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About Emojikins

Emojikins claims to be a huggable plush toy that is designed like Emojis. But what asserts to set it apart and make it fun is the fact that it can talk to the owner and magically to other Emoji characters too. Emojikins assures to come in four fun characters – Winky, Laughster, Love Ya and Cool Cat.


How does Emojikins work?

Just like you use Emojis on the cell phone or web to chat with family and friends, Emojikins asserts that it will talk to you. Emojikins maintains that you need to hold it face-to-face within three feet of other Emojikins, switch it on and press its right hand. This will make the huggable and soft Emojis talk and their other pals will reply like they are having a conversation.


Emojis that talk to you and each other – Emojis are the way to talk to each other these days whether chatting on the phone or web-based messengers and different emotions and expressions have made chatting an immeasurably fun activity. And now Emojikins proclaim that you can have that fun in reality rather than the virtual world. These convince to be plush toys that are designed like Emojis and become huggable and soft play partners. But that’s not what makes them unique. Emojikins declare that it can talk to you and other Emojikins too. Simply by placing a huggable friend within three feet distance of each other, switch it on and press its right hand to make it talk to you or even to each other.


Four funky Emoji characters – Just like there are tons of Emojis on the phone and internet to chat, Emojikins guarantees to come in funky expressions. It states to have Winky, Love Ya, Laughster and Cool Cat designs that can express different moods. Emojikins emphasizes that each character says the most popular phrases are that used in our everyday language. So whether it is “Just kidding”, “Cool dude”, “Love you” or even “Totes adorbs”, the huggable friends promise to say many such fun and cool things to you and each other to make hanging out with them fun.

Emojikins declare to be great pals not just for kids but also teenagers who will have a great time having them around. Emojikins claims that it can be used in the bedroom or car as decorative plush toy or can be hugged to bed. Or if you want to give your kids a unique plush toy that will stand above their regular toys then Emojikins promises to be the right choice for you. Kids can allegedly have endless fun as Emojikins talk and their other pals answer back and can be easily carried around as they are lightweight and compact.

What do I get?

Choose from Winky, Laughster, Cool-Cat, LoveYa. You get your Emojikins character for $19.95 plus $7.95 S&H. Official website: Emojikins.com

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