Magic Lite Pillow Review

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If you have kids at home, you might have realized what a task it can be to get them into bed at the right time. They want to play around and simply have fun, and will do everything they can to resist going to bed. But now thanks to Magic Lite Pillow they will have a good motivation to jump into bed and have a good night’s sleep too. These pillows are perfect for young kids at home because they are soft, cuddly and a lot of fun to use as well, which is why kids just won’t have enough of them and thereby their bed.


Magic Lite Pillow
Now these pillows are available in two brilliant shapes; a cute heart one, which never misses the mark with young kids. And there’s also the bold square, which looks vibrant and brilliant when lit up. In fact these pillows change colour on their own; from yellow to red, blue, green, purple and a funky multi colour one too. As any loving parent, you want to give your child the best and what better way to make your child’s day than bringing these pillows home. They are comfortable for use and oh so cuddly too.

You don’t have to keep on using those regular and dreary night light pillows when you have the Magic Lite Pillow available to you. It’s very convenient and safe for use by your kids because it doesn’t get hot at any time of the night and the LED lights used in these pillows don’t burn out either. In fact they have been specially created to manage about 100 hours of continuous use. That’s more than you can say about several other such products in the market. Moreover you will be delighted to know that this pillow works on regular AA battery, which is quite convenient for you too.

This pillow makes for an ideal present for kids and is perfect for slumber parties and sleepovers at home as well.



What do I get?
You can buy Magic Lite Pillow for $10 plus processing and handling fee at And if you order three or more pillows, you can get free shipping on them too.



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  1. Ordered the Magic Lite Pillow and blanket on 9/15/12. Called to check status on 10/26/12. They informed me order was never processed even though I had a confirmation number. No explanation. No sorry. No nothing.

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