Dream Waves

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What are Dream Waves?

They are bright and attractive nightlights that glow through soft toy pillows to turn your ceiling into an ocean bed. They offer unique moving images of an ocean on the ceiling for an authentic experience.

An ocean in your kid’s room

Dream Waves promise to enchant your kids with something different on their walls and ceiling- the fascinating world of the ocean bed. Till now, you’ve probably introduced your kids to stars, planets and the moon in their rooms as is the trend. But Pillow Pets Dream Waves promise to give you a platform to bring the beautiful, rich and mysterious images of the surface of the ocean alive by projecting moving lights on the ceiling. Kids just have to turn its switch on to recreate the atmosphere of the sea bed in their room instantly. The battery-operated nightlight becomes all the more thrilling for kids as its lights dance like waves by moving back and forth. It creates a vivid and authentic aura of the ocean depths and makes kids feel that they really are under one. Dream Waves claim that kids of all ages love them so you can think of surprising your little one with them on any special occasion.


It’s in the stomach!

Dream Waves consists of a soft pillow with lights shining through it. Kids have double the fun as they can not only see their room get transformed into an ocean but also cuddle to the pillow, available in nine adorable characters to choose from. Also children can play with Dream Waves as they would with regular toys with their lights turned off. Further, the Dream Waves characters also fold up and turn into a pet as well as open up and lay straight on a surface.

Comforting and reassuring

Most children prefer sleeping with nightlights due to fear of the dark. The creators of Dream Waves assert that it understands this need of children too and so doubles up as the perfect nightlight besides creating the aura of an ocean. As a nightlight, it shines on with a soothing glow which comforts and helps children fall asleep easily. In addition to that, these nightlights have a built-in timer, which is programmed to go off automatically after 20 minutes.


What Do I Get?

  • You can get Dream Waves for $29.95
  • Official website: buydreamwaves.com
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