Flashlight Friends Review

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Do you find it difficult to get your kids into bed every night because they want more of their play time? Then why not create some fun and playful moments for them in their bed with the help of Flashlight Friends? You want the best for your children and you want them to be all the more comfortable when they are sleeping at night on their own. That’s where these cuddly toys come into play turning into perfect companions for your kids at night so that they will look forward to getting into bed and will sleep peacefully as well.

How does Flashlight Friends Work

If you have your kids’ friends coming over for sleepovers then you have the perfect toy to keep them entertained and these cuddly friends will also be ideal for kiddie parties you have at home. You end up buying expensive toys for your kids because you want to give them everything they need to keep them entertained and stimulated. But they quickly grow out of these toys and that can be a huge waste of your money. But these cuddly friends will be with them for a long time and they will never get bored of them.

Parents can be more involved too and make the most of these friends to tell stories to your kids, they so love to hear. And they are also perfect for night games as well. If you have been looking for a present for your kid for his or her birthday then you have found one. It will instantly bring a smile to your kid’s face and to yours too knowing your child will be comforted. Good thing about these friends is that they shut off in 10 minutes on their own and they never get hot either, making them incredibly safe for your kids to use.

These cuddly toys are great value for your money too because they last for hundreds of hours and they are very easy to use as well. You simply need to tap them once to turn them on or off and let your kids have a great time.


What do I get?

  • 4 Flashlight Friends

All this for $ 19.99 plus $ 7.99 P& H. Official website flashlightfriends.com


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24 thoughts on “Flashlight Friends Review

  1. After reading all of the bad reviews, felt I should chime in. I purchased the penguin flashlight friend for my son 2 1/2 years ago and he absolutely loves it. He uses it every night for reading and with the built in timer, he knows once it turns off, he can turn it on one more cycle to finish his chapter, then put the book down and get to sleep. The batteries have lasted as long as expected and he’s able to change them himself without doing any damage to the circuit board. I purchased this one from a retail store, thus I haven’t had any of the annoying telemarketing calls some have mentioned. I would absolutely buy a second flashlight friend if this one were to wear out before he outgrows it.

  2. My kids grandma brought for my daughter for xmas , my daughter was ecstatic to get it.
    got it home put batteries in it worked awesome after about 1 hour went to press it again
    and it wont work anymore. Have tried putting new batteries in it but still wont work. One absolutely devasted 3 year old.
    not happy..

  3. I first purchased two Flashlight Friends from a Toysrus.com. My boys love them and they worked for awhile. One started to become dim, so I thought it was due to battery life. I changed the batteries which was a feat in itself. It worked for one more night and hasn’t worked since. My son was devastated. My husband blamed me for breaking it during battery change, so we bought him a new one from CVS. It too stopped working in a shorter amount of time and after a careful battery change by my husband, it still did not work. We e-mailed the company and they wanted an order number. Well, we did not order it from them. My husband called today and she told him that there is no warranty on their product. He asked if there are replacement parts they could send out and she told him no. My guess is there is no warranty because their product is junk. It is a great concept, but the quality is not there. DO NOT BUY these for you children unless your ready to deal with their heartache. I am going to research another alternative.

  4. Bought two flashlight friends for my daughters. One is already broken and the other one looks like it’s starting to break. It just won’t light up anymore. New batteries didn’t work. My kids loved theirs but I don’t think I’m going to waste money on a new one if that one is going to break as well. It’s too bad because they really want another one.

  5. Please listen to the bad reviews. Please. My mother bought my son two, one for Christmas and one for his birthday (five days apart). The one he got for Christmas didn’t work by bed time that night, the other one lasted three weeks. When I called customer service from the number on their website, I got the most customer service oriented bozo ever. I explained that I was just calling to make a complaint, and this is what I got– I got told that people who work retail don’t care about their shipment and so the box my toys were in was probably mishandled at the retail store. And they aren’t trained to know if the product might have internal damage. (Because the people at the stores take the products apart to inspect??) The he told me that when you buy retail, what you get is the luck of the draw. (Wow) But, at least now know the his son has one and has had it for months. That’s when I asked to speak to someone above him. She at least knew how to speak to me, but, still all I got was an “I’ll forward this to corporate”, while informing me that I need to contact the store they were purchased at. Again, still just wanting to make a complaint, never asking for warranty info. I took one apart and it is the way the board mounts with the two screws. It put pressure on the board and breaks the solder. And the way it rips it, it can’t be re-soldered. Horrible design. Don’t waste your money.

  6. I baught my son one from Walmart. It didn’t work when we took it out of the package so we tried different batteries and still no luck! I don’t even think I can return it without the packaging.

  7. My 4 year old received one for Christmas and the flashlight was working fine until the night….Changed batteries still no luck with the light coming on. She was so upset, she was so excited to sleep with it and it didn’t work.

  8. I ordered a Flashlight Friend and after waiting it was sent damaged. I returned it and they were extremely rude saying that never happens. I told them I needed to return it and they told me they don’t refund shipping. It’s not working!!! After arguing about it they credited me the original shipping but I still had to pay to send it back to them. I shouldn’t have to pay to send back a product that wasn’t working!! Wouldn’t recommend a company that doesn’t back there product.

  9. My daughter received one Flashlight Friends as a gift. In less than 2 months the switch came unsoldered and it no longer works. This was after minimal wear and tear and it never moved from behind her pillow. When I contacted the manufacturer to complain about the quality, as it was outside a return window – and purchased in another state’s local chain – I was told it was my problem to deal with the store where it was bought. So basically if it was out of the return window I was out of luck. They clearly do not back their poorly made products at all. Don’t waste your money.

  10. I bought one for my daughter at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I used a $5.00 off coupon and got it for $14.99! She loves it!

  11. You can buy the Flashlight Friend at ToysrUs.com. I just ordered 1 for my son on-line. I don’t have a review yet. But I hope this will help for the people; like me; who hate rude telemarketers!

  12. Bought a flashlight friend for my daughter direct from their website. It shipped extremely fast and showed up as cute as we had hoped. My daughter loves it. So, happy ending right? WRONG. They sold my information to the most annoying telemarketers alive. I now get calls from 866-379-2003 about 5 or 6 times a day. Google that phone number and you’ll find website after website of people trying to get them stopped from their outrageous tactics that can’t really be working right? So, yes the product is soft and cuddly, the LED light does NOT get hot, my daughter loves her flashlight friend and though she only uses it at night and does not want to “play” with the stuffed animal during the day – all in all the product is good. Sadly the company needs some serious work on their customer service. In their defense – had I read their privacy policy I would have known they were going to do whatever they wanted with my information. Maybe wait until you can buy it from a third party….

  13. After ordering Flashlight Friends and paying $7.99 in shipping, I received notification that the order was complete. I learned complete does not mean shipped. It took an additional six days before it was shipped (no notification). I learned from the company they have 30 days to ship and this is legally noted in their shipping details (which I was unable to locate on their website).

  14. I don’t know what this world is coming to. I ordered this for my little girl and am getting these ridiculous calls from telemarketers – going on about sending me these money saving coupon things. I to,d them that I didn’t sign up for that and not to send it to me. He they wouldn’t send it. But I’m still worried they will charge my credit card for this extra crap. I’m calling their customer service tomorrow. Makes me sad….

  15. I can’t review the actual product as I have not received my order yet, but I too started receiving the lovely telemarketing calls that come along with placing this order and I’m not happy! The caller said he was calling to confirm my order, but then informed me i’d be receiving $100 in gas rewards and a stack of coupons worth $500 in savings and in return i’d be given a 14 day free trial of their savings program, after which i’d be charged nearly $30 a month to the card I used to pay for the flashlight friends if I chose to stay in the program. If I want to cancel all i’d have to do is call the 800 number that will be provided with the coupons when I receive them. I stopped the caller right there and said I didn’t want to have to call a number to cancel something I never signed up for, and he tried to sound insulted saying “oh we’d never sign you up for something you didn’t want, all you have to do is call and cancel”. I had to keep insisting its not my job to call and cancel something I didn’t want in the first place, and I repeatedly told him I don’t want the vouchers in the first place, do not sign me up, do not charge my credit card. He kept getting snippy with me acting shocked and saying how could I say I don’t want something before I’ve even looked at it. Really?? I can’t just say no because I want to? This bothers ms greatly and you can bet i’ll be watching my credit card like a hawk to make sure I don’t get any unauthorized charges. I’ve come to expect upselling on these websites, and it was annoying enough to have to click through four items during the order process to say I didn’t want anything extra added to my order, but cold calling me to sign me up for things and making ME call to cancel is ridiculous. If I didn’t already place the order, i’d never order from them again. We’ll see what happens when I actually get the item I DID order.

  16. We have finally received our flashlight friend and thus far I have no complaints with the actual product. It did however take about a month to receive. Like many others here I am writing to make others aware of the obscene amount of telemarketing calls you will have to field if you choose to purchase this product. One of the relentless companies actually charged me a dollar (taken from my bank account without my authorization) and sent me a stack of junk coupons. I had to call to cancel the “subscription” I never authorized to keep from being automatically billed monthly. Now that THAT company has finally stopped calling, another so called associate has begun blowing up my phone. I’m on my way to the bank to change my credit card number.

  17. I ordered Flashlight Friends for my 8 y/o daughter. I was called soon after by some telemarketing group that informed me my order would arrive with some trial money saving service. I could cancel anytime. I kept saying “no thanks” but they made it sound like it was included no matter what. Finally I just kept saying “I don’t want it” over and over until they acknowledged me. It’s been a few weeks now, and my daughter asks everyday when her Flashlight Friend is getting here. I don’t know if I was scammed or what. It’s heart breaking seeing her little face. She looks at the ad everyday on my computer and fantasized about getting the toy. I wish I could just walk into a store and buy it. The only website I found to order it, is very elusive for customer service.

  18. I ordered a flashlight friend for my little sister’s birthday. 4 weeks have passed and I have received two calls stating that my “order has shipped” and that I should “keep an eye out for it.”

    Then I find out that those calls were from third parties that basically have no clue, but made it sound like they were actually part of the flashlight friend company. They just wanted to try to sell me their products, which I have no interest in.

    On top of that my order has not shipped rather it is on backorder. My sisters birthday has passed, her party will be over tomorrow and I am not even a step closer to having her present.

    I am very frustrated and do not appreciate how these third parties are able to contact flashlight friend customers and lie to them. The actual flashlight friends has never contacted me even to inform me of the back order issue. This was a terrible experience.

    If you’re trying to get a hold of the actual company, do not go off of the number that calls you. Use the one on the website.

  19. I ordered Flashlight Friends for my daughter for her birthday. I was immediately telemarketed to purchase a sale service. I said no 3 times and the pushy guy would not stop. I finally said absolutely not and hung up. Three hours later I got another call. My daughter’s birthday has come and gone and still no present. It has been 5 weeks and no word. Everything else I ordered came in about 3 weeks ago. BAD service.

    • Did you ever receive your daughters flashlight friend? I just ordered one and just now saw these bad reviews:/

  20. This online company is completely inaccessible after you have placed and paid for your order. The customer service number sends you back to their website and then disconnects the call. The online tracking info tells nothing about when to expect your order. However, this company is very quick to pass your email and contact information along to a third party that will call you and ask you to buy something else! Even before you have received any status information on the order you already placed. Still haven’t received my order so thinking about submitting to Better Business Bureau.

  21. My son had problems with falling asleep alone without the light being on. Flashlight friends was the perfect solution to this bedtime struggle. I love the plush feel, the built in light in it’s chest, and the automatic turn off (so I never have to worry about it getting too hot). I was worried about the batteries draining too fast, but this doesn’t seem to be a problem thus far. This is the perfect pal for my little guy.

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