Glowerz Review

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What is Glowerz – Fun hats and slippers that change colors and glow when one takes a step.

Glowing and color changing slippers and hats

Glowerz claim to be kids’ favorite night companions with their glowing in the dark feature. Kids are usually scared to walk to the bathroom or to get water in the dark. But these adorable slippers and hats serve as night lights for kids as they can just be slipped on and the motion sensor LED lights make them glow in the dark as soon as your kid walks. Not just as night-lights kids can apparently use Glowerz for a fun filled night as the slippers and hats would glow when the kid jumps or dances.

They are soft and comfortable

Kids wouldn’t find ordinary slippers interesting because they are so plain but Glowerz apparently find favor with them because they change colors magically and glow. Glowerz are apparently made of high grade plush fabric that make them very long lasting and extremely comfortable to wear. The patent pending soles promise to keep your toes and feet warm. Glowers claim to be safe to wear because its LED lights never get too hot and uncomfortable.

Perfect for parties and sleep overs

Glowers are said to be available in a number of fun and exciting designs like Vivid Unicorn, Brilliant Bear, Majestic Puppy, Blushing Ladybug, Shiny Panda, and Glowing Dragonfly making it a perfect choice for kiddy parties, sleepovers or even daily use. The fact that they glow and change colors like red, green, orange, purple, blue etc at the same time believably makes it all the more exciting for kids.

They are machine washable

Another claim made by Glowerz is that you do not have to worry about the slippers being dirty. Glowers are machine washable so they will remain fresh and and clean whenever you want. Glowerz is also also said to switch off automatically when your kid goes to bed so they don’t need to worry about wasting its power or turning them off every time they take them off.


What do I get?

  • 1 Glowerz Hat
  • 1 Glowerz Slippers

All this for just $19.95 + S/h. Official website

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