E-Z Bar Review

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What is E-Z Bar?

Parents and children around the world wait for the day when the training wheels can finally be removed. But sometimes riding their bicycles without the training wheels can be a nightmare for both parents and children.

Now there is a safe and easy way to transition away from training wheels. Here’s introducing the E-Z Bar, a new, easy and safe way to teach your kids to ride their bikes without the training wheels.

With the E-Z Bar there will be no more crashes, bruises and tears for your child and no more bending and stumbling for you. The E-Z Bar is the best and easiest way to teach your kids to ride their bikes with complete confidence and skill.

Helps Trainers Maintain Complete Control

The E-Z Bar is designed to let the trainer take complete control of the bike while treading behind their kids bike. Teaching your child to ride his bike without training wheels has never been easier. You are guaranteed to love the ease with which you can teach your child to ride his bike with confidence and skill.

Helps Maintain Upright Position

The best part about the E-Z Bar is that parents need not stumble or bend while striding behind their kids bike. The E-Z Bar is designed to let parents maintain an upright position.

Helps Gain Confidence

With the E-Z Bar your child will quickly gain the confidence and skill needed to ride a bike without training wheels. They will never have the fear of crashes and bruises ever again.

The E-Z Bar helps you get rid of all the fear and frustration attached to your kids riding their bicycles without training wheels.

Easy To Release While On the Go

When you are confident your child can finally ride unassisted, a simple squeeze of the release handle will allow your child to ride away single-handedly, without any assistance. It’s that easy!

Lightweight, Sturdy and Durable

The E-Z Bar is made of sturdy, lightweight aluminum and steel. This makes the E-Z Bar an extremely durable and safe instrument to use to teach your child to ride his bike alone.

Fast and Easy To Install

The E-Z Bar is also very fast and easy to install. It takes only seconds to install. It even includes the tools required for installation.

The E-Z Bar hitch features a unique wobble joint that gives your child freedom of movement while you maintain complete control of the bicycle. The latch assembly and release lever are simple to operate too.

Great for Any Height

When attached, the E-Z pivots easily up and down allowing trainers of any height to use it with ease.

Order the patented E-Z Bar right now and experience the newest, easiest and safest way to teach your kids to ride their bikes with complete confidence and ease!

What do I get?

Get E-Z Bar for 2 Easy Payments of $24.95 + $12.95 S&H.Official website buyezbar.com

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