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What is Janimals

It is a cute and cuddly soft toy with a twist. It not just is huggable and playable but also opens up to become a full animal suit for unlimited fun.

Be the soft toy:

Janimals convinces to add some fun in regular playtime for kids who love to cuddle to their soft toys. By default most kids love soft toys to hug them, talk to them, play and even sleep with them. Every child loves to role play in their playtime and many of them like to be a cute animal. Well Janimals asserts that this fantasy of kids and their love for soft toys is indeed the inspiration behind its unique 2-in-1 design. Janimals claim that its great looking soft toy design is highly attractive but it comes with a great surprise which is an animal suit. It is the first of its kind toy that converts in both forms to woo the kids and be a part of their imagination. Janimals is stated to be a full body animal suit that comes in various different sizes according to preference. In fact the amount of size variation available in small, medium and large size is good enough for even parents to wear them to have a gala playtime with their kids. One of the alleged major benefits of Janimals is that since it’s a 2-in-1 stuff toy and animal suit it can satisfy kids in both the ways and is a steal deal since no extra cost in going to a costume shop and buying an animal suit.


Unlimited Playtime:

Janimals claims to provide fun for hours with its cute and cuddly design. It is available in 5 different designs – a cute looking unicorn right from a child’s fantasy, a giraffe that is ready to roll, a zebra that is hungry for fun, a cat that is simply cute and a dog that is ready to hug back. Janimals guarantees that it will not only make playtime fun but is a great way to go for a birthday party, slumber party, at the fair and more. Janimals convinces that it is made from high-quality material that is very soft and comfortable to wear and lasts for a long time.


What Do I Get?

  • You get Janimals for $19.99
  • Official website: buyjanimals.com
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