Micro Chargers Racing Cars Review

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Kids have lost interest in toys now-a-days due to television and gaming consoles. Their time is utilized on these consoles so much that the real world fun is completely gone. Now it can be rekindled with Micro Chargers that takes this very fantasy of fast cars and the fascination of racing them into an altogether new level.

How does Micro Chargers Racing Cars Work

There has been an era of board games, computer games and console games but nothing beats the idea of real car racing. Well that’s one sport most kids today are still attracted to and that’s why it is no wonder that toy cars are the world’s highest selling toys in any era.

Micro Chargers is unlike any other racing car for kids since it does not operate on remotes or age old push back mechanism. The problem with handheld remote control cars is that there is too much handling to be done and can put off kids from using them. Also the push back mechanism cars are very confined when it comes to the distance it can travel due to its mechanism. Micro Chargers is a miniature sized car that has unique features and is launched by its literal mini charger. Now the size of Micro Chargers might be really small so as to fit inside the pocket easily but its powerful mechanism that resides in the charger helps in charging the car in mere seconds to be ready for launch.

The highlight of Micro Chargers is that in a micro environment to its scale speed it can boost a speed of up to a whooping 600 mph. This amazing speed is great if the kids want to have some fun simulating an actual speed monster of a car. Micro Chargers is competition ready with its range of different cars that can be collected along with their chargers to keep them launch ready. Its scaling speed makes it so quick that it can race through an entire basketball field in matter of few seconds. Micro Chargers works best on the tracks available with it but also is great to use outdoors and indoors.



What do I get?

  • 2 Micro Chargers Cars
  • 2 Quick Chargers
  • 1 Expansion Pack

All this for just $19.99 + S/h. Official website BuyMicroChargers.com



Micro Chargers Racing Cars Video

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  1. Has anyone tried the Micro Chargers Racing Cars?

    How is the quality of the product?

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