bought this at the MN state fair and I have 5 fish. I cant get the brine shrimp to go so I went and bought some frozen stuff….we will see how that goes I think its been a week and haven’t fed them anything but that yesterday so we will see how long this lasts hope they last a while.

  54. We bought this My Best Fish Friend kit at the MN State Fair. It has turned into an odyssey to get these fish to live. I have three kids so the guy at the fair gave us three fish bowls and told me to cut the bag open and divide it up. The fish are alive, but TINY in our three bowls. The brine shrimp aren’t doing very well and it was unpleasant to explain to the kids why we are growing sea monkeys to feed to the new fish. Sigh. It was an impulse buy that I am regretting.

  55. This is horrible. these fish need a fish TANK of adequate space, aeration, and to be looked upon as actual tank fish, not “best fish friends” to keep in a bowl. This is sick, the reason your fish are dying is because they’re shipped in tiny little bags where the eggs are jostled and probably squished, then they’re kept in small bowls and cups & God knows what else without aeration or filtration, etc, that’s why your fish die. Killifish can live a long time in proper conditions. I’m really happy to see that American mothers has come to animal abuse & murder as a form of child entertainment.

    • You don’t happen to be part of PETA, do you? I don’t want to seem rude, but this is a FISH. Not a puppy, not a child, but a stinking’ FISH. It’s OK if it dies. All fish die. Even from pet stores. I’ve seen this product in action and it works adequately. Sheesh.

      • Yes fish dies but they are still living, breathing animals. Fish friend is absolutely right about the proper set up for fishes. The set up for My BFF is horrible. It sends a horrible message about how to take care of fish. You cannot house any fish regardless of breed in small bowl. Anyone who with half a brain would know that all fishes essentially lives in their own toilets. The ammonia that the animals gives out effects their own health. Keeping so many killifish in one dinky bowl with no filter is cruel and inhumane. It is people like you animalluvr who needs to be educated on fish keeping. It is not as easy as pie. This BS is an insult to all serious aquarists like myself.

          • Do you realize that the little bowl is not where they will be living for the rest of there life? They have to be transferred to a bigger one. Also I do believe that betta fish are also kept in a bowl and not a filtered tank!

          • shell, how is fish lover an idiot?
            It’s pretty obvious that you are not a serious aquarist and providing the best environment to your fish is not a priority for you. Just because you have a different opinion on the situation gives you no right to badmouth others. Shame on you.

            Also, Maria – betta fish are kept in a bowl and not a filtered tank, just like you can keep a baby in a 4 by 4 feet container and he can live there the rest of his life. Bettas can live in a tiny, dirty bowl just because they are a hardy fish, but they will thrive in a filtered, heated, and aerated tank.

        • When I got My BFF kit I looked up Killi fish, they live in mud puddles; the adults lay their eggs in the mud. The puddles dry up killing the adults, but the eggs are safe in the mud until the next rainy season- then the eggs hatch and the cycle is repeated. I would imagine living in a bowl of fresh water is a better environment and would give them a longer life span than a mud puddle that is going to dry up. Nobody said they have to stay in a small container; the hatchlings need a small container at first so they can easily find the brine shrimp to eat. Educate yourself and don’t just assume you know what you are talking about- because obviously you don’t.

          • Dawn- A BOWL of “fresh water” that stands in a room, collecting dust and air particles, mixed with fish waste is not “a better environment” than a filtered tank. I’m not saying that they’re better off in mud puddles, I’m saying that you poor housewives who sit at home with your kids all day, not knowing what to do or how to entertain them, will go to extensive lengths to torture a fish and tell your kids that it’s “fun”.

            Maria- while I’d like to believe everyone on this site is going to grow this poor defenseless fish in a bowl, with every intent of putting it in a nice big tank- I know that isn’t true. Betta fish are able to live in a regularly cleaned bowl because they have a 3rd lung. This third lung keeps them from suffocating even in the dirtiest of water. They breathe air from the surface, instead of relying on a constant circulation of water to keep them oxygenated.

            Fish Lover- thank you for saying what I said in the comment before, that was obviously deleted. Apparently will allow someone to say “it’s OK if a fish dies” but my constant rebuttal at the inhumanity of this product is delete-worthy.

            I’m not saying you’re all idiots- I’m saying that with the proper education and a little insight into the trials and lives of fish, maybe you’d realize how terrible this product actually is, and not buy into it.

            PS- before you go trying to insult our intelligence on the matter, tell me: how many of you got your fish to hatch, and have them still living to this day? I rest my case.

          • Fish Friend, maybe you had better read my reply again. You seem to have missed a few points… And my 10 fish are thriving. I do a water change every three days of a third of the water. They are getting big and are HEALTHY, I am starting to see colors on their fins. They WILL end up in an aquarium with a FILTER when they are big enough. You seem to miss that point. I have raised fish before, probably long before you could say the word fish. I have raised bettas and know about raising fish to adulthood. Enough said, you are on a soap box for nothing but to hear yourself talk. Nobody cares about your opinion. It is true that not every person that goes into a pet store or that wants a pet is going to be a responsible owner and not everyone who buys My BFF fish are going to take good care of them. If you are trying to control that- well good luck. I enjoy mine, I am taking care of them. PS- every time the wind blows- dust and dirt blow into a puddle, duh!

          • Actually Dawn, it appears you don’t know what you’re talking about. Have you ever owned fish before?

            Nature is a lot more complicated than your description – it regulates the water chemistry, the temperature, and aeration. A fish keeper’s job is to mimic these conditions that they live in the wild, which essentially means a proper cycled, heated, and aerated tank, preferably heavily planted. This will ensure your fish live the healthiest, longest life. NO fish, I repeat, NO fish is suited to live in a tiny bowl. Sure, they can survive in one, but they will not thrive and live to their full potential.

            So I’m respectfully asking you to gain a larger perspective on the situation instead of blindly badmouthing people who actually may know much more than you think they do.

          • Gee Fish Lover- is your real name Ellie? Read my reply, the first one. NOBODY IS GOING TO LEAVE THEIR FISH IN A SMALL BOWL! Mine left a small bowl LONG ago. And by the way, if you knew anything about killi fish you would know that they are very hardy. Shell was right, you are an idiot, or should I say you both are. lol I am not wasting my time with your stupidity. Done. Good bye. I think you are Psycho and I’m sure everybody reading this does too.

          • Hahaha 🙂 Amber Dawn, you make me laugh. No, I am not fish lover, or fish friend, but I agree wholeheartedly with their statements.

            “if you knew anything about killi fish you would know that they are very hardy”
            I have been raising killi fish as well as Cory cats, RCS, CRS, guppies, bettas, plecos, and tons of other fish for 3 years. I get my fish from respectable breeders instead of $10 dollar pet kits. Yes, I agree! They are a hardy fish. But does that give you any reason to force them to live in the worst conditions they can bear, just because they can?

            How old, are you? 10? I hope you’ll grow up to learn how to increase your perspective on proper animal care, because it seems to you animals are only a source of decoration and fun.

          • WOW… are all of you really arguing.. really.. we are all different people with different beliefs.. most of you mothers or at least grown and old enough to know how to respect other people… if you love fish and think that this is terrible.. don’t talk to the people already giving bad reviews.. if you just bought this for your kids and don’t care about fish be respectful to the Fish hippies… goodness I hope you think of this the next time you get onto your kids for arguing.. because this is truly childish, go do something more productive with your life.

            Sincerely the 20 year old college kid

  56. I forgot to add salt to the brine shrimps water, its the fishes 4th day without food, what do I do? is their any substitute for them to eat, please reply as quick as possible.

  57. A little disappointed in the results. I bought the kit, I had only 2 fish hatch, one has disappeared so I presume it has died. The other one seems to be doing OK, I have been feeding it the brine shrimp hoping the one makes it.

    • They probably died because the fact that they were housed in an improper setting no thanks to the company who created this product. Even the set up is not proper for a betta fish. I really recommend just investing in a 10 gallon tank set up, get a heater, cycle the tank and buy some live fish. It

  58. This kit is absolutely awesome. I bought if for my kids too and they can’t get their hands off of it. They love the fish. It’s easy and the fish hatched for us too very quickly

  59. You can go on eBay for the same price and get over 100 eggs from 6 different variety they are just killifish

    • You may be able to buy the fish eggs, but not the rest of the kit. Also, these are guaranteed to work. I bought the kit for my kids and they are loving it. Awesome product. The fish hatched within an hour

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