Hyper Disc Review

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What is Hyper Disc

It is a cool disc that inflates with air or helium and can spin and hover, which will be a lot of fun for the young ones. Hyper Disc maintains that now your kids will be entertained by it because it can pull tricks that will wow them instantly. You know when you have young kids at home how important it is to keep them engaged. You also want to make sure they have their play time outdoors with their friends rather than being glued to their video games.

Hyper Disc assures your kids plenty of play time that will also help them bond with other kids. Now they can have fun outings to the park or even in your backyard for that matter and never be bored of this disc, which claims to be a simple, cool and exciting play time solution for them.

How does Hyper Disc work?

Hyper Disc for hours of flying fun – What if you were told that there is a disc, which your kids will never be bored of and will become their play companion for a long time? That’s what Hyper Disc promises it can do for your kids because it simply means unlimited flying fun for the little ones. Hyper Disc has been especially engineered so that it can fly high or go down low and manoeuvre in endless possible ways. Hence kids can do a lot with it and have fun when they are out on their own or show off their skills with friends.


Hyper Disc has several tricks up its sleeve – Whether you want to make Hyper Disc float across the length of the park or want it to show some crazy moves while bouncing off the rocks; it can do all of that and a whole lot more, according to its claims. That’s because with Hyper Disc you can toss it, spin it or fly it, just as you want. Kids can also make sure it orbits and leads to a lot of playing fun with their friends. This disc is three feet wide, which is why there won’t be any hiding from its magic.


Hyper Disc is convenient and safe for use – To make the most of the thrills and spills the Hyper Disc offers, you can simply inflate it with air or helium. There is no special installation or setup required for it. From 180 degree spins to bounce and bumps, there is so much kids can accomplish with this disc. Another advantage of the Hyper Disc is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. In fact it’s quite safe to be used indoors and comes in cool designs from Buzz Saw, Rainbow Dots and Alien Attack.


What do I get?
Get the Hyper Disc in your choice of design for $14.99 + $6.99 S/h. Official website: GetHyperDisc.com

3 thoughts on “Hyper Disc Review

  1. I am starting to think it is a scam as well! You can’t talk to anyone when you call their customer service line. I placed an order and when I go to request information regarding the order they give you an email address to contacts and the email comes back on able to be delivered no such address. I am going to check with the Better Business Bureau tomorrow

  2. I would like to give a review but my hyper disc been on backorder for 3 months and none to contact to check on status or cancel. I think its a scam.

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