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What is Genetipetz?

It is a range of mixed-up stuffed animals that seem very creative and attractive to kids. They also have the ability to interact with smartphones and tablets.

Kid designed stuffed toys

Genetipetz proclaims that it is the best way to kick start a child’s imagination instead of buying them aregular stuffed animals that are available commonly. The common looking animal stuffed toys have been around since generations and do not go beyond really providing the option to kids for selecting what they wish to play and cuddle with. Genetipetz claims that it is the ultimate solution that will change the way stuffed toys are designed. What Genetipetz promises to do is to take ideas from kids and mash up different animals into one, making it a fun way of changing the perception of stuffed toys altogether.


Design your own toy

Genetipetz declares that essentially it is a platform for kids to design their own cute-looking creature out of animals in the world. This is made possible using the creative clubhouse available on the website of Genetipetz where kids can go and take part in competition to create a unique-looking stuffed animal. These competitions seem helpful in enhancing the imagination of kids and giving their creative flair a boost. The resulting animal mash-ups are then created and readily made available for purchase. It is claimed that Genetipetz is brought to life using the best of materials that are soft to touch and last for a long time. Also, there are smartphone and tablet apps made available along with the pets that further adds a whole lot of fun.

Adorable range of mixed-up stuffed animals

Genetipetz maintains that it has a total of three mixed-up stuffed animals available for kids to adopt and cary around in their pet carrier. It designers vividly describe the range which includes the Mooraffe which is a combination of a cow, and a giraffe where the lovable cow and curious giraffe gives the perfect huggable look to it. There is a Snurtlegator which is actually a mash-up of slithering snake, tough heavyset turtle and a fiery alligator. The third Genetipetz available is the Zebugraphant which combines the intelligence of an Elephant, the speed of a lady bug and cleverness of a zebra.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Genetipetz for $49.99
  • Official website:
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