Interactive Plush Pals

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Life is all about creating those fun filled moments that will bring a smile to your face and those of your loved ones. But our lives have become hectic and very stressful today and such moments are few and far between. We just can’t do without our phones, which have become our lifelines and we need them for both personal and professional reasons. But what if you were told that you could use your phones to add those fun moments into your daily life? Yes, Interactive Plush Pals are the way of doing that and spreading the cheer.

How does Interactive Plush Pals Work

These cool pals are the trendiest and fun mobile phone and MP3 accessory that you will find today. They will be a source of a lot of fun for kids and they will bring out children in adults as well. From Patch The Dog to Manny The Monkey and Freddy The Frog, these pals can become your constant companions as they will make you laugh instantly. And they are such a cool accessory for your phones that they can become your personal style statement as well. Now not only can you make your friends laugh but make a lasting impression with them too.

It’s very easy to use these accessories with your phones and you can easily plug them in with the headphone jack. All you have to do then is put your phone on speaker and these interactive pals will talk to the person on the other end of the phone. Can you imagine the fun that it will lead to with your friends and loved ones, who will be immensely amused and break into big smiles every single time? You can make the day of your loved ones easily and give them respite from their stressful days.

These pals are very versatile and they work well with your MP3 players too. Once you have them plugged in they will sing and dance to the music leading to a lot of entertainment for those around. Bring these pals home and add a good dose of laughter to your life.



What do I get?

  • 3 Interactive Plush Pals

All this for $39.99. Official website



Interactive Plush Pals Video

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