GlowJamas Review | What Happened to Glow Jamas?

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What are GlowJamas?

They are innovative glow-in-the-dark pajama shirts that light up when you write on them with the special UV light pen provided. Whatever you create on it stays for 2 to 5 minutes and creates lots of fun and excitement for children.



Write words on your tee that glow

GlowJamas are unique and delightful pajama shirts that aren’t anything like regular T-shirts you have worn all along. They are basically T-shirts that come with a UV light pen, with which you can inscribe or mark anything on it and get them to glow in the dark for up to 5 minutes. It promises loads of fun for kids as they can draw or write whatever they like on their tees and see their creations glow.

A unique concept like a shirt on which one can write and draw is bound to seem exciting to inquisitive minds of kids. GlowJamas goes a step further in encouraging them to go creative and then wear what they illustrate on it. The GlowJamas pen works like a regular pen with which you can easily draw or write neatly on the T-shirts. The creations are visible in the day and when it’s dark at night, they begin to glow and seem even more enthralling.


A whole lot of excitement in store

The promoters of GlowJamas promise loads of excitement and fun for kids. They state that this kit helps them create anything of their choice with the pen, which they can wear and display proudly. They can also get someone to write something on the tee while wearing it and play exciting games with GlowJamas such as guessing the word or the image drawn by someone with the help of a clue.

In addition to that, these special UV can write on various surfaces such as T-shirts, jeans, outfits, bags, wallets, footwear and others.

They can even use stencils to create better images, drawings, figures and more themselves. What makes GlowJamas even more special is the fact it’s made of superior quality material, which makes it comfortable like any regular T-shirt you or while winding down. Its makers assure you that you can wash it as easily as you will any regular T-shirt without facing any loss.


Safe, Resourceful and easy to Store

GlowJamas have been designed as easy to assemble kits which children can use all by themselves. According to its promoters, the kits are also easy to store and guarantee complete safety as they have undergone various rigorous safety tests. They are also dryer friendly as they are made from superior quality cotton and warm. With GlowJamas children can also celebrate occasions like Halloween by making the scary images and make them glow and do lots more.


What do I get?

You get two sets of GlowJamas pajamas for $19.95 plus $12.9 P&H. Official website Many buyers complain that the offer is too expensive as these UV-Pens are available under $10 (some cost as less as $5). The offer includes 2 T-shirts and 2 UV-Pens and cost $33!! (including shipping). If you decide to return the sets, you still have to pay $13 postage.


GlowJamas Review

Our product experts confirm in their reviews that GlowJamas is an unique concept because it comes with the T-shirt to write on. The “Glow in dark Pens” are nothing new, there are plenty of them available but the GlowJamas is the first product which also include a WHITE T-Shirt.

Many reviewers claim that it does not have to be GlowJamas T-shirt for the fun, you can buy the “glow in the dark pens” and draw and write on a plain WHITE t-shirt, it works equally good. “It is more of a tube and not pen. So it difficult to draw the the Glowjamas but writing is just fine”, one user mentions in his review.

One review mentions that the GlowJamas video is exaggerated, they don’t glow that bright (as shown the TV ad). The Glowjama pens are also not as easy as they make it look. Most of the buyers complain of dried ink and the glow isn’t vibrant bright as seen on tv. The ink in the pen dries pretty fast and once dried you have to throw away the pen. “The UV-Pen is is not sleek, it is bulky. So you cannot draw or write like a pen” – a reviewer mentions.

There are other reviews that mention “Kids get frustrated using the Glowjamas as it is difficult to draw precise lines and shapes on the t-shirt.” Also it glows only when it is pitch-dark and that too you have to strain your eyes to see the glow. The tip of the Glowjamas UV-Pen is not “felt tip”, it is liquid dispenser.

The Glowjamas is a wonderful fun for kids though it has its limitations. The science behind the GLOW of Glowjamas is Phosphorescence. Reviewers report that their kids love using the Glowjamas before going to bed. Writing names, letters, drawings, messages etc. In fact the Glowjamas are so much more engaging than any other writing method. It is a cool toy, though somewhat exaggerated. The key is to shine a bright light for 15/20 minutes on the fabric/t-shirt after you write/draw on them, this allows the UV ink to absorb a lot of UV energy, that is then emitted, causing the GLOW. Sadly the website is gone and the product is nowhere to be found.

But not all is lost. There are several similar “Glow in the Dark” UV-Pens/Markers available at “Uchida Of America” has several of these UV-pens that you can use to draw on fabric. But remember it works well only when used on the WHITE colored t-shirts/fabric. It does not glow that well on other color fabrics.

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