Fist Flyers

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Kids these days get so bored easily and turn their attention to watching television or playing video games for endless amount of time. But it is important that they get generate interest in physical games too. Games these days do not have enough potential to keep children engaged for hours. The only way to enthrall a child is to bring their superhero home to them. This very idea is supposedly the concept behind the invention of Mash’ems Fist Flyers in its amazing combination of most famous Marvel character.


Fist Flyers promises to be an entertaining activity by converting a simple slingshot into a power launcher to abolish evil villains. The combo of Fist Flyers comes with small figurines of children’s most favorite Marvel Comic superheroes. It includes the raging, menacing yet lovable green Hulk, the super amazing Iron Man and the friendly neighbor Spiderman. These superheroes of Fist Flyers are said to be completely intangible and have large fists that can be used to blow evil targets available in the form of Dr. Doom, Whiplash and Absorbing Man. The Fist Flyers are supposed to be launched via a power launcher which can be used to target these bad guys and taken them on for endless hours of fun.


Fist Flyers is a combo which means one pack gets all the superheroes. Its claim to be super stretchy makes it more fun when it comes to launch Fist Flyers in the air over a huge distance. Plus the targets can be the villain pack supplied with the combo or kids can make their own targets from blocks, paper cups, etc and customize how to play with the amazing Fist Flyers. Also there are no hard edges to the figures and is durable to provide endless amount of safe entertainment.

  • Get Fist Flyers for 19.99plus P&H
  • You also get
  • Spiderman
  • Double the Villian Targets
  • Power Launcher

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