FlatToFizzy Review

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About FlatToFizzy

FlatToFizzy is a kit that consists a soda maker and concentrates of flavors that assures to let you make your ordinary tap water into a more refreshing sparkling water. With its SodaStream concentrate, FlatToFizzy proclaims that you can get almost 100 flavors and you can add as much or less fizz as you want.


How does it work

You do not have to go to a soda pub or store to get yummy sparkling water. The FlatToFizzy sparkling water maker asserts to let you do it right at home. FlatToFizzy maintains to come with carbonated bottles and you need to add cold water to the right level and screw the bottle into the machine. By just pumping the lever of FlatToFizzy, it convinces to give you carbonated water right away. You can then add a dash of lime or the SodaStream flavors to get the soda of your choice.

Your fix of fizz right at home

Who likes to guzzle plain ordinary tap water all the time? FlatToFizzy is an appliance that promises to transform your boring water into fresher and delightful sparkling water easily. FlatToFizzy claims to have SodaStream that lets you add fizz to your tap water and you can control how much of it you want to taste like soda. FlatToFizzy states that not just ordinary soda, you can make your sparkling water into flavorful sparkling water by adding delicious yet natural SodaStream flavors. FlatToFizzy convinces that the flavored sparkling water contains less sugar and calories than the fizzy that you buy from stores.


Almost 100 flavors to choose from

FlatToFizzy declares that there are as many as a 100 exciting and low calorie flavors to choose from like natural cola, kiwi, pear, root beer, raspberry, apple, mango and many more. FlatToFizzy states that it’s a great way to keep your entire family hydrated, healthy and happily so. You wouldn’t have to ever remind your young ones to have a drink of water to keep hydrated. FlatToFizzy asserts to have a CO2 canister with a meter to know how much fizz is there in your soda and how much you want to keep it.

Good for health and the environment

Since FlatToFizzy declares that you can get sparkling water right at home, you can say goodbye to lugging liters of soda bottles at home. The carbonating bottles of FlatToFizzy allege to be BPA-free so they are safe to use and reusable so you can forget about buying various plastic bottles that only harms the environment. One SodaStream bottle of the concentrate assures to last for a week even if you consume the sparkling water twice a day. The FlatToFizzy appliance convinces to have removable skin and come in different colors and designs including sports teams. If you have a party at home or just a game night, then FlatToFizzy promises to let you save money on sodas and the pain of carrying them home from the market. You are assured to get an unlimited supply of sparkling water.

What do I get?

You get Sodastream in choice of White or Black for 3 easy payments of $29.99 + $14.99 s&h and Flat to Fizzy Kit including 2 Variety 12 Packs and 2 BPA-Free reusable carbonating bottles. Official website flattofizzy.com


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