GlowCrazy Wands Review

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I glow, you glow, we all glow. GlowCrazy is the all new way to make fun go..go and glow. Just grab the glow wand and wave the light on the glow canvas, You can draw, play and write. GlowCrazy in you hand will turn you house in a fun-glow-land. Write your name, draw your dog, play tic-tac glow, put on a spectacular GlowCrazy light show. You choose the size of the glow-beam. Make fine lines, fat lines and everything in between. Turn the biggest beam in to a magical eraser so you can glow crazy all over again. Want to write on the wall? mom says NO…but its OK will GlowCrazy, you can draw with a glow.


GlowCrazy Wands
With regular glow pads you are stuck in one place but GlowCrazy lets you glow in any space, the canvas hangs anywhere. Draw glowing moon and stars or GlowCrazy racing cars. Make funny shadows with your hand or glow your friend’s silhouette where she stands. With GlowCrazy you can draw up-close or from far-away. Cut out cool shapes to test your aim. Make a magical princess hat. Use the Glow-Crazy wand to make any glow-in-the-dark material to glow brighter than ever before.

The magic is inside the wand. A glow-beam generator makes the glow shine out in to the canvas. Its the coolest wand day or night.



What do I get?

  • 2 GlowCrazy Wands
  • 4 Jumbo Canvas Sheets
  • 2 Cut N Create Sheets
  • 10 Custom Stencils

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GlowCrazy Wands Video


13 thoughts on “GlowCrazy Wands Review

  1. We recently purchased the doodle dome from Walmart for $29.99 & it did not come with the glow wand. Product is pointless without the wand. I am not sure why it was not included, but would like to know what to do to get one. We paid full price & did not get one of the most important items in the package. I look forward to hearing from someone soon as to how to fix this issue. Thank you for your time.

  2. How long will it take before some kid shines that laser beam into another kid or some parents eyes and causes some bad eye damage? Don’t get me wrong I love lasers I have even built my own And that one can light a match from across the room. The only thing I am asking is just think before you buy this for your kid. Other then that I hope this company does well without getting any lawsuits against them. And I hope your kids be safe and act safe when playing with there new Glow Crazy.

  3. My daughter got the Glow Crazy tent for Christmas and we just set it up. Aside from it being a pain to set up because there are no slots to fit the ends of the poles into, I was really disappointed that you cannot actually write on the entire inner surface of the tent, as it appears you can in the picture on the box. There is a square of canvass on the back of the tent, and two larger squares on the roof, but that’s it for writing surface space. You can’t write on the sides at all. The picture is completely deceptive int hat regard.

    • My kids got one of these for christmas and it works like a charm. It’s big enough for both of them to be in at the same time and they are 3 and 4….other little flash lights work to draw too so you don’t have to have just the glow wand and the little poles hold the tent up to two little rough people…lol. You can also buy little colored wands so they can draw colored pictures and they are led so they don’t get hot to the touch and they aren’t like the red mini lights that drive cats crazy that can hurt their eyes although we all know that any flashlight shined directly into the eyes could be bad so they know not to do that. Anyway, thumbs up from us.

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    • Glow crazy wands will most likely be using close to ultraviolet (around the 405nM spectrum) l.e.d’s. The technology of drawing on glow boards with light is far from new. The laser community has been doing this for years. A focusable L.E.D wand that may be used focused at a distance, for this purpose, is a newer idea. With the recent craze in blu-ray (actually violet) lasers, I am sure someone figured it would be nice if there kids could play without the risk of serious eye damage. So is a glowcrazy wand harmful for the eyes?? I wouldn’t hold it up next to my eye and stare into the LED, but other than that, don’t worry too much about it. My earlier post was in reference of the lasers used in the video to deceive the consumer.

  5. Watching the video commercial via the net or T.V. it is obvious to me that the kids are actually using real violet lasers for a better result “to deceive” the consumer. I build lasers myself for retail on the internet. After pausing the video and zooming in I could see multiple kids holding a laser host im more than familiar with. Smoke is added also to the video to produce brighter beams. L.E.D’s would be used in the consumer version because of the dangers and government regulations of lasers. L.E.D’s even under focus of a lens cannot produce such vivid beams. They can however create a spot just like a flashlight. Lasers of the intensity used in some scenes of this commercial will cause instant irreversible eye damage and partial to complete blindness with a direct shot into the eye. Whenever using lasers over 5mW laser goggles are required. Lasers under 5mW should not be used by anyone under 18 years of age and never shined into or towards the eye. That said, way to go glowcrazy with allowing children to play with lasers. Not good.

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