Dry Erase Plus REVIEW

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What is Dry Erase Plus?

It is a dry erasable whiteboard in the form of decal that can be put up anywhere and removed easily. Dry Erase Plus guarantees to transform the way you communicate, plan, recall and organize your schedule unlike any whiteboard or planner ever.



For Increased Convenience and Better Organisation
Dry Erase Plus is a unique removable decal-like whiteboard in different sizes and styles that can be mounted on nay surface such as walls, refrigerator, doors, desks and many other places where you may need to put up an important note or message for easy visibility. The makers of Dry erase Plus claim that unlike any other board or post-it notes, viewing and remembering to-do points or messages become easier, finer and fun.


A Versatile and Non-messy Solution
Dry Erase Plus has been created to be just peeled it at the back like a sticker and stick it wherever you need it at home or in office. It doesn’t leave residue or stickiness behind and comes off easily. You can write with a standard dry erase pen, crayons, permanent markers, etc. which are easily erasable. Dry Erase Plus doubles as a convenient and viable alternative to heavy and bulky whiteboards or dry erase boards.


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