LoudMouth Leo Review

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Buying gifts for kids can get tough especially with the addition of new toys each day available in the market. Kids these days would love to have a toy which they can hold and boast around for its uniqueness. Plush toys are the best gifts for kids and even grownups for a special occasion. What if someone told you about a plush toy which can talk, sing, dance and even work as an animated speaker? Yes, it is true; the amazing plush toy LoudMouth Leo is now available.


LoudMouth Leo
LoudMouth Leo is the latest innovative animatronic plush toy. This cute and huggable lion comes with a provision to connect any phone, mp3 player, etc. to it and acts like a speaker output for the same. The universal jack fits all kinds of output and can be an amazing speaker for a phone call from a parent to their kids giving it a very cuddly and loveable feeling. Imagine little kids can be talked and told stories over the phone with a feel that Leo is speaking to them making every call to them special.

LoudMouth Leo runs on batteries and hence is completely flexible enough to carry it around anywhere be it a pool side party, a road trip, a family picnic, etc. Just plug in Leo to the music player and see him sing the songs and groove to beats with his dancing abilities to take the center stage in parties. The in-built speaker system provides a high quality sound output for songs and audio out from even computers. Imagine having a voice chat with a loved one plugged into LoudMouth Leo literally making It a huggable voice chat like never before.

The possibilities to use LoudMouth Leo are endless. One can even jack him into a GPS system in their car to listen to directions through him, make Leo the cute and cuddly alarm clock voice, a story teller to little kids and endless other possibilities. The perfect toy for kids and the perfect party animal is here.



What do I get?
Get Loudmouth Leo for just 2 payments of $14.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling. Official website www.LoudMouthLeo.com



LoudMouth Leo Video


7 thoughts on “LoudMouth Leo Review

  1. Where can I buy this?? I’ve looked everywhere online, even the website you provided, but I cannot find it. I would really love this addition to my lion collection, someone please help me out.

    • I tired to purchase Loudmouth Leo from the website, paid money, and it never arrived. I tried call the customer service #, but they is no one to answer. They refer you to a different website to track your order which gave me no info. I tried to cancel the order and the website and it says to call customer service. The customer service that no one answers!

      • My sister tried to purchase this Loudmouth Leo for my daughter in January. She got to the site (which appears to no longer exist for some reason), put in her credit card information, waited weeks, never received it, and when she went to follow up on it, there was no website, no phone number, nothing got charged to her credit card, and no Loud Mouth Leo that seems to exist anymore. Does anybody know what is going on with this. It was advertised on television, I can’t imagine it was a gimmick…was it?

        • It is not a gimmick. I too had placed an order in Jan. I was charged this morning for thee loud mouth Leo. I will be getting it within this week. Call 1-800-765-2994 for information on the one you ordered.

          • May I add that I ran into the same problems that you had but when I was charged that number was given on my bank statements.

  2. Review LoudMouth Leo

    Can LoudMouth Leo really sing and dance as it claims?

    Can LoudMouth Leo be used with a tablet?

    Is the quality of the speaker in LoudMouth Leo good for playing songs?

    Does LoudMouth Leo provide durability with the battery life?

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