FlipaZoo Review

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What is FlipaZoo –

As per the TV infomercial it is soft toy for kids that actually is 2-in-1 animal design. One needs to simply flip it to reveal another stuffed cute and cuddly animal. It comes in Jumbo and small sizes.


Soft and cuddly toy

FlipaZoo promises to be the best friend of your kids with their soft body and a cute face. Such promises made by FlipaZoo are baseless since there are no FlipaZoo reviews out yet. FlipaZoo assures that it is the next best thing that is better than any other soft toy that is available in the market today. It has features that top over any other soft toy although there are no FlipaZoo reviews currently available that will substantiate with its claims. FlipaZoo guarantees that kids will love it because it provides them with an option to play with two toys in one. Did your kid find FlipaZoo engaging and as good as it claims to be? Send us your FlipaZoo reviews.

Flip design

FlipaZoo asserts to have a flip design that makes it very different from other toys. It is one animal stuff toy till one reverses it and flips it to make altogether another cute animal out of it. Such an amazing design of FlipaZoo definitely makes it perfect for kids and also has value for money; FlipaZoo reviews will soon expose the truth. FlipaZoo states to be made of extremely comfortable material that is soft in nature and can be snuggled, cuddled, played and even slept upon with ease. Such farfetched claims by FlipaZoo will be verified once it has been reviewed. FlipaZoo also alleges to be made from durable material that lasts for a long time even after long playtimes each day. More shall be revealed once FlipaZoo is reviewed by users.

So many designs

FlipaZoo emphasizes to come with different animal designs that are studied to provide a lot of joy to kids and are guaranteed to be cute to attract anyone who sets eyes on them. At this point of time there are no FlipaZoo reviews available that will attest to its claims. FlipaZoo convinces to be great with its two-in-one designs. There is Husky which turns into a Polar Bear, Dragon that turns into a dreamy Unicorn, Elephant that becomes a Tiger, Cat that turns into a cute looking mouse, Giraffe who hides an entire Hippo revealed when flipped and Turtle that also becomes a Hedgehog with a simple turn. All these options do make FlipaZoo highly fascinating but we cannot believe its claims at this point of time due to lack of user reviews. FlipaZoo proclaims to be good for kids to sleep with, play with friends, carry it while traveling, and even perfect for sleepovers. FlipaZoo claims are highly fascinating but it will be proved once we receive FlipaZoo reviews for further analysis. FlipaZoo claims to come in jumbo and small size to match the requirement of kids. Is FlipaZoo really as effective as it claims? FlipaZoo reviews will soon reveal the facts.

What do I get?

You get FlipaZoo for $19.99 Plus P&H.Official website flipazoo.com

5 thoughts on “FlipaZoo Review

  1. DO NOT order from this company!! Waited forever for the items to arrive even though they reported that they shipped immediately. Then I had to return some, and a year later, I have NEVER gotten my refund. I’ve contacted them and they say that they refunded my money to the credit card I used (which I used paypal). I asked them for the card number that they credited and I have never heard back from them. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!

  2. I tried ordering from the Flipazoo direct website, and was very disappointed to say the least. We ordered and got a confirmation of the order of 2 Flipazoos, but 3 weeks had gone by with no shipment. I emailed to check the order, but got no response. When I called to check the status of the shipment / delivery, they informed me that one of the items was out of stock and therefore the whole order would not be fulfilled. I asked when or how they were planning on notifying us of this (because these were intended to be Xmas gifts) and the lady told me that they do not notify their customers, they just wait for us to contact them. She said they only thing they could do would be to change the order, however it would still take another 3 weeks for delivery, and there would be no discount. I have never heard of a company that does not have some form of communicating to their customers about the status of their order. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was informed that there is no supervisor. Ridiculous! Do not order from them!

  3. I sure all young children will love these that is if you ever get your order !!! I placed mine on Nov 28, 2016 for 2 was told all was in stock it would take x days to process and be on its way. I noticed the money was not taken from my Paypal Account and called a week later ! After sitting on hold for 30 minutes customer service told me one of the items was on backorder – the whole order would not be shipped until both were in. NO ONE contacted me by any means to tell me that. I change the order to IN STOCK items.. my account was charged. I have tried 5 days in a row now to get shipping info and time.. today I was 47th in line on hold.. I’ve never been under 35 in line ahead of me calling their customer service number. I gave up on emails no one replies back. My daughter called Friday to say store by her had them in stock, the original that were OUT Of stock. Im calling her today to tell her to get them for the kids and I’ll pay her back.. And when I can get to these jerks I will cancel and want nothing to do with their company and its false advertising !!!

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