Knocker Ball Product Info, How does it work?

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What is Knocker Ball

It is an all-encompassing, safe ball of air that has inner handles and adjustable shoulder straps that can lead to a lot of fun.

KNOCKERBALL is a giant single chamber inflatable ball you may regard as an advanced variant of the popular bubble soccer as you can roll, flip, sprint, dash, jump and do a lot more freely and safely inside it. KNOCKERBALL promises a different kind of thrill and adventure as it’s designed to gear you up into unending action and excitement in vast open spaces safely encased in a big, snug ball that rolls with you inside without a pause. KNOCKERBALL is designed as a big sphere in which you get in comfortably and move around without getting hurt. The promoters of KNOCKERBALL proclaim that it is a new phenomenon which people in several countries have taken enthusiastically to like some exciting sport. It seems to be a great way for players who seek outdoor adventure come together with their own KNOCKERBALLS at a fixed date, place and time to connect and share tumbling, toppling, racing, overtaking and experimenting with new ways of having fun while staying safe.

Knocker Ball is the means to a cool new way of having fun, according to its claims. It’s said that there is a wave of this exciting contact sport that has taken the country by storm. It’s a sport that can be a lot of fun while at the same time it leads to great thrills and spills as well. As a player you can have a great time with your friends and ensure that you make the most out of the options that Knocker Ball offers you.

Knocker Ball and knowing what it is

For starters, you have to understand that it is a ball of air that is not only all-encompassing but quite safe for use to. The ball is single chambered and can be inflated around the player. It has inner handles and adjustable shoulder straps to make things convenient for use. Knocker Ball stresses that it’s about 1.2 to 1.5 metres and thus meant to fit your size well. Overall, it ensures that you can indulge in fun, physical play with the help of this ball that makes sure you are safe wearing it.


Knocker Ball means a lot of fun for all

Knocker Ball asserts that it can be used to improve your rolls, flips and wheels too. The cool thing about using this ball is that you get a gravity defying sensation, according to its claims. The sensation and mobility it offers players is meant to be one of a kind experience as no strain is put on one’s body. Now you can only image what the experience would be like when one or more Knocker Balls are brought together for huge amounts of fun. There will be exhilarating and exciting knocks besides rolls and bumps, which will lead to plenty of laughter all around. That’s something many of us need in our stressful lives, and getting into this activity with friends can be the stress buster you need.

Knocker Ball and games you can use it for

Knocker Ball soccer has already gained popularity in the country and it’s something you can try out as well. There will be plenty of knock downs but no pain will be caused to you. Knocker roll, knocker flip are some of the other options for you. Knocker Ball emphasizes that you can use it in many different ways; make the most out of your imagination and keep the fun element rolling. It’s one contact sport that will make you laugh without causing any pain at all.

No compromise in quality and make

The creators of KNOCKERBALL assert that nothing but the best quality PVC is used in manufacturing it. They guarantee superlative class and experience, which becomes all the more crucial as it gets players to perform dare devil actions like running, flicking, falling and more in the ground. They point out that KNOCKERBALL is not like ordinary inflatable pool toy that don’t really offer an exceptional experience nor ensure complete safety. Each KNOCKERBALL piece is made to undergo thorough testing for all of 72 hours before being sent out of the manufacturing unit. You are guaranteed that you won’t ever find any defects like leakage in it and that it conforms to holding the recommended PSI for 24 hours. According to them, complete attention to detail is paid right from the time of selection of raw material for its construction. KNOCKERBALL is built with minimum 1.0 millimeters of wall thickness, which lends it the desired quality that gives it an edge over others. Further, they inform you that its price is on the higher side because no efforts have been spared in providing quality and safety to its users.

Safe and dependable gravity-defying fun

KNOCKERBALL promises complete safety no matter how wild you go enjoying inside it. It comes with sturdy inner handles and adjustable shoulder straps, which provide firm grip and support no matter how excitedly you play around when you are inside. Its length, which is between 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters, also assures complete safety as it envelops you in the most protective manner to prevent any injuries. It is constructed to offer complete protection on the part of its outer cover as well as inside. Also, it doesn’t exert unnecessary stress on your body in any way. Its makers allege that others don’t offer the specifications that KNOCKERBALL does in terms of wall thickness and other factors. However, you can trust KNOCKERBALL to help you push the limits and experience new fun ideas and perform stunts while staying 100% safe.


Perfect for players aged 18 and above

KNOCKERBALL is recommended for players who are 18 years and above in age. Following simple instructions like consulting a physician before using it and wearing knee pads offered by its creators is recommended for best results and safety. It is available in two sizes viz. 1.3 meters or medium which is ideal for those under 5 feet seven inches, and 1.5 meters or large which is for those over 5 feet 7 inches in height. Adhering to these measurements is important as it guarantees safety hence KNOCKERBALL is designed to be adjustable to cover players above head to just above the knees in these ranges. You also need to adjust the shoulder straps as per your built so that there’s maximum bodily coverage for protection.

As much fun as it appears to provide

The promoters of KNOCKERBALL state that it guarantees all the fun it promises in the commercials you have viewed that makes you go ahead and purchase it. What makes it special is that it is totally safe if you adhere to the instructions furnished and select the right size as per your height.

Advantages Claimed by Kyroback

Treats lower back pain at the root

One of the highlights that give Kyrobak an edge over other solutions is its ability to address one of the focal causes of lower back pain- immobility in the lower back. Instead of simply providing relief from pain, Kyrobak goes to the root of the problem to inspire you to make the right choice by not suppressing pain momentarily but by eliminating it with mobility. Regular use of Kyrobak ensures relief from back pain and less instances o in future.

Save precious time and money

Using Kyrobak for relief from pain positively saves you time and money as it is to be used for just 10 minutes in a day. You can slip using it into your schedule easily as time permits as it’s designed to be used in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is use Kyrobak for just 10 minutes while you wind down to relax. It uses a proprietary Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) and Oscillation Therapy that add mobility to your lower back, thereby reducing the pain. It has advanced features like an automatic timer and more that make its use effective as well as convenient.


Safe and effective

Multiple studies have been carried out on Kyrobak, which have proven that it is effective and wholly safe to use. Unlike other solutions, it does not intensify pain, and there’s no painful stretching or dangerous inverting either. The treatment also involves no drugs or medication, which can pose hazard to your health. The Kyrobak treatment is comfortable, relaxing and pleasant as you just need to lie down for just 10 minutes.

Guarantees convenience and ease of use

Kyrobak guarantees total comfort and all the convenience you desire. It is light-weight, straightforward s and compact, so you can manage it very well. It can be stored anywhere convenient to you. It also requires no complicated assembling so you can begin using it without any glitches directly after taking it out of the box and connecting the power supply. It is a pain-free and comfortable solution that makes things easy for you.

What do I get?

You will get one Knockerball in your choice of Medium or Large for just $249.99 + $17.99 P&H.Official website

2 thoughts on “Knocker Ball Product Info, How does it work?

  1. Wow that’s some distasteful bashing of your competitor. National bubble soccer doesn’t look much better. You’re just hyping up leagues when all you’re doing is selling the same type of product. Low class.

  2. Thought it might be appropriate to let you know what exactly you’re buying with these since there is no disclosure on their website about their product at all. Knockerball contacted us to supply our leagues around the country with their product, the reason we refused are because first of all, our bumper balls are the best in the world, period. The second reason is because Knockerballs are just cheap PVC balls. Poly-vinyl chloride, or PVC for short is the same stuff used in plumbing for water pipes, the same pipes that when they freeze in the winter time, explode all over your house. The plastic resin is a structurally poor and inflexible resin which makes it not particularly safe for use over the long-term. When we asked why they were using PVC instead of a stronger, more flexible plastic resin, they said because they can’t make a profit on the better quality resin (and therein lies the truth). If you’re going to be spending this much money on a bumper ball, its important to know what you’re getting for your money. If you want the best, feel free to reach out to us. We’d put our equipment up against Knockerballs any day because we have seen PVC balls fail time and time again. You can’t hide the truth.

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