MushABellies Review

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Is your kid’s birthday coming up and you have run out of ideas for the gift? Or do you simply want to surprise your kids with some new age toys and games? With so many toys and games available for kids today it is really difficult to decide on what to buy for them which would provide them interactive fun for hours. For your special kids there is a new special toy called MushABellies which will blow their minds and provide hours of fun day in day out.


MushABellies are fun soft toys that make a funny sound when kids mush their bellies. But the fun of it does not end just being a soft toy but it comes with interactive smartphones, tablets, iPad or iPhone supported App with the soft toy character coming to life through it. It basically utilizes the newest technology called Augmented Reality generally known as AR for the iPad generation. The MushABellies toy comes with a passport which contains 3 AR game cards which pop to life when seen through the app provided with the toy. This app provides endless fun by creating interactive setups to make the toy jump from one marker to another. Multiple markers can be used to customize the game for endless hours of fun.

MushABellies come in a range of cuddly and cute looking toys with a provision to hang them from school bags. The designs available in its range are Mungo Monkey who springboards to a barrel target in the interactive app, Finless Frog which jumps into a hollow log, Buzzie Bee which flies into a Venus flytrap, Racket Raccoon who catapults into a trashcan, Heckle Hedgehog who reaches the goal post and Conan Cow which jumps into a basketball target through the markers and a smart device. These provide incredible fun anywhere be it home, park or even in the car.

MushABellies come with a bonus offer of getting two MushABellies toys, 2 sets of passports with 3 AR marker cards each, element clips, activation for each toy and extra Trampoline and Drum AR Bounce cards at the price of just one. This offer is limited till stocks last.



What do I get?

  • 2 MushABellies
  • 2 Passports – 3 AR game cards each (6 AR Game Cards Total)
  • 2 Element Clips
  • 2 Activations, One for each MushABelly
  • 2 Bonus Activations to share with a friend.
  • Trampoline and Drum
  • AR Bounce Cards

All this for just $19.99 + $8.99 s/h. Official website

Customer Service: 1-877-300-5499



MushABellies Video


10 thoughts on “MushABellies Review


  2. Got one of these MushABellies (the frog) for Christmas. After spending an hour trying to get past the first AR marker stage, we spent more time trying to get the damn thing in the target and still have yet to get to the page to actually register my frog! NO CHILD IS GOING TO HAVE THE PATIENCE FOR THIS! This toy is crap.

  3. I have bought products without reading up about them in the past and have regretted that decision later. I wasn’t going to do that with MushABellies, which was said to be the best product that was available out there. Although I was tempted I started searching product reviews online. And I looked and I looked but I couldn’t find a genuine review site like yours. There were many sites that were said to contain reviews but they were anything but that. Using the product name as the keyword was probably a big mistake because I was taken to sites, which were commissioned or something and they were a ploy to make users like me buy the product. There was no good information about how the product works and what I get out of spending my money on the product. It was such a disappointment, am actually seething with rage.

    • This seems to be quite a common experience these days and it’s appalling that nothing has been done about it. Search engines seem to be clueless about this strategy used by manufacturers and affiliate marketers. These sites have cropped up all over the Internet and they are not genuine review sites at all. They are completely fake and they are a ploy as you say to make users buy these products. But genuine review sites do exist and you can rely on them to get useful information about products.

  4. I bought 2 at a Justice store one works the other I cant activate.. called customer service they said if i bought one from them they could do something but because I bought it through a store ..I have to call and see if they will exchange it..

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