Lumilite 3D Magic Review

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Like every parent you want the best for your kids, through the day and night. When they are at home during the day, you want them to be involved in fun and creative activities that will fuel their imagination. You also want to make sure their creativity is further enhanced while they have fun too. And when they are asleep at night, you want to make sure they are comfortable in their own space. With the brilliant Lumilite 3D Magic , you can achieve all this and a whole lot more. Yes; one product to keep your kids busy during the day and let them enjoy a good night’s sleep.



Now you won’t have to pay astronomical amounts on kids’ toys and night lamps, when you bring Lumilite 3D Magic home. This ground breaking all in one product is all you will need. It’s a magical cube that has lights, which glow. Your kids can simply add the stencil to it and create a design of their choice on it. When they simply etch out the dark areas, the light will come on and brilliant colours that are visible at night will begin to glow. It’s the perfect way of getting your kids to do something fun and creative.

What’s more, the Lumilite 3D Magic comes with ultra vision glasses so that your kids can see their own designs in 3D. Imagine the fun they will have with it and can create their own light show in 3D. It’s the perfect item for sleepovers and slumber parties because kids can make the most of their favourite games that they can play while the light glows and that too in 3D. And when your kids are done with the playing and want their rest, you can use this amazing product as the night light too. The gentle flicker of the light will ensure that your kids will sleep comfortably at night.

Lumilite 3D Magic , is all you need to spread some creative light into your child’s life.



What do I get?
Your offer includes Lumilite Magic 3D cube , Magic Reveal Pen, 5 Underwater Explorer Stencils and 3D Ultra Vision glasses. You get all this for $19.99 plus P&H at You also get 5 free play stencils with your offer.



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5 thoughts on “Lumilite 3D Magic Review

  1. Can anyone tell me what the horrendous chemical smell is on the paper? Is my daughter’s health at risk from the chemical being airborne as she scratches the black off? I like the product concept but the smell concerns me greatly as I don’t know what it is that she scratching. How do I take away a Santa toy that brings me so much concern.

    If anyone can tell me what I am exposing my daughter to with this toy, if anything, I would appreciate knowing.


  2. When I first heard about Lumilite 3D Magic I thought it was a cool product that I could do with. But after making few expensive mistakes in the past I know better than to repeat them. Now I wait for products to be available in stores or read reviews about them. But it was extremely difficult to find a review about this product online. It seemed like all the so called review sites I looked at were keen on making me buy the product. That’s why they even had Buy Now tabs on them. It was hugely disappointing and I was about to give up when I came across your site, which has genuine reviews not only of this product but many others too.

    • And that’s the point of review sites, which is unfortunately not followed by many of these sites out there. In many ways it’s an unholy union of manufacturers and affiliate marketers that has led to these fake sites making their presence felt online. These sites materialize because search engines can’t spot them due to the pitfalls of search engine optimization. And that’s what these manufacturers are counting on to try and sell bad products.

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