Flip Zee Girls

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What is Flip Zee Girls

As per the infomercial it is a range of dolls that can turn into a baby character and then into a big girl doll. These 2-in-1 dolls come in various designs for all girls to have fun. Flip Zee Girls assures to become every little girl’s best friend with its cute and cuddly designs comprising of two different identities in one.


Flip Zee Girls CLAIMS

2-in-1 doll design
All it needs is a simply flip and they change characteristics instantly to offer two stuffed dolls in one. Such fanciful claims made by Flip Zee Girls will be only attested once users review it.


Multiple designs
Flip Zee Girls guarantees to capture the imagination of all girls with its range of stuffed toys. It comes in 6 different characters that turn into a baby and a big girl with their own freckles, smile and eyes. In fact Flip Zee Girls declares to have unique beautifully designed colourful dresses and different hairstyle on each of them. Did your child find Flip Zee Girls really attractive? Flip Zee Girls reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Attractive features
Flip Zee Girls promises to have beautiful design and filling that makes it huggable. The cute and cuddly Flip Zee Girls are made using high-quality material that’s safe to play with. Plus, all one needs to do is flip the bonnet and swaddle to switch it from a loveable baby to a stylish big girl. There is no way to prove the claims of Flip Zee Girls due to lack of user reviews.


What do I get?
Each Flip Zee Girl costs $19.99 + $9.99 shipping
Official Website:FlipZeeGirls.com

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