Glow To Bed Friends Review

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If you have young ones at home, you know you have a task on your hands. Not only do you have to keep them engaged all through the day you also need to make sure they are in bed on time. However that’s easier said than done and many parents find it stressful to get their kids into bed at night. If that’s an issue you have to deal with on a regular basis too then you might want to bring Glow To Bed Friend home because they will definitely encourage your kids to be in bed on time.

How does Glow To Bed Friends Work

Glow To Bed Friends are those beautiful, cuddly friends that your kids won’t have enough of. And that’s because of their magic soft bellies that let your kids draw, write and doodle on them. It’s very easy to get started with these cuddly friends and kids can use their magical light wands to write on their bellies. With Glow To Bed Friends kids will be able to enhance their creativity not only by drawing but by creating stories around their friends. And they also practice their alphabets and numbers when they are in bed.

Glow To Bed Friends come to life when its dark and writing, drawings on their bellies glow. It will create a fun and friendly atmosphere for your kids, especially when they have sleepovers with friends. And if you are worried about children sleeping in the dark then you will be pleased to find them comforted by their cuddling, glowing friends. Glow To Bed Friends are ideal for your kids when they have to stay with their grandparents or friends too. And those seemingly long and arduous journeys will pass smoothly when your kids have these friends with them.

There are several options to choose from when it comes to Glow To Bed Friends monkey to tiger, unicorn to bear and puppy. These glowing friends will be your kids’ favourite companions and they will make the most of them for years to come. Glow To Bed Friends are soft, plush and durable too.



What do I get?
Get your Glow To Bed Friend (available characters Bear, Puppy, Unicorn, Worm, Lady Bug, Monkey and Tiger) for $19.99 plus $7.99 processing and handling. Also included is Magic Wand Light. Official website



Glow To Bed Friends Video

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