Monster Pong Review

Monster Pong from Wham-O is a cool, fast and fun way to play ping pong. You can slam, smash and dive for the shots. The Monster Pong tables are contour shaped so you have multiple options to intensify your game. You can aim for the hole in one shot and take on your opponent.


How does Monster Pong work?
The game features a score counter to enable you to keep a track of your score. It also allows you to expand the game by adding an additional table.
Monster Pong can be played anywhere- indoors in your living room or bedroom or outside in your garden. It is completely portable and weather proof too.
Monster pong is a different, unique, and fun-filled way to play ping pong.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Today only, we’ll give you 2 Monster Pong Tables,
2 Monster Pong Paddles, 2 Monster Pong Balls for only $129.95.
And as an added bonus, your shipping is absolutely FREE! Please visit the official website



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Monster Pong Video


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  2. Has anyone tried the Monster Pong?

    is it any good?

    What are the pros and cons of the Monster Pong?

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