Hug Rugs

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What are Hug Rugs

They are super soft, cuddly rugs that promise to be hugely comfortable for your kids.
Hug Rugs assert that they will be the cute new companions for your kids when they want to go to bed or have a nap time for that matter. You know how difficult it can be to make sure your kids are in bed at the right time. They simply keep resisting it and you have to think of ways to make sure they look forward to bed time. Well, that’s now easily done with Hug Rugs, according to their claims.

Hug Rugs make bed time very comfortable

To begin with, Hug Rugs are cute, cuddly and friendly animals that are quite brave and the bravery is only going to rub off on your kids. Not only will they be more comfortable when they are in bed, they will have the right company in the dark too. In fact, you shouldn’t be surprised if your kids start looking forward to their bed time because they get a chance to hang out with their cuddly friends. Hug Rugs can also lead to adventure filled stories for your kids at any nap time.


Hug Rugs are perfect for just about any time

While Hug Rugs can definitely be used when it is nap time, they emphasize on the fact that these cute critters are so very versatile. They will happily hang out with your kids when they are doing their homework or watching TV for that matter. When they are playing video games with their friends or have them over for sleepovers; Hug Rugs maintain that they will be their true companions. Kids can also take these comfy rugs with them on camping trips or go on a cool wild safari with them.

Hug Rugs are well made and safe for kids to use

Hug Rugs emphasize on the fact that they have been made using top quality, plush fabric. That’s the reason they are completely comfortable for your kids to have at nights or any time of the day. They are very convenient to use as well and your kids won’t have any problems using them on a regular basis. Hug Rugs also claim that they have a non slip durable grip. It means firstly, they will be with your kids all night and they can be made the most out of for a long time to come.

Hug Rugs have different cool options for your kids

Hug Rugs bring to your kids a soft and fluffy Lion, who is the king of the jungle besides a cuddly Black Bear. There is also the soft, snowy white Polar Bear besides the naughty and cute Moose. The fun never stops with these adorable and fun animals. But that’s not all; Hug Rugs have the brave Orange Tiger and White Tiger options, which will hit the right notes with the kids. That’s why these rugs also make for perfect presents for children.

What do I get?

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