My Appy Petz Review

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Finding the best toys for your kids can be such a task. You want the best products for your kids but you know they can be extremely expensive. At the same time there’s a worry that your kids will outgrow these toys within a short span. Hence you want something that your kids will not get bored of and will want to play with for a long time to come. My Appy Petz is one such product, which for starters is reasonably priced and kids just love playing with it and what’s more, their Appy Petz love playing with them.


My Appy Petz
This amazing product is a brilliant combination of cushy pets and your iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s this combination that brings your Appy Petz to life so that kids can have a fun play time with them. You can look after your pets and they will play back with you, it’s that fun and simple. Who thought interacting with your pets is so easy and exciting? This product gives you the dual advantage of holding your iPhone or iPod Touch safely and comfortably. And you also get access to four apps that your kids will love to play with.

You have four fun and cool options to choose from when you buy this product. You can choose between Appy Pony, Appy Monster, Appy Bear and Appy Puppy, which will make for perfect gifts for your young ones. If you are worried about tucking your kids in bed then you will be happy to note that these pets will be perfect snuggle companions for them. And if you think it’s always tricky to travel long distances with your children then why not carry these brilliant pets on long journeys. The journey will be a breeze as your kids will be entertained and engaged throughout the trip.

Your kids will love to have the entire collection or share it with their friends and have an engaging time. Bringing this product home will bring a smile to their faces and they will not have enough of it for a long time to come.



What do I get?
You can buy My Appy Petz of your choice for $19.95 plus shipping and handling charge of $6.95 at You can also get a Mini My Appy Petz by paying additional S&H.



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