Glow Pets by Pillow Pets Review

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All parents want to give their children the best comfort to ensure that they are well looked after. It’s particularly true when kids are alone in their beds at night and you want them to rest peacefully. But that can be easier said than done because many kids are scared of the dark while others are very difficult to get into bed. However now there is a smart solution to this issue in the form of Glow Pets, an innovative way to have your kids smiling and to also comfort them at the same time.

Glow Pets by Pillow Pets

These magical pets are companions that can be carried by children to their beds. These snugly little creatures will be extremely comforting for them and they will find a good reason to get into bed every night. Now you won’t have to be after them to make sure they don’t miss their bed time. One of the advantages of this product is that it’s made out of a super soft material that is very cuddly; hence your kids just won’t have enough of them. And there are many exciting options to choose from when it comes to these pets that glow in the dark.

The fact that they glow in the dark means kids will not be scared to sleep at nights on their own. You can ensure that they have a restful night’s sleep without a care in the world. These pets are very easy to use as well and have a simple on and off button for your convenience. What’s more, automatic shut off option means the lights will go off after some time when your kids are happily in bed. You can also keep your mind at rest knowing that the lights don’t ever get hot, which is important for the safety of your kids.

If you have been looking for a smart and handy present for your child on his or her birthday or any other special day for that matter then you have found one. These pets are ideal for parties and sleepovers your kids might have too.

Select from: Glow Bear, Glow Snail, Glow Zebra, Glow Turtle, Glow Unicorn, Glow Lightning Bug, Glow Monkey, Glow Pup, Glow Penguin, Glow Seal.



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Get 1 Glow Pets for just $29.95 + $7.95 s/h. Official website


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37 thoughts on “Glow Pets by Pillow Pets Review

  1. We purchased the seal for $9.99 at Ollie’s for our 2 year old. The first night it worked great. Perfect size pillow for her smaller head AND a built in night light. My husband left the setting set to “on”, so the next evening, I simply changed it to the 20 min setting. Ever since then, you can move it, hug it, or just poke the seal and the lights flicker on and off! At one point only one section of the lights worked. Seems to be a problem with wiring. So, I’m giving 3 stars for a stuffed animal pillow that we paid only $10 for, but keeping 2 stars for the “glow” part. It’s a disappointment…

  2. I ordered these for my granddaughters for Christmas and I received them within 10 days. I did not read the review like I should have so after reading nothing but negative reviews, I am afraid to give them to the girls. What’s the deal? Why so many problems?

  3. I bought my child’s Glow Pet at Walmart, so I’ve never dealt with the company, but I just had a very disturbing thing happen with it. My child has only used her Glow Pet for about a month or so and wanted me to change the batteries tonight. After I changed them she went straight to bed. About 5 minutes later she came out and said her Glow Pet would not come on. My husband took out the battery pack and it was hot to the touch and stinking. He took the batteries out and they were smoking. The wires had broke right at the box. If my child had not come to us, I’m afraid to even think of what could have happened. Has anyone else had this issue?

  4. My son received one for his birthday in September. My daughter liked it so much she spent her Christmas money on one (at a bricks-and-mortar store, not online). My son’s *just* started having problems. We’ve changed the batteries twice and the second time we did so, it wouldn’t stay lit for very long. I think something has become disconnected. I changed the batteries a third time, thinking maybe the second set had just run out very quickly … but we’re still having problems and tonight it wouldn’t stay lit unless we held the button/paw the whole time. He’s very concerned, because he really likes the toy, so I guess I’m going to have to try to figure out how to fix it or be prepared to console an upset little boy. (The girl’s is still working quite well right now, which is both good and bad – great that it’s still working, not so great that her brother knows that hers is working and his isn’t. He’s not happy about that situation.)

  5. The problem seems to be wiring. Christmas eve we were getting two of these ready. One was (and still is fine.) The other wouldn’t light up. I felt around and noted a loose wire. My husband managed to reconnect it, and it worked for a few days but the wire is loose again and we can’t fix it. It’s a design flaw, and therefor the company not the store. These are great when they work. I recommend getting at a store for their return policy. The company itself has pitiful customer service.

  6. I have two glow pets of my own. They work fine and just like anything you get from stores are always going to have some default. It’s not the company, I must say. I’ve hade mine for a year and a half and have never had any trouble with any of them.

    • We have two from the company directly, one that’s fine and one that doesn’t work (no shipping damage in either case.) The one we got from a store was fine. It’s the company. The fact that both of yours are fine doesn’t negate all the faulty ones they have sent.

  7. Wow! Guess I should have read this before purchased for my grand-kids. I order them Nov 29th, thinking they would be here well before Christmas; but have yet to see them. Will be soooo disappointed if don’t get these before Christmas, & especially if they don’t work! Is there any way to get a hold of this company, other than the phone #?

  8. My daughter got this for her birthday. She was very excited. The first one came on for one second and then never again, so we returned it to where it was purchased from (Walmart) and got a new one. This one worked fine, although I never thought the light was very bright. Only 5 months later I changed the batteries to fresh ones and now it won’t come on at all now!! I don’t have a receipt anymore, and frankly don’t feel like the hassle of trying to exchange it again, obviously this product is faulty!! It is not worth the money at all!

  9. I bought the dog glow pet at Walmart. Had to push the button to make it stay on fully. It would get weak and then bright. Sometimes it would just shut off 10 seconds after i turned it on. Brought it back to Walmart, got a new one and this one is worse. Takes 10-15 pushes to get it on then it is dull until I lightly tap it. Going to take the batteries and screwdriver me and test them at the store. Very frustrating. It is hard to tell my 3 year old I have to take it back to the store again. So it is not just the website.

  10. I would not recommend buying anything from this Glow Pets by Pillow Pets company! I specifically put in my sons address for 2 glow pets to be shipped, Well they arrived at my house in a different state. I called customer service & they refused to refund me my shipping charges or send me a shipping label to be delivered to the correct address at their expense not mine… I spoke to 2 people including a supervisor and they basically told me they messed up but to bad there is nothing they will do.. I contacted my credit card company and they did a 3 way call. Glow pets admitted to it being their error and still tried to refuse to refund the shipping charge… to make things worse then they started a bartering war with me they offered me $6.00 back for shipping (shipping was $13.90, plus the additional cost it was going to cost me to send to my son) needless to say my credit card found them to basically being on the side of fraudulent & will be taking off the $13.90 shipping charge. I urge anyone with any type of financial reimbursement issues to contact your credit card company… Personally I will never do business with this company ever again.

  11. I find these reviews very interesting. I ordered my glow pet and it was delivered within 2 weeks. There were no back order issues and no suggestions to upgrade. The website allows you to put in a promotional code “GLOW”, which provides you a 20% discount and this is advertised on the website itself in very large letters. The discount essentially counter acted the shipping fee. The glow pet works perfectly and my son loves it.

  12. Cute, but total JUNK!!!

    Ordered Glow Pet Seal online waited many weeks, called and upgraded, wait 2 more weeks….still on back order, so I canceled. Just purchased the item at Walmart, brought it home…didn’t work. Exchanged it at store….new item had a big hole in the neck. Exchanged again….3rd didn’t work either. Will return and find something else. Save your time and money people….this item is just JUNK!!!

  13. So sad, been waiting since March for these, and put the batteries in and do NOT work, ugh, my child’s birthday is tomorrow, she will be crushed!! Not good on pillow pets, should make sure it works before you sell it, hello!!

  14. Glow pets are wonderful and playful pets for kids of all ages. They’re great for kids who are scared of the dark and there glow turns off automatically after 20 minutes. The lights don’t get hot.

  15. Glow Pet given to my granddaughter less than a week ago. Already doesn’t work. She is so disappointed. I certainly would not recommend this product.

  16. Why would they still advertise this product? is this product a bogus or a scam? I ordered mine last week and it also hasn’t arrived yet. Does this mean we’re just wasting our money?

  17. Terrible service. Waiting over a month. Was told by customer service that it is on the website that the wait was 2-8 weeks for delivery. The customer service rep just keeps repeating the waney thing over and over again. My grandson has been waiting and waiting for this to arrive. I would never recommend this company to any one. Poorest customer service ever

  18. I ordered two pillow pets for my kids’ birthdays in February, and by mid April, they hadn’t come. I called, and like other reviewers said, they told me that the two I picked were no longer available. They did offer to send me two others without charging me to upgrade them to a larger pillow. I wanted to just cancel it, but went ahead and picked the lightning bug and sea snail. They came within a week, but the sea snail didn’t work – I would have to press the power button 30 times or more, and the lights sometimes came on, but mostly not, and they would stay on for less than a second. So I called (which you should know, the 800 # on their website no longer works, so it’s quite a hassle to figure out what to do with the faulty product), and they sent me another sea snail that does work, but it hardly glows. The Lightning Bug glows very brightly, but the sea snail is a waste of money. My kids’ birthdays were in March, and now I regret spending $86 for two pillows for something that they didn’t even get to open on their birthdays. Even though the lightning bug works and is bright, I wish I had just bought something at a store that can be returned WITHOUT shipping and handling fees. Wait until this product is available at a store to buy it, that way, you don’t have to pay shipping and handling to return it.

  19. Can’t review the product as I have not received it yet. I placed my order on April 17 and today is April 23. I was charged almost 25.00 for shipping and handling…I consider the $1.00 charged for electronic handling just another way to make money! The product did not ship for 6 days and at 9:20 p.m. and I consider this ridiculous! Also, the real scam is all the add-on, including the surprise gift. I will never order any other items from these folks.

    • I place my order two days ago and still haven’t got a tracking number, did they say why $25 for shipping?. . I’m gonna be upset if they do this to my card, it was only suppose to be $7 something . Hope u get ur pillow. This so dumb to go thru this

  20. Wow I thought I was the only one! I ordered mine on February too and they contacted me 2 weeks later on March 1st telling me they were on backorder and they wouldn’t charge me until they shipped them. I’m still waiting on them :(. Although it is true they haven’t charged me so I’m still waiting. I’m going to give it to the end of April and if they still haven’t shipped them then I’m going to cancel my order. I feel so bad because my kids have been soooo good and I told them I would reward them with the glow pets and nothing. I feel like I’m lying to my kids each time they ask me if they’re still getting them.

  21. I put in an order the end of February for two Glow Pets and even paid extra for two AC adapters. I received an email a few days ago that one of the items was on back order and the other one was not available but I could upgrade to the deluxe model, they are 40% bigger and come with an AC adapter. I told them to cancel the whole order and I would choose a different character from the remaining. I put my order in last night, hours after they canceled my previous order that morning. I ended up paying 4 dollars more, but the shipping was the same ($15). I got a confirmation email that night and went to bed. Upon checking my email this morning, I received a cancellation from them without any reason why they cancelled it. So I can’t review the product, but the service is crazy frustrating.

  22. Placed an order via their website two months ago. Received email confirmation that stated the GlowPets were on back order. Haven’t heard back about my order, but I did receive a phone call trying to upswell me on something completely unrelated. The caller referenced my Glowpets order.

    If this isn’t a scam, I don’t know what is.

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