Giant Wubble Review & Product Info

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What is Giant Wubble:

It is an As Seen On TV “Giant Wubble Ball” that promises to be a source of unlimited fun for your kids. It is a bubble ball that as per the As Seen On TV infomercial, will not pop and claims to offer plenty of entertainment for children.

Giant Wubble maintains that it can be an entertaining option for your little ones who are looking for innovative ways to have fun. If you have young kids at home you know how difficult it is to keep them occupied and having fun. You want them to go out there and have a play time, which is just what they can do with Giant Wubble, according to its claims. In fact it is ideal for playtime both indoors and outdoors.

Giant Wubble looks like a bubble but plays like a ball

That’s the unique feature of Giant Wubble, which your kids can take to instantly. This bubble ball is small to start with but in a matter of two minutes it can get up to 3 feet tall. It can be easy inflated and kids can have fun doing that themselves. All one has to do is attach it to the battery operated pump and let it inflate the wubble. Importantly, after that, fun never stops with Giant Wubble. It can be used for a play time in the house or outdoors for that matter. Kids can kick it, squeeze it or make it fly as well. It can be taken to parks, on beaches or even when you are traveling with the kids.


Giant Wubble is safe and convenient for use

Giant Wubble maintains that it has been made from super-thermo-stretch-tacular stuff (basically stretchable p;astic). As a result it’s not only a safe option to use for your kids but it is a long lasting one too. In fact the Giant Wubble comes with lifetime replacement guarantee, which can keep your mind at rest about its quality.

Giant Wubble is easily washable and that’s handy, especially when it becomes dirty from outdoor use. It is squishy and strong but lightweight at the same time for your convenience. What’s more, you can also deflate it quickly and easily for easy storage. Thus it promises endless fun for kids while assuring grownups of complete convenience.

Giant Wubble is a result of extensive research

Giant Wubble has been created after years of research that has gone into creating a bubble that will not burst. The makers have been in the business of making innovative toys for kids for many decades now and they took it upon themselves to create a giant bubble that would not pop. That’s where Giant Wubble comes from and has been designed to ensure that kids can have hours of fun with it. It maintains that it’s unique and not like any other toy kids would have played with before.

The Secret of Giant Wubble

Giant Wubble is made from top secret thermo-stretch-tacular plastic stuff, according to its claims. And that’s why it is squishy, squashy, super soft and a lot of fun to play with for kids. The bubble ball stresses on the fact that it is lightweight but can be inflated to giant three feet tall. Giant Wubble can also be deflated when you are playing with it so that you can store it away easily. The inflating and deflating mechanism is quite simple too and the job gets done within a matter of minutes as well.

Unlimited Fun

For starters, Giant Wubble claims to look like a bubble and it moves like one too. There are unlimited ways of having fun with it. You can kick it or whack it, throw it or bounce it and have fun all the way. You can also sit on the Giant Wubble to have a nice time. According to its claims, it can be used both indoors and outdoors for hours of entertainment. It floats, wobbles, spins, smashes and dribbles without any hassle. It also emphasises on the wacky sounds it makes to add to the fun.


How to use it

Giant Wubble is very easy to get started with and you can inflate it to about 36 inches to make it a source of entertainment for you. All you have to do is use the battery operated pump to get it inflated. But you have to remember that it will look lighter as it gets inflated. Moreover there will be scratches on it, which will make it look grubby. But that’s no hassle at all because it can be simply washed off. When you are done playing with the Giant Wubble you can deflate it and store it away.

Once you have deflated your Giant Wubble you can use cold water and tiny amount of standard liquid hand soap for cleaning. Since it’s made out of stretchy plastic, it claims to be waterproof. But even so your Giant Wubble should not be left in a pool or water for long. Its storage is quite simple as well and you can deflate it when you are done playing. You can then place it in a plastic bag to ensure that the oils used do not transfer onto other materials or surfaces at home.


Safety – Giant Wubble is safe for use by kids (if used correctly)

Giant Wubble is tested for US and European toy safety standards, according to its claims. In fact it meets all the requirements and exceeds them as well. That’s how you know that it is safe for the use by your kids. Moreover Giant Wubble has been tested for reliability and strength beyond these standards that are set. It claims to be safe for use by kids over 3 years of age but adult supervision is a smart idea in case of young kids. It’s also lightweight making it easier for use.


Giant Wubble Bubble Dos

  • Giant Wubble can be used to have a lot of fun by kids. You can use it for play indoors and outdoors to make the most out of it for hours on end.
  • You can whack it, throw it, sit on it, kick it if you like. There’s no limit to fun you can have with it.
  • You can use battery operated pump to inflate it. The ideal size to inflate it is supposed to be 36 inches but it can also be inflated to 24-30 inches.
  • Giant Wubble should be washed with light liquid hand soap and water. It will ensure that the bubble ball doesn’t look dirty.
  • It can be deflated for storage but the oils from its making can be transferred to the storage surface. Hence you can place it in a plastic bag for storage.
  • You can lightly draw on it but you should use a permanent marker. However you shouldn’t draw too much on it.

Giant Wubble Bubble Don’ts

  • Giant Wubble should not be used as a floatation device at any time. Yes the bubble ball floats on water but remember it’s very stretchy and just too big, so it won’t work as a floatation device.
  • You can bounce on it like a trampoline. It is strong but it is still not indestructible. Bouncing on it can only lead to trouble.
  • Giant Wubble should not be inflated over 36 inches. Firstly, it will void the warranty that you get with it. Moreover it is stretched way too thin and that could lead to damages.
  • You should not fill it with water. It will become way too heavy to have any kind of fun with it. In fact it shouldn’t be filled with anything but air. Anything larger than fill nozzle will be damaging to the valve, which will void the warranty. Things you put inside can also damage its skin and make it pop.
  • Giant Wubble should not be filled with Helium gas. 3/4th pound of plastic should not be floating around in the sky because it will be a nuisance for birds.
  • You should not trap anyone under the Giant Wubble. People could get suffocated if you tried to do that and that would be very dangerous.
  • Most importantly, you should not poke, stick, jab, bite, or claw the Giant Wubble with anything that is sharp. That will pop the bubble and it will be an unwanted nuisance for you. A popped bubble is no fun. Although you would still be able to inflate it, you will need to stick duct tape etc to make the air stay in. That’s not reliable at all and can lead to further trouble. Hence it’s best to avoid things getting to that, which is why you should never poke it with a sharp object.
  • If you are drawing on it, do not do it heavily because the solvent in markers can damage its skin too.

    What Do I Get?

    • You will get Two The Giant Wubble Deluxe Set for just $19.99 plus $17.98 P&H.
    • The Giant Wubble Deluxe Set comes with a red Wubble ball, battery-operated air pump, deflation tool and instruction booklet

    Official websites: |

    Wubble Bubble Ball Video

    Giant Wubble promises to be a lot of fun for kids who will love to use it as a blowing bubble that does not pop. In fact it moves like one as well and can be treated like a giant bubble by kids. They can come up with several new ways to play with it and not get bored as they often do with different toys. Giant Wubble ball also claims to let them have fun indoors and outdoors both.

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    8 thoughts on “Giant Wubble Review & Product Info

    1. Do not waste your money!!! Bought one and popped same day. Mailed money for replacement 2 months ago and nothing! Checked cleared a week after I mailed it. But, we are still waiting on a new one. Customer service sucks and no one answers phone or returns emails.

    2. I have went through about 7 or 8 wobble balls I brought the first six thats(6)went I took my daughter on vacation all of them popped within 2 minutes and that’s just from playing catch with them,my daughter loves em so I keep buying them.we got home and I brought 2 more they popped from playing catch tooooo!!!!!!!!I sent 2 back to wubble and just received the first one and again that popped too within 2 have to pay $6.99 for a replacement and wait 6 to 8 weeks.wubble ball don’t last and no good but my daughter loves em.when you get the new wobble ball it comes with instructions on how to inflate and sharp objects will pop it_DAH DAH DAH

    3. I purchased the two pack for my grandson’s birthday. He was so excited he could hardly for it to get here, well, it came, what a disappointment! The first one blew up and popped within two minutes, the second one won’t even blow up to then correct size! It goes to the size of a kickball!

    4. I was tricked into buying two Wubble Bubble balls, I don’t know if any one noticed this but there was a place to check the box to NOT order two, well I checked it and they still debited my account for( $36. something). They also say that your account will not be debited until the item is shipped, well that was 7 weeks ago and I still haven’t got it. I wish I would have checked the reviews and saved some money and headache…

      • I purchased the Wubble Bubble just today. My younger brother and I were so excited to use it and thought it was going to be amazing. Firstly, it was hard to inflate but after many tries we got it and once it was the right size (comes with a measuring tape) then we started playing with it inside. It was super fun and amazing at first just like the commercial shows… but it only lasted for about 2 minutes. We were bouncing it on the floor when it just popped! it did not hit anything sharp at all and we were really confused and disappointed. To get another one we have to wait a week and pay seven dollars but hopefully it doesn’t pop so easily next time.

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