Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball Review

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You are about to be mesmerized, its here, its wild and its sweeping the nation its FUSHIGI – The magic gravity ball. No strings, no tricks, magic?… may be, illusion?…you decide. You can make FUSHIGI to defy gravity and fall in midair with maneuvers like prayer cross, levitation, The enigma, palm-spin, and so many more.


Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball
FUSHIGI is a form of contact juggling where the operator exploits the reflective properties of a clear sphere through specific hand and body isolations and movements that are designed to give the appearance that the FUSHIGI sphere is moving on its own or even floating.

Fushigi is an incredible, therapeutic form of relaxation. The art of maneuvering a clear, reflective sphere through mind and body isolation and manipulation creates the illusion that the sphere may be defying the laws of gravity, as if the sphere is moving on its own.

From basic movements to the advanced even control more than one FUSHIGI at a time. You can do it. Mystify, amaze and confuse your friends in just minutes. The FUSHIGI culture is growing now its your time to master the FUSHIGI.

It confuses the senses with its mind blowing movements. Young or old, big or small anyone can FUSHIGI the minute they pickup the magic gravity ball and with practice you can conquer the FUSHIGI ball. Everyone loves FUSHIGI and you don’t have to be a magician its relaxing and even therapeutic best of all its just amazing.

To enhance your Fushigi experience, it’s been remodeled by the creators to suit your needs better. Fushigi’s special, patent pending design is smart and will be baffling to onlookers as you work your way around it. You will realize that Contact Juggling isn’t all you get from your Fushigi because it can now get rid of the lens effect seen in other acrylics. Fushigi is two balls rolled into one clever design that has won accolades from the best performers in the country, who think of it to be a game changer when it comes to this intriguing art form.

It’s a performance art and you will need to learn the basic hand manipulations for the balls to levitate or float. Fushigi balls can seem to show gravity defying properties and levitate but you need to learn the art to make the most of them. Fushigi is recommended for use for those over 12 years of age.




What do I get?
*FUSHIGI Gravity Ball
*Instructional DVD

This product is covered by a 30 day money back guarantee. For customer service or to check on the status of your order, please call 888-513-1113. Orders from FL and CA will be charged sales tax. Canadian orders with be charged applicable GST and a $10 Shipping Surcharge.

Buy Fushigi Ball at Amazon.com for just $26.99 + Free Shipping. No shipping/handling scam, hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee.

Please Visit The Official Website https://www.fushigiball.com


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917 thoughts on “Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball Review

  1. Fushigi does work you just have to practice it for awhile. It’s like playing hackey sack, you have to give it a chance and anyone can do exactly like the commercials. The commercials do make it look like it really does float and anyone can do it straight out of the box. That part is misleading.That being said, I feel as though it is more fulfilling and rewarding when you start to master fushigi and you know it is more about you and your skill than the gimmick of a trick ball:) It is true that you can perform the “fushigi motion” with most similar sized balls, the fushigi ball simply heightens the illusion with its clear/mirror surface.

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  3. I bought a complete fushigi ball ensemble at a yard sale for 50 cents. The video is amazing and the ball appears to be nicely made. The small print on the box and inside on the instructions does include the alibi that each fushigi ball is unique so expect one to be slightly different from another. Other than that, this is a skill toy and requires patience, practice, and time to master. Of course, if you are expecting to master this thing inside of a week, you must dig deeply into your dedication to your goals and continue on the journey to fushigi tai kwan leap. Thank you for this site. It has provided me other points of contact to purchase similar contact juggling balls offering more variety and colors. So, in conclusion, if I find that my one week of dedication comes to an end too soon, I’m only out half a buck. BOOT TO THE HEAD!!

  4. I just heard of this new toy for kids in the market…..The Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball. Also heard that the offer was limited and I wanted it anyhow for my 7 year old kid. The advertisement said that the amazing toy was not available in stores. The entire package was only available online. I searched for the Fushigi reviews and 10 different results appeared on my screen. I got weird experiences on the sites that ranked first, second and third on the Search engines. None of the reviews on these 3 sites were complete and seemed as if the flashy language was used just to induce readers to buy the product. Every time I clicked the tab “for more information click here”, I was directed to a completely new site, where I was supposed to order the product online. Annoyingly, I came to this site then and this was the site I was searching for. I am truly grateful to all of you for allocating your valuable time in sharing your experiences and reviews.

  5. My mother bought this for me and, frankly, she fell for the hype in the commercial! That being said, I’m having fun learning contact juggling and, frankly, wish that my first contact juggling ball were *not* acrylic, but something a little friendlier to being dropped.

    If you order one of these (or any contact ball), remember that contact juggling is a skill and practice is required to make the ball appear to float…

    I’ve since ordered a SIL-X ball hoping it will be a little better to learn with!

  6. I just purchase this ball for my grandson who found the commercial amazing… and some yahoo gave it new in box to goodwill so I purchased for $3.50 yes, so if he likes it or not I did not do bad… looking at DVD now.

  7. I just bought this ball for my grand son and know he will have hrs of play with it and best yet some yoyo gave it to goodwill and I got it for 3.50 cannot go wrong if he loves or hates this ball..

  8. Guys, the reason people think it’s crap is because they think it’s “really floats”. Its an illusion that is fun to do once u learn how. And it is really good at relaxing and soothing your body with special techniques. AND, I got my Fushigi ball for $6.99 with free 2 day shipping at drugstore.com.

    Fushigi is NOT A WASTE.

  9. I started contact juggling right before this Fushigi Ball came out, then my friends kept saying this crap, what the hell, I contact juggle. Then I saw one of these balls, they have crappy quality, the chrome ball is off center, dented, has bubbles in it and you can see grain lines. If u want a good contact ball go to homeofpoi.com and use mimic1 for a 15% discount.

    • Thank you so much. Your advice saved me from making a big mistake! I’ve ordered the Fushigi Ball from House of Poi and look forward to giving it to my juggling son for Christmas.

  10. You guys spend $20 on this, while I spent $15. Go to ltdcommodities.com they have great stuff plus some As Seen On TV stuff. Check it out, also this is a great ball.

  11. This is really stupid, I was so excited but as soon a I opened it my friend knocked it out of my hand and it broke.. I called the number and they said they would give me a new one for an extra 20 dollars and it’s been a year and I still can not use it, it sucks…

  12. Don’t buy this garbage!

    1.worst website,when you order they don’t tell you about shipping fee!
    2.shipping fee is @/$9.99!how can I return?
    shipping fee and return shipping fee is $19.98,
    same as the Fushigi price!!

    • I really was incredibly disappointed with this product. I don’t care that it takes practice, I was sad that it requires tremendous practice. It is not easy to learn, and looks nothing like the expert on the commercials. It is not cool to juggle. Juggling is stupid. Unless you are Michael Moschen, a clown, have no social life, or are completely obsessed with juggling, then you should just toss the ball in the trash. I put a video of me smashing the ball to pieces on youtube. That is all, Thank you. 🙂

      • And I do credit anyone who can do it as well as Michael Moschen, that is quite the accomplishment… but, for the rest of us who don’t have time to pick up a lame hobby…… that is all.

      • You sound bitter and jealous because you can’t juggle. What’s the matter? People make fun of you because you can’t at a party and now trying to make yourself feel better? So people that have a hobby have no social life (says the guy posting this on the internet)? Get over yourself.

        • Really, dude? It’s the internet, people make fun of stupid stuff. Why are you getting all bent out of shape?
          For the record, contact juggling is lame. The way it’s portrayed in the commercials is hilarious. Someone who ‘masters’ contact juggling has spent way too much time alone.

  13. I thought the fushigi ball was an “adequate” introductory to contact juggling. By adequate I mean as good as you can expect from a TV product. Like people have already stated, I do not really consider it a toy, and I wouldn’t buy it for anyone under 13 for sure. It does take a lot of practice, and the fushigi will make those serious about moving on want to invest in a real contact juggling ball. For me it works like the “Chinese medicine balls” in relaxing and increasing blood flow to the fingers, while giving a show at the same time.

    Complaints: DO NOT BUY FROM FUSHIGI.COM! it is sad that so many people are returning them to toys r us because it would be really great for people be able to buy from a major retailer. The A$$holes will hound you for months trying to sell worthless memberships and crap to you. I guess that can be expected for as seen on tv products, but they usually do not bother you if only give them a cell number…. these guys make no discrepancy!

  14. Textbook example of how gullible people are not checking out a product before they buy. The ones gripping how they’ve been ripped off, this is an educational experience. $20.00 is less than the cost of a continuing education course. If you’ve learned from this, it’s priceless. But if you repeat this, you’re no longer ignorant, you’re dumber than dirt and that dog just don’t hunt.

    • Most people knew what it was (nobody thought it was magic), but were disappointed at the ball quality. You apparently did not read the answers or else you wouldn’t have spouted off your nonsense. Next time read what people say before you flaunt your arrogance. The bigger the ego, the more satisfying it is to make into a fool (although you did a fine job of that without my help).

      Consider this an educational experience, and be thankful you didn’t pay a dime for it. The lesson being, in case you’re slow to learn, is that you should read what people say before you arrogantly spout remarks about them being gullible. And here’s another free lesson in the school of life, having a big ego doesn’t mean that you matter. You’re as unimportant as the rest of us.

      • Matt you’re ignorance and negativity are apparent for all to witness, do you consider your rhetorical responses as light entertainment are just the angst you carry with you daily ?

        • Rob, you used “you’re” the wrong way, separated two complete sentences with a comma instead of a period, and you might want to take a look at your last sentence because it makes zero sense. You also might want to look up what rhetorical means, because clearly you don’t understand that either.

          I’m sorry to burst your bubble but you need to take some “continuing education courses”, bro. You’ve got a long way to go before you should even be considering acting intellectual on a public forum.

  15. This is the worst!!! contact ball ever… it is terrible. Has so many tells and is just pathetic. Save your money on this piece of plastic

    • I ordered this ball for my granddaughter because she requested one for Christmas. The total with shipping and handling was over $36. When it arrived, the CD with instructions on use, was cracked to pieces. I have tried, without success to contact the company. Wish I had some recourse!

  16. I was given a Fushigi ball as a gift for Christmas. I’ve been playing with it for about a week now, and after reading all of the ridiculous comments on this page I have a few things I’d like to lay out for people interested in this topic.

    1. No, it will not float on its own, nor is it magic. Real magic only exists in fantasy novels, video games and D&D. Please understand the previous statement before ever buying ANYTHING labeled as “magic”.

    2. Yes, the ads can be misleading. But hey, that’s marketing. Nobody would buy anything peripheral without a good marketing campaign. If you fell for it don’t be mad at the makers of Fushigi, just don’t believe everything you see on TV. It’s a valuable lesson in life.

    3. Yes, it will take practice to be able to make it look as flawless as Michael Moschen (the supposed inventor of modern contact and performer of the crystal ball scene in labyrinth) or even as fluid as the “amazing” Kenny. Any type of performance art takes practice, it doesn’t matter what it is.

    Now that that is out of the way, I am actually fairly satisfied with Fushigi. I have been tossing spheres around for years since the first time I saw contact juggling, at a fire dancing gathering they had in my town years ago, and I never could figure out why I couldn’t keep the ball off of the ground. Within a few minutes of watching the DVD that came with it, I was kicking myself for never realizing how simple the mistakes I was making were.

    The DVD that comes with it is very short and straight to the point. Each tutorial is about a minute or less, but they still manage to get the point across. It is not a complete index of contact juggling moves, It has Just enough to get you started and learning the basics of contact. The rest is up to you (I’ve gotten better in a week which means you can too). There is a whole community of resources for people interested at: http://www.contactjuggling.org.

    The ball itself is not the greatest, there were two under our tree one of which had several visual flaws right out of the box. I went and picked up a clear acrylic contact juggling ball from a magic shop for the same price as the Fushigi ball, and immediately felt a difference in weight and balance in favor of the solid acrylic. There are, however, some advantages to the ball in ball design, it wont burn your house down if left near sunlight and the reflection of the steel ball inside adds to the isolation effect in a big way. It also comes with a bag and stand for the ball. (including the DVD, could all cost 50+ dollars from juggling supply retailers.)

    I personally think that the ads are awful, and never would have bought one for myself. After receiving one as a gift though, my perspective has changed. I think it’s great that they are bringing something like contact juggling to a massive appeal. I think many people could benefit from performance arts like Juggling, Poi, Staff Spinning, or anything else that gets people away from their television and works coordination skills. Fushigi is not the best option for this art, but it will open the minds of many people who would have otherwise missed out on one of many under appreciated arts. And, though this is not a high quality product, it is a great option for beginners. (You wouldn’t buy a 3000 dollar Gibson for someone wanting to learn guitar!)

    • We are a classroom of 20 second and third graders. We were very interested in the Fushigi ball and our teacher showed us how to look up reviews on the internet. We learned a lot, by looking at the reviews, (Some people are really bad writers, they misspell words and don’t use punctuation), but your review was really good. We learned a lot, and we know that you were telling the truth. Thank you for a very good review.

      (But the word “I” is always capitalized- we learned that and are always tested on it.)

  17. It is dumb. you have to learn the tricks so that means you do have to be a magician. If you did not buy it I hope you don’t because it is not a gravity ball it’s just a small ball inside a big ball that does nothing except fall. You just waist $20 for nothing. I think that people should not buy things that they see on tv except a pillow pet.

    • Pat T you’re right, it’s just a ball for 20 bucks, but I am glad I saw the commercial because it got me investigating into contact juggling and I’ve seen some awesome videos – Lewrens, the amazing Kenny and last but not least Okotanbe. Their artistry and skills are unbelievable. Just type in contact juggling and prepare yourself to be blown away. Oh yeah scroll down a bit and let James give you a good laugh, at least I thought it was funny.

  18. I think it was 20 years or more ago I was watching a comedy, where a guy had just bought a watch from a street hustler. His friend asked him, “You don’t think that’s a genuine Rolex, do you?” and the guy said, “If it isn’t, I’m out five bucks.”

    Get it? See, the guy was a moron.

    What kind of a moron would say, “If it’s not a magic anti-gravity floating ball, I’m out 20 bucks”?

  19. I got this from the TV commercial. It came UPS. I thought it would have an on off switch or something. It does not. As soon as I opened the box lid the thing came flying out and began circling the room. It hit the lamp over my kitchen table and broke the bulb, it then hit the wall and put a hole in that. I had to chase the thing upstairs and corner it in the bathroom. I was able catch it using the net for my fish tank. I thought I could just take the batteries out, but it seems like they are sealed inside the glass ball and they can’t be removed. I put it back in the box it came in and taped it shut. Later, I was sleeping on the sofa and somehow it managed to get out of the box and began flying around the room again. I woke up when the thing hit me on the back of the head. It then knocked over some dishes I had sitting on the counter. I called fushigi and they said it sounded like I may have done something wrong to the thing. They said I could return it for refund, minus the $11.99 shipping charge, but they would do nothing about the damage it did to my house. Fushigi is a nightmare!

      • I know it is a ball, but the one they sent me must be defective. I think there is something wrong with the anti-gravity module. Anyway, last night I came home and found my window broken. The empty fushigi box was sitting on my table. It appears as though it got out again and went through the window. So now I can’t even return it for a refund. And to top it off my ginsu knives are also missing. I have no idea what happened to those.

    • James;

      I had a very similar experience with the Fushigi ball. I am currently seeing a lawyer and discussing filing a class action lawsuit for the massive damages to my home. This product was not represented accurately in the commercial. Had I know it would make my home virtually unlivable with it’s uncontrollable nature, I wouldn’t have purchased it. I expected there to be some juggling trick or optical illusion to it. What idiot would actually expect an anti-gravity ball? But that’s exactly what I got. If we go through with the lawsuit, I will contact you so you can be involved. We need justice.

      – Arabella.

    • All this was the funniest crap I have ever read in my life. It actually drew a tear THANK YOU. You’re a funny guy James.

  20. I got a Fushigi ball for Christmas. I had never heard of them so I didn’t have all the pre-conceived notions many people who have posted here seem to have.

    When I saw the box that said anti-gravity I was all like “wha…what? that’s not possible…wonder what this thing is?” If anyone, ANYONE, thought that it would float on it’s own they must be brain damaged; that’s all I’m saying there.

    Anyway, it’s now been four days since Christmas and I have fallen deep into the contact juggling world. This ball is great! Have you seen the cost of an acrylic ball online? No? Well, these are a good deal. The ads may be totally misleading (again never seen one), but the ball is sweet and a great way to get people into contact juggling!

    • The cost of an acrylic ball online is more-or-less identical to the Fushigi ball; that is, roughly $20 plus shipping and handling. Try Neon Husky and Serious Juggling if you’re looking for a an acrylic of equal price and equal or better quality than a Fushigi ball.

  21. So, I have to say after getting my Fushigi, I really love the product. They made it really easy to get a descent contact juggling ball, and the dvd that came with it is a great way to get started.

    That being said, I must say that the commercial is pretty misleading, and the website is vague at best. I was sucked into the fantasy they created and I’m 20, and I knew what I was really watching. They really need to remake the commercial and update their website.

    My best advice, If you are looking to get into contact juggling, go to you local Wal*Mart and pick one of these up. Like I said before a Fushigi is really easy to get, but don’t rely on the website. And also, I’m sorry to the people who just bought a $20 lesson in why you should research those “Too good to be true” products. Even if it wasn’t so poorly advertised I’m sure some of you would still be disappointed in it because you weren’t fully aware of what you were buying. I don’t think anyone here is truly stupid enough to think they were buying a magic floating ball, but common sense is needed before buying anything that is glamorized on TV.

    • Well said Angela !

      I would like to add that fushigi balls are really poorly made, for example the metal center is often off-centered, and they have scratches on the surface, both problems which ruins the illusion. Have a look at Neon Husky which offers great contact juggling ball for $17.95!

      And you can find a lot of free technical info on the web, youtube or contactjuggling {dot} org for example…

  22. You people that are complaining are idiots. Did you really think you could buy a magical ant-gravity ball for $20? Do you just blindly buy anything you see on TV that makes vague allusions to being mystical? If that’s the case then buy my cigarettes because they make you fly, just like red bull.

    Contact juggling is awesome, get some talent

    • What I thought it was and what it turned out to be were two different things. I figured I was getting a ball within a ball, but when I was growing up we had the gyroscope toys (I am 57) and I figured that the inner ball would spin separate from the outer ball somehow. When I took it out of the box, I shook it, spun it, etc to get it going. Of course I quickly realized that this was nothing more than an illusionists prop. Anyway, it was high priced for what I got and I did buy several for my son and his teenage friends. They got a kick out of them because of the “laugh” value, like getting a Sham Wow. For that I am glad, everyone needs a good laugh. As a gift for two other 12 year olds on my list, I decided to go with something else.

  23. This only proves PT Barnum was right, about one being born every minute. Even more so when the ones that purchased on-line or by telephone using a debit card can’t cancel payment.

    The ones that say it can’t float read the fine print, it can. You just need to drill a hole to the center, acid etch it to leave a paper thin shell and fill with helium. Alternatively try juggling it with your arms fully extended above your head. Moments after it’s dropped you will have the illusion that it’s floating. Of course everything else will have the illusion of floating, including yourself.

    Humor aside, only buy from a local merchant so that it’s easier to get a refund.

    • Fushigi balls are poorly made.

      Neon Husky offers real contact juggling balls for less than $20, and the internet has tons of free technical info to get ready, youtube or contact juggling {dot} org for example.

  24. Wow… I can’t believe so many people are upset about this. First of all, it’s called advertising. I bet you can’t find ONE product out there that did not enhance it’s abilities during a commercial. If it says anything at all about the people being professionals and that it’s an illusion, then the company did nothing wrong. My general rule – tv products are a waste of money.

    I’m not defending them, but how gullible are you people? A magic levitating ball?? Give me a break.

    • Melissa, enhancing is not misleading! There is false advertising also! Fushigi lies to people and the Fushigi ball isn’t even well made…As a pro contact juggler I can say that I hate the off-centered metal part and the scratches all over the surface !

    • No Fushigi Ball has no strings. what you do is you hold it in the same place in space and move your hand around that space. also with some tricks you slightly toss it into the air while keeping contact to make it “float” to another position. its a cool activity and quite difficult, but it gives you something to do and if you have patience its really relaxing.

  25. Roc. In the commercial, it says it is an illusions that can make it look like it is floating. I am 12, and the thing is amazing. I have had it for a month, and I can almost do it better than Kenny. I had one that it cracked 15 cm down the middle (thanks a lot video) and now I have a new one. If you would just take the time you spend complaining to practice, you would be good at it.

      • I got a Fushigi Ball about a week ago… of course it doesn’t float. I would have to be a complete idiot to think that it would. It is, however, fun and challenging. I am actually getting pretty good. I am learning about contact juggling, which wasn’t something I was interested in before. All in all, I like it.

    • YOU PEOPLE ARE A BUNCH OF IDIOTS!! Did you actually think you were going to buy a floating ball?!? And to those who say the box is misleading cause it says its “Anti-gravity”…well I sure don’t see that anywhere on the box nor the instructions!…it DOES say (on box & commercial) that it can APPEAR to float & defy gravity with practice…which is 100% true….look all over YouTube! Everything good takes practice you lazy bastards! Even the poster above, Benji, is only 12 & he is is smarter than all of you morons combined!! I’m seriously SHOCKED at this page! Go practice to the instruction videos for a couple hours & I bet you will change your mind.

      • Why the need to be rude ?
        I think you’re a very unhappy person, with so much hate to express!

        Yes, there are gullible, credulous people out there all around the world, it has always been so.

        That’s why such a blog exists, to show people how they are misled!

      • Like LOL above, you didn’t read the answers here. People were expecting that these would be a little better made or were expecting a gyroscope ball. Nobody is actually expecting magic. You are the idiot here for not reading what people say. Despite what your massive ego is telling you, your poorly researched opinions don’t matter. Not only that but your answer looks like it’s written by a preteen girl who is upset that her parents grounded her for coming home late and probably has stuff all over Facebook about how it’s “SOOO unfair!”. So you decide to white on the internet to make yourself feel better. Like I said to LOL, get over yourself.

      • Are you sad because you thought it was a floating ball, but it isn’t? It’s contact juggling, and I think you are just gullible for a floating Fushigi ball, and you hate it. Seriously, go get a life. I love the ball

    • This says right in the commercial it floats and is so wonderful, magic, and is simple, everyone should pack it up and take it back for a refund and complain to the BBB and consumer protection this is a total scam and I have no idea how they are gonna get away with it. For the people that like it ok yes you like a BALL nothing more not something that promises you what this does for $20 dollars even if you like it you got scammed it does not do what they say it does or is supposed to “do”.

  26. This Fushigi Ball can do major damage when dropped, and yes you will drop it over and over just learning how to use it. Especially when it is purchased for a child.

    It’s misleading ads have sucked peopled into purchasing it. The ads should say;
    #1 I will do damage your home if dropped
    #2 I may break your toe if dropped
    #3 My TRICKS are all an ILLUSION!
    #4 This is a LEARNED SKILL!


    • OF COURSE IT’S AN ILLUSION! OF COURSE IT’S A LEARNED SKILL! I DON’T KNOW WHY PEOPLE ARE SURPRISED BY THIS. Oh, by the way, it says on the box it isn’t meant for children under 12.

  27. My son has a new name for the Fushigi ball he got for Christmas- Rip Off Ball. Save your money- these will be on clearance at the dollar store within the year.

    • Even if it’s the case don’t buy it ; it’s totally out of balance and comes with scratches all over the surface.
      Try instead Neon Husky, they offer real contact juggling ball for less than 20 bucks. Also, you can find all the technical info you need on the internet, youtube or contactjuggling {dot} org for example.

  28. Big waste of time. It would have been helpful if the phrase “contact juggling” would have been mentioned in the commercial. It will make a magnificent paper weight in my office only because my kids bought it for me for Christmas. Like Danny Glover says in the Lethal Weapons movies, I’m getting to old for this crap.

  29. I received a Fushigi Ball as a gift for Christmas, and I didn’t expect it to be miraculous or anything, but I can’t do anything with it. I am not a particularly graceful person, so it’s nearly impossible for me to recreate any illusions with this thing. I recall a toy I had when I was a kid, called a Wheel-O. Now that was a toy anyone could play with, and it created the illusion of anti-gravity using a wheel with a magnetic axle on a metal rail. The Fushigi Ball is now a paperweight, and I must say it looks interesting sitting on its stand doing nothing all by itself. I wish I had a Wheel-O. 😉

  30. Hi, I Just received this Fushigi Ball today and I would like to point out that on box it comes in it shows a guy with two balls. one of witch is clearly floating on its own in the air, not connected to the guy at all. Upon looking at the contents of the DVD I found no tutorial for this skill. It is a scam. Not misleading, a flat out lie. They created a fake picture that depicted something the ball can not do. I look forward to testing the company’s 30 day return policy, but they probably will give me some bullcrap reason as to why I can’t return it.

    • Maybe he threw the ball in the air while juggling the other. Then they just took a picture. They didn’t have to “make” the picture. That’s all it is, just a picture of a guy doing a trick.

    • The guy on the bow is a professional contact juggler. If you look closer to the the box you will realize what he is in fact doing is balancing the ball in certain ways to create illusion. It is not real, it is magic, it is illusion. It is all in what the audience sees. One example is it stands on the very tips of his fingers. In fact, he is balancing it on three fingers in a tripod formation. If you do it “right” it looks as though it is suspended. It is an art, not a game toy.

  31. Fushigi is so stupid- I feel like a fool. I spent 20 dollars on this stupid “ball” at walmart. My son already dropped it, me too. It doesn’t say a “juggling” ball on the box. It says “anti gravity ball” There is nothing anti-gravity about this weighted ball that most likely costs them about a quarter to produce in china, probably full of some waste product they need to get out of their country.

  32. Hey everyone,
    I’ve read so many complaints in reference to the Fushigi Ball that I was very surprised. I just received one recently and, personally, I’ve had fun learning how to use it and learning about the art of contact juggling. I do agree with most that the commercial is a bit misleading, but, again, a ball cannot just float on its own. Maybe that is why the commercial folks always have their hands on it?? The person I got it from said they purchased it from a local store, due to the marketing online and over phone. It’s great that they are trying to make money, but by bombarding someone with offers is quite shady. One thing I have read points to the fact that it is a very hard concept to grasp. I don’t know what everyone was thinking, but you can’t expect to pick it up out of the box and magically be able to do a chest roll with the ball. It’s called PRACTICE!! You can’t go up to a piano without learning how to play it and start playing, with virtuoso ability, a Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto. You have to practice. Today’s society is so hung on taking the easy way out. We have started to lose sight of learning skills over a long period of time, and instead have replaced that with cramming knowledge in our heads in “10 minutes a day” for a week. Practice can prove to be beneficial, and it is through making mistakes that we learn the most. If you don’t want to spend time learning about this art form, don’t waste your money on this. If you don’t want to learn a new skill and actually LEARN how to use it, don’t waste your money. But, if you want to actually learn about the art and about what contact juggling requires mentally and physically, then this product is perfect for you. Stop making complaints simply because you do not know how to use it. Research. Don’t buy simply because it looks cool. Go online and research the product. Ask others about what they think of it. Don’t bash it simply because the commercial “looked” cool and said the ball could “float” on its own.

    • Gee BRYAN I don’t know why people get PISSED OFF. Maybe it’s that B.S. in the ad where it says “young or old, big or small anyone can FUSHIGI the minute they pick up the MAGIC GRAVITY BALL”. Nothing misleading there is it? What’s MAGIC about it? Why is it a GRAVITY ball? Does it react differently to gravity than say a tennis ball or baseball? Doubtful!

      And we’re all really pleased as punch that you’re such a dedicated practitioner. REALLY! But the ad didn’t say “spend the rest of your damn life practicing and you can amaze your geriatric friends who lived long enough to see it!”

      And if people want to complain, LET THEM! It’s their God given right as U.S. citizens. I was satisfied to look into this before purchasing, but then, it’s not as though I was actually considering purchasing this little turd anyway. But BELIEVE me, the LAST thing this FINE company wants is for anyone to investigate before buying. After all, if everybody investigated, the company would only sell 20 of these things. Three to each of your six nerdy friends (two for breaking while they master the skills) and of course only TWO for you because you’re such a dedicated guy and all that you won’t need two for practice you’ll only have to destroy one.

      • “young or old, big or small, anyone can FUSHIGI”

        This is “accurate” in marketing terms, considering a trick of contact juggling is simply holding the ball in one place and moving the hand holding it around the ball… it creates the illusion that it’s hovering and CAN be done by anyone. BUT it is misleading by not stating that advanced manoeuvres take LOTS of practice.

        “And if people want to complain, LET THEM! It’s their God given right as U.S. citizens.”

        NOT TRUE! God has NEVER stated that you have the right to complain because you’re a US citizen! In fact, complaints against companies, or the consumer market aren’t even mentioned in the bible at all! So unless the Metatron
        (for all you dummies, the Metatron is the voice of God, because if God were to speak directly to us it would be likened to an air horn through a megaphone being blasted in our ears from 4 inches)

        came to you and told you that God gives you the gift of complaint, you can quit bitching and shut up!

        Game Set Match!

        • Well, if God is real, and God created us, then technically, since we are able to complain, he gave us the ability, and right, to complain.

  33. My son got a fushigi for Christmas and I love it. We are taking bets on how many people will end up in the ER today due to fushigi. Wish me luck. I do like the ball though its pretty easy really.

  34. Hey, I got the ball as a gift and, just out of curiosity, is the ball on the inside supposed to be more off to one side? I thought the ball was supposed to be balanced, I don’t see how that could really help the balance if it favors one side.

  35. This Fushigi Ball wont actually levitate, nothing in this world does, it will take a lot of practice and skill to learn and figure this out.

  36. For a few weeks now, I’ve been seeing this Fushigi Ball commercial on TV and been looking into this whole controversy. I elected not to buy one, but ironically enough, ended up getting one from a friend anyway. If you, like I, are curious about this Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball, you should probably take note of these few things.

    #1, First and foremost if you have any intention of purchasing this item, GO TO A PHYSICAL STORE like Toys R Us or Walmart to get it. The website that sells them has apparently been screwing over a lot of people by charging them for items without any actual confirmation and no one wants to deal with that, so you’re much better off looking for the As Seen on TV aisle in a store and getting it that way.

    #2, Don’t believe a word the commercial says. While it might not technically be illegal to market it the way they’ve been doing so, I feel it’s highly unethical as they are preying upon (especially younger) people who do not know what “contact juggling” is (I’ll get to that in a minute). This ball is not “magic”, it does not “defy gravity”, everything they show is an illusion perfected by professionals using sleight of hand. And to anyone whose been calling people stupid for thinking it did somehow levitate on its own, get off your damn high horse. The ad does everything short of outright saying that the thing does in fact hover by itself and if you don’t know about the existence of contact juggling, it’s not exactly clear that it doesn’t. When they say “You can do this” be aware they intentionally did not finish that sentence, which goes something like “…IF you spend a massive amount of time learning and practicing sleight of hand and have pretty good dexerity.” From an objective standpoint, I can say that the way they advertise this product bothers me a lot, almost as much as I am bothered by the way others are vehemently defending it.

    #3 Contact juggling. Be familiar with that term and understand what it entails. This product is simply a ball with a reflective interior. It is not special in any way. The idea is that you need to practice moving the ball with your hands in such a way that it looks like the ball is floating on your hands/arms. It isn’t easy and during the process of learning how to do this, you will almost certainly drop and scratch the ball. Truth be told, you’re probably better off using a baseball or some other, smaller, lighter, rubberized ball to practice with as it will be a lot easier and not damage the ball if you drop it. The fushigi ball really can only be used properly by someone who is already good at contact juggling as it is somewhat heavy / larger and will not look as nice with scratches all over the surface.

    I think the ball itself looks really neat and it’s an interesting hobby to pick up, but $20 for an item that not really appropriate for complete beginners is probably a bit more than I personally would be willing to spend.

  37. My son wanted one from the moment he saw the commercial, so we got him the glow in the dark version. What it did, was…. it glowed in the dark, and fell to the floor, repeatedly. IT SUCKED!

  38. I’ll bet many off you would have called the yo-yo a scam. Because you have to actually learn a skill rather than have something done for you. Also, many of these type of products are not marketed or sold through the same company that manufactures them. So buying from the toll free number is nothing short of foolhardy. Wise up. Stop blaming others for you own laziness and gullibility.

    • No its a scam because they don’t tell you that you have to learn a “SKILL” they do there very best at making it sound like magic when all it is, is contact juggling in which they seem to leave that part out. People are stupid, they don’t want to learn a skill. This company completely made this product look like something that its not.

      • I agree, I got the Fushigi ball as a gift and tried it but everything they said in the commercial was really sugar coated. Yes, they kinda briefed on the illusion factor and they did say that those people were professionals but they really made everything about the ball better then it really is, I’m not impressed and I feel bad for myself for even wanting the ball… (As much as this product bugs me, I feel bad about wanting to get it returned~)

    • Once again, nobody thought it was a magic anti-gravity ball. Besides, who does hours of research on a product before buying it, especially when the sources by then would all be dubious anyway? They might think it’s a disgruntled person who got a defective Fushigi.

      You’re the gullible one for assuming that people actually believe the literal words of the commercial. People are upset because the ads don’t tell you what the product does. Many think it’s one of those gyro balls or something, because that’s what the commercial implies. Of course they thought the ad was silly but thought it was sensationalism and showmanship to get people to buy these gyro balls. Not one word about contact juggling. NOT A WORD.

      But it’s sure nice that you think you’re smarter than everyone else, since they need a random person on the internet who doesn’t have any recognition outside of these forums to tell them that they’re idiots, keep stroking that massive ego if that’s what keeps you going in life.

      • “who does hours of research on a product before buying it”

        I do. In fact I have read every single comment and or review on this page. I’m curious as to why you in particular spend so much time here.

        I am interested in getting into the art myself. And in doing so stumbled upon Fushigi. Now I have decided I am certainly taking my business to “Poi”, however I did feel compelled to watch said commercial, having read all of these rants and raves.

        I cannot blame the average person who knows nothing about the art for seeing this commercial and being mislead.

        I cannot comment on the quality of the product because I do not have one.

        What I can safely assume, is that you are not that interested in it. Otherwise you would be spending more time doing it, and less time on here. I will not come back to this page. Therefor I will not read any reply you may have. So save it.

  39. I haven’t seen the Fushigi commercials, or any of the advertisements. I don’t watch TV. But I have an older son who has incredible coordination and likes to do things like juggle, unicycle, knife throwing, etc. So I bought this at walmart for 20 bucks. I’ll give it to him for Christmas and let him watch the DVD (which I just watched), and if he feels like he wants it, he can keep it, if he doesn’t want it, we’ll take it back and get something else. I feel sorry for those that actually call the 800 numbers on these TV adds, I never call them anymore. They are all scams to upsell and I won’t call them. But buying them at Walmart is safe. Walmart will take anything back with a receipt.

    I can see how this would not be a good toy for most kids. It takes practice and coordination. And for those kids that only have coordination skills enough to play a video game or bowl a good game on the WII, this might not be for them. I have been lucky to have a son that would rather play catch with anything than play a video game. Give him something that is difficult to do and watch him have fun. Biggest mistake I ever did was challenge him to play Bop It one handed. Try it sometime. His record is over 100.

    Anyway, I can’t believe the number of people who are sold by a flashy commercial and then disappointed. the toy is what it is.

  40. Same thing happened to me. I tried to order one Fushigi ball for my kid and they charged me, without my knowledge, $148. They forced me to pay for a bunch of dvds, other balls and products without my consent. I couldn’t cancel..when you call the 888 number they list, you wait on hold forever. As I’m typing this my desk phone is on speaker and I have been waiting for over an hour to speak with a representative. There is no contact email on the website and the hold response on the phone tells me to call back later in the week. This is shady!

    • Frank you need to contact the credit card company that you purchased this with and file a dispute with them. They will investigate and request information from Fushigi and if they do not provide it the charge is usually removed. Keep track of the dates and times you have attempted to contact them as this information may be required.

  41. I bought my son a fushigi for his 9th birthday. He was totally excited and that excitement faded within 4 minutes of playing with it. The ball is way to big for his hands. However, I can say I enjoy messing with it. The people writing in complaining about false advertising makes no sense honestly. It is common sense. There is nothing to make it float. We have lived with gravity since the beginning of time. And yes… if something gets dropped more than likely it will break. I do not recommend buying the product through their website though. I got mine at Walgreens. However, there are many store that carry them now and you don’t have to pay shipping and handling. I do not recommend it for children… however teens and adults I believe this is a good gift for anyone that wants to learn contact juggling

    • Nobody thinks the ball is going to float, many thought it was something like a gyro ball or something like that. Nobody that dumb would even own a credit card. If you get good at it start posting YouTube videos.

  42. ok, after reading all these reviews, I gotta laugh a little. yeah, its just a ball. A visually attractive ball, but still. its not gonna float on its own. fushigi is actually what made me do a little research on contact juggling, and I became extremely fascinated by it. so I went ahead and purchased a fushigi from walmart, since it came with an instructional dvd. no, its not something your just gonna pick up outta the box and automatically know how to do. like any talent, it takes practice. a LOT of frustrating practice. but it can be soothing to just sit there and roll around in your hand. so yeah, to me it was worth my money. and HELL NO I did NOT order from the company trying to rip everyone off. Gotta love walmart!

    • The ads don’t say a word about contact juggling. If they did, I bet fewer would have bought them after researching the skill. What’s with all these people thinking that the complaints are idiots that thought it would be magic? Please think outside of the box.

      Nice that you’re getting your contact juggling down to a tee, maybe you can post instructional videos on YouTube.

  43. I got a Fushigi during a gift exchange. I love how almost everyone complaining about it says that it doesn’t levitate and it doesn’t float which means it sucks. They don’t advertise it as doing either of those things. They say upfront that it is an illusion. Like any other skill, you need to practice this so get over yourselves and go back to your easy lives of sitting on the couch getting fat and watching TV while some of the rest of us have fun.

    Merry Christmas! (yea. I just said that.)

    • Actually they said “illusion? you decide.” and I think the words, “gravity defying” were thrown around quite a bit. Now don’t get me wrong, I love mine. but it was a bit of shady advertising in my opinion.

      • And if you are an adult, you should know that there is nothing in this world that can actually defy gravity. Take this from someone who studied marketing thoroughly in college, this is not shady advertising. Their use of the words “gravity defying” is what got most of the people out there to buy it. Good marketing in my eyes. Now, after the person has bought it, it is there own fault for actually believing the ball will actually float.

        • Kat, I don’t think Lexi was opposing “good marketing” (ads that get lots of people to buy) and “shady advertising” (ads that make deceptive (or if you prefer: exaggerated) claims). You may have a background in marketing and judge ads off their ability to sell the product, but I doubt Lexi had that background and instead was criticizing it’s use of exaggerated claims (which is one of the foundations of effective marketing) when she called it shady advertising.

          • Kat, Lexi and Klee are both correct. This is incredibly exaggerated and never upfront say: This is an illusion. Many people under the age of eighteen would actually believe that it is gravity-defying, and spend their money, or their parents’ money to get this ball. Also right on the front of the box, right under the word “Fushigi” in large print it says, “Magic gravity ball.” I would think that those words would mean it “bends” gravity. The box also says the words “magic” or “magical” nine+ times and the word illusion only three times, one of which was used in the statement, “Magic? Maybe. An Illusion? Maybe. You Decide.” Here’s what it should say, “Scam? Probably. Rip Off? Probably. You Decide.”

          • Nathan, any 17 year old who actually thinks it floats on its own is too dumb to live. Don’t fall into the trap that 18 is the magical adult age. More like people under the age of 12 falling for it. Most don’t think this thing floats on its own, I think people expected it to be something like a gyro ball or something like that.

  44. My son received $45 for his birthday. He apparently has seen this stupid Fushigi Ball on T.V. many times and just had to have it. It’s his birthday money and I had never heard of the thing so I let him get it. It’s stupid. We will be taking it back.

  45. My mom gave me the fushigi ball as an early Christmas present. I was so exited! Then after watching the instructional dvd and trying to do what was on tv I realized that it was not as easy as it said. It was so stupid I hated the thing in a second it did not even look like it was levitating. Now thanks to fushigi & their false advertising, I am getting 1 less Christmas present . So before you buy this for your child, remember this review. Unless your kid is wizard or a magician, it will not, and I repeat not gong to levitate Your kid will just get bored and be disappointed and it will most likely end up in the closet. So don’t waste your $20.00 bucks . SO DON’T BUY IT U WILL BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!

  46. Fushigi is actually a brand name ball used for a art form called Contact Juggling. You need good instruction, patience, and hours of practice to master the moves shown on commercials.

    The Fushigi ball is meant to be a beginner ball- it comes with an instructional DVD and the ball is half metal half acrylic. This is important as a regular acrylic ball will act as a magnifying glass (starting fires) if left in the sun. However it NOT EVEN A GOOD BEGINNER BALL! Being made of the material it is, it is heavy. Starting out with this kind of weight can cause tendon strain and potential arm injury! Not only that, but when learning how to Contact Juggle, you will drop (drop meaning drop or accidentally throw across the room) the ball A LOT. Heaver balls like this will break TV screens, laptops, plates, mugs, and hurt your own body, others, or your pets. Many people have figured this out the hard way. Also the outer shell is made of acrylic which scratches easily. Therefore when you actually get the moves, the scratches and dents will ruin the illusion you are trying to create. Top it all off, there are Fushigi balls that AREN’T EVEN BALANCED CORRECTLY! They do not center the metal sphere perfectly in all the balls, making the balance off and the moves even harder to learn!

    The instructional DVD features a man called The Amazing Kenny, who is well renowned for his Contact Juggling. You can find his instruction on YouTube (with permission from Kenny).

    The false advertising that Fushigi is a “magic gravity ball”, and that you can just pick it up and do these moves have also created a huge problem in the Contact Juggling community. People who have worked years to gain skill, and even those who do this professionally, are being called frauds because people say that they use a “rigged ball”. It’s quite sad.

    If you want to learn contact juggling, pick up a Stage Ball or Sil-X ball. There are plenty of Magic/Juggling shops on and off line that carry these balls. They are made of rubbery material and lighter so they will not damage any thing/one when dropped. Best size would be 100mm, possibly smaller for children. When you improve you may want to buy a acrylic ball for better visual effects when performing.

  47. Complete waste of money. The first reaction you will get upon opening it should be something like “wtf it’s just a heavy clear ball covered in scratches?” The ads for this are the most exaggerated ads I’ve ever seen. It is extremely rare to be good at contact juggling, you will look very foolish using this even after a lot of practice, also, it’s pretty gay to be good at it. Please don’t buy this for boys, it will only make them assume you think they’re gay, nothing good can come of it. Get him an electronics set, k’neks, legos, football, baseball, hacky sack, something useful that won’t end up getting him called horrible names for Christ’s sake.

    • How can a fushigi ball be gay, or gendered? How can a heavy ball be for boys and not girls. Have you never took a gender course in your life? Continue on your rat maze there buddy! Find the cheese!

      Social constructs….read about them.

    • John I have 3 boys and I was laughing my ass off when I read your comments because that is EXACTLY what they would say! and for those who are going to complain about the “slur”, get over it, it’s just an expression, find something else to do with your time rather than trolling the internet looking for “offensive” comments.

      • It was used as a derogatory and offensive expression against ALL gay children and adults. Betsy you have taught your 3 boys that it is ok to be homophobic. They will presume it is also okay to poke fun at gay kids at school which could lead to very serious consequences. Also consider, there’s a 10% chance one of your children is gay. No matter how much you tell him you love him, he will not believe you because you think gay bashing is okay and therefore, you must hate gays. Gay kids hear this stuff everyday and think that they are not worthy of anyone’s love, not even their own Mother’s love. You, nor your family, would ever get over it if one of your sons committed suicide.

        Tell your children that God would not want them being mean to gay people because they are just like you, a child of God. Tell them that each and everyone of us have value to bring to the world. Stopping the cycle of child abuse begins with you.

        Have a Merry & Loving Christmas,

        • Faggot is a derogatory term. Most people that use the word gay in a non offensive way are just saying they feel silly, and out of place in relation to their personality. As far as the nut on her soap box, stop taking offence to everything you see or hear. I was offended by Merry Christmas, its happy Holidays. Maybe a psychiatrist will help with the homophobic paranoia. **As far as the Fushigi Ball, I’m following the advice above from Kate and buying my 7 year old BOY a smaller Contact Juggling ball. By the way, I’m not prejudice or racist in any way. All people are created equal. Unfortunately personal opinions are not.

          Happy Kwanzaa / Happy Holidays

        • Diane is right, the word “gay” can be both derogatory and offensive…so what? I prefer the term queer seeing as the hand movements involved in contact juggling appear both effeminate and odd when performed by a grown man. Fushigi is a toy from a TV infomercial, what do people expect!? It’s a novelty like the snuggie was last year and shamWow the year before. Members from the “contact juggling community” totally sold out so we could buy their crap for our amusement and they are wealthier for it once again proving that even a shut-in’s weird hobby can turn a profit. I think it’s hilarious and a new obnoxious form of entertainment. I got it as a gift and plan to make the most of it. I guess the point I’m trying to make is, regardless of circumstances, having a victim mentality does little to further your pursuit of happiness. Have a Merry Christmas..or don’t!

  48. Okay, here’s the low down on fushigi:
    Fushigi is an art form called “contact juggling”. For those of you who are a bit older, or who have ever seen the movie “Labyrinth,” contact juggling is what Jareth (the Goblin King) does with the sphere he presents to Sarah (and with the multiple spheres he has later on at varying times, most notably while sitting in the window, turning them into bubbles). In the movie, Contact Juggling creator Michael Moschen was actual doing the movements instead of David Bowie (the actor playing Jareth).

    It does NOT float. The “floating” in the commercial was slight of hand. You use slight of hand, tricks, motion, and specialized movements to make the ball appear to defy gravity.

    If you let go of the Fushigi ball, IT WILL FALL TO THE FLOOR. If it lands on your foot, it may break a toe. If you have hardwood, tile, or marble floors, you may damage your floor, or break the tile. If you are going to get a fushigi ball and do not have carpet in your home, you will need to arrange a place you can practice on a pretty large towel, blanket, or comforter until you get decent.

    It takes a while to be really good at Fushigi. You may be able to make some of your friends go “wow” in a couple or weeks, or a month of steady practicing. But to be REALLY excellent, know all the moves, and make crowds of random people oooh and ahhh can take years.

    Buy Fushigi if you want a new hobby. Something new to learn that your friends may not know anything about. You can introduce them to it. Remember, you have a Fushigi, but you can teach them with anything. If they have an orange, they can use it to learn, and you can teach them what you’ve learned on the Fushigi. So yes, you can still be the envy of your friends, and as you learn, you can teach them 🙂

    Buy Fushigi if you want a therapeutic way to relax. Contact juggling, if done slowly, and gently, can be a great way to relax. It can be mesmerizing. Especially when you move to learning to do the tricks blind-folded. But remember, the ball is silver, so it can not only mesmerize others, but it can mesmerize you, too. It can also help people with arthritis, etc… as a way to work with their hands. Spheres are good for that.

    Do NOT buy Fushigi if you want a floating ball. It does NOT float. If you try to make it float without using your hands, it will fall down and hit either your foot, your cat, the floor, or your little sister. None of these are good things.

    So, there’s the dirt.
    Oh, and I recommend buying Fushigi through a local store, or Amazon.com.

    • For those of us who are a bit older? lol. what the heck does THAT mean? all you had to say was “FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO MAY HAVE SEEN THE MOVIE “LABYRINTH…” BTW, that movie is the only reason why these fushigi balls look fun at all. other than insulting us “older” folks (makes me wonder how old YOU are…lol), you did a nice job of explaining it.

      • lol, sorry Michele. I meant older than the kids and teens the TV spot is obviously trying to market to. …and I’m 33. 🙂

        • Hey… BOTH of my kids have seen that movie. When they were younger (4 and 5) they called it “The Bubble Movie”. But yea, they are 7 and 9 now. They still love the movie

      • lol I LOVE that movie!! 🙂

        And yeah…to all you knuckleheads out there that are all upset about it NOT defying gravity….maybe you should go back to your 9th grade Physics class…..or were you not smart enough for physics??? Lmao!

        And yes, let’s have our children be lazy and not WORK for results…..let’s have them take the easy way out and quit. 🙂 my 10 year old daughter wants one for Christmas. I’m not gonna order through the website thanks to all these Fushigi Ball reviews…. 🙂

        Thanks! And quit your complaining about it not ‘defying gravity’! LMAO!

        • Most seem more upset about the fact that it’s nothing like the ad (they were picturing something like a gyro ball not a literal floating magical artifact) than anything.

  49. I bought this Fushigi for my brother for his birthday. It has already cracked. Not just chipped, but cracked. It does not last as long as it says it will, and it is not as strong as it says it is. The crack is bad enough it has ruined the illusion. Waste of my money, and a disappointment for him.

  50. God this thing is crap I tried it at the As Seen on TV store and my sister dropped it on the floor it’s just a plastic piece of crappy fail lmfao it’s a scam!

  51. The Fushigi is a acrylic contact juggling ball , that’s it.

    I purchased it because I was interested in learning how to contact juggle , and personally felt that fushigi’s were a more visually attractive ball , for about the same price as other less attractive balls found online , with the added bonus of a instructional DVD.

    I made the mistake of ordering directly through fushigi , where they sold my information and I was bombarded by telemarketing calls.

    It also took an absurd amount of time to receive my order , which especially aggravated me when I saw fushigi’s in a couple of stores locally.

    The DVD , while very informative, is very annoying and far too fast paced for most people , your better off finding something on youtube.

    All in all , I enjoy my fushigi, but would recommend finding one at your local toysrus.com , or riteaid.com

  52. I just got my FUSHIGI ball and at first I thought it was dumb. But with a little practice I learned some easy tricks and with a LOT of practice I learned cool more challenging tricks. Now it doesn’t float but its fun until your moms shouting at you saying your going to wreck the furniture and the windows if you keep dropping it, but it is a LOT of fun so come on and try it I mean you can return it if you don’t like it! I’m only 12 and my 13th birthday present was awesome! THANKS FUSHIGI! (DOESN’T FLOAT DANG!)

  53. I’m not sure if I want the fushigi anymore. I mean, after all these reviews and complaints, I’m not really sure if it’s a fun ball to play with that’s a great toy for a nine-year-old like me? Or, a big metallic ball that’s heavy and will get boring soon. I need answers!

    • Get rid of the kid demonstrating it with the ponytail. That is the one and only reason I won’t buy this product. I don’t like males who pretend to be females and have no life or ability to have a decent haircut.

      I would never hire this kid to empty garbage much less advertise this nonsensical device that is obviously cheaply designed and overplayed.

      The commercial lost my interest in the product, disappointment with the manufacturer choosing the wrong person to demonstrate it, and the overall idiocy of trying to make a buck using moronic people in the commercial.

      I have been in business for 45 years and would never approach a product in this manner and used a sex-confused moron to sell it for me. Get a haircut and I might get 1% of interest in your cheap product.

      • Jordan, welcome to the 21st century! Sorry you missed the 70s, 80s and 90s but today it’s okay for boys to have long hair, girls to have short hair, and to be gay if you want (just don’t tell if you’re in the Army). Nothing to say about the product? I think it will be a great way to turn large numbers of people on to contact juggling. Yes it takes skill to do well. Learning skills is good for you. 🙂

  54. I have mixed feelings. I’ve been wanting one for months, and my Fiance got me one as an early Christmas present. He got it from CVS. I mean why would anyone buy it over the phone or on the website when its at stores? Anyways I opened it, yeah its just a heavy acrylic ball. BUT after watching the DVD I realized that Contact Juggling is an interesting hobby. It isn’t just a magical ball that defies logic. Its hand-skills and illusion. Don’t use it around pets, I dropped it near my kitty and freaked her out. I have respect for the dedicated artists who take time to learn the art behind the illusion.

    NOW I do think, from what I’ve read about the scamming, that some of you people are gullible. And some of you would buy dirt if it was in a shiny box. But some of you didn’t know what you were getting into.

    How the company handles its Customer Service is deplorable and I do not condone what they have done. I originally wanted 2 Fushigi Balls but I have decided not to return the patronage to them.

    At the end of the day, it is just a hobby/toy, there is SKILL required, and I am looking forward to learning more about Contact Juggling.

    • Anything dropped near a cat will freak it out. =)

      But I thought about getting a Fushigi, but decided it wasn’t worth 20 bucks. I even work at a store that sells them…or did…they all sold out yesterday on Black Friday. I bet anything they’ll ALL be back on the shelves by December 26th, if not sooner. And like you said, it takes skill, and like any skill it takes practice. I’ll stick to my pair of little Baoding/Chinese health balls.

      I think anyone with a kid who wants one should tell the kid it isn’t magic and is something they’ll have to work at doing, then IF they’re willing to learn THEN get it for them.

      Failing that, get them a Pillow Pet instead.

    • Thank you for your logical Fushigi Ball review. I was considering it for my daughter’s friend for a Christmas gift. I do not think this would be an appropriate gift for him now. (Kudos on your comment about people would buy dirt if it were in a shiny box!!)

  55. Buying two Fushigi Balls at CVS. Don’t care what anybody says, I know you have to learn to do it and think it will be better for my grandson than I video game.

  56. Did anyone ever buy a yo-yo? were you able to “walk the dog” the first day? Did your slinky really go all the way down the stairs every-time?

    To the people complaining about how it is just a stupid “trick” – if you thought a $20 toy would actually defy gravity and magically float in the air the answer to your frustrations is fairly simple: you are an idiot.
    contact juggling is a beautiful activity and I think it is kind of cool that someone tried to bring it to the masses.
    Perhaps you should encourage your child to spend more time learning and practicing a set of skills instead of letting them give up, throw their fushigi, and get fat in front of their xBox.

    • It would have been cool if that company didn’t try to rename a pre-existent art form.
      It would have been cool if they didn’t target it toward young kids.
      It would have been cool if they called their product a new brand of contact juggling ball, instead of a “freaking magic gravity”, thus misleading people.
      Oh, I’m 46 and professional magician and contact juggler…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yT_p7eRLppY
      But I agree with you : CJ is beautiful

      • Lawrens,

        On the Fushigi website, they specify that Fushigi is a new form of contact juggling. From the website, http://www.FushigiBall.com, the first bit of major text says, “[Fushigi] is a brand new, dynamically designed ball used in the mysterious art of contact juggling.”

        So, there you go. Their “What is Fushigi” and “Frequently Asked Questions” pages also talk about contact juggling. Okay, yes, in the TV spot they didn’t exactly hype that fact up, and there’s no way the fushigi ball will ever live up to its TV spot, but very few As Seen On TV products do. In fact, name me five $25 or less products that live up to their AS SEEN ON TV hype, without including the Snuggie. (You can’t do it because I guarantee there will be 50 people debating you down for each individual product.)

        • Well, that’s advertising for you. Your average kid will be sucked into ‘magic gravity!’ more than ‘contact juggling’.

          My local tv news station tests As Seen On TV products and rates them with a ‘Yes’, ‘No’, or ‘Maybe’. They gave Fushigi a ‘Maybe’, stating that it depends on the individual’s effort to learn the skill of contact juggling.

          I wouldn’t personally call it a scam…nearly everywhere that you give your credit card number to will use that information to bombard you with emails and phone calls. I get spam texted to my cell phone, for crying out loud…I haven’t even used my debit card yet. Surely there’s a store where you live that carries Fushigis. A Walmart here has started carrying them.

        • Eric, now they mention contact juggling on their site because the WHOLE community of pro Contact Juggler’s put pressure on them. Even John Camarano, the boss himself came to contactjuggling.org to express himself. He promised that the new infomercial will talk about contact juggling. He lied, Personally I’m ok if contact juggling spread to people and started them up to practice this ART! I believe it’s a little late now, as the infomercial has aired everywhere in USA..I live in France and pray for them NOT EVER coming in here !!
          Oh and I forgot : there’s a seam all around the Fushigi ball, which makes it totally inefficient to either illusion you would like to pull out…One last thing : first Fushigi balls didn’t have a metal core ; they were plain acrylic.

          • Sorry : …as any other contact juggling ball. They added the metal core just because their lack of information about how dangerous an acrylic ball could be dangerous if exposed under direct sunlight…

    • I’m late but I got my kids professional yo yo last year and they LOVE them. They can walk the dog and a bunch of other tricks. The professional yo yo make it so easy and they have to be willing to change the strings often. I highly recommend DAZZLINGDAVE.COM. He’s a professional yo yo-er that sell his own brand and also tours schools. I had questions and he emailed me immediately and not only that asked me afterward to see how my kids liked them and if I needed any tips. Great guy, great reasonably-priced website.

      • A PS. You need two yo yo’s each kid! That’s important if you want them to do the harder tricks. I only got them one each so they share but this year I’m adding two more since they stuck to it all year.

  57. When I returned my Fushigi to ToysRUs this morning the lady behind the counter said “It didn’t do what you thought it was going to do, did it?” She said the Fushigi was a topic at their staff meeting because there had been so many returns. This is one of those toys that teaches kids that life is full of disappointments. If that is the message you want to send….buy a Fushigi.

  58. OK,all I want to know is if it works or is it stupid so I know if my mom would be wasting her money on one for me as my Christmas present.

    • It is an acrylic ball with a pool ball sized ball in the center. Weighs about as much as a pool ball. You will not easily be able to do the tricks that they show on TV. Those are pros that have practiced it for a long time. Please don’t be misled and think that you are going to open the box and have a “Floating ball” or be able to “Master” the tricks that they are doing. It takes a lot of practice but I feel as though it was worth the money. More of a meditation device I feel than a toy as they say, and geared more towards the preteen or teenager age up to adult. Not intended for little children unless you want a broken flat-screen or window when they get pissed at it.

    • Let’s put it this way. If your mom bought you a can of three tennis balls and told you it was an expensive juggling kit would you be excited?

      This is a ball. You have to learn to juggle it. It doesn’t DO anything. You could use a similar ball.

  59. I don’t understand why everyone is fighting about each others opinions? Lol. I also don’t understand why people still buy stuff from ads on tv? Or order stuff from their websites. Most drug stores ( walgreens, CVS). Sell all the as seen on tv products, and also websites like amazon sell the stuff too. Why wait 6-8 weeks and risk getting ripped off from some shady company. Now I have seen the commercial for the fushigi ball, and it looks like it could be fun. But I do agree with the people saying it is a scam, cause its marketed towards younger kids, and it seems like its magical, I’m sorry a young kid most likely does not have a clue as to what “contact juggling” is. So it does seem like a false advertisement scam. The commercial makes it seem like the ball floats and all that, even though while I watched the commercial I was wondering what’s so special about it, I never once thought it looked like it was floating? The guys hands were always touching it and holding it in place. Its all slight of hand tricks. And once again kids don’t understand that. And of course you can’t just instantly be as good as the guy in the commercial, he is most likely a professional contact juggler, and I have never known or met someone who is a contact juggler, so I’m assuming most of the population will suck at it. But that’s why there is a thing called “practice”. It seems like I would be entertaining, I’m one of those people who gets bored easily, so if I was sitting there watching tv or something, the fushigi ball would be fun to mess with.

  60. Wow! is the Fushigi ball really that bad? cause me and my big sister wanted to get one and now that we read this we think its a crap ball. we were gonna buy one at Wal-mart and now idk. I’m 10yrs old and want to see the ball float around in the air like the commercial. I really want to buy it!!!

    • If you want it buy it! It is not going to hurt anyone else unless you drop it on their toe. Just ask some of them how long it took them to solve the rubix cube.

    • It’s a contact juggling ball and nothing like one of those balls with the spinning centers you may have heard about. It’s not as well made as other contact juggling balls but looks nice. If you’re willing to practice for years, you’ll enjoy the product once you get good at it, but otherwise, save your money.

  61. I absolutely love my Fushigi ball. It feels so right in my hand that I just want to do something to play with it. After three weeks I’m pretty slick with the wiper, spin doctor, enigma, back-to-back passes etc. I’m still not as good as those Promo guys, but this little hobby has me hypnotized. This ball feels good – much better than hackey sack. There’s real therapeutic gratification here.

  62. Like most of you I saw the commercial and thought it was a great looking item. I do a little amateur magic and understand that time and practice would be required to be able to make the ball do all the tricks. However as an educated shopper I came to this site first to read the reviews. Finding out that this ball weighs about the same as a pool ball has saved me $20 as I do not believe I will purchase one after reading all of these comments. Thanks for all your input.

  63. That cutie in the video has a great point buy an all acrylic ball. Less damage and costs the same. That steel ball in the middle of the fushigi would add a lot of stress to the acrylic when dropped. Fushigi is definitely not for the beginner.

  64. I got a Fushigi ball today and let me say that it is a real disappointment! I thought it would be really fun but it is so lame! It is not worth the $20 I paid for it. It isn’t worth $10! I think it should only be 7 bucks but since I’m not the one selling them I guess I can’t do anything about that. I am returning it for sure!

    • This is not a good toy for a child at all..its a stupid glassed over pool ball. I would rather spend $20 bucks on something actually useful. Great infomercial..but horrible product!

  65. All right! I got mine this morning at Walgreens, and so far I love it. I’m very new to contact juggling and the like but I have been eager to give it a shot for a while now. Even without looking up what the item was, I knew exactly what it was for. With people like Cris Angel, along with private citizens and street performers, using these every day and very publicly, I knew exactly what it was, and was excited to see that I could get one to start learning with for such a reasonable price.

    I have been sitting at work all day and every time I’ve gotten stressed out, I’ve picked up the ball and just rolled it around… Something about the body motions, it really is extremely relaxing to concentrate on, for little hand tricks and the like.

    I honestly think people that order from TV commercials are less than discerning in regards to their shopping. If you can’t watch TV without being utterly convinced that things are exactly what they appear to be always and without question, then don’t watch with your wallet nearby.

    This is a fantastic tool for hand-eye coordination, as well as building a unique and relaxing talent. I think it would be a great gift for people 8 years old or older; however, buy it at a store, don’t open yourself up to the barrage of idiocy that is consumer marketing.

  66. Here is my problem with Fushigi Ball….they took an illusion that has been around for years and marketed it as something new for children. problem is unless you are a master at slight of hand your out of luck. So why have professional illusionist in the commercial performing the trick in front of children? because it is a brilliant way to sell a ball worth $3 for $20 and give children false hope that they can do this too. They’re target consumers are clearly small children and that is what pisses me off about these people. Yeah sure, I as an adult understand that a glass ball is not gonna float around but how would a small child grasp that concept. They may mention that it is an illusion in the commercial but lets face facts…they are targeting small children who have no idea what that means. In my eyes fushigi is a bunch of slick marketing jerk offs looking to make a quick buck while they can.

  67. Reading these comments has been interesting to say the least. First: why pay extra to order off the infomercials when you can get them at many stores that sell AS SEEN ON TV items? That way you aren’t giving your info out over the phone/web. Second: Nothing comes easy (DUH!!). Did you learn to walk the first time you tried as an infant? Reading – got it on first try, huh? Driving? (I still wonder if there aren’t people out there who haven’t figured out how to drive). Point is this: if you want to learn to use the Fushigi ball it takes practice!! Very few things are accomplished the first time you try. I don’t know if it really works like they show but I am going to get some for Christmas gifts this year (from Walgreen’s). If they work, after practicing, wonderful. If they don’t, that’s okay, too. It sure won’t be the first (or last time) I’ve wasted $20. So, y’all just suck it up. Put on your Big Girl Panties and deal with it. It’s a commercial world. Nobody is twisting your arm and stealing your info – you are giving it freely when you call.

    • Grandma Vicky, you ROCK! I love you! LOL tell ’em like it is babe! I bought some too, for Christmas gifts, for the 19, 16, 13 and 12 year old boys in my family! THOSE are the target ages I believe, NOT a preschooler that can’t even HOLD the darn thing! Use your head people! Just because it is advertised on Disney channel, does NOT mean it is appropriate for every screaming brat, that wants it. I think it is a perfect gift for preteen and teens, they need mind stimulation at that age and have the time and patience to master it!

    • I just hope that you don’t buy like 5 of them and give them as gifts only to have the child you buy it for toss it into the bottom of a toy box never to be seen again. Why don’t you just give them a $20 gift card, at least then they get something they can use.

      To come on this site, a site mind you that I came on to to RESEARCH this product to find out what people had to FREELY say, because my son expressed a desire to have one for Christmas.

      Whats FUNNY is that I am sitting here looking at the advertisement in a catalog and its says…DEFY GRAVITY…SO STRINGS…MAKE IT FLOAT…and SHOWS IT FLOATING above the hands of the person demonstrating the product.

      ALL very misleading things I’d say from what I’ve read and I think the consumers for coming on and being REALISTIC about the product.

      Now as for wasting $20 Times however many you plan to purchase…fine, you just go blow your wad, but there are parents on here that $20 comes dearly for them and I’m one of them.

      Now, I have my big girl panties on, but my Big Bully Panties seem to be missing thank God.

      Lastly. You give your info out to a company, almost ANY company and they can then turn around and sell that info to other companies. Not everyone knows that or understands that because we tend to put our trust into things sometimes we shouldn’t.

      But thankfully there are sites like this one where we’re supposed to get info so we don’t make the same mistakes twice…too bad good people have to be put down by jerks that just want to thumb their nose at them.

    • I tend to agree with Grandma Vicky; although the television advertisement tends to oversimplify the capabilities of the ball, the true “magic” is in the patience/practice. I am not a magician, but have done some juggling over the years and introduced juggling to both my children (boys, now 20 and 25 years). I (or anyone) can offer the fundamentals of ball and club juggling, along with basics on the “devils sticks”. But again, as Grandma Vicky so astutely points out: it takes practice. For me, if the kids were still around and the Fushigi ball were for sale at Walgreens, I would probably purchase two, the purpose of which would be to continue their (the “kids”) ability to focus and practice and the “art” of patience.

      Since there is probably money in the family budget (now that the big kid is out of law school), perhapa the family CFO, aka my wife, will allow me to spend $20 on something as frivolous as a Fushigi.

  68. OK I’m reading all of these complaints about the fushigi ball and I just have to say grow up you cant have everything handed to you I got my fushigi ball about 30 min ago and I love it I’m a professional magician and the illusions I perform aren’t done in a few hours even a day they take weeks even months of practice this ball is just like anything you do in life if you want to be good practice at it if you don’t then well I guess you just got a really nice new paper weight. The fact is if you don’t want to practice and become good don’t complain.

      • Oh MY “Really?” eat your own words! I suppose when you are watching a PROFESSIONAL MAGICIAN, you are not being wowed and are thinking the entire time, “this dude should grow up” … REALLY? You picked a great screen name for yourself! I almost feel sorry for ignorant people like you! It’s a great item people.. but ONLY for mature people, who enjoy a challenge and want to learn it.

      • Really? I enjoy magic shows & I’m pretty sure all the performers I watch are adults and they make plenty of money doing so. You are an idiot if you think he needs to “grow up”.

        • What? Magicians need to grow up? Hell, I am in my mid 30’s and would love to be able to do what they do!!!! You saying that I need to grow up? Lets see I am a bouncer and DJ at a local dance club on the east coast and have lived on my own with my kids and wife for over 10 years. I pay my bills. All my kids are passing school. Yeah I think those of us that enjoy the illusion of magic need to grow up………..Really…..””Poof””” ….Jackass Hey look!!!!! I changed his name with magic. Guess I am just peter pan or some crap.

  69. Don’t buy a trumpet and expect to play like Louis Armstrong. I would not waste my time with the Fushigi Ball or whatever you call it. Do something constructive with your free time, invent something.

      • Yeah I play the clarinet, yeah whatever I’m not a pro but I like it and I’m good at it! and I would still want a Fushigi Ball! Its something you can do whenever your bored and don’t feel like wasting your breath.

  70. Ok, well I have a lot to say about “Fushigi” it is the sickish, crappiest, idiotic thing I have ever bought it is a big fat waist of $20.00. I am really disappointed. I was really excited about buying this but it turns out a big fat waist. But if I knew how to use it properly my point of view might be different.

    • Hey! That is cool to voice your opinion but at least spell your words correctly! There is nothing worse than someone complaining and using improper words or spelling them improperly! And the next time you want the “waist” your money spell it correctly! FYI it is spelled WASTE! The other way it is a part of your body!

  71. I just bought the Fushigi and I am enjoying learning this new skill. It’s like I picked up a new musical instrument and learning how to play it. Yeah its frustrating and you feel like it’s never going to make music but practice makes perfect. I can’t wait to master one note (trick) and go run to my friends and family to show them.

  72. Ok I’m going to simplify things for all the people out there who are confused. The Fushigi is not a scam, and it is not magical, it does not defy gravity. It is simply a ball, a flashy clear acrylic ball with either a reflective core or a glow in the dark core. It’s up to the user to learn how to use and manipulate this ball so it appears to defy gravity (contact juggling). The ball comes with a DVD that has instructions and tips for use on it. I believe this is the reason for the higher than usual cost for this type of product. As for the weight, it does weigh in the neighborhood of 1-2 lbs. But I believe this extra weight = more inertia which helps with some of the tricks. I cannot comment on the website, I bought mine from Walgreens, but if people are calling you with offers, no matter how good they are, they are selling their customers personal information. Most companies and organizations nowadays do sell personal info, even your doctor sells the info you write on that questionnaire they give you on the clipboard. It is a fun toy to play with. If this sounds like something you want to learn go to the store and get one, if not then don’t. But when all is said and done it is just a ball.

    • Chad,
      Your comment regarding doctors selling your information is ignorant and false. This is completely illegal under the HIPPA laws and the fines for such are extreme. Under the HIPPA laws all patient information is strictly protected and controlled. The slightest Google search of HIPPA will clarify this.

      • Ben,
        Actually Chad is correct and you are ignorant and false. I am a Medical Assistant and yes, the answers provided for the questions given are actually used to conduct a series of studies. Granted, they are not “sold” to anyone and no personal information such as your name and social are included, but this information is used to conduct Medical studies. This has absolutely nothing to do with the HIPPA law. Maybe before you start being a smart a$$ about a comment, you should look up the facts first.

      • Speaking as someone from the insurance industry, HIPPA laws do not protect all information. What they do protect are areas of personal identification information, in relation to your medical conditions. HIPPA laws prohibit your doctor from sharing the information with your employer or unauthorized family members and such, but it does not prevent a physician from recommending you as a potentially interested customer in various studies, medical products, etc. It’s sort of like the no call list, for telemarketers. When you willingly provide your information to a company or entity, they are legally able to contact you with related offers unless you specifically state that they cannot. As long as the doctor doesn’t spell out your diseases or anything, there’s nothing stopping them.

  73. This thing is crap. the website is a scam. they make it confusing so you end up ordering 2 balls and then when you call to cancel one of them they tell you to call back the next day. so I did and they had supposedly already shipped it so that was a headache in itself, it took forever to get here!!! and now I finally get it and its all scratched up and scuffed right out of the box! r u kidding me…this is ridiculous. I’m definitely returning this stupid POS!

  74. Okay so I might not have any issues with receiving the ball, I just got it in the “As Seen on TV” section of my local CVS. But I must admit I was skeptical about the overall quality at first. then after practicing for two and a half weeks I came to realize that it is actually the same as my other balls. XP Just a little bit more interesting looking. overall I must say that I rather enjoy doing contact juggling and that I don’t regret buying the ball, I just wish that there was a way that I could polish out the skiffs that are now all over it after dropping it so many times, maybe its time to invest in a stage ball?

  75. I saw all the complains and now DON’T BE FOOLED!; so don’t get it, Fushigi Ball is a rip off and my friend has one and it heavy and lots of people bought it and they complain.

  76. I just checked with the BBB and according to their web site, they have no complaints with the Fushigi company. I find that hard to believe, look at all the complaints here. My sons wants one, I don’t think he will be getting one anytime soon, at least not through their web site.

    • They might have been reported to BBB, but BBB is like paying a traffic ticket, they can reduce the fine per say to keep it off you record. Meaning, that when you put a complaint in with the BBB they will ask you how this could be resolved and if that is met than it will not go on their record. Most people will put refund on the resolved and than Fushigi will refund and all is good. Had to do the same thing with Hughes net to get any of my money back.

    • The BBB investigates claims and complaints. When the complaints are primarily about how a solid object isn’t able to float mid-air… They aren’t going to dump that on the reputation of the Fushigi company. From the sounds of it, most people just didn’t know what the product actually was, and didn’t understand what it did, and didn’t bother to look further into the requirements for said product. It is not a company’s fault if the consumers do not make an effort to make an informed decision. A google search of fushigi ball comes up with a ton of places that not only explain how it works, but give instructions, and disclaimers. If a person can’t bother to do even that in this day and age, then I personally think they deserve what they get.

  77. There is a bunch of people out there giving the fushigi ball a bad name, why? what is the difference between contact juggling with an acrylic, wood, metal ball and fushigi? The price may be higher, but for some people it may be easier to go to the store and buy one than trying to order an acrylic online. As far as the ‘marketing contact juggling for profit’, it is no different than the places you get the other contact juggling supplies, and just recently I’ve seen a lot of advertisements for an acrylic that has glitter in it, or glows in the dark. It’s the same, sure one may be more likely to brake, but isn’t everything in this world?

  78. Look all of you shut-up! OK I don’t no if it works but I’m buying one today and ill tell if it works it u don’t want to give out your personal info, then buy it at Walgreen! STUPIDS! Gosh don’t people have brains these days!

    • @ Samantha

      Telling everyone to “shut-up” (I like the hyphen by the way) and telling the general population that they’re “STUPIDS” sort of brings hypocrisy to a whole new level. I think you should save your money and spend it on a better education by buying a book or two. Pondering over whether the Fushigi Ball really works is the least of your concerns in my opinion.

      • Samantha:

        Telling everyone who is sharing their opinion about a scam and trying to save a dumb A.. like you the time and money to Shut Up! because you don’t know if it works really tells a lot about you. You are either part of the Scam or so ignorant that you don’t know crap. Try educating yourself first maybe Sociology 101 and a little book on Manners would also help your lack of education. People like you is what is wrong with our Society these days.


    • I like you kid 🙂 Good attitude. I’m 31 and I can tell you you’re gonna encounter a lot of babies who want immediate gratification in your lifetime. Keep practicing. It’s fun. I don’t expect to learn to contact juggle in a day, just like it took me weeks to really get good at regular juggling.

  79. Bought FUSHIGI on their website. It’s been a month and I haven’t received it. Tracking number doesn’t work, customer service gives me run around, total crap. Never again. As I type, I’m on the phone with my bank canceling the charge.

  80. So…Tonight, I ordered a Fushigi Ball from the website…About 20 minutes later, I found this site…Now, I’m concerned about what may happen): I am only 16 and yes, I do understand that the ball does NOT actually float, I have already started contact juggling myself and am quite fascinated by it. I’m just worried that I will start receiving the constant telemarketer calls, charges to the credit card, and even worse, that awesome little ball of epicness not arriving in the mail when it’s supposed to): Can I get some feedback from ANYONE who has NOT had a problem with their order? Like getting the ball on time, no additional costs or other flaws? I would appreciate it(: and for those of you have complaints about the Fushigi, I’ve already heard it, so PLEASE don’t comment on this and tell me how bad it is! I want the GOOD reviews 😛

    • How did u get to order it if you are 16, and my gosh, they give 16 yr old credit cards now, do you even have a clue that this is a review board and most of these products are mostly flaws not deals….

  81. Well, as long as we’re posting Fushigi-related video links here…

    Here’s the story of where the skills shown in the commercial came from, as well as the secret behind how they make the ball “float on its own”. And yes, it’s all true. Fushigi even tried to PAY me to change it:


    As for being so hard on the kids here, I think this is a sort of modern version of the tooth fairy. No point in knocking anyone down; just try to remember when you were that young.

    • Hi Jeff

      After looking at that website you post, I am happy that I did not get my son one for his birthday like he wanted. I just cannot believe what companies will do, when it comes to advertisement and making money. Do they have any ethics???? Thank you again for that website


  82. If you worry about telemarketers, these are available at Amazon. I have read a lot of these posts and that seems to be a concern. I never buy from tv due to the risk of being called to buy other products that I don’t want and having my card charged for items I did not agree to buy. But have had good luck at Amazon. I am shocked that so many people actually think these things are magic. How ever if u are into contact juggling and illusions, and willing to put in the practice this sounds like it might be a good buy for you. If you are buying this for your child, you might want to explain to them that it is a illusion, and it takes time, practice, and dedication to pull of a good illusion.

    • Wow, I am like TOTALLY amused. Thanks SO much for that video demo. I am going to RUN out right now to the nearest grocery store and get the Banana-shigi! I can’t wait to be the first kid on my block to amaze friends and influence strangers.

  83. I ordered Fushigi Ball. Its TOTAL SCAM. Don’t be fooled by the advertisement. Its total disappointment when I opened the package. This ball is so heavy and you will break if you drop it. I am returning it now. I have to also pay for return shipping


    • Hey if you really want one of this “as seen on tv” stuff – just go to Walgreens – then you don’t have to deal with these shady pricks!

    • It’s not a scam, Listen to the advertisement, they never lied once. It’s just a way to teach people how to contact juggle. Research this stuff before you go an waste your money.

  84. It sounds like a lot of people that are having problems are just retarded when they order. They do not scam they are legit. It does not float, you make it appear to float.

    If you don’t know how to use an ordering system on the internet, or even know how to get things correctly shipped STOP TRYING AND BLAMING COMPANIES FOR YOUR RETARDEDNESS.

  85. This product is absolutely amazing! After watching the instructional DVD a few times my 5 year old was able to do all of the tricks they showed in the commercial! After seeing how much fun he had with it we ordered more as Christmas presents for the entire family! Shipping was super fast, they tell you 3-4 weeks but we had ours in 3-4 business days!

    Another cool thing is after you order you will start receiving all sorts of cool money saving offers! I even got $100 in free gas from a nice young gentleman who called me on the telephone!

    The people who are complaining A) don’t know how to use the ball and B) aren’t being safe with their personal information.

    The tricks are all very easy to learn but you must watch the instructional DVD 2-3 times before you can master them. Some people are too lazy to even do that and therefore give up and blame it on the product. Of course you can do it, it even shows regular people doing it on the commercial!

    As for the other complaints about their information being sold, that information probably got lifted from an adult website they joined. Happens all the time but no one wants to admit it happened to them.

    Anyway, long story short I love the balls and recommend them to everyone, they make great stocking stuffers!

    • “After watching the instructional DVD a few times my 5 year old was able to do all of the tricks they showed in the commercial! ”

      Please stop lying and just accept you work for the company! There’s NO WAY for a 5 years old kid to master contact juggling! Seriously? Do you think we are morons ?

        • Both of you SHUT UP!! I’m 15, I don’t have a real fushigi ball, I’m using a light plastic ball for practice, which is HARD and I can do it! You’re just jealous that you can’t do it! >:(

          Have a nice day!

          • I agree with Megan and Todd. Have you ever seen the amazing things that 3-7 year olds can do on youtube? They play drums, guitar, all sorts of stuff. I’ve been playing guitar and drums for 2 years now, and there’s kids on there that are a HELL of a lot better than me. The younger you are, the easier it is to learn things, like foreign languages. The earlier you start your kid on learning a certain thing, the quicker they’ll catch on. I agree that you all are just VERY jealous that you can’t do it. 😛 Have some respect for those that put their time and effort into something that they like to do(:.

    • “Another cool thing is after you order you will start receiving all sorts of cool money saving offers! I even got $100 in free gas from a nice young gentleman who called me on the telephone!”

      Wait so you mean, this is cool? So when I order I’m going to have my phone ringing “with all sorts of cool money saving offers”? Get real. My daughter wants one but I’m not ordering it through you. I’m going to go ahead and pick B) and be safe with my personal information.

  86. Ok I’m in the same boat with everybody who was deceived by these damn infomercials. And it looks like I’m one of the lucky ones who actually received my stupid Fushigi Ball. Of course I find out it doesn’t float or anything and is a complete scam. And well my cc was only charged the $29.86 or whatever it cost, but I HAVE received phone calls from telemarketer scams trying to give me a $100 gas card. I hung up midway on both calls. IS there anyway these people can charge my card or make any kind of identity theft. Please Help. Is there anything I can do. I want to return it but I figured I’d rather cut the losses and just throw the damn thing out because looking at it just pisses me off. I’m more concerned about my cc and Identity. What do you guys think I should Do.

    Any response would be greatly appreciated


    • Of course it doesn’t float. If they could make a ball magically float don’t you think that the way we travel would be a bit different. It’s highly unlikely (so much so that it nears impossible) that a company would produce a magical floating ball before some super company was using the technology elsewhere.

      Basically, you’re a GD retard. It’s not a scam, as stated before. They provide you with an acrylic ball that you use SKILL to make it appear to float.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if you went back to a car dealership after purchasing a car claiming that they were scamming you because the car wasn’t “self-propelled” and you had to control it.

      Go kill yourself, you worthless POS.

      • enoctis…are you kidding me? “Go kill yourself, you worthless POS”?? Did your mommy spank you too hard when you were little or something? You should try a little restraint with your bad attitude.

        • WOW, I agree w/Fortyjack. enoctis, why be so over the top for a TOY review. I’d hate to see your views on politics or life?!

  87. Now I’m scared we ordered one for my husband and it hasn’t arrived yet. So now I’m wondering if this was a good idea or not. Guess time will tell if it is worth it or not.

  88. I purchased a Fushigi Ball for my son. The website is funky and because of it I accidentally placed two orders. I had ordered early Friday morning. When I called they said that it takes a day for the orders to upload to their computers, so I would have to call back on a Tuesday since they are not open Sat-Mon. I called first thing Tuesday and they removed the second order with no problem and sent me a confirmation email. I really had no problems contacting them and getting immediate results when it came to charging and re-crediting my account.

    The main problem I’ve had with them is that I never received the Fushigi balls. They emailed me a tracking number when the order shipped. I checked it faithfully. I was having the order delivered to my job and I’m the one who receives the incoming mail. So I was surprised when the tracking showed that the item had been delivered but I knew I had never received it. After some calling around I discovered that they use a FedEx service called SmartPost. Basically, Fushigi gives the package to FedEx and FedEx delivers it to your local Post Office who then delivers it to you.

    Needless to say after two attempts at having them deliver it I still did not receive my order. Post Office swore up and down that they delivered it. Maybe they delivered it to someone else because I sure didn’t get it. I contacted Fushigi and asked for a refund. They said I would have to fill out a form which they emailed me. I filled it out and got my refund. No Fushigi ball for my son but still a happy ending for me since I got my money back.

  89. I just tried to buy one fushigi ball. One!!! With my credit card. After I clicked through all the BS trying to get me to buy mini balls, colored balls, glow in the dark balls, etc, I finally get to the end and I’m supposed to be charged $19.00 something for one damn ball, but it ends up charging me damn near $55.00 for 2 balls and 2 videos on how to use the damn things. The fushigi.com site is a total scam. If I knew how to shut those scammers down I would do it today. Take my advice and don’t order from the fushigi site. Go anywhere but there.

  90. I have been entertained for the past few minutes by reading these Fushigi Ball comments. But I really laughed out loud when I read John’s comment on September 12 at 3:52 am. I’d love to know if the LSD he is taking is available online, or in case he is using PCP, STP, DMT “special k,” or just plain old hallucinogenic mushrooms, where and how they/it might be available.

  91. What happen to my order. I ordered Fushigi for my daughter’s birthday 06-11-10, I made the order over the phone from the T.V. ad. A little over four maybe five week’s it’s been, they gave me phone call. They told me I should be receiving my order any day and someone should be at home to sign it, My daughter thinks it’s never going to come. I’m pissed off, Fushigi ad on TV said 4 to 6 week’s is turning out to be 3 to 4 months.

  92. Woohoo. I ordered my Fushigi Ball 8/20/2010 and just received it today 9/18/2010. Other than the consistent telemarketing calls I’ve been receiving from fushigi partners that I really could complain about, my review on the product is the following:
    – Recent claims (either by fushigi or by contact jugglers who have been endorsing fushigi) have been made that the fushigi ball would not start fires when used in sunlight like most clear acrylic balls would. However, the warning pamphlet enclosed in the product packaging suggest differently.
    – Also, pamphlet states “Fushigi is not a toy, please take great care to keep out of reach from children”. Also states, “Never let any minor attempt Fushigi without adult supervision as improper use may lead to injury or damage to personal property.” The irony there is that damaging personal property during contact juggling practice can be a normal occurence for beginners and children appear to be the main target market demographic in its advertising, considering the product is suggested for age 12 and up.
    – It comes with a dvd, pouch and stand. The pouch and stand was a nice surprise considering I wasn’t aware that it would come with them.
    – The 3 inch ball is light in weight and easy to cj with if you are used to using the heavier 100mm balls for single ball cj.
    – The metal ball in the center has imperfections and contains an “equator-like” tell mark. Probably due to an imperfection in the ball bearing or acrylic casting process. This kinda’ defeats the purpose of the internal mirror ball since the optical illusion depends greatly on the lack of tell-marks on the ball.
    Overall, the product is an average contact juggling ball with apparent imperfections. For a comparable price a clear or colored acrylic ball of better quality could be purchased from any juggling supplies store online.

  93. This product just proves that with a little money in advertising people will buy ANYTHING! There is no magic being done with this thing even on the infomercial…its just a clear ball! Geez!!!

  94. Please don’t buy Fushigi ball from their website, please don’t do it, that was the worst thing I ever did, I am still waiting for my Fushigi Ball, 2 months already and nothing and no tracking number and they sold my information with credit card number.

  95. I made the mistake of ordering this Fushigi Ball from their website a long while ago. Navigating the endless subsequent last chance offers to finally complete the order was frustrating enough and I should have realized that this would only go down hill from here. I called customer service to check on the status of my order was told the item was on back-order and would be shipped in 2-3 more weeks. I was really surprised to receive phone solicitations wishing to confirm my billing address, advising me to keep a lookout for my fushigi order and offering $100 in gas coupons for trying out another product or service. Apparently, being on the Do Not Call list does not apply to unsolicited products from fushigi’s affiliated tele-marketing companies. I have already been charged for my order but I still haven’t received my order as of yet. I did, however, purchase a 100mm acrylic ball online from a place in NY (Dube.com) and it came in 4 days. Contact juggling is a really cool art form and fushigi looked like a cool contact juggling ball to check out but there is no way I will be ordering more from fushigi again…based on my own experience with the wear and tear of acrylic balls it makes total sense that the design of the fushigi would prove to make the ball structurally weaker than a solid acrylic ball as proven in the youtube videos. However, I don’t practice contact juggling 19 ft from the ground. I may pick up some matching fushigi balls at Toysrus.com when available presuming I ever get my initial order satisfied. I curse fushigi for my experience with the company and, most of all, for selling my consumer information to its predatory affiliates. HaVe a Nice Day!

  96. I made the mistake of ordering this Fushigi Ball from the website. It has been over a month. I have not received the fushigi. What I HAVE received is a string of phone calls from a company called QRI. They call several times a day and I can only conclude that my information has been sold. I am trying to straighten it out with the CC company now, to see what charges have been made and how I can get them refunded. Don’t even THINK about buying a fushigi unless and until you have the physical item in your hands in a store. Toys R Us.com is selling them as a pre-order, amazon won’t touch them, and even Walmart is devoid of Fushigi Ball. This is an infomercial that exists only to harvest information from unsuspecting buyers. Avoid it like the plague!

  97. Well… I have no review of the ball.

    It is a contact juggling ball and we knew that when we ordered, unlike so many people, who have been cleverly sold by the helluva deceiving commercial extravaganzas.

    My wife decided to order one to see if they were up to par for contact juggling.

    She got half way through ordering on the sight and then got hit with a bunch of offers that made her quit the order and never finish it.

    Closed web page… no CC approval yet.

    She asked me to do it later.

    I did… was hit with like 10 new offers and gave up myself.

    Closed webpage. No CC approval.

    Screw that… would rather go to Higgins Brothers and get another acrylic.

    On Fri… we get an email saying our 1 ball is back ordered.
    I am like WT#?

    Check my CC and there is no charge for it but there is one for two balls that “have been sent and received” a week ago!


    Again… WT#!

    I am not one for the phone so I went to their site in search of a contact address.




    So I fired off a nasty email to the only email address on the site.

    Under Privacy… ironically.

    “With respect to security: We have appropriate security measures in place in our physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from you at our site.

    We can be reached via e-mail at info@digitaltargetmarketing.com

    I simply wrote them an angry email making them aware of the manner in which my CC has been fraudulently misused.

    Never got a reply.

    This morning… I received an email saying that my CC has been refunded the full price of the “two balls” we never got.

    Another saying the back ordered on was canceled.

    But… still out the S/H.

    Should complain to the CC about that but am happy to get the original charges taken care of!

    So… I guess they sure honored their 30 day money back guarantee… on things you did not order in the first place… nor got!

    They make more than the balls are worth… just in keeping the S/H!

    Quite the deceiving marketing play!

  98. I ordered the Fushigi ball on Aug 9. As of today Sept 13 no ball has been delivered. I was told on Aug 31 it would be here in 10 days. Do not order they have called me to order other things but 44 Days later and no Ball if I will ever get one….

  99. Trying to be fair to all sides here and honestly review this Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball. It seems that the Fushigi is a fairly standard contact juggling ball that has the difference of having a ball built inside the ball. It therefore, evidently, may have a slight centrifugal quality that some of the more standard contact juggling balls don’t, but it still is totally contact juggling and takes much practice and skill to master and the same same contact juggling techniques. There are some of the basic skills that can be learned fairly quickly. The website states all of this. The scam is in the way they misuse your credit card, financial, and personal information information and beat you out of your money if you try to make any claims or returns. If you really want it you would be better off to wait until the item becomes available in stores or “as seen on TV” stores where you do not have to give your Credit card and email information over the phone or over the internet. Personally, I would not do business with these people from what I’ve learned. They are taking a pretty good product and abusing people with it.

    • “…it therefore, evidently, may have a slight centrifugal quality that some of the more standard contact juggling balls don’t…”

      What ?!?
      Please please please, stop saying non sense !
      Fushigi ball has NO particular centrifugal quality !
      The metal sphere is not even centered !!

      But I agree with the rest of your post though…

    • Ordered the ball by phone in late June, finally got the ball Sept 9th. Long story short, its been a nightmare experience in where the company sells info and doesn’t provide customer service. They try to sell you on everything from toilet paper to hand soap. Telemarketers calling each day not taking no for an answer.

      Kid had the ball 10 min and was bored, the tricks are near impossible for a young person to master. I then tried it and oddly enough started to experience dizziness. I dropped to the floor and saw the sky through my roof. The ball started to spin on the ground by itself. It turned several colors and smoke had started to rise from the ground surrounding it. A large angel appeared before me and told me that I would now know all the secrets of the universe, but then shortly later my mind would be wiped of them. Around this time the ball levitated like you see in the commercial. Inside of the ball I could now see a dragons eye, which spoke to me telepathically. It warned me that the angel was a false sign and to only trust the words of David Bowie in Labyrinth when played backwards.

      I strongly recommend buying the ball from a third party like toys r us.

      Grovin MI

  100. I ordered this POS for my neice’s birthday. It has been 4 weeks now, and she still does not have it. I called the customer service number and it says to use the online customer service. Online it says to call the customer service number. What a SCAM! I have been on hold (waiting because they have so many calls) for about 15 minutes (so far). I seriously doubt that she will ever see “this amazing new fushigi ball”. If they ever pick up the phone I have several words for them. Like CANCEL MY ORDER!!

  101. First I thought Fushigi was magic. But then when I saw a movie then I saw that it broke. I saw that it was just a marble and was a dumb plastic ball. Fushigi just wants your money and they just want you to buy it so that they will be rich.

    • You need to STFU because that is your opinion and you are probably a contact juggler anyway leave the people alone and stop posting stuff.

      • Makes no sense to criticize them for posting their opinion when you’re just gonna slap them with you’re own. Yes, people are being scammed, and yes, this particular poster could have chosen better words. BUT this IS the internet. People are gonna post stupid stuff. Grow up.

  102. I ordered the Fushigi ball on Aug. 4. It said it would take 2 to 3 weeks for delivery…….well it’s been over 4 weeks now and it’s nowhere in sight.I was more than a little irritated as I ordered it for my daughter’s birthday party (Sept. 6). I can now (finally) track the package…..it was in one town for 6 days. I guess they used the “FedEx” slower than a snail delivery option….although they charged a delivery fee that should have gotten it here in about 4 days. I think they are a scam, and when(if) I get the ball, I won’t even THINK about sending it back. I would probably have to wait a year to receive my refund ….. less the shipping/handling charges. DON’T ORDER THIS !!!!!! I’m sure there’s something just a good or better in your local hobby shop( or on Amazon or Ebay). Don’t fall for this.

    • Thank you! I am glad I did not jump up and order this for my daughter when we saw it on TV. After reading these Fushigi Ball comments, we will have to wait until this is available in stores.

    • David Bowie didn’t do his own Juggling in Labyrinth. So, you can still get the plastic ball and then hire someone to stand behind you and do the juggling for you 🙂

  103. DON’T BUY FUSHIGI BALL – I had no idea what this ball was but my bf said his little sister wanted it for her b’day. so he called & used my card to order it. The process was so long and tedious and after they said the total I promise it was completely too high for just something that’s 19.99 + 6.99. immediately I thought – scam (HE SAID NO TO ALL THE EXTRA STUFF THEY OFFERED), he never spoke to a rep and honestly I am so mad. if I had a clue what this product was a wouldn’t have let him use my card. on top of all this, they said it’ll ship in 4-6 weeks. I want to check the exact amount they’re taking out of my bank account but they keep giving me the run around—SCAM!

  104. Thank you everyone who wrote a review, I was gonna order one for myself to play with and have fun with my nieces and nephews, I’m sorry you had to the be guinea pigs, but you have helped A LOT of people and saved them A LOT of money!! Good Karma for all you honest people out there who took the time to warn the rest of us!!! What a disappointment!! uggh!

  105. I am 10 years old and my Dad showed me the online the tricks of a Fushigi Ball. I was so upset when I found out the Fushigi Ball isn’t real. I’m glad that I didn’t spend $20 that I saved just for that fake ball that doesn’t really float in mid air. My Dad taught me a valuable lesson about how not to believe almost everything you see on television. Just know that it’s a regular plastic ball!

    (Supervised and typed by her father in exact words spoken by Cosi, thank you!)

  106. My brother and I both ordered one I called once a week to see if it had shipped it was on back-order for four weeks and finally shipped. I called on week three and was pissed so I started yelling at the customer service and they said they would take money off the shipping I was like OK, well it supposedly shipped out a week ago and I still haven’t seen it yet, it isn’t magic and I understand this, its a contact juggling ball and it takes practice and I’ve been practicing for months before this so hopefully it works.

  107. Am so upset. am 12 years old. I recently bought a fushigi ball. I didnt know what I was getting into, the t.v had me thinking that it was easy to do. They didn’t tell me all the LONG WAITING, CONSTANT CALLING, AND CREDIT CARD STREW UPS. I would be getting my self into. I MESSED UP (DON’T DO THE SAME).

      • Mine actually. I had nothing to do with Fushigi and didn’t even know what it was until I got pulled into all of this. I am a 20 year old college student that got my first credit card. Billy here stole my identity when I was ordering some school books online and all in one night ordered $2,500 (my credit limit) worth of infomercial products. I am now in a long and expensive legal battle with my credit card company as well as Fushigi and can barely focus on my pre-med studies that I dreamed of since I was 12. I don’t think I can even afford tuition next semester.

        Thanks a lot, Fushigi 🙁

  108. I have no idea what you people are complaining about. The Fushigi Magical ball really does work. I got 5 balls for each one of my kids and they all love the magic of the anti- gravity ball. It’s no illusion, it’s real! I’ll eventually buy one for my self, they are just so fun. Fushigi ball is worth the money, I would know I bought 5, and I’m going to buy more for the whole family! I know for sure that any one who buys it will just love it, I know I did, and so did my kids! It’s great for any occasion. I couldn’t believe the magic right before my eyes. I’m so glad I bought it. I am a very happy customer! And for those people who heard those lies that they aren’t really magic then u shouldn’t believe them, and believe me.


    • Yeah. I’m just out to ruin them aren’t I. You go ahead and be the voice of reason for all of us misleading people. I will be laughing at you when MY bank account still has money in it. You soldier on though. You are an inspiration to us all.

    • Mr Smith, why do you lie to people? Fushigi balls aren’t magic, they are just contact juggling balls, and this art is HARD to learn!

      So stop spamming everyone with your load of BS, there’s nothing automatic, no gimmick, nothing but a simple sphere! Thanks

    • How much did they pay you to write that? Seriously, it ain’t no magic the website even tells you how it works! You got ripped off……..BAD!

      • Why are you all yelling at my husband? This product truly is magical. When I got it I was so excited! I immediately ran to my room and began to play with it. It is very sensual to rub all over your body. I am excited about the multi-speed dial that it has on it as well. I think I will start at 1 or 2 but then quickly turn it to 7 once I get really excited about it! This product has saved our marriage!

        Thanks Craig!

        Your loving wife,

        • Oh apparently my husband just informed me that I am talking about the wrong product!

          Please ignore my response as I have never played with this product. Our 6 children love it though.



  110. Hello, I need help with this please! My fushigi ball got stuck to the ceiling, and won’t come down! How do you get it to stop! Somebody said to put it in water, so I started squirting it with a spray bottle, since it’s on the ceiling, but it just spins and spins, and doesn’t come down!!! Please Help!!! Mindy

  111. STAY AWAY – who cares that the ball is what it is – I’m checking into reporting them to the FTC and anyone else I can alert – They DO sell your information to LOTS of different vendors – I’m getting all kinds of calls trying to give me free stuff for a dollar as a “preferred” consumer…all stemming from purchase of this ball. You need to watch your card closely once you’ve given it to them.

  112. The Fushigi Ball is exactly what I expected. I know what contact juggling is. I explained to my daughter that it wasn’t magic, it was an illusion that she would have to learn. So as far as being misled as to what I was buying, I was not.

    What I did not know is that when I bought it I would start receiving phone calls from telemarketers who won’t shut up once you say hello. They were telling me they were sending me all kinds of free stuff……for a dollar.

    Apparently authorizing someone to bill your card is a bad idea. So I told them no and canceled the card.

    Fushigi, you suck for selling my info. You turned a good gift for a little girl into something I have come to be sorry about.


  113. Ok, I just saw the commercial for this fushigi ball thing, and after reading the reviews, I gotta have a laugh. If any of you are interested in contact juggling, which I have been doing for years, I really suggest buying a standard lacrosse ball for practice before investing in an actual CJ ball. The size and weight of a lacrosse ball are perfect for beginners, plus it won’t break your toes when you drop it 🙂 When you feel you are ready, here is the website I used to order my CJ ball, no info selling, no scamming. http://www.jugglingstore.com Just click on balls, and then acrylic juggling balls. The art of contact juggling was made noticeable in the labyrinth of course and the man behind David Bowie was Michael Moschen. A video of his talent can be seen here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FX7xruR12YA

    Parents, for those of you who have said your children want this, you should seriously just go spend the 2 0r 3 bucks on a lacrosse ball and don’t even bother with the acrylic balls at all, unless of course you are interested yourself. It deeply saddens me that a company would take advantage of such a beautiful and fun art this way, and this is my attempt at making it real for you guys to pick up without all the hassle. This does take a lot of commitment and practice though, so be prepared 🙂

  114. Don’t buy a Fushigi ball. The ball is just a ball. But they really use hard-sell tactics on their web site and phone calls to try to over-bill you.

    They keep charging my credit card even though I don’t want another ball.
    They are crooks.

  115. Beware! I just got off the phone with them requesting that they STOP selling my information because I am receiving a TON of phone calls. The following list is who they have already sold my name and number to!

    Here are the names of the companies and their phone numbers they sell your information to:

    Savings to go – 800-448-0166, Magazine Direct – 877-262-8889, Passport To Fun – 877-442-5780, Walmart – 800-262-6199 and 800-550-4728, Family Entertainment 800-211-9741, Essentials for Home 800-475-1942

    I was told to ask to speak to their supervisors if they will not remove my name!

    We ordered a Fushigi a month ago and it was just mailed a few days ago. They gave me a tracking number and we should receive it in a few days.

  116. My kid HAD to have this ball..I order…2 months later finally get it.As soon as I picked it up I thought “IDIOT”.The advertising is deceptive, and yes..it hurts when you drop it on your foot! I would have looked up contact juggling if the advertisement would have explained that’s what it was and had my kid read up on it BEFORE purchasing to find out if it would hold her interest. Now, she can either master it or we can saw off the bottom and use as a paper weight.I’m leaning towards paper weight. And Snuggies are a rip off,too.Just put your robe on backwards…same concept.I would like to be an instant sculptor though…please send link to purchase magic knife and video.I can afford it now that I just won the Nigerian lottery…again!

    • I am writing this in behalf of my granddaughter in her own word: I save my allowance, I have to feed my dog (not easy in Texas heat with a rough and tough dog) Once I saw Fushigi on TV I started saving up my allowance. Then I went on the computer with my Gammy and found out they were such a rip off. Thank you everyone for telling me because once I read about them I knew they lied. I am only 7 almost 8. I know better than to lie. Now I can use my allowance on something I really want.I actually believed them.

      • Way to go Mackenzie! I’m glad you checked this out first before letting go of your hard-earned money. I was gonna order it for my daughter’s birthday. I googled for the Fushigi Ball’s site and saw this site about comments and complaints on the ball. My daughter has now $26.99 (?) more in her wallet that she can use, like you, for something worth working for. Take care and keep up the good work.

      • Mackenzie you are very smart to read about things before you buy them. When I was a little girl, I saved my allowance for a long time to buy a red plastic blow up chair. My parents told me it would be better to get something that was more long lasting, but I didn’t listen. I got the chair, inflated it and sat down. It didn’t pop, but it was summer and I got too sweaty to sit on it.

        I’m glad you didn’t waste your hard earned money. Now that I’m a grownup, I’m more careful with money. Best wishes,


  117. very disappointed..wish I found this site before ordering one..ordered it in July for my son’s birthday which is this weekend & I still do not have one..called AGAIN yesterday & was just prompted that they would be sending out a new shipment in 2 weeks 🙁 was not even given the chance to speak to a representative! I know that I am allowed 1 stupid mistake in my lifetime & I have used it..lol

  118. Wow! Good thing I found this page, Here’s why: My two step sons, Both ADHA Really want this Fushigi “Magic gravity” ball. Every time they see this on TV they beg mom for it all the time. Now, Mom, who has minor mental issues herself (Bipolor = Impulsive spending.) Want’s to get one for each boy although I tell her and the kids there is nothing special about it, you can do all that with any ball.

    So I will be showing this to my wife today and I hope she wakes up to reality. This is a scam! I knew that when I first saw it.

  119. Just as an FYI, this Fushigi Ball can be purchased through ToysRUs.com, thus eliminating buying from the company itself. It is $20 through them with free shipping. I have not purchased one and am not endorsing it… just thought I’d let people know. My daughter wants one but I’m on the fence about buying it because she’s only 5.

    • Thank you for this. I was going to say myself that if your kid absolutely MUST have a Fushigi ball, you can avoid all this credit scam business by just purchasing it somewhere else. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to explain to your kids that it’s JUST A BALL. There’s nothing mysterious about it. The only thing that they do differently from other acrylic juggling balls is that they put a reflective ball inside an outer coating of clear acrylic. This makes it look a little more interesting when juggling it, perhaps, but it doesn’t improve your skills or assist in the juggling process in any way. It’s just a ball. All the cool looking things in the commercials, like making it “float,” are done by the people and have nothing to do with the ball itself.

  120. Its just another wasteful fad and nothing mysterious about it! Don’t waste your money! Go read a book instead!

  121. DON’T BUY IT! The Fushigi ball doesn’t move inside (at least you can’t tell…so it doesn’t matter.) I’m a juggler and will use it anyway…but it’s totally MISREPRESENTED!

    PLUS!!! – THEY SELL YOUR INFO WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION (have already gotten two telemarketing calls today from them!!!) – when asked about this, they said that ‘right and wrong’ don’t matter to them….SERIOUSLY!

    PLUS!!! – The DO dupe you into buying two (read other people’s comments!)

    I will be happy if just one person doesn’t spend the money to patronize this company because of my post.

    • Thanks to your post, I will not buy this Fushigi Ball, I am glad I looked for the Fushigi Ball reviews first, thank you.

      • I too will not be buying this product. Thank you so much for your Fushigi Ball review. I’m truly grateful.

        • Both my boys have been wanting this fushigi ball for awhile but after reading this, they will not be getting one. Shame so many Companys are scamming people these days when times are so hard for so many.

          • My son wants one and has been harassing me everyday to buy one online. After reading these Fushigi Gravity Ball reviews, I will not be purchasing one. Thanks for the post.

    • I wish I had read the Fushigi Ball reviews before purchasing. I purchased it online in July. My 10 yr old daughter wanted to use her birthday money to buy one so I used my debit card. I just got a phone call from that 712 number. Telling me about a trial with BudgetSavers for $1 and the $100 in gas vouchers that is coming in my package. Then I was transferred to someone else who wanted to verify my info again. Told me the last 4 digits of my card and asked me to repeat the rest along with the security code on the back. No I am not doing that. I didn’t sign up for any trial. He said he knows I didnt but its just in case I want to sign up later. I said I don’t have my card near me. He said how about a bank statement.. anything? I will wait. I was already billed for the ball so I don’t see why I would verify again anyway.
      They also had no info on when I would be receiving the ball. This is nuts. I really regret this purchase already. My daughter is really excited to get it and asks me daily when it is coming. I am going to advise everyone I know not to purchase this product as well as everyone else on here.

      • I too purchased this Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball in the beginning of July. I called and was told they had entered the incorrect expiration date from my card. I had that corrected and immediately the telemarketing calls started. Asking me to verify my card number from the card I used to order the ball. I told him I didn’t have it near me as I was at work. Then he asked if I had another card?! Why would they need my new card info if their payment has already been deducted from my bank account? I have asked them repeatedly not to call me again, I am not interested in anything they are offering. Still they continue to call as QRi 5 to 6 times a day. If that ball would just come in the mail,I will never order anything like this again. Next week will be 2 months I have been waiting on this product!

    • Thanks, I figured it was a scam of some kind, but just needed confirmation since my 8 year old is begging for it for his birthday. I really don’t want to waste my money on that big disappointment. Much appreciated! I care about right and wrong!

    • Thank you a ton, I am on a fixed budget and my grandsons all 4 of them want one, thanks to your Fushigi Ball reviews. I will save my money and just give them $25 gift card to Toys-R-Us. THANK YOU!

    • Thanks for saving me the hassle of dealing with a crooked outfit (like Hydrolyze!)! My little nephew saw this on TV and made me promise to buy him one for his birthday. Well…I’ll now be choosing a different present for him. Thanks to all those who tell the truth about products like these.

  122. I’ am starting to get pissed, I bought this Fushigi Ball online about a month and a half ago, I got my confirmation and I printed it out, I have yet to receive the damn ball, and everytime I call it says its back-ordered and a new shipment should be in in 1-2 weeks, well what the hell is going on, its been forever, this is a scam, I am just glad I used a prepaid card with the exact amount on it for the ball.

  123. I have to say, I couldn’t care less if you do or don’t order this…if it’s your kind of thing, go for it!! If not, don’t!! But, I DO have to say, for all of you making the “Labyrinth” references–keep in mind the target age group for this Fushigi Ball…most weren’t even born yet (and probably haven’t even heard of Bowie)!! If you DO feel like you “need” this product, and can’t wait until the first of the year to buy in stores, fine…but, I think I’d rather wait, and save on shipping…(then, if you find you DON’T like it, OR that it’s more difficult than relaxing, you won’t have to spend even more to ship it back)…I AM glad I ran across this site, as I wasn’t familiar with Contact Juggling; so, thank you to those who took time to explain it!! I, personally, wouldn’t have the patience to keep practicing…I do NOT think it’s a “scam”, as people ARE receiving them eventually; however, it could DEFINITELY be more detailed in its description, practice time, etc… Finally, I really HATE when feedback/comment sites don’t have a web master to handle all of the childish behavior!!

  124. It’s actually just an acrylic ball! There is nothing special about it! I have a fushigi ball and an acrylic ball! Contact juggling is my new hobby, its awesome

  125. I ordered this Fushigi Ball for my grandson, we have never got it! I think it is a scam, we try to call & check on our order only get a recording saying they are all “back-ordered” or the line is busy! BEWARE! I canceled my Debit-Card!

    • PLEASE be careful with this company!!! I ordered this Fushigi Ball for a family member, never got it and my credit card number was used for fraudulent purchases, and yes, it was confirmed by my credit union who the perpetrators were. They used my card, then called me from several numbers 727-712-0152 and 1-866-434-6600 and 269-768-2621 and the one guy literally asked me for my new acct number! “Just go ahead and read me that crazy long number on the front of your new card” were his exact words. I hope this helps everyone out there, I know they advertise on kids shows and we are all about making our kids happy, but this was one of the worst experiences! Good luck all!

      • Thanks, Cristal, for your post! It is shameful that con artist prey on kids! The ad was just on Cartoon Network. CN should also be held accountable for fraud of the companies they advertise. It certainly is a form of psychological child abuse!

        • BTW this is not a SCAM number. You ordered something from a company and this is a call to verify your shipping address for the product. They are an order confirmation company only, so don’t ask them the status of your order (they don’t know). These companies exist to protect companies that do business only on the internet from being Scammed by people who like to place orders and then forget that they ordered something and then refuse the shipment. This costs an internet business a lot of money over the years and it is smart business on their part.

          Yes, they will try to sell you on one of those “savings programs” for $1 extra (then $19.95 a month after the 1st 30 days). You don’t have to accept it (I certainly didn’t/wouldn’t).

          taken from “T az” from http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-727-712-0152

          they have to verify your credit card to make sure you’re not some weirdo who punched in a random credit card number and it’s charging some random person somewhere else.

          • Yeah even this explanation SCREAMS Scam. They pray on the less intelligent and easily confused. It should be illegal and may be in some states. Sounds like another good reason to avoid products sold in this method. I’m glad I found this site. Keep up the good reporting.

  126. I didn’t get the ball and I don’t think I will. 🙂 There’s my opinion. After I read all of this, I saw A commercial called the “Bare Lift” that makes you boobs defy gravity and I instantly thought of Fushigi! 😀 haha, I didn’t look up a Bare Lift review because I don’t plan getting it but I thought it was funny. And I loved all of the comments from Bubba. This was very funny, and thank you all for entertaining me, my mom, and my sister. We sat here reading this from 12:00 am to 2:40 am. ^_^ Thanks again!

  127. We bought the fushigi ball for our daughter. They billed my card and shipped the ball. My daughter loves it but the day before it arrived, I started getting calls saying that I needed to speak to this other person that they would connect me with in order to verify my credit card info BEFORE they could ship my product. They had ALREADY billed and shipped so someone, somewhere has got out info and is trying to scam us. Beware!

    • I am receiving the endless calls to verify my shipping address now…so that they can send the product that arrived several weeks age. My son (14) loves the thing, so I am glad I got it, but the company practices ( I am glad I noticed the multiple-purchase gimmick before I submitted my order) are shady at best. If I ever want another product of theirs, I certainly will find another outlet!

    • Amen, Fushigi just a ball you can’t tell if its turning or not. You have to be a juggler to do the things in the tv ads. Your right, you can do the same with an orange and it won’t hurt your dog when you drop it on it’s head.

  128. If you want to get this Fushigi Ball cheap? Just wait till the people that feel they got ripped off and start selling it on E-bay…lol

  129. I was actually pretty amused when I first saw the commercial. I’m a renny and I’ve been going to ren fairs for YEARS and contact juggling is something they teach there. I got into it when I was 15, I’m 24 now. The tricks are fun, but it took me a long time to learn all that I know. Few months depending on the trick. To top off I’m not ambidextrous so it was hell learning to use it on the other hand -_-.
    As for price. A perfectly weighted contact juggling ball at the size of 3″ acrylic ball costed me 9 years ago about $20. And it’s still about the same. The smaller balls were cheaper though. I got it because it looked like the one from Labrynth. I was obsessed with the movie as a kid…. Any how

    It’s A LOT of fun when you figure out how to use them though. but they tend to be heavy and dropping them on your foot hurts like hell. I used to drop my ball all the time. It takes A LOT of constant practice. Like any talent, if you don’t use it you lose it.

  130. Most things advertised late night on tv are normally too good to be true. That being said don’t Americans have more important things to buy or pay for with the economy the way it is? Look folks if you want to throw away $19.95 why not donate it to a family in need or to help feed the homeless here in the states? and people wonder why they never have any money, it’s because of stupid things we buy such as this, how does this product benefit your life in anyway? And keep lying to your self saying it’s a stress relief to justify your foolish spending.

    • You are just jealous that someone can find instant gratification. =X Yes donating to a family in need is a good thing, and yea for most people I’d probably agree with you, just donate it instead of buying something silly. But who are you to say what is therapeutic/stress relieving for someone?

    • I am a proud American and I do care about the other countries and what have you, but dammit I need my fushigi ball I tell you what. Most items I purchase are from Walmart, and not from the TV, and everyone knows most everything at the Walmart is made in them foreign countries, so I AM doing my part. Go with Christ.

      • Yes, the stuff at Walmart is made in other countries, but those people who make them are not paid their full, deserved wage, and the energy and fuel (environmental views) used to transport it to the U.S. is completely wasting. If we are to be proud American’s, we should stop being mainly consumers, and start making things for ourselves.
        And yes, infomercials trying to sell some little kids object if a waste of time and money. Like those dot things that you spray with water and they stick together? There is a 99.999999% chance that those kids will lose half the pieces. The only reason that the Fushigi Ball is a better product being sold on TV is that it’s a quality product. And it looks pretty cool.

    • “and people wonder why they never have any money, it’s because of stupid things we buy such as this, how does this product benefit your life in anyway? And keep lying to your self saying it’s a stress relief to justify your foolish spending.”

      Unless your internet is free.

      “That being said don’t Americans have more important things to buy or pay for with the economy the way it is? ”

      Buying anything made in America causes the money to go back into the economy… Which you know, HELPS the economy o,0.

      You spend like 20 dollars a month just to go around and complain about what people are buying 0

      (I don’t own nor do I want to own a fushigi ball, I stumbled upon this site so none of this is to defend my self nor am I saying I’m any better then this fella he just made a lot of stupid ignorant remarks.)

    • What difference does it make to you what others spend their money on? Amazing how people always want to tell others what they can spend the money they earned on… why do you give your money to the homeless and stop worrying what others are doing… the world would be a happier place if people would mind their own business… if an acrylic ball makes them happy, does it effect you?

    • I agree with you. But its not all Americans that are spending their money of frivolous things. I live in in this country and I sometimes struggle but I am a daughter of hardworking immigrants who’s main priority is food and paying the rent. Its usually the other Americans who are bored with their lives and who have more money than they know what to do with, who spend on stupid things like this. Thanks. In case you self-defensive people are wondering what I am doing here, well I thought this was a stupid lame product and wanted to laugh at those of you who are moronic enough to throw you money away. haha.

    • Good point. My boyfriend and I were actually just reading through this horrifically long list of reviews (i.e., complaints) and just thinking along the same lines–i.e., it’s no wonder other countries hate Americans and/or think we are stupid when we pay $20+ for a silly ball that some commercial tells us is ‘magic’ and then come here to complain when we find out ‘it’s just a regular ball’. I find it all very amusing and sad at the same time.

  131. At first I thought it was impossible. After a minute or two I mastered it. Now I get gigs at birthday parties juggling for hundreds of dollars. Fushigi where have you been all my life

    • Fushigi DOES WORK! Too all you people who think Fushigi doesn’t work, you people are just lazy. I mean seriously!? Just try, and with more practice you WILL get to where the professionals are. I got mine two days ago. I already can do it. It’s relaxing and enjoyable (: It’s really interesting but, if you’re NOT INTERESTED in contact juggling than I suggest you do not buy this product. I even bet you could get a ball similar to this at a cheaper price elsewhere. I am just saying, I am a real person that loves the Fushigi. Plus my whole family loves to watch me juggle. Even strangers on the street pay me too. I just love it. It’s also durable so it won’t break that easily.


      • Sabrina. I have some horrible news for you. Fushigi is killing contact juggling. I used to make very good money Busking and performing with My acrylic. Now with time passing and Fushigi trying to create name brand association. The response I’m getting most the time instead of the old “Oh’s” and “ah’s” and of course tips, instead of all that what I get now is “oh that’s just fushigi” and they walk off. It has Fushigi has single handedly cheapened the art. The fushigi ball is also inferior in design to a normal Acrylic Ball. It doesn’t break easily but from a decent fall to concrete a normal acrylic will chip, the Fushigi will shatter.

        • Contact Boy:
          I hate Fushigi because it tries to sell itself as magic. The only difference for contact jugglers now is that we will have to work harder to impress a crowd so it might just weed out the crappy contact jugglers.

      • Why did you cut my post ?? It’s unethical, and I was answering to that guy who pretend to master contact juggling within a minute !

        @ woodz : please stop lying to people ! contact juggling needs work and practice a lot before being any good at it.

        • I agree with Lawrens, you can’t master this Fushigi in a minute or a day. I have been contact juggling for two years, and there are guy who are a million times better than me. Don’t buy into the hype.

  132. I have a million and one things like this. They are technically scams because they don’t tell you that it requires many hours of practice and many hours of time to get to where these people are…but it isn’t entirely scam-wise because it is POSSIBLE… and once you put all the time into it, it is very enjoyable. Honestly, I can’t do any of the neat tricks but I have a small collection of contact juggling balls (just like the fushigi ball, only cheaper! haha) and I just love the weight and how they feel. It is relaxing just to roll them around in the palm of your hand.

    So, I would very much recommend not wasting your money if you expect to be an expert right away. But if you have the time and wish to be able to do these tricks then it is worth a shot. ^_^

  133. All you need is a baseball people. I learned that stuff sitting on the porch with a baseball when I was a little guy. You can buy a ball much cheaper and do the same exact thing. I did enjoy reading the reviews from the people who bought this ball.

  134. I received my “amazing gravity balls” today. Pretty cool but after reading all these comments on the product I realize I could have saved lots of money. I did try to do as the video instructed, but all I did was drop it a thousand times. I’ll keep trying because I really would like to learn how to do this. I bought three. Two with the silver ball inside and one glow in the dark one. The thing is, I only ordered one. So yep they got me. They charged my card $90.00. Crazy. Money could have been put to better use.

    • send it back for a refund! I bet you didn’t get a confirmation did you? I plan to deny delivery and get my money I didn’t authorize, refunded! Evil scam

  135. Great! I bought a stupid ball for $20! My 6 year old son put it best . . . “Daddy, they are liars…” That pretty much sums it up…

    Don’t buy it!

    I would hire the guy on the video for a birthday party because it would be cheaper to pay him a few hundred dollars than to spend the next year of my life dedicated to learning this stupid juggling act!

    • Hey dude do you realize that your son is six years old, if you actually read the ad than you would know that it says “recommended for ages 12 and up”. Also doesn’t everyone know that if you want to learn something that you need to work at it and keep working.

      • Items that say “For age 12 and up” always say that because they do not want to spend many thousand of dollar for the Government to take a very long time testing for lead just so that they can put “For all ages” on the commercial. Although this necessarily mean it have lead in it, but it also doesn’t mean it is not safe for younger.

    • I got “ripped off” by the guy at the music store…..he didn’t tell me that it would take me hours of practice to play as well as VanHalen…..I guess anyone selling a product should explain that if you are too lazy to put in the time to use the product, you shouldn’t buy it.

        • I find it hard to believe the guy at the music store said “buy this drum set and you’ll be awesome” the commercial doesn’t say you need to practice it says “Fushigi defies gravity” that means the ball floats and will stick to your arm.

          • At risk of stating the obvious thing that so many people seem to be missing here: it is impossible for any object to ‘defy gravity’!! We learn this young, and we know this… and yet… What I once found rather amusing has now turned into a serious question: when people buy into this fushigi ‘scam’ what on earth does everybody think the ball does?

      • That’s messed up because the same thing happened to me when I bought my guitar except I bought mine online so I want to go straight to the corporation! Do you have Fender’s contact info. ’cause I want to hit up their site next. How come the guitar does not play itself? SCAM!

    • I got mine yesterday. it says it shipped on the 26th of June and we got it on the 27th of July. Ours was back-ordered and it took forever. The actual fushigi is nothing more than a ball. It has no magical properties and is hard to manipulate and the tricks you see are done by professionals. I am very upset

  136. Can someone suggest me a better Fushigi alternative? I was interested in this ball but decided not to go for this after reading all these negative reviews.

    • Don’t listen to people the Fushigi ball is awesome it’s not magic there just tricks you learn, it’s really fun if u gonna order it do it now because it takes 2-3 weeks too come but it’s worth the money , shipping is $7. It’s really cool and it awesome!

      • lol, don’t listen to them, yeah that’s funny. I am in the line amongst others that have been waiting. I have the receipt and it’s well over 2-3 weeks. You order online and they throw a bunch of spam offers in your face just to get to where you can actually pay for the thing.

      • Don’t listen to Josh he is a paid by Fushigi to counter your negative reviews and convince people that it is worth the price (plush s&h). You won’t find a positive review by someone other than him! Wait a couple of months and they will be available in stores where you can actually inspect it before you buy it.

        • I am not a Fushigi worker but I will attest that the fushigi is not a bad ball. There are other contact juggling balls out there that might be cheaper but the fushigi ball is not a bad ball. Don’t listen to the negative reviews. CONTACT JUGGLING IS A VERY HARD SKILL TO MASTER… I have had my fushigi ball for 3 days now and I love it. Its just as good if not better than any other contact juggling ball. SO LOOK PEOPLE, THE BALL IS NOT THE PROBLEM… ITS THE PEOPLE!! again contact juggling is very hard to do so dont be easily discouraged, just practice practice practice.

          • @ Drake:

            I got the Fushigi ball as a gift for my b-day, other than the fact that it looks cool, it’s only a ball. I threw it away and started using a lacrosse ball. NOT WORTH $20, my aunt, the one who got it for me, wasted a month getting a refund.

  137. This Fushigi Ball falls into the realm of CONTACT JUGGLING… youtube that search string and you’ll see some AMAZING people who have practiced long and hard to make it ‘float.’

    I’ve been juggling for a year now and I can tell you that this ball is a very cool ball. Contact balls come in all shapes, colors and sizes and $20 for a clear acrylic ball is pretty standard. You’ll actually pay more at most online juggling stores. This one has a metal ball within the acrylic, which is very unique. I have a 3″ metal ball, blue ball, sparkle ball, clear ball, glow in the dark, and some smaller ones for multiple ball tricks.

    Remember, this is JUGGLING, so like all other forms of juggling, it takes A LOT OF PRACTICE!

    And, with the instructional DVD and the carrying pouch… this is far from a rip off. I’ll be ordering mine soon.

    • you said you’ve been doing it for a year, and then you said that you hadn’t ordered it yet; quote”I’ll be ordering mine soon.” um yeah you sure have done it for a year

      • If you would have paid attention to his comment, he says he has been “juggling for a year now,” but he never said that he used the ball from the commercial. Balls such as these have been around for a while now. The only difference with this ball is that a company is trying to bring these balls to a wider audience. Don’t make yourself look like an idiot. Next time you call someone out and quote them, take the time to read and UNDERSTAND what it is that they’re trying to say…

      • He said he has been contact juggling for a year. (Perhaps you have not been reading for a year) CidKid also says that he has similar contact balls which he found at online juggling stores. You might want to re-read the review before you criticize it. However if you read as poorly as you write I understand your problem.

        • Dude… what you call “doing fushigi” is really called contact juggling. That’s another bad thing about this ad they try and market the art of contact juggling as the art of fushgi. Contact juggling or “cj” has been around since the early 80s. The movements there doing in the ad are in actuality contact juggling moves. There is no such thing as “doing fushigi”

  138. WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD ORDER THAT CRAP! its the most retarded thing ever. they should call the fushigi ball the drop on your foot and break your toe ball! I mean the SNUGGIE is better than that!!!

    • Hey, the Snuggie Rocks. I use mine at sporting events. Watching TV. Sitting around the campfire with the whole family. I have one for my dog. I even take a shower in mine.

  139. I don’t no if it works or not cause I don’t have one but really what idiot would buy one after reading all the bad reviews. I wanna get one just find out if it works or not cause some say Fushigi Ball does and some say it doesn’t! Confused 🙁

    • “I don’t have one but really what idiot would buy one after reading all the bad reviews” You say this and then say “I wanna get one just find out if it works”

      Umm….So you say what idiot would get this? I’m going to get one? That is really dumb…I’m sure it works like any other ball will, so instead of getting one and insulting you self because remember “What idiot would buy one” and if u but one…then you will be calling yourself an idiot…..So Before insulting yourself, buy a baseball!

  140. If you were dumb enough to buy this product:
    Break your TV, disconnect your internet,hide your credit card, and GO BACK TO SCHOOL, you’re 3rd grade education OBVIOUSLY isn’t working out so well for you in life.

    If you didn’t buy this 20$ hunk of crap:
    Good job you successfully figured out it was a scam and obviously a very very stupid purchase that 20$ had many more important things to go to and you figured it out. Good job.

    • I find it ironic that you spelled ‘your’ wrong. It’s ironic because the difference between your and you’re was taught in 3rd grade. You’re dumb. See? That’s proper usage of the word ‘you’re’.

      • This is great. Your vs. You’re. Conjunction junction…wasn’t that a song? And yes I believe it was in 3rd grade. Two, too, to, they’re, there, their. Great call “peter”. Think I’ll wait for this fushigi ball to show up at Walmart in the “as seen on TV” section so my 8 yr old can SEE that it’s not what they make it to be as far as ease of use.

      • It was not ironic, interesting and funny maybe, but not ironic. Perhaps you too should go back to school. Irony is when an act has the opposite effect of what said act was intended to accomplish. Irony/ironic is one of the most misused terms in the English language.

        • Wrong, Ben.

          What did you just pick a definition best suited to support your argument?

          It also means ‘an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected.’

          That can definitely be applied in this case.

    • I also think it’s ironic that you’re talking about my 3rd grade education when your punctuation sucks, and the fact that you wrote $20 like this 20$, seriously, have you ever seen is written like that!?

  141. I have a Fushigi, it’s awesome.

    Also, everyone: Learn to spell, and brush up on your grammar. I can barely understand what any of you are saying.

  142. wow I just got mine. It must be broken. it keeps falling off my arm, maybe the batteries are dead. I’ve been using mine to drop on insects – it works good for that, but if I drop it from too high it makes marks on the ball. If you really want to hit a bug it takes skill you really have to Practice your aim. one time I missed and it hit my foot and it hurt. And I needed therapy I Guess that’s what they mean by therapeutic…………Come on get a Clue it is not Magic. it is not Square. it is a Acrylic Ball that you have to Manipulate. if you take the time you might Learn how to do some tricks. but it is a Acrylic Ball that has no Magical or Mystical Powers. Geez Guy’s

    Wait I Gotta Go there is a guy Selling a magic Frequency Bracelet and if I put it on I will be able to stand up and keep my Balance..

  143. if it really is so easy to use, why is it that no one else in the tv ad can do anything with it…. just hold it …… you only see one or two guys doing anything.

  144. I am not sure how this is considered a scam. It is obviously a clear/reflective ball meant to be used in a creative juggling manner to give the “illusion” of the ball floating. Nothing exciting or entertaining can be done without practice, thus it comes with an “Instructional DVD”.

    I agree with some of the posters that if you wait you will probably find this product in a local mega-mart of some sort for a cheaper price.

    All of the posts bashing the product are rather silly. Why would someone come to this site in the first place if they were not already interested in the product themselves, or bought it already thinking it would fly around the room on it’s own accord shooting lasers and meowing like a kitten, just to find out it was a clear ball, and they would actually have to use their brain and learn how to do tricks with it.

    The only thing I was curious of, was if the product actually had helium sealed within to make it a bit lighter and easier to manipulate, but it was obvious to me from the commercial that it did have weight and was being manipulated to give the illusion of it “floating”.

    It’s a clear acrylic ball with a mirrored center. Nothing more, nothing less, and I don’t feel the commercial misrepresents the product any more than a commercial selling magic tricks would. The commercial obviously entertained enough people, to cause them to entertain the idea of buying the product. I am sure if you bought one, and spent time practicing, you could entertain others just as the commercial entertained you.

    • Actually I was never interested in buying this Fushigi Ball, I just wanted to see what it was about. Now I know it’s a fake product and I can tell everyone I know.

  145. Are you all brain dead? You are actually going to spend $20 on a clear acrylic ball that really does nothing? Well I have some swamp land to sell you.

  146. This is, if you really want this Fushigi Ball and have patience, I’d say wait till it appears at Walgreens or Walmart. Nine times out of ten a product that is on tv will be at one of those two places at some time or another. Then you don’t have to worry about waiting after paying for your product or wondering if it was worth buying.

    The good thing about waiting for it, is that if you don’t like it, you can immediately return it to the store and get your money back and get something that is worth your money. Just thought I’d get this out there. I’ve never bought any of the infomercial stuff because I noticed this little pattern. Saves me the hassle of paying a shipping and handling fee and if the store is having a sale BOOM. You get it LOADS cheaper than on tv. It looks like a fun product but not worth whatever they are selling it for.
    Also I do think its a bit to hyped up.

  147. As a general rule of thumb, if its on TV after midnight I don’t buy it. They aren’t technically scams, but they are as close to one as you legally can get.

  148. Are you all serious? Not only is this Fushigi Ball just a ripoff of contact juggling, its not even as entertaining, skillful, or impressive as contact juggling. And not to claim I’m better in any way than anyone, but do ANY of you actually see an illusion or act of magic when using or watching these things? Because in order to be amazed or even give a crap about this ball, you would have to have been intrigued by an illusion or something mystical within the advertisement. I ask because this in no way creates an illusion or anything to my eyes, nor is ANY of it mysterious. There is only ONE reason this is even worth the thought that went into it, and that’s for therapeutic reasons (WHICH YOU CAN GET FROM ALMOST ANY SPHERE THAT FITS INTO YOUR PALM). This is an extremely primitive product and if someone gave this to me now, let alone as a kid, I would be required through honesty to tell them it was a bad gift and let them keep it or sell it because 27 dollar bills would actually be MORE entertaining and mystical without even spending it.

  149. The Fushigi Ball company is a fraud! They don’t ship anything and they charge you! can’t get hold of anyone and the freaks that do call you “regarding your order” want to sell more crap! don’t order from fushigi

  150. I got my Fushigi Ball today from amazon, it took 4 days to come in the mail, its not fake. My other Fushigi Ball got a back-ordered and I got so obsessed that I ordered one from amazon! which took 4 days to come.


  151. Fushigi Ball is awesome, I got mine in just 9 days. I say order one if your starting out as a contact juggle.
    ps I am one

  152. If it is imported I will not get it because that will be another junky American economy wrecker brought into America.

  153. Received my fushigi contact juggling ball today. I have a few complaints.

    First of all it took almost two months to get it, ridiculous. The fushigi ball has an outer clear acrylic ball with a large silver one inside about a 1/2 inch from the surface. The silver ball inside the acrylic ball is not evenly centered, off to one side. Third, the silver ball is slightly warped on the its surface. One of the main components of contact juggling is to appear like the ball is floating. To achieve this, there are should be no marking or indicators on the ball to show that it is moving. The warped surface of the inside ball reduces this effect. There is one good point to it, it is the instructional video. There are many tricks they you how to do and good explanations on how to do them.

      • I have IT, It is not a SCAM and if you are convinced by the people who bag on it then that is sad and I feel bad for you that you cant stand up for yourself and create your own opinion created by your own mind.

  154. I am so glad I found this site for Fushigi Ball reviews. My 8 year old son was all excited about this product. He’s been begging for me to buys this. But if you order the product and can’t get it. That would be a huge disappointment for my son. So I am going to wait for Walgreens to get it in.

      • It certainly will! Acrylic and polycarbonate balls are fairly strong, but certainly not invincible. Traditionally, these clear balls are only used by experienced jugglers because dropping them WILL SCRATCH OR CHIP the surface of the ball.

        Even worse, learning the skill requires a LOT of dropping the ball. Fushigi balls are like little heavy cannon-balls that go flying across the room every few minutes and usually have a radar for hunting down cups of tea, televisions or computer monitors, cats or dogs, windows, anything breakable.

        God forbid any child should ever throw the ball at another child. There you have the potential for serious injury.

        • I have really enjoyed reading this. I got up and was bored, gonna facebook (i know my life is boring) And then I saw the commercial and thought, that looks like a contact juggling ball. What Fushigi? I googled and found this. Its hilarious!

  155. The thing comes in a SQUARE package. I came to this site to find-out if the FUSHIGI is really an acrylic ball inside of a clear SQUARE, but it seems that nobody has received it yet? Is the darn thing SQUARE?, or not? that’s all I want to know. And IF it is, I think that all of you people telling people to buy an “ordinary” contact juggling ball, should erase your messages-ay? The fact is that no one has received the product known as FUSHIGI, so how can anyone say what the darn thing is? IF anybody EVER gets one, will you please let us know what the real deal is?

  156. I just wanna say, that if you guys go to the fushigi ball website, it clearly tells you what it is and how to use it. It even tells you that its all just contact juggling. The only arguable thing about them is how easy they say it is. Now, with no personal experience with contact juggling, I can’t say myself how easy or how hard it is. But I’ll say this, if you would like to pick up the art of contact juggling, then a Fushigi Ball doesn’t seem like a bad way to start. Or you can go on some other website and find some other ball. Personally, I am undecided. Contact juggling seems pretty fun, but seems somewhat difficult. Even if its not really some magic ball that’s super duper easy, I would be willing to put time into mastering it and learning it, even if it takes long.

    So yeah, check the site FAQs.

    • I looked up contact juggling balls on Google and found prices ranging from just over $11.00US to over $50.00US depending on what type you choose. They have clear, colored, UV responsive, and even flashing ones. The sizes range from about 2 inches to 4 inches, some even larger (jumbo). It would be advisable for anyone who has an interest (like me) to try to be smarter consumers and look up information on anything you see in any type of advertisement so that you can make an informed decision before you spend your hard-earned money. Seriously, do you always buy the first car you see? The first house? The orange on the top of the pile? NO, you don’t. Apply that same choosiness when you see some “new” product. Anyone who buys anything at first blush should write letters of apology to Ralph Nader and Clark Howard.

  157. Reading back through the pages it sounds like people are having a hard time contacting this company. If you google: “idea village fairfield nj” you will find a lot of info, including the name of the guy who owns ideavillage, the address, phone numbers, etc. It says they recently moved to wayne, so if you google: “idea village wayne nj” and scroll down you will see the address of their new home in Wayne, along with phone numbers.

  158. on tv they make it look like it has a gyroscope in it… is it just a ball? I would be pretty disappointed if I bought one and found out its just a ball

    • You can do this with “just a ball,” an apple or any object that is relativly round…. Its called contact juggling and I have been doing it for about 8 years now. Its just a ploy to rip you off and buy something that has already been out there for years…

  159. I am going to wait until this Fushigi Ball comes out in the stores. Walgreens usually has these “Seen on TV” things soon after they come out. I have seen most everything come out at Walgreens or other stores not long after they are advertised on television.

    • Very true! Great advice…between you and Raziel, folks can get the best information! Thanks!

    • Look in your area for an as seen on tv store! We have a few by us, this way you can just walk right in and open it up, look at it and see if its something worth buying!

  160. Just wait before ordering. All this ‘As See On TV’ crap ALWAYS shows up in Walgreen’s after a few months.

    • Hell yeah! There’s this wall at my local Walgreens shelved with a bunch of “As seen on TV!” products.

  161. I don’t understand this war to buy or to not but? (really) Should I buy it or not (don’t comment about my typing:( ) anyone who has it tell me is the thing actually what they said or is it a scam?(please tell me:)



    • Anon, you should get it. Besides, the fushigi comes out in late 2010. I wanted it really badley so I ordered it last week and I cant stop thinking about it! SO I suggjest you order it so you dont have to wait (=’.’=)


      • Daniel you are like me I ordered a fushigi ball and that person on the phone said 4 to 6 weeks and every day I cant stop myself from thinking about that ball PLUS I have to look at fushigi ball vid almost every day.

        • I’m the same way I watch the tutorials to learn how to do it and I don’t even have mine yet!! They didn’t give the option of rush delivery! It kills me to wait. 8(

          • Well be prepared to wait at least 2 months…. Everyone I know plus myself have been waiting for 2 months and counting and it pisses me off. I’m thinking about contacting the BBB on their ass.

        • Arpi, it is coming next week and I am just practicing with a baseball. totally different from the fushigi. it keeps on falling off my hands. CANT WAIT. I am going to Disney Land next week and if it comes when I am gone, my older brother will open it and play with it!

          • Umm… If you keep dropping a baseball you are going to drop the Fushigi ball too? The thing doesn’t have any magic or high tech device to defy gravity. Its simple a ball. The only reason it looks like it floats is because its has a flawless surface and creates an illusion. That is if you are unobservant or retarded. I myself can’t even see the illusion. All I see are people holding a ball. I don’t see why you are so hyped. Guess their marketing department does their job good?

    • Its a total scam, cause when you order it they say like it will take 6 weeks then you wait 2 months and it never shows up but they take your money first. Plus when you get it its not like your gonna know all the tricks and those people on tv had years of practice. SO WAIT TILL IT COMES ON AMOZON OR EBAY CAUSE IF YOU IN STORES OTHER KIDS WILL TAKE IT CAUSE ALMOST EVERYBODY LOVES IT AND FOR AMOZON OR EBAY YOU CAN RETURN IT AND IT ONLY TAKES LIKE 2 DAYS FOR IT TO GET TO YOU. ITS A TOTAL SCAM

      • I just Googled Amazon and while they don’t have the brand name Fushigi they have about 20 other contact juggling balls…take a look…my guess is that you won’t have to wait that long and Amazon will guarantee you won’t be ripped off…

        Anybody remember Labyrinth? That is where I first saw an example of contact juggling! It’s wonderful….mmmm….now why haven’t I gotten my own ball???

      • It is taken more time due to high volume of orders….. they apologized to me today. So everyone be patient!

  162. Wow are you serious? I’m actually reading an argument over fushigi whatever ball. HAHAHA This is hilarious I love the interwebs!

  163. Is this ball a scam, I want one but my dad keeps telling me he wont get me one because it’s a scam. so please tell me is it or is it not.

      • Its technically not a scam. Look up contact juggling and you will find plenty of websites that have info and different kinds of spheres (colors and sizes). You can even get free info on how to start and practice with an orange. If you drop the orange too many times, you can just eat it and the orange is less likely to break things if you are practicing in the house. Ive been contact juggling for about 8 years now and that is how I got started.

      • I keep reading your comments and I get this feeling you are like 12? No, its not really a scam, but the commercial is damn deceptive. Its about as close to a scam as you can get. They act like it does some amazing stuff and is easy to pick up. I don’t know much about contact juggling, but if you dedicated you my master it in a year. I’m not to impressed with it. I’ve seen videos with people who are “good” at it. All I see is some guy holding a ball. You can spend the money, but it will end up in your closet in like a week unless you are dedicated to learn contact juggling.

  164. I was willing to purchase the item despite the fact that obviously my child would not be able to do the juggling tricks with this ball unless he learned some tricks that could be done with any ball.

    However I was not willing to be subject to fraud.

    This company’s website is designed to add items you did not purchase to your credit card. Then when you call to correct the problem they claim they cannot do it and hang up. Next they put you on hold for an extended period and claim that you need to telephone the following day to change the order, expecting that you will not bother.

    I expect to have to involve my credit card company and the better business bureau.

    • When you call back the following day, they claim that they still do not have your order and tell you to call back the following day. When you ask for a supervisor they hang up on you.

  165. first off, these are not for juggling. if you want to juggle, get some tennis balls. I cant believe im seeing multiple comments asking if these are for juggling. secondly, these will take a lot of practice. Does nobody remember the movie “The Laberynth”? In that movie, David Bowie uses these….but it wasnt actually Bowie. There was a person behind him using gravity balls to make it appear like it was bowie. The reason for this is it takes skill. Ive got a pair of “Devil Sticks” and it took a while for me to use them. Now it looks so easy, but its not. Lots of practice went into it. Dont buy this and think it doesnt work when youve had no experiance at all with them. Im going to buy this product, and theres no doubt in my mind that it works. Its not a scam. These have been out for years, but not in the general public. As for them not selling it in stores….when a company comes out with a product, and they sell it in stores, other companies come out with the same thing but cheaper. by selling it on their website alone, it gives them more time to sell this at the given price. by doing this they are prolonging their profits.

      • @grace,
        contact juggling, is not at all the same as juggling, DIMWIT! so why don’t you google it again, and youtube it too while you’re at it. and next time do a little research of your own before you’re a butt to other people.

        • Um…yes it is juggling. Juggling is a broad term that covers both contact juggling (this) and toss juggling (what you think of when you say “juggling”) Grace doesn’t need to google it, or youtube it…she obviously know more than you.

          • First of all, learn how to spell labyrinth… Second of all, Michael Moschen did not use gravity balls in Labyrinth. He just used 100% acrylic spheres and is one of the founders of what we call contact juggling today (I have met him and have an acrylic ball signed by him and had a very extensive conversation with him about the subject). Thirdly, Matrim and Grace are 100% correct. Ive been performing contact juggling for about 8 years now, along with various other forms of juggling. If anyone really wants to learn how to do this, you do not even have to buy anything. Just look it up on youtube, or google it. There are plenty of resources out there that show technique. You dont even have to buy an acrylic ball unless you are serious about persuing it. Just use an orange, a billiard ball, lacross ball, or anyball that fits comfortably in you hand and has some weight to it. I myself, learned with an orange…

    • Fushigi? Cleverly designing a brand new name for ‘gravity balls’ that have been out for years. By keeping it out of stores they prolong their profits? Because companies will copy the idea? That is what patents are for, and do you really think those companies don’t have scouts for things like that? Think ‘major companies’ have any need to worry about a scam? I think you’re just one of those whale warrior types with weird strange hobbies like “Devil Sticks”. LOL!

  166. Wow, everyone seems to be all over this Fushigi Ball issue and complaining. I have only seen 1 commercial so far(Mon June 28, 2010) on this toy and come here and see nothing but complaint after complaint and nobody seems to have one yet to share there experience with it. A company has to start from somewhere, they aren’t going to just throw in the middle man right away. Give it a chance…..Jeez, a product will sell with word of mouth and the way this is going with people bad mouthing without even having the product in hand…is BS!

    • Well as I’ve said 4 times before its been 2 months and I still don’t have the Fushigi all when in fact I was told wait 4 to 6 weeks. If its that damn popular then you’d think they could get them out a little sooner. I call them to check on the status and am unable to reach a real person. It’s bullcrap no matter how you say it.

      • beejay not exactly if you know anything about shipping when things are in high demand it takes longer….kinda like back-ordering. give it time….it will come my cousin waited 9 weeks for hers and I called about mine today and was told high demand causing delays. so be patient!

        • shut up “brook” I guarantee you are a sales person for them along with some other people reassuring everyone on here

  167. Why spend any money…i have been contact juggling with golf balls for years, can do any tricks seen on tv. Just shoplift a 3-pack.

      • I also hope that he goes to jail, and that on his way, he does not collect any money for passing “GO.”

        • Bad ‘DocWiN0’, bad….go sit in the corner and write one thousand times (you can use a computer): I must remember that some people were born crabby old legalists and aren’t allowed to 1) have any fun, 2) to understand the concept of sarcasm or 3) play Monopoly with other people’s money.


  168. Hi guys. I work in a toy store and very recently since the commercials came out for the Fushigi “magic” ball we’ve had a lot of anxious kids and parents come in to see if we had it. After calling customer service about 15 times I found out that it is actually only able to be ordered through their website and their website only. Now had I read the web page better I would have gathered that but that’s not the point. As a retailer, there is a pretty strong rule to stay away from companies that will only retail through their website. There is nothing wrong with online retail at all. however, it is just ridiculous business to not try and reach a broader consumer community and usually has a very malicious reason behind it. This company wants your money as fast as possible and will EVENTUALLY send you the product. At our store we usually suggest to people to just google acrylic contact juggling balls instead of actually ordering fushigi.

    Fushigi magic ball wasn’t even present at NYC toy fair this year which means they have no inclination to ever sell it in stores. at least on the East coast. Any company that won’t retail a toy in toy stores is looking to get people’s money much faster than they can ship the product if the product is there to begin with. Be careful of scams like this. Best of luck guys. Hope you don’t get suckered in.

    oh and beware their customer service. it almost all automated and takes FOREVER to get an actual person on the phone. and even then, they don’t really have any answers. When I called for the store to see if they would be interested in retailing it in our store, they couldn’t answer any questions about customer reviews and the product itself. they only repeated that stupid catch phrase “it will mystify the mind and confuse the senses” or whatever gibberish they were going on and on about. Any time you call an order phone line that starts with “have your credit card ready” usually points to a scam.

    • I work in credit card fraud and the comment above is spot on. I remember when Oprah praised the Acai berry product, yet that company was the same way. They locked people into other products and monthly charges, it was a nightmare. Even if the company is legit, they’re not making any real steps to prove it. Save your money and time and find a similar product that can be found in stores. Just my 2 cents.

  169. we are glad that we didn’t pay our money in that fushigi thingy, it seems just a rip off. don’t believe all ads on tv, they just want to suck your money.

  170. What a SCAM do not order this. I was charged for two when I only wanted one. It didn’t give you a chance to look at your order. So then I call the number that they give for customer service. Wow first I spoke to someone and told me it would take 24hr to process my order. I asked to speak to manager they wouldn’t put them on the phone. So I call the number again to track my order. Ii tried to pull up the web site they directed you to. NOT FOUND. Then I called again and spoke with someone else and ask why I couldn’t get through to that page. I was put on hold for 10 min. Was given another address. I asked why does your automated service direct people to ideavillage. She told me it wasn’t up dated. Then I go on to the the address they gave me. What you know that one was also not found. Before I hung up with them I asked what company is going to charge my cc. With an attitude she told me ideavillage. You will have at least 24hr to change your cc number. I call my cc company and explained what happened. thank god it was a debit card they closed that cc # out and reused me a new #. I have never had to deal with such a SCAM. Don’t go through what I had to go t through.

    • Women shut up who cares you probably stay up all night complaining about crap your probably single if not he must be ugly.

      • So I take it you don’t have a problem with people getting ripped off or having to deal with deceptive marketing. That either makes you a Fushigi employee or another internet douche-bag. I’m guessing you’re both. Let people use the site for what it was intended and quit being random internet guy…

      • Why don’t you learn proper grammar before blurting out stupid crap. You sound like an idiot, prick.

        • Why don’t you learn the difference between the singular “Woman” and the plural “Women”… and the difference between “Your” and “You’re” (You-Are) as well as the use of punctuation to avoid hideous run-on sentences. You sound like an idiot, douchebag.

      • Just go back to your 4chan you troll. Everyone hates you guys anyways, so go to the place where everyone is stupid like you.

        • Ahh…trolls. People who wish to elicit an emotional response but are too afraid to go out and do it in real life because they know that they’ll get their ass handed to them. Anyway, this Fushigi Magic Ball does sound quite like a scam, I wouldn’t buy it, but that’s just me.

      • You’re real intelligent and a ladies man I bet….. Learn how to spell before you start degrading other people dumb ass. And BTW its spelled woman not women. And why don’t you post a picture of your irresitable self Don Juan?

    • shut up and get back in the kitchen and cook for me. just go to kmart and buy a pack of tennis balls. seriously, grow up dumb and if the site wasnt found, try the again and restart your internet connection.

      • ….. did she say that she was unable to connect to other sites? No. Why the hell would she restart her internet connection?

    • someone made a vid about that on youtube so I think im gonna wait for awhile and see if they fixed it

  171. Placed an order the Fushigi Ball on June 12th. It is now the 24th. So far, no confirmation email that it shipped. That’s when I started reading the comments here with one reviewer saying that it would take at least 4-6 weeks for delivery. I should have researched first before ordering from here. At least with Amazon I can find the same acrylic balls for much cheaper and with QUICKER shipping and delivery, then do a Google search for video tutorials. So now the long arduous wait for this company to deliver my Fushigi Ball.

      • Well, there’s your answer Marshall…definitely an employee…if he (or she) is even in this country, doubt he gets paid as much as a telemarketer. Certainly, hasn’t the intelligence to be one.

    • I ordered my Fushigi Ball on May 4th and still have not received it. I was told it was on back-order, then they canceled it, then I called and they took my credit card number again and said it would be shipped. That was a month ago and I still haven’t gotten it, no email to let me know what is going on, my credit card hasn’t been charged yet (which is good, but it means I still have to wait)…I tried calling today and there wasn’t anyone to answer the customer service number. I don’t know if this is a scam or what….but I’m getting sick of waiting…and a little worried about my credit card now.

  172. there are balls that are similar to this Fushigi ball that I found on renegadejuggling. com that are for $10, $12 and $20 dollars so the Fushigi guys are ripping off any one who is buying their product

  173. This is just another scam to get money from you. They say in the commercial anybody can do it on there first try…THERE LYING!!!! The people on the commercial have practiced for months or to even years. I warn you DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT. Trust me you will regret.

      • Agreed.

        Love, I’m not trying to be a jerk, but nobody takes you seriously when you write like that. I was so distracted by your poor use of the shift key (particularly in conjunction with the “1” key) and inability to distinguish between “their”, “they’re” and “there” that I couldn’t pay attention to what you were saying.

        I honestly don’t care how you write, but I assume you do want to be taken seriously. As a friendly suggestion, I recommend you brush up a bit. That’s not to say you must study English, but just try not to make as many mistakes as you have words.

        • Honestly commenting about grammar on the internet? I can’t take a single word you say seriously now because I now have the impression that you are completely retarded. You are actually distracted by the fact that he uses exclamation points and capital letters to get a point across. Also you were distracted because he used a word that sounds the same but has a different meaning. Again I am left here questioning your intelligence. I myself read through his entire comment without noticing a single error. Maybe that is because I read the words and do all the processing in my mind, not meticulously picking apart his comment. Just some friendly advice learn to read.

          Now, I just want to say that I agree. The product is meant to rip you off.

    • You should be able to buy acrylic balls in any juggling store, but call first to ask if they have them in stock. The only difference between these and the new Fushigi balls is that now that have a metallic core that is pleasing to some and disappointing to others, but protects against the risk of fire damage if left in direct sunlight for any length of time. However, in a juggling store you will have many more options such as weight, size, color and texture.

      There are also lots of good introductory tutorials around if you do a web search for “contact juggling”. If you do go out and buy a ball, good luck! It’s extremely addictive!!

  174. This is just another attempt to get money from people. You can actually use any kind of ball. This has been around for years and NOW people are impressed with it? Look up the movie labyrinth on you tube for those that dont know what it is. David Bowies character has one there…same exact thing. People tried it back in the 80’s nothing new.

  175. This “Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball” is an acrylic contact juggling ball. That’s all. Nothing magical about it. Contact juggling takes months to years of practice to gain proficiency, and this ball will not change that. I would go so far as to say a beginner should not get this particular ball, but should practice with a rubber ball first.

    The Fushigi is a pretty ball, with a clear acrylic encasing around a reflective inner ball, and it does come with an instructional DVD, so if you are a beginner and want to risk getting this ball and taking up this challenging hobby, pop in the DVD, go over to Amazon and pick up a 2 dollar rubber lacrosse ball to practice with, and shelve the HARD acrylic ball until you’re confident enough not to be dropping it constantly. Better yet, check out juggling communities online that will point you to a juggling supply shop online and buy instructional materials from a trusted source instead of this Fushigi company that has based their advertising campaign on the illusion that they aren’t just selling you a ball that will take you a VERY LONG TIME to master contact juggling with.

  176. I am a 14 year old I have a purple Fushigi ball and iv been contact juggling for just a moth or so and it is great fun.

  177. There is nothing “magic” about this ball. All the nifty tricks you see in the commercial are being performed by people who have spent months and/or years practicing with a contact juggling ball. People have different preferences in size/weight of their contact juggling balls, and thus consumers should shop around for one that best fits their needs.

      • No, fushigi is not fake. It is a new brand of ball for an art form that has been around for a while. It is a neat ball that comes with an instructional DVD on how to perform this sort of manipulation. Think of it like juggling except it is very easy to learn the basics and VERY hard to do things that are advanced.

    • Hi Jenny, the best ball for contact juggling depends on what you want to do with it. Multi-ball work is best with smaller balls, isolations and general hand-work are best with a medium-size ball, and body rolls (anything that goes past the wrists and to the rest of your body) are easiest with a big ball.

      The only difference between Fushigi balls and good old-fashioned acrylics is the new chrome core, which vastly changes the look of the ball but protects against fire hazards and damage to the eyes that normal acrylics are prone to.

      I recommend that you ask for advice at a local juggling store, where they can give you better advice on what ball size to choose according to your hand size, your build and even your favorite color! 🙂

      Also, if you want to read more about the ball types used in contact juggling, check out the contactjuggling.org forums under “CJ discussion”, then “A Description of Ball Types”.

  178. Tonight is the 1st time I’ve seen the commercial for this Fushigi ball. looks interesting, honestly I’m not amused or entertained by the illusion. However the “Relaxation properties” are of interest. I have Social and Generalized Anxiety Disorders. Does it actually help…? Skeptical but hopeful. I’ll keep researching.

    • Hi Danny, I’ve been researching the benefits of this kind of ball-play for years, and although I can’t speak for Fushigi’s band of contact ball, I can honestly say that contact juggling has changed my life.

      Several years ago I was very shy toward strangers, tending to avoid any social situation that might put me in contact with a lot of new people. I tended to mask my anxiety by being flashy, crazy, and generally different. In that way, I suppose I was able to feel separate even when I was getting close to others.

      I really did like people; the problem was that I didn’t know how to reach out to them without making myself vulnerable. So this was a vicious circle of anxiety producing more anxiety. Fortunately, practicing contact got people to come to me instead of putting me in a position of having to go to them.

      As for contact’s relaxation effects, there are two main avenues of action. First of all, any extra nervousness you may suffer from will surface as you’re forced to move very quickly to stay in contact with the ball. Secondly, once you’re able to maintain contact, you can start to relax and breathe deeply while continuing to move in harmony with the ball. This is very similar to the practice of T’ai Chi, and has the same health benefits.

      If you decide to try work with several balls, this “multi-ball” style is directly derived from “Baoding balls”, or Chinese medicine balls. The balls are generally smaller than normal contact balls, meaning 68mm or less (normal contact balls are between 76-100mm, or 3-4in). The relaxing effect of these balls is famous, so much so that they have also been called “worry balls”.

      If you want to know more about the non-illusionist aspect of ball contact, do a web search for “Lightning Contact”. I don’t know if I’m allowed to post a direct link here, but on my site you will find a lot more information about ball contact as both an art form and physical therapy.

      Take care, and good luck with your disorders!


      • Jeff,
        Your concise, cogent and well-written posts might easily form the nucleus of a “contact-juggling” website’s FAQ index… unless that’s all been “done to death” already…

        Certainly you’d be an asset to any Wikipedia pages relating to this subject.

  179. The appearance of a floating ball is an illusion that’s been around for at least 20 years, thus the “magic” angle to the commercial. The balls are made of acrylic, a very hard plastic, and appear to float like bubbles if you put in the time and effort.

    From what I understand, Michael Moschen was the first to pioneer the use of these acrylic balls which the Fushigi marketers have decided to call their own, while also laying claim to the art form that has existed for decades or even hundreds of years.

    The proper terms when searching for more information on the balls sold by Fushigi are “contact balls”, “acrylic balls” and “contact juggling”. If you want to know more about this art form, you can easily connect with the vast community that has formed over the past 10-15 years.

  180. I bought the Fushigi ball and have to say it is relaxing and fun at the same time. I recommend getting one of these cuz its cool.

  181. It says further up on the page, and I quote –

    “Where to Buy?
    Buy FUSHIGI Ball from the official website/distributor only. Beware of counterfeit products. Contact us for Buying Information. Please use the “Leave a Reply” form below.”

    ‘Beware of counterfeit products’ indeed… Fushigi might be one of them.

  182. I have a fushigi ball! The ball is very pretty looking and this is the least expensive contact juggling ball you can buy! Plus this one comes with the tutorial dvd. Go ahead and look – you will Not find another ball for 20$ that comes with the tutorial. Great fun. Great quality. Fushigi Ball

    • Why must your company post these counterfeit claims? Pretending to be an actual customer is very unappealing…I no longer have ANY interest in purchasing this particular product, and this post is to blame

      • Actually, Davis, I just did a pretty extensive search of juggling supply vendors online, and when it comes to approximate 3″ (70-80 mm) acrylic contact juggling balls, the going prices are around $20-$30 for clear or colored acrylic- no instructional DVD included. I didn’t see any other double layered acrylic/reflective cored balls anywhere, so what Bryan is saying about price is true.

        The place where this company is being totally disingenuous is in implying that there ball somehow makes contact juggling easy! Contact juggling is a very challenging hobby! I took it up pretty actively for about a year or so back in the late ’80s and never got very good at it (just good enough that to this day if I happen to pick up a ball I might spin it around comfortably enough in my hand to look competent, but not really impressive, hah!)

        The problem with the product is it’s being aimed at beginners- and beginning contact jugglers SHOULD NOT go straight to using acrylic balls! They are VERY HARD and can potentially cause some damage, bumps, and bruises seeing as a beginner is going to inevitably drop it thousands of times- a beginner is much better off getting a low bounce rubber ball, like a juggling stage ball or a lacrosse ball to practice with before moving on to the more expensive and somewhat more hazardous acrylic ball. 🙂

        • Great advice Ben. Thanks. Sounds like it really is the marketing, not the product, that’s the problem. I haven’t seen the TV ads that everyone is complaining about – just saw it in the store and thought it looked interesting. I have to say, though, that of course when I read the box advertisement calling it a magical ball, of course I knew it was an illusion- a trick that must be learned. But then again, I’m not a child, so . . .
          And, then again, we do live in a society of people who seem to need immediate gratification, so even adults are disappointed when they can’t obtain something without working for it.