Hot Straws Review

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What is Hot Straws

As per the infomercial it is the only straw that is specifically made for sipping on hot drinks to avoid spills, stains and is completely reusable.


Enjoy hot drinks

Hot Straws promises to be the savior for people who love having hot drinks like tea, coffee, hot chocolate and much more. How well Hot Straws does help hot drink lovers will be attested once users review it. Regular problems that one faces while consuming hot drinks are spillages over clothes, staining of teeth, lipstick smudges on the cup, burnt lips and tongue, etc. Hot Straws assures that it will take away all such problems and make drinking hot drinks a pleasurable experience. Hot Straws does sound promising but will be only verified once we analyze the user reviews.

Practical design

Hot Straws promises to be created in a breakthrough way by keeping in mind all the problems faced while sipping on hot drinks. As a result, Hot Straws proclaims to be the best straw that is available over plastic or paper straws that are not cut out to withstand the heat. Such a comparison by Hot Straws will be proved only once it is reviewed. Hot Straws convinces to help in providing a shape that is perfect for hot drinks to pass through and the two holes design regulates its flow so that the liquid does not burn the lips or tongue. Additionally, Hot Straws alleges to deliver the liquid by bypassing the teeth which avoids any type of staining. Hot Straws emphasizes to regulate any amount of hot liquid and is sturdy enough to even pass through a blowtorch without melting or damaging.

For all kinds of cups and mugs

Hot Straws also declares to have a design that is made keeping in mind not just regular cups but also mugs and takeaway cups from coffee shops. This way it fits smoothly though all the openings which is why it is universal in its use. Hot Straws does sound very promising;Hot Strawsreviews will soon reveal the facts. Hot Straws guarantees to be very user-friendly and completely safe since it is BPA-free and phthalate-free. At this point of time there are no Hot Straws reviews available that will attest to such claims made by it. Hot Straws also promise to be completely reusable and to begin using it all over again it can be simply placed into a dishwasher. There is also a personalized cleaning brush for a much closer cleansing of Hot Straws. Due to such features, Hot Straws alleges to simply be perfect for a hot drink at home, office or even while travelling. All claims and promises by Hot Straws are quite fancy; Hot Straws reviews will expose the truth.

What do I get?

You get 4 pack of 7″ Hot Straw and a second set of 9″ Hot Straws plus Hot Straws Cary Case and Cleaning Brush for $10 plus $4.99 p&h.Official website

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