Hugalopes Puppet Hat

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Part 1
Kids’ toys are always in demand because all parents want the best for their children. You want your kids to be engaged and have a good time, at the same time you want to fuel their creativity. But you know many of those toys and projects meant for kids can be quite expensive and your kids get bored of them before you know it. However that’s not the case with Hugalopes, which is a reasonably priced product that your kids will not have enough of. When you bring this product home, you will guarantee lots of fun times for your kids and it will make a huge difference to their imagination as well.


Part 2
Are you thinking of ways to make your next kiddie party more fun? Do you often have your kids’ friends home for sleepovers? Are you looking for gift ideas for kids in the family? Then you don’t have to look beyond Hugalopes, which can be a puppet that your kids will have a whale of a time with. It can be worn as a hat, which will make the perfect addition for the costume party that your kids might have to go to. And it’s a fun toy that they will hold on to for a very long time.

One of the many highlights of this product is the fact that it has interchangeable parts. Not only does it help boost your kids’ creativity, it also makes for fun sharing with their friends too. This product is very easy to use as well; kids can put their fingers in their favourite Hugalopes and they turn into puppets. Or they can be simply worn on the head as hats. There are tons of options to mix and match, which will ensure that your kids don’t get bored. It’s also machine washable for your convenience and can be stored easily too because extra pieces can simply be stored inside.

From Silly Dragon to Big Beak, Mr Moustache and Jumbo Eyes, Dizzy Antlers to Twinkley eyes, all these options are available for your kids to make the most out of and have a lot of fun with.


Part 3
You can get Hugalopes of your choice for $19.95 plus shipping and handling charge at You can also get an accessory kit with your offer by paying additional S&H of $6.95.


Part 4
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