Lumi Doh

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There is nothing more important for children than to express themselves creatively. There are a lot of ways ranging from sketching inside a drawing book to making clay models using regular clay material. Play-doh’s can be extreme fun but lasts for a very brief time which is a turn off for most kids. Lumi Doh is new age clay that supposedly makes creative time for kid’s absolute fun and lasts for forever.


Lumi Doh promises to be a unique solution for increasing the joy of kids while improving their creativity. It is said that Lumi Doh is very flexible so as to mold it in various different shapes with quite a lot of ease. This molding is possible due to the special raw materials used to create it which essentially makes it stretchy too. Lumi Doh thus has two unique features – stretching of a rubber and molding of dough fused into one. It is said to be very effective in making clean models and not leaving traces of mess. Plus the highlight of the feature as its name suggests Lumi Doh is the promise to glow brightly in the dark due to the glossy finish over it. Lumi Doh also is said to never lose its shape and hence can be simply baked to store the model as a memento.


Lumi Doh is advantageous over other regular play-doh’s and one major one claimed is the fact that it never dries out. This means that kids can mold and remold Lumi Doh as many times as they want to get amazing shapes and figures of it. Plus its glowing property is very unique and can be used to decorate the children’s bedroom. And unlike some play-dohs, Lumi Doh is completely safe for kids with non-toxic, antibacterial and washable properties.

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