Hug A Lots Review

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They say there’s something therapeutic about a warm hug and there’s a great deal of truth to it. You could be feeling low or might be down for some reason, a bear hug can be extremely comforting. So imagine the comfort it can give your little ones especially when they are alone after you have tucked them in bed or when you are away at work. And now there’s the perfect product, which your young ones can hug a lot and also get hugged in return. These soft and comfortable friends will be the perfect companions for your little ones every single day and night.


Hug A Lots
You want the best comforts for your kids and that’s why; you spend a lot of time looking for products that will live up to your high expectations. And this product is all that and more, because for starters it’s soft and comfy. At the same time these huggable friends will be a lot of fun for your kids to play with as well. They will not have enough of Hug A Lots, which they will proudly show their friends and even share with them. That’s why this product is perfect for the times when you have kiddie parties at home or when you have your kids’ friends home for sleepovers.

If you have been having trouble tucking your little ones into bed because they want to have more of their play time then this product is just ideal. Now your kids will look forward to going to bed because they will have their favourite huggable friends with them. Now you don’t have to wrack your brains looking for gift ideas for little ones around you too. These huggable friends are all what your friends will need and more. And they will make any other day in their lives a special occasion for them and bring a smile to their faces.

Your kids can choose from the fun options like Hopping Bunny, Cool Cat, Funny Pup and Fuzzy Bear and have a wonderful and playful time as they get warm hugs whenever they want to.



What do I get?
You can buy Hug A Lots for $19.95 plus shipping and handling charge of $6.95 at You get another 6 inch lil Hug by paying additional shipping and handling charge.



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  1. Does anyone know the Hug A Lots’ customer service number? We ordered one Hug A Lots and want to check on it’s delivery date.


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