Glow Bears Review

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Is your child afraid of the dark? Does he or she wake up at night crying because it is dark? Worry no more for Glow Bear is here. The Glow Bear is a wonderful, new toy for children that helps to keep them safe, secure, and comfortable. It is a bear that has a coat of fur that glows at night. It is the toy that is making waves with children.


How does Glow Bears work?
During the day, Glow Bear is a toy, a playmate and a friend. At night, it becomes a wonderful companion as it glows in the dark. Even if your child wakes up at night and it is dark, the Glow Bear glows reassuring him and he will fall back to sleep once more.

This special bear does not need batteries to glow. It does not need electricity either. All it requires to be recharged is natural light. What’s more – you can also recharge Glow Bear by placing him under an ordinary light bulb for just 60 seconds. Glow Bear can now glow all night long and brighten nighttime in your child’s room. So, it is a toy and friend during daylight and companion at night as well.

The Glow Bear’s fur glows in the dark do you do not need a night light for your child. It is surely the glowing friend in the dark. It glows for up to 12 hours.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • 1 Large Glow Bear
  • 1 Mini Glow Bear
  • 150 piece set of Glow Bendaroos
  • All this for $19.95 + $15.90 s and h. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Official Offer.



Reviews and Complaints
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Glow Bears Video


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