Glow Buddy Review

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Are your children scared to sleep alone in the dark? Here’s introducing the Glow Buddy Bear to help your kids feel safe and secure while they sleep. The Glow Buddy Bear is a 10″ super soft, cuddly huggable bear that glows in the dark and gives your kids the security they need when they fall asleep at night.


Glow Buddy
With the Glow Buddy Bear by your child’s side he will never be scared of the dark anymore. Your kids will just love the Glow Buddy Bear.

The Glow Buddy Bear is made of all natural material that is infused with light so it always stays bright and will never go dim. Simply expose him to some light for just a short while and he will glow continuously all night long for up to 12 hours.

The best part is that it requires no batteries or electricity. Glow Buddy simply lights up by itself. It is the perfect gift to give your child.

They will simply just love to have the Glow Buddy Bear close to them at night and will never be afraid to sleep in the dark. Even if they wake up at night the Glow Buddy will still be glowing so they will go right back to sleep. It is the only teddy bear that comes to life after dark. There is also a 13″ Glow Buddy Bear that is available.

You can now get your child the Glow Buddy bear for only $19.99 plus $7.99 P&H. you will also receive the Glow Buddy Light Pen and a 50 pack of Glow-in-the-Dark moon and stars. You can use the light Pen to draw shapes and you can stick the stars in their bedroom to make them have a good night’s sleep.



What do I get?
Order the 10″ Glow Buddy for only $19.99 plus $7.99 P&H. You will also receive an LED Pen Light and 50 piece Glow-in-the-Dark moon and stars for additional $7.99 P&H. Official website



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16 thoughts on “Glow Buddy Review

  1. Buyer beware. This is not a user friendly site. They make you enter your credit card information before you confirm your order. You can not make any changes if they add anything extra onto your purchase you did not want!

    I ordered my glow buddy on Jul 5. At the end of the purchase I was up to a grand total of 2 glow buddies and $74.00 $31 was shipping and handling. I was shocked because I only wanted one and said no to everything. I was really upset, but decided I’d use the 2 bear for my granddaughters birthday in Nov.

    July 19, 2012. No glow buddy. I called to find out where my order was and I was told it was on back order until August 15. My grandaughter’s birthday who I purchased it for is in a week. When I went to cancel my order they told me they would give me $15 off if I kept the purchse. I told them to cancel it now. I am so upset! What a joke on me.

  2. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE! It is bogus. During my ordering experience I was given something ‘free’ but they were tagging on S&H (even though I answered NO to all the extra stuff they were trying to sell me). They were charging me $20 PER BEAR for shipping. When I closed out my web browser session to avoid the order, THEY ORDERED IT ANYWAY! When I called to cancel it, the order conveniently did ‘not show up in their system’ (so they couldn’t cancel it) until AFTER it shipped. This website is a scam and when you talk to a rep they act the same way. DO NOT PUT YOUR CREDIT CARD # IN and DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE!!!

  3. I placed an order for the glow buddy and was charged double. I called to cancel the order and was given confirmation that the order was canceled and when I asked about them refunding the money they refused until I faxed them my bank statement! I have still not received my money back and am dreading how long this is actually going to take to resolve. Would not recommend anyone to order.

  4. The Glow Buddy does glow all night…no batteries. It works by a patented process built into the fur in the raw material stage. That is why you cannot wash or bleach the Glow properties out of the Glow Buddy fur, making it safe and non toxic. Glow Buddy requires no batteries.

    Kids and adults love it…it replaces any nightlight and gives kids and parents comfort. Be patient when you order….this is a new product and not in stores yet so there is a high demand and backorder may apply. However Glow Buddy is worth the wait! Glow Buddy is not a scam…its the real deal.

    • Do you work for Glow Buddy…it seems like you are doing a sales pitch and know more about the product than the average person….why has their site been under construction for several days and I cannot find a phone number anywhere now to contact them…I started placing an order and then it kept going on an on trying to sell me other things…it was relentless so I hung up….I can only hope that they will not process the order because I have no idea what they will try and charge me and have no means of contacting them…I have a bad feeling that they are trouble and try to get every cent they can out of a person’s wallet…if you feel in your gut that something isn’t right, trust it…I made the mistake by even checking into ordering one and have learned my lesson!!

  5. Super mad!! Why didn’t I read this first! It’s been over 2 weeks and no glow buddy. I thought order didn’t go through because they didn’t charge me! I said well never mind because I couldn’t get customer service! A week later I see the charge! I’ve just been waiting patiently even though I Paid extra for shipping!! If you can stop payment, DO SO! Scammers!! My daughter asked for a glow buddy cause she has seen it on TV! I said of course anything for you! Boy, Glow Buddy makes me look like an ass!!

    • Do you know their phone number…I called to cancel my order and they said they would cancel it…now I am getting a phone call from an automated service wanting me to complete my order…I cannot access the site because if has been “under construction” for at least the last couple of day….I am so worried that they are going to charge me unexpectedly and I have no idea how much they will charge….thanks so much!!

  6. Order the Glow Buddies on Thursday 2/16/2012 and there is no order in their system as of 2/20/2012. They claim that you can track it within 48 hours of placing your order. I was told that the product is still new and isn’t in Telebrand’s computers yet. It seems like this is a scam. So far I haven’t been charged, but if I am an nothing is delivered within the time frame, I will reverse the charges. I paid extra in order to have it within 3-5 days rather then 4-6 weeks. By then it will be in the stores.

    • Follow up:

      Finally received the Glow Buddy about a month later from the order date. We were charged the amount to get the bigger Glow Buddy in addition to the regular sized one. I was suppose to receive two Glow Buddies, but only got one. When I called to let them know that I was missing one they told me that the order was correct. I said no we paid for the large and the small one. Anyway instead of making it right, they said I could get the other one, but I would have to pay full price! I also didn’t get the moon and stars, just the pen. They rip people off. I guess that explains why you don’t see their commercials anymore.

  7. Frigging scam, I too was charged way more than was told, it has been over a month and still nothing… called and e-mailed, both non working, DO NOT BUY THIS GLOW BEAR.

  8. I did the same thing I ordered 2 bears thinking it would be $19.99 for each and I said yes to the $9.99 extra large bear thinking they would replace 1 of the bears for that. And I said no to the pen and yes to the stars and my total came out to $148.60 shipping and handling was over 50 bucks! This is def a scam!

  9. I ordered two of these Glow Bears and saris no thanks to the pen and the stars and it charged me $71.94 that doesn’t sound like $19.99 + $7.99. I tried to call customer service and it stays busy. I tried email and it wasn’t valid. I would like to know who to contact about my money because that was a whole days work for me.

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