Dreamers Hero Blanket

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About Dreamers Hero Blanket

Dreamers Hero Blanket states to be a set of blanket and pillow that also doubles up as a play thing for kids. Dreamers Hero Blanket claims that kids can play pretend, snuggle, and also sleep with it. The blanket and pillow set assures to make for great gifts, for sleepovers, and pajama parties. Dreamers Hero Blanket asserts to have fun designs such as firefighter, pirate, princess, mermaid, and super hero that make kids’ dreams become reality and to enhance their imagination with role play.


How does Dreamers Hero Blanket work?

Made of soft coral fleece, Dreamers Hero Blanket convinces that kids would love to snuggle up in them whether they are taking an afternoon nap, sleeping at night, or cozying up to watch TV. Not just a pillow and blanket set, Dreamers Hero Blanket proclaims that it enhances healthy imagination and role play too with its different designs such as pirate, superhero, princess, firefighter and more. Dreamers Hero Blanket maintains to be thin and light and yet keeps kids warm at night.


A toy and sleeping set – Kids always resist going to bed and if you want to make it easier then Dreamers Hero Blanket convinces to be the right thing for you. Dreamers Hero Blanket is a blanket and pillow set that assures to be something that kids would love to sleep with and also play with. Dreamers Hero Blanket is made of soft coral fleece so it makes really nice to snuggle up with for afternoon nap or sleeping at night or just lying down to watch TV. And when the kids want they can enhance their imagination as it encourages role play with its different designs.


Different fun designs – Dreamers Hero Blanket emphasizes that it comes in different fun designs whether it is a pirate, superhero, or even a firefighter that little boys dream of becoming. And for little girls there are pretty Princesses, mermaids and super heroines too. The design of the blanket is complete with the pillow and when the kid sleeps he can feel that he is wearing a pirate hat or a firefighter’s hat and girls will have a tiara on the pillow to complete the pretty picture. The blanket is thin and light but it convinces to keep kids warm.


Great for slumber parties and playtime – There is no limit to what fun kids can have with Dreamers Hero Blanket as its creators maintain. Kids can allegedly role play with Dreamers Hero Blanket during the day or take them along on slumber or pajama parties to their friends or overnight stay at grandparents’ at night. Dreamers Hero Blanket asserts that the set makes for great gifts whether kids want to give them to each other on birthdays or for parents and grandparents to the kids on Christmas and holidays. Dreamers Hero Blanket guarantees to be machine washable so it can be used over and over again. Dreamers Hero Blanket also promises that it doesn’t lose its softness on washing and is made to last for years and years.

What do I get?

Dreamers Hero Blanket for $59.90 (AUD). Official website: GoGoKids.com.au | Teledeals.com.au

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