LullaPets Review

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Don’t your kids love to play with and even hug to bed their cute and cuddly toys? But what if those stuffed pet animals could sing songs or narrate stories to them? The new LullaPets , which are the soft pet toys that come with their own mp3 player and voice recorder, are the musical friends your kid would just love to have.

How does LullaPets Work

It is so easy to use LullaPets . Just drag the digital files of music or stories from your computer to the mp3 player and put the player inside the stuff toy and it will be ready to play those files for your kid. Lulla Pet has a wireless remote control to play the mp3 player inside and the replay button lets you play your kid’s favorite song on repeat mode.

You can create up to as many as 5 custom playlists on the mp3 player so that the songs or stories will play nonstop and will be all set for the activity. Putting your kid to bed will no longer be a struggle and what’s more your kid can feel close to you all the time even if you are not around with the voice recording that you can store on the player. In the same way, you can give your kid a surprise by recording their grandparents’ or even their best friend’s voice so they will have their company all the time.

Your kids will absolutely fall in love with LullaPets . Made of 100 % durable cotton, even the tightest hug by your kid won’t harm the Lulla Pet. It is also washable so you can give your kids clean toys all the time. Whether a car ride, vacations or sleepovers, LullaPets will be your kid’s best buddy at all times. Get to choose from 10 exciting and cute toys like Banjo and Ballad the Bear, Mozart and Melody the Monkeys, Cello and Cha Cha the Cat, Beethoven and Bina the Bunny, and Dizzy and Diva the Dog; your kids will love their LullaPets so much that they will hate putting it down.



What do I get?
Select from:

  • Banjo the Bear
  • Ballad the Bear
  • Mozart the Monkey
  • Melody the Monkey
  • Cello the Cat
  • Cha Cha the Cat
  • Beethoven the Bunny
  • Bina the Bunny
  • Dizi the Dog
  • Diva the Dog

Free Bonuses

  • 10 Pre-Loaded Songs
  • 2 Children’s Audio Book
  • LullaPets Story Books

All this for just $24.95. Includes Remote Control, MP3 Player, and Voice Recorder. Official website



LullaPets Video
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6 thoughts on “LullaPets Review

  1. I ordered this from GMA a year ago this coming April and have not received anything. I was charged on my charge account but no product. I have tried contacting them numerous times with no response so I am out 30 dollars will not order anything from GMA or Lullapets again if they are still in business.

  2. LullaPets is a piece of CRAP!!!!!! Went through the same GMA rigamarole, didn’t get it for months, order cancelled, crappy restaurant”gifts” did not take them, then finally ordered and received…and it doesn’t work. No Sound….. My grandson likes the dog…but I wanted the music feature for trips and sleepovers…. Hope this company goes out of business!!!!! Nothing but a disappointment from start to finish, I am writing to GMA to tell them what this product has been like.

  3. I have ordered the pets 2 times first time I saw them on GMA never received I did get my money back then received an E mail saying they were ready so I tried to reorder was not able to do so. I got on your web site to order because I really wanted them for my great grand-kids now again I am waiting I am so disappointed would you please e mail me and either send back my money or tell me the pets I ordered will be here before Christmas!!!!

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