Dream Lites from Pillow Pets Review

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Do your kids make a fuss while going to bed? Does your child find the thought of going to bed, scary? Does your child think that nighttime is boring? No parent wants his or her child to be afraid of the dark; of going to bed. As everyone knows sleep is important for everyone, be it child or adult. But now, you can have the power to make nighttime for your kids, a time for fun, with the playful Dream Lites!


Dream Lites from Pillow Pets
Dream Lites instantly transforms the bedroom ceiling into an enchanting starry night sky! The whole wonder of the stars is right at your kid’s fingertips; it’s that simple! As soon as you turn off their bedroom lights, all your child has to do is simply turn his Dream Lites on, to see a magical night sky on his ceiling!

Now, your kids will happily wait for your call for ‘lights out’! Dream Lites will not only make bedtime an enjoyable time, it will also help your kid to get that much needed peaceful and restoring night’s sleep , making him feel fresh and alert the next day. You won’t have to worry about Dream Lites being left on the whole night because it automatically shuts down after twenty minutes, giving your child sufficient time to fall off to sleep before the room turns dark again.

Your kid can have fun in choosing from a wide variety of adorable creatures, right from Dreamy Ladybug, Fluttery Butterfly, Jolly Giraffe, Magical Unicorn, Ms Ladybug, Playful Penguin, Rainbow Unicorn, Snuggly Puppy, Tardy Turtle and Zippity Zebra. Your kids will love these cute animals and the wonder they create each night by opening up their very own night sky dotted with beautiful stars!

Your kids will not only look forward to the Dream Lites experience, their fear of the dark will also be reduced appreciably. Dream Lites is a great birthday, holiday or any other special occasion gift idea; kids will love to get their own Dream Lites!




What do I get?
Choose from Dreamy Ladybug, Fluttery Butterfly, Jolly Giraffe, Magical Unicorn, Ms. Ladybug, Playful Penguin, Rainbow Unicorn, Snuggly Puppy, Tardy Turtle, Zippity Zebra. Price $29.95 + shipping. Official website www.DreamLites.com


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  1. Thoughtful comments – I am thankful for the insight – Does anyone know if my business could possibly obtain a sample Cash Receipt version to edit ?

  2. The same thing happened to our unicorn glow pet. It didn’t turn on so I changed the batteries and when I did it still didn’t turn on. But the paw and the battery compartment got very hot and started smelling very funny like burnt plastic. I took out the batteries and contacted the company. The woman on the phone named. Cathy was very nice and understanding. She gave me an email address to contact she said. To write everything in the email. The person I was emailing was Peter. The problem was is that the email failed. So now on Monday I have to call them again.

  3. Our daughter got a unicorn for Christmas. She loved it. then it suddenly stopped working and we went to replace the batteries in it. Within seconds the battery compartment started to smoke and we had to take out the batteries and put it all outside. I don’t even want to imagine what could have happened if we had left the unicorn in our daughter’s room. How awful to read that some children got hurt! I can’t believe that after all the reviews here these Dream Pets are still out there and even advertised on TV! I have written to the company. Let’s see if I hear back…

  4. My daughter owns a Pillow Pets Glow Pets pillow (it was an X-mas present), and this morning she woke up with severe 1st and 2nd degree burns in 2 places on her shoulder! I don’t quite understand how it happened, because the pillow shows no signs of burning, but there is nothing else that could have done it. She was sleeping with her head on this pillow. She has 2 large (2″ diameter) red patches with two smaller, elongate burn blisters in their centers, in line with each other, as along a wire. I can only believe that some wire got too hot. It COULD, it seems, even cause a fire!

    These electrical Pillow Pets are DANGEROUS! They need to be RECALLED!

  5. So I bought my 19 month old green triceratops big mistake , he has had it for less then a week and it started flashing like a strobe light . I can not get it to turn off besides for taking the batteries out of it , totally sucks because my son is attached to the thing and himself turns it on at bedtime . I tried calling customer service but was told that even though he only had it for a week my initial purchase was past there 60 days . ( it took almost two months for me to get it after I had ordered it ) NEVER again will I buy anything from this company it is a total rip off, I even tried to find one at Walmart but our Walmart does not carry that one.

    • That’s absurd. The clock MUST start ONLY when you receive it, NOT when you ordered it. Otherwise, they use up your warrantee! Otherwise, they are rewarded for being slow! I would NOT let them off the hook. I’d raise bloody hell until they gave me satisfaction.

    • The EXACT same thing happened to my daughter’s!! She was crying for me in bed, so I went into her room. She handed me the toy. It’s flashing like a strobe light and there is no way to turn it off. WE BOUGHT IT YESTERDAY!!!

  6. I bought my daughter a unicorn for Christmas. Tried 3 different sets of batteries and it flat out doesn’t work. I returned it for another one, same problem. My daughter is heartbroken and I am pissed. Don’t buy this, it is a waste of money!

  7. I bought my daughter a unicorn for Christmas. Tried 3 different sets of batteries and it flat out doesn’t work. I returned it for another one, same problem. My daughter is heartbroken and I am pissed. Don’t buy this piece of crap!

  8. My 5 year old daughter loves her Butterfly Lite. She is now very sad because It all of a sudden stopped working as in all the other complaints I have read. Can anyone please give me a phone number to contact this company? I’m going to let them know what’s going on and how I feel about this. Thanks in advance.

    ~Angry Momma~

  9. Just a quick note for any parent of a DreamLite owner, the most common problem that causes DreamLites to stop working is corrosion or condesation on the internal board. If you’re willing to spend 5 minutes then you can probably salvage your kid’s DreamLite by opening up the top cover and unscrewing the board with the LED’s on it and then cleaning gently with rubbing alcohol. Be sure to dry the board off with some compressed air before reinstalling but this should fix the most common issue.

  10. We bought our son a giraffe dream lite. Its been about a year and a half and it does not work any more. I can’t believe all the reviews I see of them being broke… I sure would love this one replaced or our money back.

  11. I got a puppy dream lite and it stopped working in the middle of the night and I can’t sleep no matter what I try I keep taking the batteries out and putting them back in but it keeps turning off when I turn it on and I can’t change the color and its 1:21 in the morning and I’m really scared because I have no light and I can’t get new batteries because my mom will yell at me so here’s my review, THIS IS A PIECE OF CRAP!

  12. Just found out that my friend’s house burnt today and the fire marshal is blaming it on a dreamlite in a child’s bed. Thankfully, no one was home except the family dog that the firemen rescued. Taking the batteries out of my kids’ dreamlites tonight!

    • I’ve heard of several people getting hurt by this product (pillow pets dream lite). Was your friend hurt in his house fire?

  13. My son received a dog Dream Lite as a gift rebut a year ago. The timer never worked; it just stayed on all night, creating a fire hazard. I tried turning it off fter my son fell asleep, but the switch is AWFUL. Often it wouldn’t turn off no matter how many times I pressed it.

    Other times it would simply switch to the disco-mode, changing color like mad. At that point it absolutely CAN’T be turned off. You have to find a tiny Philips-head screwdriver (assuming you have one), unscrew the battery plate, and pull the battery.

    My best bet was to use my fingernail to press the edge of the button on the side toward the main body, twice. That works to turn it off about half the time.

    This is an extremely shoddy and potentially dangerous product. That it is marketed to children makes this even more unforgivable. These people have exploited children’s dreams and given them garbage in exchange.

  14. Justin – Could you please send me your instructions on how to repair the lousy circuit board switch! Thank you very, very much.

  15. Terribly unsafe. We spent $100 for three of these, for our children ages 3-6. The other night I caught my 3 year old with the back popped off and pulling wires. They couldn’t screw down the back???? The very next night, she snuck into her brothers room and showed him how to do it, I heard her go in there so I was able to stop them before they pulled any more wires, but I took all three of them away from them after that. I can’t even get the back on again right if I tried. I cannot believe these are marketed for 3+ when it’s clearly not safe.

  16. I was very happy with the Dream Lites. The only problem I had was there is no way to replace the bulb so they only last a couple of months. However, this was enough time to get my 5 year old over her fear of sleeping in her new room.

  17. Santa brought my daughter a Unicorn and my son a Penguin, after 2 months of using it on a timer, the Unicorn has quit working. After reading all the reviews, I think Santa needs to check reviews before handing these out. I have decided not to contact Customer Service because no one else seems to have any luck with them, however, I will not be getting new ones. She can use it as a stuffy now. VERY UNHAPPY!!!

  18. On my Facebook a mother published a picture of her kids Dream Lite and she said the automatic timer never went off and took a picture of it and it had melted the plastic! Extreme fire hazard! Should be recalled!

  19. I turned on my Facebook and guess what i saw ? The unicorn Dream light That someone bought their daughter and in the picture showed the bottom where the plastic melted because it didn’t automatically shut off-could have started a fire in the bed or burned the child and worse. Have you got a recall on this?

  20. Dreamlites: let me just add to all the other reviews of the same thread…. These are CRAP! If they spent as much money on the product as they did advertising it… Well never mind then they would $75.00. Anyway, my sons each got one from Grandma as a Christmas gift this year. A dog & a penguin. They turn them on at night before they fall asleep. Then my 5 yr olds penguin just stopped working. Replaced batteries, nothing. Seems to be the on/off switch. Can’t take it apart, can’t get Customer Service and Grandma tossed the receipt out. So we are stuck with the broken crappy penguin that is useless now. Thankfully, big brother offered to let his little bro use his doggie pillow pet for now. So, my review is to save your money. Go buy a nice quality stuffed animal and a regular old nightlight instead. You & your child will be much happier!

  21. We purchased three Dream Lites from Costco right before Christmas and only one is still working. Despite changing batteries, the two defective ones do not stay lit for more that 10 seconds. Emailed customer@ontelproducts.com so we will see what happens. If nothing, bringing them back to Costco so then Costco can complain to Ontel.

  22. Bought a unicorn dream lite 2 weeks ago put batteries in the second day after purchase, it worked for two days and can’t get it to work at all now. Tried new batteries but nothing seems to be happening at all Absolute waste of money, will never ever recommend this product to anyone.

  23. I bought my three grandchildren Dream Lites for Christmas 2012. They all liked them very much.Three year old Ava’s butterfly broke by the end of February, 2013. The push button to turn “on” will not work. Looking inside, you can see circuit panel broke in half. I will not replace with the same as I feel the $30.00 is too expensive for only 60 days use. Five year old Caleb’s Dinosaur gets about half the use as other two. AJ, 18 months, is the best sleeper of the three kids and he has the penguin. All use batteries up very fast. Construction of toy is very nice and made of soft plush fabric.

  24. I would NEVER recommend buy this product. Simply for the fact that the company behind it is terrible in customer service. My little boys wanted the Dino dream lite for Christmas so when I ordered it I paid for express shipping. I did not receive them until two week after and I ordered it three weeks before. The company was terrible in they did nothing for me. Nothing for the trouble they caused me and nothing to get them to me fast or refund my money. Also to receive a full refund I would’ve had to pay to send them back to me. Then I decided to give them the Dreamlites for valentines day. Well turns out the product was defective and the screw whole was striped . When I call to get them to do something about it. I have to pay to send it back and them to send me another one. Crappy company. It didn’t stand by there product or have a decent return policy.

  25. Purchased two Dream Lites at CVS for Christmas. One didn’t work out of the box. Replaced it. And now 2 months later the second one has quit working even after changing batteries. I’m going to see if CVS will replace it. Both of my daughters love them but I don’t think I would buy then again after reading reviews.

  26. My daughter got my grandson one for Valentine’s Day today, As soon as I saw the little opening on top that was just big enough for a small child to stick a finger in, I was not impressed, and commented to my daughter that it was not safe for a 3 1/2 year old even with supervision. Screaming and crying, my daughter is trying to calm him and get his finger out of the moon hole on the penguin, it took one of us to hold him still and the other to release his nicked finger. RECALL IT!!!

  27. Our daughter really wanted one for Christmas and Santa did bring her one. She has used it since Jan. 5 but unfortunately it is already burnt-out. Obviously, I should have read the reviews. It is clearly a piece of crap. And now our daughter is very disappointed. Do not buy this. Spare yourself from the aggravation!

  28. My daughter got one for Christmas….disappointed to see last night it went “haywire” Wont shut off…fast cycling through the colors. (not soothing at all lol) Was cool if you want to make your own disco though……not worth buying.

  29. I was billed for two dream lites and was told to return/refuse the package (unopened) when it arrived since I only needed one and the company would immediately credit my card. I did as instructed without opening the box, returned the product and here it is 3 months later and my account has not been credited! The company told us they never received the package and now we are out of the money! I am taking this to the BBB.

  30. My two year old son loves this! He saw it on tv and didn’t realize he even wanted it until one day in Walmart. We walked my it and he screamed out pillow pet stars! I thought it was cute but for the price, and money being tight I was not going to buy it for him. Christmas was right around the corner and his grandpa got it for him. He scream again while he opened it, barely has been out of gist hands since. It’s an at home toy, he uses it even when its off. He likes to cuddle with it, use as a pillow, play with it. Asks for him every night and every nap. Sometimes he sleeps with me and even I like the stars on the ceiling! It’s just like as described in the infomercial. Stars are bright, and the puppy is soft. 5 stars pillow pet!! Awesome gift for Christmas or a birthday!

  31. Our daughter got a butterfly dream lite for Christmas. It worked at first and then would NOT SHUT OFF. Pushing the button did nothing. It just blinked from color to color and would not stop. We changed the batteries and it did nothing. So we took it back to the store and exchanged it for a new one.

    The new one is doing the exact same thing right now. It will not shut off and just goes from color to color.

    She received a Broncos dream lite as well and that one works perfectly.

    • Lisa the dreamlight is supposed to do exactly that. You need to read the operating instructions. There is a “timer on” “timer off” switch located on the bottom. You obviously have it in the wrong position. Mine works great!

      • Jim, try to be a little more respectful please. There is a problem that some of these have. If the button is played with (as to be expected in a little kids room) the light changes to a mode where it flashes each color of light for about a second (much too fast), and CANNOT be turned off, except by removing the battery. I have that exact problem.

        This is clearly different than the 5-8 second slow change that is the normal operation (and that you can turn off by pushing the button several times until it turns off). Please try to be a little more understanding.

      • I had the same disco effect happen with my son’s Dream Lite. I turned the timer switch on and off, pressed the button on top with no affect. The timer switch just made the colors blink faster or slower. The only way to fix the problem was to remove the battery. After that the Dreamlite would resume working. This seems to be a pretty common defect, and I am going to return it in hopes that the new one I get will not have this defect.

  32. My toddler was a terrible sleeper since day 1! She always had to sleep in the bed with us and needed to be rocked to sleep. Now with her dream lite unicorn, she watches her stars and falls asleep on her own- in her own bed!! Sounds crazy but it’s true. She’s still in our bedroom, but the lights are not so bright that it interferes with our sleep. Great product!

  33. I got Dreamlites on Christmas and I am 9 years old I was surprised at first. Now I love it, I got a dog though I kind of wanted a penguin but it is still cool.

  34. My mom ordered one for my daughter’s Christmas gift through amazon. It worked straight out of the box (so far) I can only hope it continues to work. However, just in case the lights burn out, does anybody know where to get replacement.?

  35. Awesome! Christmas Eve, midnight, and the kids get to open their one gift for the night. It’s a Dream-light, they exclaim. I put in the batteries and have my 3-year old turn off the lights. On three, we push the buttons to turn on the magical Dream-light penguins. And… nothing. No lights, just unhappy children. I tried to futz with the battery terminal, to no avail. I even pushed the button about 40 times. A family member bought them at Costco, so hopefully we’ll get to exchange. And hopefully they work. It’s not like it’s one faulty toy. There were two of the exact same toy that both had the same problem. Thanks Pillow Pets for upsetting my kids this Christmas Eve and forcing me to have to drive completely out of my way to try again. Maybe next time your cheesy commercial (which is totally captivating to my kids) comes on, I’ll quickly change the channel.

  36. I purchased a Dream Lites Ladybug for my 3 yr old daughter and instead received a hot pink ladybug. When I called them about it, first I was on hold forever, but then she informed me they were out of what I ordered, that’s why they shipped the wrong thing. Never have I dealt with a company that doesn’t notify you when they are put of a product before. So eventually after actually receiving the package I called about returning it and she said I would receive a return shipping label. I still haven’t and its been over a week since she said it would be shipped.

    Do not purchase Dreamlites from their website. The service is terrible and you may not even get what you ordered.

  37. I ordered one Dream Lite from the website. When I confirmed the order the total was $22.50 (Reduced price because of the promo code). After the order confirmation I was asked if I wanted to add any additional items. I added a DC-adapter so I could plug in the Dream Lite for $6.95. Then I was able to upgrade shipping. I chose Ground Shipping to make sure it arrives before Christmas for $6.95. (regular shipping take 3-6 weeks) Then I got my total which included and additional Processing and handling fee for $7.95.

    I’m very angry that I had to confirm the order before I was able to the total. Especially because the website never mentions how much the processing and handling fee is. My total was $45.35. I’m so angry that I’m canceling my order and buying from the store which is $15 cheaper!

    The website is set up to be a scam. They intentionally trying to trick you into spending more money then you intend. DONOT BUY FROM THE WEBSITE!!

    • Mary,

      The same thing happened to me today too. My order total including S&H & electronic processing fee was $31.45, and then once they show the receipt it shows my total $41.45! it says subtotal is $32.50 and then they add on the S&H and EPF again making my total $41.45! So after submitting my order they just added on an extra $10. I only ordered the triceratops no extras. I did this at night when no customer service is available. I too am MAD! I have a huge community email list of 2000 mothers of young children that live in my neighborhood that are habitual online shoppers and they love to read about companies to avoid, i should have asked if anyone has ordered from dreamlites.com before I made this purchase. If dreamlites.com doesn’t fix this first thing in the morning, all 2000 mothers are going to get to read my experience with dreamlites.com.

  38. I placed an order, along with the upgrade, and a 2 day shipping. I did not receive the dream lite for my grandson’s birthday, and I cannot reach a live person to see what the status is. I get the continuous recording. I would encourage anyone thinking of purchasing one of these to reconsider!

  39. The Dreamlite it’s a big scam it only works for few weeks and then suddenly stop working. I plug it in and nothing. I change the battery nothing and my baby didn’t do anything to it, don’t buy it from the website better go to another place in which you can return if this came back bad. And also customer service is never responding the phone.

  40. I dont have kids but I am a Firefighter. To me putting light bulbs inside of a fabric type toy is a fire waiting to happen. Yeah it says it shuts off in 20 minutes by itself but do you want to trust something made by a child in China for 2 cents a day in your child’s bed? Just my opinion.

    • Thank you for that, I didn’t think about it till now anyways this is not only a bad toy but make my little girl cry and cry because the butterfly stop working after few weeks how sad !!! we should close that business. It is a big scam $50.00 for nothing.

      Customer services never respond.

  41. D22RUNI 
    Rainbow Unicorn Dream Lite

    Regular Price $29.95

      $22.50  1  $22.50
    D22TGRA  Additional Mr. Tiger  $22.50  1  $22.50
    D22GTRIA  Additional Green Triceratops  $22.50 

    DREAM  Promotional Discount Included in Price Shown  $0.00  1  $0.00 (FREE PILLOW PET)
    WF1100  Electronic Processing Fee (SURPRISE) $1.00  1  $1.00

    Processing & Handling
    $7.95 (4big items! Not bad)
    Lol… So I got roped into 2 more @$22.50 for other kids Christmas gifts ;P. WAY more than I planned to spend lol
    But it’s still a deal for each& I’ll b a big hit come Christmas 🙂

  42. My Dad purchased a unicorn for my daughter. She was so excited. It worked perfectly, but she was afraid of the unicorn face on her ceiling. Nuts! Truthfully, when I saw it, it kinda creeped me out too. So I cut it out & made a heart shape, but it’s a big ol’ hole.

  43. DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT ONLINE!!! Go to the local Target, Walmart, ToysRUS ect. on 7/17/12 the nightmare began: I ordered a Unicorn ($29.95) and a turtle ($25.95 for the 2nd item), the turtle’s battery connections didn’t work. I shipped it back after waiting 2 weeks for the return authorization (RA) paperwork. They advised they now had monkeys, I said ship me one. I received a 2nd unicorn. Again after 2wks for the RA I shipped it back. They then shipped me a MINI MOOSE PILLOW with paperwork for a MINI MONKEY PILLOW @ $12.95 that I rec’d on 9/27/12. I called & said KILL THE ORDER, & REFUND MY MONEY. 2wks AGAIN for the RA, I shipped the moose back. I rec’d an email that it was rec’d and they were processing a refund for the frigging MONKEY PILLOW @ $12.95.!!! AND it would take 7-10 business days to do so. WHAT?!?! I called and had to explain the whole order to them, they advised they would “escalate my inquiry to the corporate office.” I waited the 7 business days and called AGAIN. Same spiel from the customer support, it’s being “escalated.” Meanwhile, I went to Target and bought a butterfly being they didn’t have a monkey. I HAVE CALLED 15 TIMES OVER 2 MONTHS trying to clear this mess!!!! Today I asked how long would it take to cancel my “cancelled order” and have them ship another piece of product, just to END THIS. their answer, “my guess would be it may take 30 days to stop the cancelled order and ship a product.” so, keep it as a cancelled order and refund my money already!!! TWO MONTHS OF HASSLE. I’m sad to say the girls love their Dreamlites. IF ONLY I DID TOO AND COULD GET MY REFUND BACK.

    • Good luck with your refund, I have been waiting now for 3 months and still don’t have one. It was sent back and was told the package never arrived! I am proceeding with the Better Business Bureau. Maybe if everyone files with the BBB something could be done.

  44. This company leaves a lot to be desired as a good business or a good product. I ordered 2 dreamlites on 8/6, was told they would be shipped “immediately”. One was for a birthday gift for my 1 year old great granddaughter’s birthday on 8/24. They finally arrived the last of Sept.

    The one I purchased for her birthday quit working after only 2 weeks. I called on 10/15 and they said they would send me a new one “immediately”. This is 11/15 and no Dream Lite yet. I called and nothing has been done on the issue.

    The second one was for my grandson’s Christmas gift, but I am returning both of them to dreamlites and getting a refund. These are a great idea – but simply another China “junk” product for a high price. They should be priced at about $10 and then they would be a value for the dollar.

  45. I ordered four Dreamlite pillow pets on November 7 and I am receiving them today. I was charged for the deluxe pet which I did not order which is $10 more per pet. I called when I received the message on line that my order had been shipped and noticed the wrong charge but was unable to reach anyone by phone and the website given does not work. I called today and talked to someone I could not understand named Frances and told him the problem and he said I ordered the deluxe model. I DID NOT!!!! I have the copy on my PC for my order. He said he could not help me and hung up on me. I called back and got Frances again and he said I did not talk to him but they had 4 Frances’s that worked there>! Right. I demand a response by phone or email. I am another dissatisfied customer to which this company has many. I will report to BBB.

  46. I purchased a Dream Lite Unicorn for my grand daughter from Walmart approximately 1 month ago. I bought a $14.95 converter box to go with it as in the long run it would have saved me on batteries. Key word there is “would have”. After only 1 month, the lights have gone out and there is no troubleshooting on their website to change out the light or to let you know this may be a potential problem. Totally disappointed in this EXPENSIVE night lite option.

  47. My grand-kids and me are very happy with the Dreamlights I ordered from the official website back in the spring. Got them fairly quickly and they have worked perfectly. Had to change the batteries once. Don’t know why it can be so hit and miss on them working and the quality. I purchased two more yesterday so they can have a Dreamlight at my house when they spend the night and nap times. They have been dragging them back and forth from home to here since I got them and they have held up great. This time around I didn’t order the ‘Deluxe’ with the adapter because we haven’t used it for the original ones and I think they come with different colored lights to begin with. At least the one I got at Target does. I had to order one from the Dreamlights website because my grandson wanted the dinosaur which isn’t available in stores. Will post back about these new ones as soon as we get and try them out for a while.

  48. This Dream Lite toy is a total failure!!!! Why build it so POORLY knowing that children will be the ones playing with it!! THE BBB REALLY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS COMPANY.

    • Is this company in the US? Everyone has complained about the product causing some burns. Has anyone contacted the The government about a SAFETY RECALL? This is very important to do this and, get this crap off the market. For over charges contact your credit card company and the FTC. I will not buy this junk for my grand kids. Buy a small night light and, a Bear from Build a bear and, let the kid pick it out. Less problems.

  49. We purchased a DREAM LITE for my grand daughter, it worked for about three weeks, and then it just STOPPED working. Now I have to hide the toy from her, because she is asking for it. WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSE TO DO? This is not a $ 10.00 toy….cost $ 30.00. This company should be ashamed of themselves. I read a lot of the reviews about this Dream Lite toy, and the company should not only think about gaining the public’s hard earn money, BUT REFUND THE CUSTOMERS their money…….THE BBB NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THIS COMPANY.

  50. Do not order this Dream Lites form the official website. The website is misleading. It baits consumers with a 25% off, then after purchase, hits consumer with the $7.95 plus $14.95 shipping cost. The 14.95 is for 2 day shipping that can take a week or longer. The $7.95 shipping is for 4 to 6 weeks. Total for a $29.95 product becomes $46.40. RIP OFF

    • I had the same problem with them. They surprise you at the end with the “processing and handling” fee. Total scam company. They also advertise dream lites on their commercial still that have been retired. Of course, those are the ones my kids want.

  51. My granddaughter got one for her birthday. I had a plug that works with it to make it work but I had to play with it to get it to turn on. Got batteries to put in it but it didn’t work and I thought maybe the batteries were bad from sitting for to long so I picked fresh ones up and tried it and it still doesn’t work.

    For $30 I would expect it to work out of the box. I’m very disappointed in the Dream Lites and my granddaughter was disappointed she doesn’t have her gift.

  52. Newest scam–charging you for two when you only order one. I just ordered a pillow pet from dreamlites.com (didn’t read this site first!) It said if I wanted a printed receipt, I just had to answer a few questions. First it said I had to click a product to get the receipt. That was odd but I clicked on the product I had just ordered. Next question–do you want to add $10 to your order to get a deluxe Dream Light including an adapter plus a lite that has 4 colors? (3 plus multi). That is the same colors as regular. I said no thanks. Next question: Do you want to buy an adapter for $6.95? I clicked on no thanks. Then it sent me to the printable receipt. It had charged me $52.95 and had two dreamlites in my order, not one. I emailed them immediately telling them about the “error” and I will dispute the credit card charge. I will call them tomorrow but from what I’ve heard, their customer service is no good. The only reason I ordered on their site is because my daughter wanted the zebra. What a nightmare.

  53. I bought 2 Tardy Turtle Dream Lites on 9/10/2012. One had a tear in it. My daughter sewed it b/c the children did not want to part with it. I was going to return it. How could this have happened?

  54. I considered purchasing a dream lites pillow for my twins for their birthday, however, after watching the commercial, I noticed there were no minority children on the commercial. I can not support a company that does not support diversity.

    • That is SOOO dumb! You are so worried about race that you would ignore your kid’s desire for a toy? Just because something doesn’t have a black person in their commercial doesn’t mean that they don’t have racial diversity. You are the one promoting racism! People like you make me sick! Until you can stop seeing race in everything you won’t truly be free!

      • It’s obvious who is dumb. I typed minority and you responded speaking of blacks. You need to enroll in a diversity training course as soon as possible.

        • Wait a second… so, before you bought your child a toy, you checked to see if there were minorities in the commercial? That’s just too funny! I’m African American and I’m not that paranoid. It’s people like you that keep racism alive. If everybody quit worrying about it, than nobody would even think about it. By mentioning this, you are segregating yourself. Nobody ever noticed it until you mentioned it. I’m not trying to be mean, but it’s true. Like I said, I’m black, so I understand what you are trying to say, but it shouldn’t bother you that much. I’m starting to be embarrassed of my own race.

      • Well I saw the commercial and there were plenty of “minorities” (by definition) represented! Because last I checked women are still considered minorities in the USA!! I’m with everyone else ….keep pointing it out and you are perpetuating racism… Is it fair that a less qualified and/or less experienced individual should get a job, promotion, scholarship, funding, ACTING GIG, etc just because someone it trying to appease all the race card holders…get a life lady!!!

    • I am not saying that it is right.. but if there were no minorities in the commerical it is honestly just advertising. Advertising companies strategically choose their cast, pick the channels to air them, ect.. to sell to who they think their target market is. Consider yourself lucky that you didn’t purchase one because it is a waste of money… if you have read any of the reviews.

  55. Thank you everyone for the heads up on not buying this item online! I was just about to submit my order when I thought I better check out some of the reviews! I am very glad that I did! I will either be buying one from Wal-mart, target, or just not buying one at all!!

  56. I ordered the Dream Lites unicorn for my granddaughter on 08-31-12. The money was deducted from my account, and I never heard another word from them. I finally made contact, they informed me I would receive a confirmation (I never did) and on 10-01-1, I received my partial order (the adapter) was not included. I emailed the company, and I am now waiting for a response. I wish I had read all the reviews before I ordered this damn thing. I wish I could beat the hell of out someone at that company for ripping so many people off!! It’s a shame.

  57. I forgot that I would comment again after I received my order. I was nervous after reading what everyone posted, but my online order was delivered quickly and has worked perfectly for the 6 weeks we’ve had it. We bought the deluxe so it came with an AC adapter, I knew I wouldn’t want to burn through a ton of batteries.

    Hard to say how many people get their order and are happy, because those people likely don’t feel the need to come vent/report online. I nearly forgot until I was reviewing my bank statement.

  58. Worked one time. Do not buy. Luckily I bought it locally. Will be going back tomorrow and my 4 year old us very sad. He’s been wanting one for 6 months.

  59. Recently purchased the dog Dream Lites Pillow Pets at a Walgreens ($29.95) for my 16 month old grandson who will stop everything to watch the commercial. Worked beautifully (although I was disappointed it did not play music, only a light show). First night we spent half an hour watching the light show which he really enjoyed. Had it sitting atop a dresser. Turned it on a few times the next day during nap time and bedtime. He would fuss and want to hold it but because it has a hard plastic back (where the stars are cut out for the light show), I just didn’t think it would be comfortable.

    A few days later while preparing to visit his other Nana, I had him in a playpen and let him hold the Pillow Pet. He hugged the Pillow Pet then lay down with it. Again, because of the hard plastic “starry” area, I reached in to take it away and saw loose batteries (2 AAA – third was still in place) in the playpen and immediately knew they had fallen out of the Dream Lite. I tried to replace the batteries but the screw to hold the plate in place had stripped which then simply brought my attention to the vulnerability of the toy. The battery casing is held on with one screw and then covered with a fabric flap with velcro. I can only surmise that even the light pressure of hugging was enough to cause the screw holding the battery casing, to fail. Parents should be warned not to allow the toy in bed with the child (even though it’s called a “pillow”). For those who argue that it is for ages 3 and up, it’s still dangerous to little brothers and sisters.

    It’s a great concept but really shouldn’t be marketed as a “pillow”.

  60. I just wanted to let everyone know to stay away from the dream light…..the thing was good for awhile then it just stopped working replaced batteries even payed extra for the cord to plug it in. And nothing. The customer service is horrible, nobody seemed to want to help so now stuck with this stupid toy.

  61. Just wanted to thank all of you who have posted your comments. I was really considering placing an order for the dream lite pillow for my little one, so glad I looked hear first! I will definitely go to local store instead.

  62. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER! You can definitely purchase these through several stores, Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, Babies R Us and more. I just purchased it from Toys R Us and was able to even use their birthday coupons making it cheaper.

  63. I called the customer support center 4 times, only to be hung up on or the agent held down a key to make an annoying sound, then was disconnected. The advertising three weeks ago said it is only available on TV, but I saw them in Rite Aid. My concern is the S&H charges. I asked for a refund, only to be given the run around. Also, the product does not spin the light around. What a rip-off!!

  64. Been messing around with this item for over a month. First one was defective so they were going to send a return label- never showed up. Called back and the had no record of the pending return. I was even given an RMA # the first time and they said it was no good when I called back. Been disconnected several times while waiting on hold. DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!



  67. I have just ordered a Dream Lite from Amazon, after one month of trying to resolve a problem with a broken item that the company sent. Their customer service rep simply did NOTHING she said she would do. She did two things we did not want: she sent an adapter, which we did not ask for, and she cancelled our item, after promising to replace it. Grandson has waited over one month, and at the end, Dream Lites simply cancelled the order…wrote to us that they have credited our account, but did not refund the shipping and handling charge. I have no faith that they have really creditied our account, either. It has not shown up on any statement. This is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. They should be ashamed of how they handle issues.

  68. Dream Lites sent a broken item. Called customer service. They wanted to FIX it, and then send it back, instead of sending a new item. After I complained, they agreed to send a new item. So what did they do? They sent me a new adapter, which didn’t address the problem, because the plug on the item to accept the adapter was missing. Then, they sent me a label to return the item….for replacement. THEN, they sent me an email, telling me the order had been cancelled. But they kept the charge for shipping/handling. They have SERIOUS customer service problems!!

  69. You know those DREAM LITES on TV, DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM! I ordered one for Jaylyn on 6/20/12 and called today to see what was taking so long and how my order was cancelled while I was on hold (they said ordered cancelled on 8/7/12)but charged on my credit card back in June? Can we say SCAM?

    • I live in Northwestern Illinois. Walmart had these items by the check out. I purchased one for my daughter. It was the rainbow unicorn. Cost was $30.00.

  70. Very frustrated… just called dreamlites they told me the first order was lost and they sent out 2nd order!!! They don’t know when it will arrive. Gave me tracking order number, but it doesn’t work. Keep calling back but get disconnected every time! What can I do?
    This is crazy. Have 2 grand-kids waiting. Now I find out their in Walgreens.

  71. I have been waiting for shipment 2 months!! Called wed site and they are not helpful. What a big mistake.

    • What is their phone number? I’m having same issue I can’t seem to find their number online anywhere!

      • This is such a heart breaker! My daughter has been excited for a month about this! Such a disappointment! This company should seriously pay for their dis honesty towards children!

  72. Have bought two unicorn dream lights. Had to return both as they did not work. Am leery about trying another. Very disappointed as my granddaughter wants one for her birthday.

  73. I heard, Maw Maw I promise I will sleep in my own bed. Bought one for my 6 yr old grand-daughter. Placed order, package shipped, got tracking number. Delivered 2 days early. A little on the pricey side, but what isn’t? It works fine. She loves it. No issues at all. She may get more for Christmas. But I have time to find them in the stores.

    • Walmart carries these for $30!!! Just bought my little boy one yesterday, HE ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT. Do NOT buy online — too expensive.

      • I plan on checking out the stores, from now to Christmas. I won’t pay that much for one in the future. Thanks

  74. Ordered this in their website and got it after 5 days but when received it was defective – no light. We called several times for replacement and sent in the mail return shipping label. After more than 2 weeks we received the replacement last Thursday 07/19/12. WE opened it today 7/22/12 put 3AAA batteries still another defective dream light pillow pet. I am so frustrated with this my 6 yrs old daughter is crying now why this product is always broke. I will call them again to return this for the 2nd time. Its frustrating. Don’t buy “made in china” full of BS! Crop

  75. I am so angry – this beautiful butterfly arrived this am. Couldn’t wait to try it for my granddaughter. She loves the tv ads. What a FARCE – three aaa batteries – no light on the ceiling, walls, floor, anywhere. How can your company do this to trusting people. Now I will send it back (you can keep the postage & handling – but be assured I will tell all I know what a scam this is. I just wonder if any of you have kids or grandkids who were excited about this and were so disillusioned. Sleep well tonight!!

  76. Horrible!! Sent for a Dream Lite, It came in a timely manner but it was defective. Called & talked to a rep & they said to send it back (at my expense!!) After numerous phone calls about me not paying for shipping for a defective product to be sent back, they sent me a shipping label. I boxed up the product & sent it back under the assumption that a new one would soon be on its way. Nope! It is now being credited back to my credit card. I was told I can start over & order a new one & pay the shipping again!! Them sending me a defective product is NOT MY fault & I should NOT have to pay shipping fees AGAIN!!

      • Why support a company that treats their customers that way? We read the reviews for this one and the Cloud B Constellation Turtle and the turtle (there is also a ladybug) won. Do yourselves a favor and go buy the constellation turtle & friends.much better and the batteries last about a year. Our 2.5 yr old wanted a dream lite but we got him the turtle instead and he loves it especially because he can help find the 8 constellations included and change the colors all by himself 🙂

  77. OK – well my experience over the phone was horrible. It took me almost an hour to just order the thing. The operator kept trying to get me to buy all this extra stuff and magazine subscriptions and it was just too much! I finally said if you don’t just place my order for the pillow pet I am hanging up! It was ridiculous. I did pay the extra cost for shipping and it still took almost 2 weeks.

  78. I just wanted to say that I ordered a dream lite for my great niece on July 8, and it came in the mail yesterday.It took only 10 days & I was able to track it. I didn’t pay for the faster shipping. It is a birthday present for my 3 year old great niece and she loves it. I was a little worried after reading all the bad comments.I almost cancelled the order. So far, so good I will keep you posted if any problems develop.


  80. Wish I would read all the negative reviews before attempting to purchase dream-lite for my son. Worst company and customer service I have ever experienced. Please save yourself the headache and disappointment and do not purchase a dream-lite.

  81. Dream lite company is terrible spent over 2 hours on phone with customer service after messing up my order. Don’t waste your money here these people at dreamlites are scam artists and crooks that sell a terrible product.

    Pissed off consumer that was ripped off by Dream Lite company.

  82. I honestly think that Dream-Lites are copying Cloud B. Cloud b. has been around for years, and it shuts off after 45 minutes, and dream lites shut off after 15 minutes. Dream lites is $30 and Cloud B. is $18-$24. so I think Cloud B. is a much better deal.

      • We’ve had the Cloud b turtle for over 4 years, and it’s still working beautifully! I just wish they offered a unicorn…my littlest one really wants a unicorn, but I am NOT going to buy from Dream Lites.

  83. I bought a Dream-Lite, and it was backordered (didn’t say on the website, but on the Pillow Pets website, they show up as sold out, so I figured). It does take some time to get them. I was surprised that it was small, but when I watched the commercial again, I saw real pillow pets and that it does show that its smaller… regardless, it projects the stars and shapes very well, and it covers most of the ceiling, so I wouldn’t want it any bigger. My daughter LOVES it, and I had no issues with the company.

    FedEx lost the package (still showed as being delivered after 10 days, when I finally checked), and i emailed the dream lites company and they immediately shipped a new one, which I got the next week. The product DOES NOT come with an adapter, and it says such in the documentation. They do not make adapters for it, but a generic 4.5 volt adapter will work with it, if you have one or choose to purchase one. It works fine with batteries, but if you plan to leave it on all night, I’d recommend getting an adapter. You can get one for $10 or less online, just search for 4.5 volt power adapter.

  84. My niece asked me for one so I ordered it Sunday July 8th As you navigate through the website they trick you into ordering another one. This is done on purpose. “first Red Flag” I called them on Monday to adjust my order and was told to call back in 3 hours as my order had not shown up in the system. This means website and company are separate which is another red flag. I called them on Tuesday and they were able to adjust my order. I was stupid and opted for the deluxe package and fast shipping. Anyways,So far so OK, as my order has been adjusted with lil to no trouble… I will follow up with any new info as it becomes available.

  85. Don’t waste your money;

    I gave one to my 6 years old daughter, she only used it at nights to fall asleep and I turned it off once she felt asleep, it only lasted a month and a half…..now I will go on the adventure to try to get a refund.

      • Ya…it’s supposed to be used to fall asleep to. And what do you mean it only lasted a month and a half? Did it break after that or did you just stop using it? And why were you turning it off after she fell asleep when it has an auto shut off?

        Confused to whole post.

        I just ordered the deluxe for my 4 year old daughter, I’ll post back with my experience.

  86. Poor quality and hard to get a refund! The product quality is not as it is advertised on TV. Instead of bright lights, I could hardly see any lights on the ceiling. Mailed the product back the next day (paid for shipping and delivery confirmation). The product was delivered 5 days ago, but when I called them – “no product was received”. If am afraid that I will have to open a claim with my credit card.

  87. No luck finding these locally. Only place I found was online, which sucks due to the wait. Faster than waiting for them to show up in stores I guess.

    • Bed, Bath & Beyond carries them and every other as-seen-on-tv thing u can think of but I would not support a horrible company like this at all. Check out the constellation ladybug & turtle. Thats what we went with and our son loves it., they had great reviews plus we have friends and relatives w the cloud b constellation lights

  88. I’m not sure if this has been said yet but I was at the mall in JC Pennys If you want to check them out before purchasing and buy it w/o paying shipping.

  89. I am extremely disappointed by the service that we have received from Dream lites. Approximately 5 weeks ago, my mother placed an order for a dream lite for my daughter. After 3 weeks had passed my mom called to check on the status of the order, to find that the package had been delivered To the wrong address. After speaking with numerous representatives who were not trained to help us with this issue, we finally were able to speak with a supervisor. They assured that the package would be retrieved, however they would be sending another one out, that day, and we should receive it in 5 days. Another week later, and I will excuse the fact that there was a weekend and holiday in-between, we call to find when it will be arriving, and they tell us that the order is “ready to be shipped”!!! I have never dealt with such an untrained and unprofessional staff, when ordering a product online. The price is misadvertised. This was supposed to be a gift for my daughters birthday. Not only did we order it with plenty of time.. We did not receive it and are more than disappointed. This is the first and only time I have ever written a negative comment about a product, and it saddens me that it would have to be over an item that my child really wanted. I suggest anyone planning to buy skips the hassle and purchases that similar products, in store made by Cloud 9.

  90. I just wanted to thank everyone for their honest responses and feedback concerning Dream Lites. My 3 year old daughter saw the commercial a few months back and sings the theme song whenever she sees pillow pets in the store. She recently transitioned successfully from her crib to her big girl bed and wanted to reward her, so I thought I would finally purchase a Dream Lite for her. After reading the horrible but very honest responses, I decided to purchase a pink ladybug night light by Cloud B from Amazon. It’s cute, half the price, I know they work and I trust Amazon. I feel very sorry for the business that makes Dream Lites because they have lost my business and once again, Amazon.com has gained it. I’m sure most parents can agree that when it comes to our children, it’s not okay to break their little hearts!

  91. I also, like many, found customer service to be HORRIBLE and the the company WILL SCAM you! I ordered mine, then was offered the option to “upgrade” to one with multiple light colors, and I was perplexed thinking they all did, but chose not to. Then, when order was placed, after looking over the order and submitting it since it looked correct, I was surprised to receive an email saying I had ordered and paid for two! I was charged nearly $80! Okay, so like any other website, just simply edit the order before it’s processed, right? Nope! Not with these guys! I spent the next few days, emailing and calling with no help at all! Oh, but then they FINALLY emailed me back, saying they couldn’t make changes to the order because it was being processed. What??? After all that time, they couldn’t help me? And even then, it still wasn’t shipped and was their mistake! That aside, shipping time want bad, less than 2 weeks and the Dreamlite is cute and bright and cuddly. I sold the other one I received on eBay and made the money back and saved someone else the hassle at the same time! Then I saw the ones I received had the different colored lights anyway. I looked it up and found our that’s how they all are! So anyone that pays for that is just being scammed out of more money! But the product itself is good. Very cute. The size was about what i imagined. I wasn’t expecting a full size pillow pet with lights, so no problem there. But I strongly suggest you try to find one elsewhere, wait for them to pop up in malls and such, or just go with Cloud B twilight or something similar. It’s not worth ordering from this scumbag company and they don’t deserve any of our money with how they treat people!!!!!

  92. This company is a joke. They DO NOT communicate with their customers about their order. Well I ordered my 10mo daughter this item on 6/8/2012, received an email confirmation right after. A couple of days later, I noticed that the payment never came out of my account. That was odd, so I went on the website to check my order and it was cancelled.So I figured, oh well, I guess I won’t be getting the Dream Lite. All of a sudden on 6/25 a withdrawal comes out of my account for DREAM LITES. I was livid. How dare they withdrawal out of my account without informing me! I didn’t receive any email notifications or phone calls. Today (6/29), I just received an email that it was shipped yesterday and the expected date of arrival is July 9th. Humph, so it takes 3 weeks for you to get the money and roughly 2 weeks for me to receive the item? Never again. Oh yeah, Customer Service wasn’t helpful at all! BEWARE!

    • People just go to Wal-Mart or Walgreens they carry as seen on TV products. Not all Wal-Marts carry as seen on TV though but mainly it’s the Wal-Mart super centers. Another place you can get them is at Bed Bath and Beyond which is even better because they mail you coupons 🙂

  93. I ordered a Dream Lite on May 4th for my daughters birthday. It came in the mail 2 months later! Two months!!!! Then it was much smaller than I had anticipated! The commercial seems to show it being a full size one and it was a Wee Pillow Pet. I think for the price, almost $50, it should have been a full sized pillow. I was not pleased at all with the shipping process or the product!

  94. Hi Everyone,

    Please DO NOT do business with Dream Lites. They are a scam and their customer service is pathetic and an absolute joke. I placed my order back in April. After several email exchanges saying my order was on backorder, I get an email on 6/23 telling me that my order has been cancelled. No explanation, No nothing! I send them a scathing email stating that they just don’t get it. It was not about whether my credit card was charged or not. It was about my daughter being so disappointed. It’s been 5 days since I sent this email and not a response from this pathetic company. Please DO NOT do business with these crooks!

    On another note, I purchased a Cloud B pink ladybug instead for my daughter. I received it in 2 days from Amazon in perfect condition. Ironically I was at Toys R Us today and saw the Dream Lites for sale. Out of curiosity, I took a close look at the Unicorn and the Dog. The quality was so poor compared to the Cloud B and selling for a lot more. Also, the lights are nowhere near as bright as what you see in the video. These guys are just big scam artists. Stay away from them. Buy Cloud B.

    I hope this feedback helps all the angry parents out there, as well as the parents that are considering buying this product.


    An Angry Parent

  95. I called and placed an order for dream light deluxe. I was offered this option for deluxe version after I put my card info in. I said yes because the light rotate and it comes with charger. After placing the order I called customer service, they are not there on weekends. The price showed up wrong and then to find out the mystery gift is a regular small pillow pet, wanted to cancel that order. I had to close the debit card because I don’t want my card charged wrongly and no customer service is there at the time. After that I got them, they WERE RUDE…DO NOT CARE TO HELP. I TOLD THEM THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS VERY POOR. THEN I PLACED ANOTHER ORDER, SAW THEY CHARGED ME FOR TWO TUNES WHEN I ONLY SAID YES TO ONE. Called the customer service again, they say they saw that order but they cant help me till next day…very disappointed. I closed my second debit card too cause the charges don’t go through right away when you purchase on their website. Its horrible service. I Saw it in Walmart…although I wanted the charger I’ll get the regular one its also very tiny.

  96. I bought the rainbow dream lite at Walmart today. My daughter loves it. The lights are brighter than what I expected. I’m going back to get the puppy dog for my son.

      • Not too sure why they wouldn’t be sold online at Walmart. The dream lites are in the “as seen on tv” aisle. Do you not live close to A Walmart? I haven’t seen the dream lites anywhere else yet. I wish I Could get one to you.

      • My Walmart sells them, Walmart online does NOT show a lot of products on the site because some items vary store to store. Not every Walmart is going to carry them, but maybe in the future when more and more of them do, they will start showing on their site. I just seen these last night at mine, not sure if they’re still $29.99, but my son really wants one. And I have to say, they are pretty small, but heard they light up very well.

  97. I was going to buy one for my autistic son but will not because of all these bad reviews same with the Stompeez. This is a thought I had since there are so many problems with these two products maybe you guys who bought the product and had problems should ban together and sue like a class action lawsuits they do with some of these drug companies. I think its sickening that people target children only to cause pain and suffering. Anyway just a thought I had and thought I would share.

    • This is why America is hated worldwide. Snobby sue happy fat greedy people by the millions. Its a pillow and you want to sue somebody because your kid isn’t happy with it??? Find a hobby.

      • That is not why we are hated. People want to move here because unlike other places we don’t have to sit here and take it when someone tries to rip us off for our hard earned money. It doesn’t matter what the product is, you shouldn’t have to put up with it. I’m not greedy, snobby or fat but I definitely don’t have money to throw away. I would sue to if someone wouldn’t give me my money back for bad service or products.

      • Hey cone head People hate America because we are free and the law protects us, see a jerk like yourself would be stoned in another country, America has freedom of speech jerky boy!!

        • I looked at this site because I was anticipating buying a dream light for my grand-kids. I think it is bad to include the name calling. The “use to be” American business ethic was that the customer is “always right”. Not that they were, but businesses put emphasis on pleasing the customer. I am nearly 67. Not now, as it seems anything goes. I have had several businesses including a gift store and businesses don’t try to please customers. The money amount is not the issue, but the ETHICS OF THE BUSINESS. If Americans are hated, it probably is because people are jealous.

      • Josh, I’ve never sued anyone before and I haven’t bought one of these for my girls yet, but it’s not greedy to pay good money for something that doesn’t work. It’s greedy to sell something that doesn’t work! Imagine if you bought a tool for $50 or even $20 and it was a piece of garbage. . . To me that is wrong, but to prey on parents that want to help their kids get over their fear of the dark? Mess with me, that’s one thing. Mess with my babies…….?!!!

  98. I was very happy to receive 2 dreamlites that I had ordered online, in such a short time. My grandson (4yrs) saw them on television. He said “mimi, they would be great for kids who are scared of the dark.”
    I wanted to surprise him, and ordered the puppy for him and the butterfly for my granddaughter. It was going to be a gift for him from “graduating Nursery School”.

    It was my fault for not opening both boxes to check, but I had opened the packing list and it said all that I had ordered had come in. I went to wrap the gifts and opened them up to be sure the right one went to the grandchild. BIG SURPRISE—-received 2 butterflies. Grandson’s graduation is tomorrow afternoon. No puppy dream-lite. I don’t know who I am angrier at me or the person who packed the shipment…He will get the puppy, later than sooner…thanks

  99. We just came across the puppy dream lite at Walmart after my daughter wanting it for the past month after seeing it on TV. We got it home and it works great! The light is actually very strong and shines amazingly. It can run on 3 AAA batteries or an AC adapter. I would highly suggest this product!

  100. Anyone else receiving solicitation phone calls after buying Dream Lites online? I have been getting all kinds of phone calls trying to sell me things like magazines and vitamins ever since I ordered from Dream Lites online.

    • YES! This company had me receiving Telemarketing calls literally the day after my order was placed. My order did not ship for 3 weeks (never did – I ended up cancelling the order).

      The telemarketers try to sell you the awful programs that bill your credit card monthly – but you can cancel after your 30 day trial. LOL. Like that ever goes smoothly. They also offer to give you $50 worth of free gas as their hook.

      Thank goodness people are now saying that these are available at Wal Mart because the ordering / shipping / service from the Dreamlite company is about the worst I have EVER experienced. Just brutal.

  101. After reading all of these reviews, I did not place an order, which was very hard for me because my baby girl wanted one so bad! So, to my great surprise, while shopping in Walmart Friday, they were there!! Only had the puppy and unicorn, but who cares! They are in stores!! I did call the number on the commercial Friday morning just to ask them about all the things I’ve heard on this site and she very rudely told me, “Oh, we have no problems, and I’m in ordering so would you like to place your order?” So glad I actually read and listened to the posts on this product! But, we got it and my daughter does love it, it does light up her entire ceiling and it is very cute!

      • They were $29.88, did not come with an adaptor, but considering all of the issues people on this board alone have had, I am just glad I got one so easily!

  102. Maybe I am in the minority but my experience was wonderful. I placed the order on June 7th and received my ladybug Dream Lite today the 15th. My tracking worked just fine, they did say it was coming Fed-Ex but came regular mail. I paid the extra for fast processing, maybe that was the difference. It was just as I expected since WalMart has them in there “as seen on TV” aisle. They just didn’t have the ladybug.

    My granddaughter is going to love it!

    • Have a question I just ordered my pillow pet Dream Lite and I clicked on the button for the deluxe were you get the charger and extra lights for $10 and I did rush shipping for $6.99 was seeing did it show on your receipt it says rush but it is a $0.00 but shipping says $14.94 I think they might have added it to the s&h price I don’t know though could you please help…lol.


  103. When I ordered this product 3 days ago, I was told that I was going to get it between 7 – 10 business days. I was already charged on my credit card. When I checked the order status the following day, it said that there was no order. I called into customer service and was told that they wanted my billing address which I gave to them when the order was placed. On top of that, he told me that it would take 6 to 10 weeks for delivery. He of-course argued with me on the phone when I told him to cancel my order. He then said that he would charge me extra for rush delivery but couldn’t guarantee a time frame.. It’s a rip off. Go to walmart, they’re basically the same. Very disappointed.

  104. We ordered the turtle little over 2 weeks ago and my nephew loves this thing. He sings the song when it’s on. Works good right out of the box.

  105. Please do not order it, cheaply made, it doesn’t lite up the room as in the commercial. Took weeks to get one, when I received the package was very very disappointed as to how small it is and how shabby it is.

  106. I think this is scam is not realy what we think. I ordered mine on May 23 and did not received yet. They lie every thing they are happy to help you give them your credit card number but not willing to help you when you need to track your order.

    I am going to sue them for fraud charges if I don’t receive with in one week. Or my money back.

  107. I really think this is a scam to get credit card numbers. I was told my order was declined. Knowing that was incorrect, I called back and did reach someone. The lady supposedly ran my card again and everything was good. I paid for the works and express shipping and have not received my order yet. I just got another notice that my card was declined again this morning and called back to check on it. They are now having a system ” upgrade” and can’t talk to anyone. The page to track your order is always a bad gateway as well. I fully expect to get fraud charges on my card in the next few months when they think I have “forgotten”. All reps are foreign so I’m suspicious!! The number is 1-855-876-1816. Good luck!

  108. Ordered the butterfly Dream-Lite in Feb 2012, received it in March, had used it for 6 weeks, and then it just stopped working. Tried to change the batteries. To no avail. The lights faded out and simply do not come on anymore. (And, yes, I know all about the off-on switch. trust me, I tried everything.) Very disappointed, because it was nice while it worked, but obviously the product was not worth the money if it only worked for a few weeks.

  109. I found this after reading all the complaints about dreamlites. Thank goodness people share their bad experiences. Amazon has many of these at various prices they are made by a company called Cloud B.

    On Cloud B they sell them but they are cheaper on Amazon and many will qualify for free shipping. Good luck.

  110. Whew – was going to buy two of these but thankfully I read these reviews. So for all of you who got ripped off by the folks, know that your reviews cost them at least two more orders…

  111. Thanks to everyone who posted their experiences with this product. I was getting ready to get one for my grandson for his birthday, but after all I’ve read I will not be “giving” my money away to a third rate company whose business is really scamming people and breaking the hearts of little children. what goes around WILL come around for that company. I hope the stations who run their commercials have enough sense to take them off of the station SOON!

  112. Don’t do it. This company is a scam looking for big bucks I’ve been dealing with them for three days now. They don’t care about your product only your money. I don’t care what anyone says I think it is another Indy company if American. You should be very ashamed of yourself find yourself guilty of treason or whatever you like then execute yourself.

  113. I ordered this product and it was on backorder. I was told my credit card would not be charged until I received the product. That was the first lie it was charged right away. When I received the product that was made in China it was used. Someone must have purchased this and returned it. When I called customer service I they said I would have to pay for the shipping to send it back and I would not be refused the shipping when it was sent to me. So I paid $18.00 for a product that I do not have. They would not refund this and customer service was not helpful. I think it is disgusting that this product costs about $48.00 with shipping and it is a piece of crap that is made in China. Do not buy this product. Go to buy buy baby and purchase there brand it is half the price and you can return it with no hassles.

  114. Now I know!My dad wants to get me one online, but after reading ALL THIS,I stopped him in time. He’ll probably get me the ones at Target. But there are none to be seen there! SHAME ON YOU DREAM LITES! YOU MADE KIDS CRY! I’m afraid of the dark and I now am disappointed, but there a solution! My will get it for my birthday, if it comes out. No one messes with me!!

  115. I want to let you all know that I luckily had a good experience. I wonder if I just ordered mine after the big “backorder problem” everyone experienced had been resolved.

    Here is how the time-frame went for me:

    I placed my my order on 5/23/12

    The next day when I tried to track my order, the tracking website did not work. I was extremely mad because only then I had read these reviews…

    But then a few hours later, on 5/24/12, I got an email saying my order was downloaded in their system.

    5/25/12-Payment posted.

    5/29/12- I received a tracking confirmation email.

    6/7/12- Today I received the doggy dream lite. Only 2 weeks later.
    My son is thrilled.

  116. I ordered it with rush shipping, and received a shipping notice a week later saying it would be ANOTHER 5-10 days. I really wish I checked here sooner… never again. I called complaining about the lack of a rush, and the woman said she’d escalate it and someone would call me back right away. I called a few hours later and spoke to Kenneth who told me that escalations take FIVE DAYS for a CALLBACK!! Totally ridiculous, so I asked to speak to a supervisor. I demanded the rush fee back, and she offered me $5 for the inconvenience. Since rush is $6.99, I obviously wasn’t satisfied, and I wouldn’t let her go until they refunded that fee. I’m going to keep it for my daughter when it comes, but I’m not paying for a service that I clearly didn’t receive. She said it was priority in front of other customers, so I told her flat out if everyone’s takes a year, and mine takes 6 months, it may be faster, but it’s not a “rush”.



    WARNING!!! Rating = ZERO

    NOTE! This experience was a nightmare, never again.

    1- Order placed and the site notes confirmation will be sent, NEVER RECEIVED IT.

    2- Call made to Customer Service with a promise that a return call would be returned because they could not find the order placed online and yet at the end of the order it was noted that it was. NEVER RECEIVED A RETURN CALL.

    3- I called them because I noted the next day that they charged me for it ($96.80) but still did not receive the confirmation email. NEVER GOING TO GET IT UNTIL DEMANDED. It suddenly appeared days later in their system.

    4- Days came to pass and then a confirmation came that the order was shipped, 10 DAYS LATER.

    5- With a zero tolerance for the unfriendliness and unprofessional service, I called to confirm that it was indeed shipped and if not, cancel my order. I HAD ENOUGH. I not only waited a long time on the phone to even reach a live voice for each call, they asked for my name four times and each time spelling wrong. I know it’s not me that can’t hear or understand. Putting that aside, they could not confirm that the order was out for delivery and I asked why. Their site seems to be having technical difficulties since I placed the order and still as of today. The representative disregarded everything I said and could not give me an acceptable answer to any of my questions. They had no knowledge of my order but they happily took my $96.80 (order for 2). NICE!

    6- I requested a return label so that I can ship it right back if it ever came but they won’t send it and said to just refuse the package when it arrives. I asked if I will have to sign for it or is it just dropped off and they noted they didn’t know. GREAT! We don’t even know where it is never mind when it is arriving.

    7- THEY CAN NOT PROVIDE A GUARANTEE! There is no value in their service. This company is unprofessional and dishonest as far as I am concerned. THEY WON’T BE KEEPING MY MONEY AND THAT IS A GUARANTEE! If you’d like to wait for a long time for a voice and hope for the “Best Product and Friendliest Customer Service” they offer a disservice at 1-855-876-1816.

    It’s very sad because my kids were looking forward to have this based on the dreamy commercial and ask for it each day since I placed the order. Unfortunately, this dream couldn’t come true. SHAME ON THIS COMPANY!

    • UPDATE:

      After MANY ATTEMPTS, we finally were able to click on the link to TRACK ORDER. More great news that it will arrive via FEDEX but it has yet to be in transit for delivery. There is only a notation from two days ago that “Shipment information sent to FedEx.” We will pursue the option to REFUSE PACKAGE and they will receive a GUARANTEE it sent via FedEx.

      We will have peace once they refund our money. GOOD GRIEF!

      • UPDATE:
        Here is the proof it didn’t ship as of days later from the initiation…from FedEx website tracking information.

        STATUS:Initiated – IN BIG PURPLE FONT
        Shipment information sent to FedEx
        Please check back later for shipment status or subscribe for e-mail notifications

        Anticipated ship date June 5, 2012 – TODAY IS June 8.

        Date/TimeActivityLocationDetailsJun 5, 2012 11:08 PMShipment information sent to FedEx – WAS THIS PAPERWORK DONE MANUALLY? Did they complete the forms wrong and now FedEx has issues to resolve before it is processed correctly in their system to be able to deliver.

        IT HASN’T EVEN BEEN PICKED UP TO BE IN TRANSIT. This order was placed on 5/27. FedEx Status hasn’t changed status with the notations still the same from June 5. WE PRINTED THE STATUS PAGES AS SOUVENIRS to track how long it will take before we see the status change, the package AND before we see our refund.

        NOTE: We forwarded the shipping confirmation/tracking for this order that we received to customer service yesterday to let them know we are returning it upon receipt and our thoughts about the service and experience. We received an email in return with NO APOLOGY. This is what we received, we just cut and paste for convenience. “If you would like to return this order, simply refuse delivery with your local post office. When the package arrives, do not open the box or the invoice and write “return to sender” on top of the box and hand it to your local post office or your mail carrier. Once this order is received back the credit will be posted within 3-5 days. Thank you and have a great day!”

        • UPDATE:

          We received the package and refused it. To protect ourselves, the post office representative signed a copy of a printed tracking receipt that notes we refused it, did not open the package and noted “return to sender.” We also sent them another email letting them know that we guarantee the return and expect a full refund immediately. We also contacted our credit card company.

          NOTE: If you didn’t notice, their invoice isn’t even correct. We are now having to track when they will receive their package and process our refund. We are sure it will be much longer than how quickly they took our money.


            “Your returned order has been received. If your return qualifies for a refund, you will be notified separately when your refund has been posted.

            Shipping, processing, and handling are not refundable.

            Please note that it may take your card issuing institution up to one full billing cycle to apply this refund to your account.”

            NOTE: THEY WILL GIVE 100% REFUND, THESE PEOPLE ARE THIEVES. They don’t waste time time to take your money but they will take their time to return it. UNBELIEVABLE! THEY ARE A PAIN THAT JUST DOESN’T GO AWAY.


            We are happy to now be able to move on. What a nightmare! Stand your ground and protect the hard earned money that belongs to you.

    • THANK YOU for posting the phone number..

      My order arrived, Turtle for my grandson’s birthday).. and I am more than unhappy. It was a huge disappointment.. and I so want to call them for the unnecessary add on charges they did.

  118. Be wary of all the positive reviews for this product from company shills, there are quite a few of them on here. I guess they needed to offset the high number of negative reviews for both the company and the product.


    1. The item I ordered was backordered, with no date given as to when it would be available. I received it finally, over 3 weeks after I placed my order.

    2. The button that turns the light on broke within 20 minutes of gentle play (snuggling).

    3. The company was going to try to charge me $7.95 in shipping costs to exchange it for a new one. When I said I would like to cancel my order, they then said they would email me a pre-paid label for the return.

    4. I never received the email with a pre-paid label.

    5. The link to check the order status didn’t work. The lady on the phone told me they must just be having trouble with their website.

    So I am waiting again for the pre-paid label email. I am really still hoping to get another, non-defective, Dream Lite, because my daughter fell in love with it and was crushed when it didn’t work.

    The phone # to call is hard to find. I’m not surprised they try to hide it. For anyone looking for a customer service #, it is 1-855-876-1816.

  120. I purchased the dream lite for my daughter. I did not have any problems with the shipping and the order arrived in about 2 weeks. However, I was extremely disappointed in the size of the dream lite. Given the cost of this dream lite I was expecting a full size pillow pet and this is actually the size of the mini pillow pets. You can buy a regular pillow pet for $19.95 so I thought it would be bigger then it is. My daughter really loves it and was so exciting when it arrived today however I don’t think it’s worth the money given the small size of it.

  121. I ordered a dream lite for my grandchild and did not receive verification or tracking number.

    Is there a special site for tracking my order number and/or confirmation?

  122. My 3yr old niece asked me to get her a Dream Lite. she explained to me what it is. I guess she saw it on TV. So I looked it up to see where they sell them? I think you can only order them online so I ordered her the rainbow unicorn on June 1st. I did the express shipping, so I think I should receive it within a week? I’m having a hard time tracking my order, And there’s no phone number to reach anyone. My niece wants this Dream Lite really bad so I’m hoping It arrives soon. This company better not disappoint us or they will not be getting any more of my business. How can I make sure my order is not on back order an when will it be coming?? Thanks

    • There was a phone number listed on my order confirmation. 1-855-876-1816. I ordered one before and had no problems hope I don’t this time!

  123. I ordered my 4-year-old daughter the Rainbow Unicorn on impulse after the commercial on May 26th. After the link they sent to check my order status didn’t work, I did some Googling and found all of these reviews. I got a bit worried after hearing how many people had issues with receiving this product.

    Thankfully, I appear to be in the minority. A couple of days after the order I received a link with the tracking/shipping info. Yesterday it said it’d arrive on Tuesday the 5th, but it just arrived this morning (June 2nd) exactly 1 week after the order was placed.

    The product works great and my daughter loves it. I’m just extremely grateful I seem to have had a more positive experience than most. I didn’t want to have to break my daughter’s heart and tell her it wasn’t coming.

    Good luck everyone!

  124. I ordered mine through eBay from dekline5290 very professional simple transaction could not have been any easier and I did not have to deal with back order I definitely suggest it

    • How long did it take for Dekline5290 to ship? I want to order from them but just looking to see how long shipping takes. Thanks

  125. Thanks so much everybody for posting reviews. I will not be getting any from this company which is a joke.

  126. Dream lights. Do not buy.

    I ordered mine in march of 2012. received an email saying the unicorn was on backorder. No estimate of when I would receive it. Then finally in may they charge my debit card. I called and said forget it. I couldn’t understand the woman’s name to be honest but she said too late to cancel even though it hadn’t shipped yet! I was told to refuse it when it came and then I would receive my refund once they received it back in their warehouse within 2-10 days. Its Been since may 14th. I called there yesterday and spoke with Alan. Alan who slept through customer service training and I know this due to the fact he was beyond rude. Alan informed me they didnt have in there warehouse so no refund. I was then told it was my fault for not canceling sooner. I asked that man to speak to his supervisor 5 times. Alan finally asks why I want his supervisor. I told him due to the fact the he was rude. I was put on hold and when he came back on he told me his supervisor was in a meeting. I said yeah right. Alan laughed and hung up. Not only was this company late with order,not only did they charge me a web access fee of a dollar to take out my money electronically …I have to put up with rude customer service people?? unacceptable. Ill be contacting BBB and letting anyone who will listen that this is a horrible,horrible company.

  127. Ordered 2 Dream-Lites on May 14. Received them both today (May 31). I did have problems at first tracking my order (the tracking link they sent me wasn’t working) but it started working (I guess after the items were actually shipped?). Pretty expensive for these critters but my kids love them and we’ve had them going now for about 20 mins. I ordered the deluxe adapter for both (extra $10 each) which provides more colors + can run them off electric instead of having to replace batteries. Really they were only a few days late sending them if even that (they said 7-10 business days after payment processed). So far so good, I just hope these don’t end up breaking or stop working because I know that’s gonna be a hassle if they do. I think this company is just bombarded with orders. Kids seem to love these things LOL. I am happy overall with my purchase. My advice is to tell your kids it could be 4-6 weeks to receive them in case they do have to back order then if they come sooner the kids will be pleasantly surprised instead of so disappointed by the long wait time. It took about 2-1/2 weeks for us to get ours. 🙂

    • Just spoke to Vick – He’s a phone rep for company.Shill!! ordered 2 July 24th – Haven’t received as of Aug.16th – no communication. When I checked the website- now$29.99 not $39.99 and punch in “DREAM” and now $22.50. Tried to get price adj and was disconnected from India 4 out of 7 phone calls. Supposedly Vick told me that he would have a rep call me in 3 days to verify adj. to my credit card. We’ll see. Wish I had found this site first. By the way there is not a web page for Dreamlitescustserv@fulfillment.com , so this company is as shady as they come. Told them that my friend is a news anchor and would love to do an expose.

  128. I ordered 2 pillow pet dream lites on May 11 and I have not received them. Please inform me as to their status.

  129. Mine finally came after over a month and although it’s cute, not enough to justify the price or the wait. I wish I’d found these reviews sooner because they certainly would’ve prevented me from making the mistake of giving this company any business. The website doesn’t tell you what’s in stock and what’s not (mine was backordered too) and the shipping time estimate is a joke. Being a “new product” and “bound to be backordered” are ridiculous statements. If you’re going to advertise you need to be able to deliver in a reliable and timely manner.

    Save yourself the aggravation and buy something else. I’ve seen good reviews for the CloudB night lights. They only have turtles and ladybugs but you can get them for a better price from companies like Amazon.com that have excellent service and free (+fast) shipping.

  130. My Dream-lites took about 5 weeks to get, but worth the wait. The kids really like them. I didn’t call customer service at all, I just patiently waited. I received an email saying that they were on back order after a few weeks, then another one a few weeks later saying they were shipped. You people just need to wait it out. It is a new product and is bound to be on back order. If your child wants one really bad, you just need to tell them they are on back order, and will take a month or so to actually receive it. They are very cute. So far we have had no problem with ours.

  131. My grandchildren love the dreamlites…..it took a while to get them…just be patient….they will arrive.

  132. It took 7 weeks to get them but the snuggly puppy and rainbow unicorn dreamlites I ordered for my kids came today!! They were totally worth it! My son (1 yr) and daughter (4 yr) and myself love them. They are adorable! I am pleasantly surprised with the prejection to the ceiling. The stars are clear and cover the entire ceiling! I highly recommend these. I will say to call in and order it, that way you can ask what is in stock at that moment and order from what they have. That way you wont be waiting around forever.

  133. With or without the DREAM code the price is the same, so no discounts are applied. Don’t fall for the up sale.

    • Glad I did a little research and read the reviews, my lil girl and I will have to find something else with lites because I’m not getting this. Thanks to the reviewers for their input.

      • Hi Rich, I was just reading reviews on the dream lites because my girls are bugging me for one too and came across your review. 2 years ago I got my girls something similar to dream lites, the company name is cloud b. the product is Twilight Constellation night light, some toy stores also carry them so you can look at it before buying. I hope you find this helpful.

        • I ordered a dream lite when I first seen the commercial and waited about four weeks without calling customer service or anything. finally I got kind of tired of waiting so I called, they told me my giraffe was on back order and it would arrive within the next six weeks… I waited and it never arrived. and I called back and they said it would arrive soon. so I waited and waited.. then the card I used to pay for it got some money taken off of it by a travel company in Indonesia I had never heard of, so I cancelled that card. I soon was informed that my dream lites order had been cancelled. so after that I found the cloud b twilight turtle. its similar to these dream lites but I think its cuter, I love it and so does my son. I ordered it from amazon with no problems whatsoever. dream lites suck!!

      • I have never seen so many poor reviews and won’t even bother now! Thank you all for your comments.

  134. I made an order through Ontel Products /dreamlites.com and what a JOKE!

    The shipping was ridiculous at $15, but I ordered it anyway because dear daughter kept seeing it on TV and really wanted it.

    I ordered it on 4/27, and today, 5/22 it is still no where to be found.

    When I called an inquired they had added on some other toy to my order (that I did not request) for “free” and another $7 shipping was going to be due, and the free item the mysteriously added to my order was not in stock so that was the reason my shipment had not gone out. Hello?

    The representative was not speaking native English/American and whether it was truly a communication barrier or the run around I can not say, but it was irritating. I asked for a supervisor and was put on hold. Then told a supervisor was not available and that I would be called back. I said that was not acceptable that she needed to get a management person on the phone, and after $17 minutes she just hung up the call with no warning. This employee’s name was Aris.

    I called right back and reached employee Mattedellah, and she cancelled my ordered. THANKFULLY, it wasn’t shipped, nor billed, and I am now done with this problem instead of just beginning with it. Thanks everyone for tipping me off. I will look else where for a similar product.

  135. I have ordered and received a Pillow Pet with no issues at all. It arrived in about a week and was in perfect condition. My son loves it and has used it every night for the past 2 months. It is still on the original batteries I put in. I recently ordered another one. I messed up on the order and only realized it after I placed the order. I emailed customer service and they fixed the problem the very next day. I have no complaints about the product or the service I have received. I will be ordering two more dreamlites in the next month and I am confident I will receive a good product and good customer service if needed.

  136. Ok I just had to post a thank you to people who actually take the time out to give honest, and detailed reviews. My son is having an issue with sleeping by himself and I really thought this would be the solution. I was planning on spending like the last of my little bit of money to get him one of these things. I am so freaking glad I do my research before jumping into situations. But now feel bad because my son really wanted one of these ridiculous things. But I am pretty sure there is a similar toy out there somewhere of way better quality. Thank you much.

    • My son also suffers with fears of the dark. He received this http://www.amazon.com/Cloud-Twilight-Constellation-Night-Turtle/dp/B000BNQC58/ref=pd_bxgy_ba_img_c for Christmas and we have used it every night since. There are several different colors available for the turtle as well as a sea turtle and a ladybug. He absolutely adores it and we have to take it anywhere we plan to spend the night. The lights inside are LED’s so they last a long time. It comes with AAA batteries so it will work right out of the box. Battery usage is good he flips it on sometimes several times a night if he wakes often and we have only changed them once. There is a forty minute auto shut-off and when we first got it I worried it wouldn’t be long enough but it has worked perfectly. I highly recommend it and wish we had gotten one sooner. 🙂

  137. Good thing I decided to open another window and do a search after I saw they wanted to charge me an additional $1.00 to electronically receive my funds. Was just about to put my security code from my CC in and good thing I didn’t. Thanks everyone.

  138. THIS COMPANY IS HORRIBLE!!!! I placed my order, spoke with a friend and then came upon the reviews, tried to cancel my order and was told that I was not allowed to cancel my order and that the company would not refund my money either. I cant wait until my bank finishes going after them for trying to double charge my credit card too! I hope this company gets SHUT DOWN!!

    • I ordered the unicorn 2 months ago, and have not heard anything yet. My grand daughter is bugging me every day, did it come yet, did it come yet? Now I heard you can buy one at Target. I just emailed them, and waiting to hear their excuse now. Two months is too long for a lousy stuffed animal. I order on line all the time, never had to wait this long, and I get stuff from China….

  139. I’m so glad I saw these Dream Lite reviews! As many of you have already said you were looking up reviews prior to purchasing the dream lite that grabs our little ones eyes! But after reading these reviews I decided to go to cloudb.com and amazingly they were cheaper and shipping was not outrageously priced! Looks like CloudB.com has some great reviews as well! So screw dream liter save money and check them out! 😉 good luck!

    • I recently ordered a Dream Lite that my daughter had seen on TV. I then looked at the reviews I know a little backwards. I was questioning the shipping date due to the reviews and them not telling me but I ordered on the 12th of May. I have yet to receive my dream lite but I received a conformation that I can track my shipping through FedEx to my surprise because of all the negative review it just arrived in my local post office today and I should receive it in 1 to 2 days… I will let you know about how it works and if I actually receive in a reasonable time.


  140. I’m so so SO glad I read these review, THANK YOU SO MUCH LADIES FOR REVIEWING!! Seriously, I appreciate it. I was thinking of ordering one, but I think now, I will wait until they come out in stores. Which will eventually happen. I see so many products in stores that are advertised on-line and on television, that they are “not available in stores”!!!! So many times I’ve wanted to try the latest and “greatest” product, but resisted the temptation and bought them when they eventually came out in stores. Then (when, not usually “if”) they weren’t what I expected or they were a complete piece of junk-which is usually the case, I just repackage it, grab my receipt, and return it-hassle (and minus the ridiculous shipping charge) free!! Thanks again ladies, hope all your problems are resolved soon and no further ones!! Warm regards!


  141. Well I seem to be having a different experience than the ones previously noted. I just ordered the Rainbow unicorn and my order has already shipped. Shipment details are as follows: 05/15/2012 Order was placed.

    05/15/2012 Order Was Downloaded Into System.
    05/17/2012 Payment Was Posted.
    05/17/2012 Ship Ticket Was Generated.
    05/17/2012 Package Was Shipped Via Smart Post

    I think its normal for a prdouct to be back ordered if it’s a brand new sell, due to not knowing the expected demand of the product or perhaps there has to be a certain number ordered prior to production. One never knows, but it seems they’re in stock now. I couldn’t disappoint my little girl even if I had to wait 6 weeks. But it seems I don’t afterall. I will follow up once I actually receive the product.

    • How did you receive your tracking information? Al I received was an email saying it will be processed shortly, no other info. AND- the link to check your order status is not even a legitimate link.

  142. I was only curious to find out what type of battery this toy used and how long it worked. I was going to order 3, one for each of my grandchildren. It always seems that reviews have one negative, but this seems to be ALL negatives! Regardless of where you purchase this product, they do not give enough information on their websites or tv commercials. I’m so thankful that I found this site before I ordered this product! 

  143. I am sad to say I was kicking myself once I read the reviews after I received the Dream Lite for my daughter. We got it in a week but once we got it and put the batteries in the changing light work for less then 1 min and then it just went to one light and then I couldn’t turn it off. I really want a replacement but am not sure I would get far with customer service. I spent 40 bucks for something that should only cost 10.00 bucks.

  144. I ordered the butterfly Dreamlite on 4/20. Still waiting for it. What a hassle. I heard As Seen On TV retail stores will have it soon. Maybe that’s the problem. They’ll stocking up inventory for the retail stores and the regular joe customer is left waiting forever with no proactive communication of when the order will be delivered. Very disappointing.

  145. This is the WORST I mean THE WORST customer service I have ever encountered. I have talked to a supervisor named JESI and she could not even speak straight clear English she put me on hold several times and was very rude and whats worst I talked to her manager Jose and I don’t know if it was a she or a he and he couldn’t even have a specific date on when I will receive the product. They did not even contact me that the product was on BACK ORDER they made me feel stupid and a liar to my kids. I am mad as HELL this is for my kids and they are crying over this 🙁

    • What a coincidence I just talked to her. She is mean and sarcastic. The agent knows more a about the product than she does and she’s a supervisor she cant barely speak English. Why do this company hire morons. I already contacted BBB and our local TV station.

      • I talked to a supervisor named JESI and she could not even speak ENGLISH and very rude she keeps on putting me on hold and by the time I spoke to her manager Jose I don’t know if it was a male or a female very confusing. WORST customer service I have ever encountered he calls himself the manager but could not give me answers. and nobody informed me that this was on back order. They made me look like a stupid person like it was my fault. This is a present for my kids now their crying over this. 🙁

    • Thank you to all for the reviews. I will not be placing any orders. Maybe someone should notify the Children’s channels that are promoting this product so parents and kids are no longer victims of such scams.

    • I recommend calling to cancel your order and if they wont let you then contact your credit card company. If their customer service is that bad then their product is even worse. I went to Cloudb.com instead and their stuff looks AMAZING! We ordered the Sea Turtle! Cheaper and will probably be much better made.

  146. I am so glad I read these reviews. I have waited a month for 2 dreamlites that have been on backorder. I called this morning, but was told they couldn’t tell me when it would be in. Then I read about cloud b, and canceled my order with Dream-lite. Dreamlite tried to get me to purchase something else instead of what I wanted, and even offered $5 back on shipping.

  147. After reading all the negative reviews I was worried that I wouldn’t receive the Dream Lites Pillow Pet for my daughter’s birthday… I placed the order last week and today received a shipment tracking # today. Hopefully everyone ordered off of the official website. I’m excited that it will be here before her birthday!! 🙂

  148. This company should be SHUT DOWN! We placed our order for the Unicorn in Feb. 2012. No calls, no emails. 8 weeks later, I called them for an update. They informed me it was ready to ship. 3 weeks later I called again. Today they tell me it is waiting to ship. Really? Turns out waiting to ship mean 4-6 weeks for it to even be in inventory. So another 2 months? There is no help from customer service. They do not offer expedited shipping or anything to make this mess better. Meanwhile, my daughter keeps asking about it. Thanks Ontel Products Corp.

    • Just wanted to say thanks to all the people who posted reviews. My 3 year old wants a Dreamlite SO bad for his upcoming b.day and I was just about to purchase one from their website when I decided to search reviews of the product. I won’t be buying one now.

  149. I ordered the snuggly puppy Dreamlite for my 3 year old son. He checked the mail daily, so after a few weeks of nothing, I called them. I was told that it was backordered for an unknown amount of time. I had read the bad reviews and was kind of scared so I cancelled the whole thing. I went to cloudb.com and they have a tranquil turtle that is even better! It not only projects light onto the ceiling, it also plays two different sounds. I ordered it and it ships in 1 day! I will let everyone know once I receive it. I must say I have a better feeling about this purchase…..(:

  150. The Contact information is a fraud. I called and was switched to Progressive Auto Insurance then a horoscope phone that offered other services.

    Do not buy direct from this Fake Site that will just rip your money. so many others have commented on this same problem.

    Boycott this site if at all possible, until the Site starts improving customer relations.

  151. I ordered the lady bug lite on 2/29 from their website: dreamlites.com. After I did not receive any reply for a couple weeks, I finally called their customer service (1-855-876-1816). I talked to a representative hat was very hard to understand and she informed me that all their products are on back order. Today is 4/30/2012 and I just noticed that I received an e mail on 4/27/2012 which stated that my order has been canceled. I was very confused since I did not cancel my order, so I called customer service again. This time, a lady answered, told me that they are currently not able to view any customer information due to a upgrade and hung up the phone. So I called back, and the second lady started to repeat the same sentence. Before they could hang up on me the second time, I told them that their company is the worst I have ever done (or at least tried to) business with. I advise anybody not to buy this product. You probably wait for a long time until you receive any answer and at the end you will never receive the product. This of course was a big disappointment to my 3 year old!

    As nice as those Dream Lites are presented to be, please do not waste your time. They should definitely be reported and I might just send a letter to BBB.

    • Hi,

      I read your post,but too late. I already had placed my order and of course cannot find a tracking number. Its for my grand child. Now I am a bit concerned since the company has my credit card information.

      If you do notify BBB please post their reply for all of us. If I do receive my order I will post a message.


  152. I ordered the lady bug and the fluttery butterfly on April 16. I got nervous when the order tracking site disappeared for a few days, but it eventually came back and I could track my order again. I got my order yesterday, May 3rd, which was pretty quick in my opinion. I think it was expensive, but worth the money because my 18 month old daughter LOVES it. I will be happy as long as it does not break in the first few months.

  153. I’m still waiting on my Dreamlite also. Said something about needing another payment method. I’ve been looking for a phone numbers does anyone have the number? I’ve emailed them twice I still have not heard a thing.

    Here is the exact email, the link they included is broken..

    Thank you for your order. The purpose of this email is to notify you that there has been a problem processing your credit card. We ask that you contact customer service as soon as possible in order to remedy this situation. We will not be able to ship your DREAM LITES order until we hear back from you. You can contact customer service at dreamlitesorderstatus.com. Please reference order number ******. We apologize from any inconvenience this may cause you.

    Thank you for your patience,

    DREAM LITES Customer Service

  154. I think the dreamlites pillow is very expensive!! If your going to charge $30.00 for them at least eliminate the $15.00 shipping charge because $30.00 has now turned into $45.00 for a pillow!!

  155. First they said my zip code was wrong, then another call they asked to verify the zip again and low and behold the zip had changed again and was still wrong. Next call was that the order was processed. I asked how long for shipping this time 7-10 business days. Still not here 2 weeks later. Last I checked hmm 5 business days in a week. Next call hmm it doesn’t look like there is any payment problems. Duh, because there is more money in my account than Dream Lites!! You should have it in 7-10 business days. WHAT!!! 7- 10 business days from when Easter of 2013?? Just do what you say because my 5 year old payed for this with his hard earned money. So I say the lesson to my 5 year old is bust your rear to earn money, give it to Dreamlites and get nothing. He now has no desire to earn money, and blames me for telling him he could buy what he wants when he works for it. Now his next lesson is to be at the attorneys office in the morning. When I acquire this company be sure that no child will be disappointed.

    • Small claims will be be served to this company early next week the court house told me, as I filed the papers and it,s so worth the extra money to file. It’s the whole principle! The commercial says ” no parent wants there child to be afraid of the dark.”. It’s very upsetting to see the children not only still afraid, but also disappointed that someone is willing to cheat them out of the comfort at night.

      Mommy will always comfort him and he will grow out of the phase before the company decides they really care. Hard lesson for the little ones, but it does make me chuckle when he goes to school and his friends ask if he has got his Dream-Lites yet. His response is ” no, those people are liars!” :). A ton of recon has happened to get him to understand what a liar is because the rest of us do what we say we are going to do. Anyways, I have never looked so forward to going to court in my life.

  156. I ordered the lady bug lite on 2/29 from their website: dreamlites.com. After I did not receive any reply for a couple weeks, I finally called their customer service (1-855-876-1816). I talked to a lady that was very hard to understand and she informed me that all their products are on back order. Today is 4/30/2012 and I just noticed that I received an e mail on 4/27/2012 which stated that my order has been canceled. I was very confused since I did not cancel my order, so I called customer service again. This time, a lady answered, told me that they are currently not able to view any customer information due to a upgrade and hung up the phone. So I called back, and the second lady started to repeat the same sentence. Before they could hang up on me this time, I told them that their company is the worst I have ever done (or at least tried to) do business with and that I will definitely share my disappointment and concern over the internet.

    As nice as those Dream Lites are presented to be, please do not waste your time. They should definitely be reported and I might just send a letter to BBB.

    • I’ve ordered an dreamlite puppy over 2 months ago an haven’t recieved it yet this company is an fraud and I advise everyone to order from AMAZON they have dreamlites.


    • I just finished my order. I am a bit upset that there was no confirmation window for the site, I was not able to complete my order until I selected the dream light of choice, which I did at the begin of the order session. Not having a confirmation screen I ended up with two dream lights and only wanted one. The confirmation screen would be a good idea, it’s only good commerce practice. The contact number on the order confirmation is also incorrect, just FYI. After finding the correct number and calling it, I was told by auto message to call back tomorrow since they were having technical issues. BUMMER!! They took the payment from my account faster then the speed of light.

      • I just had the same thing happen to me, a double order. I called as soon as I saw the error and was told to call back tomorrow, as they were not able to see the order yet. I hope I can get them on the phone tomorrow. If not I will call the bank and BBB and file a big fat complaint.

        • I placed an order yesterday morning at 10:00 am EST. I tried to check the status of my order today and it says no order found! So I called the customer service number and got a lady who can barely speak English! She said “Well call back in 3 hrs” What good does that do me? I will be calling back and if I don’t get satisfactory results I will be filing a complaint with the BBB. This is unreal! They make this product for children and we as parents buy these products to make our children happy and these companies scam us!? I do NOT think so! I hope this is just me ranting and my son gets his penguin! I am not very happy currently!

  158. Here is the advise I will give. I waited to order mine because the mypillowpets.com will have them in July.. there customer service is amazing and they are very helpful I ordered from them in august and again in April my order took a week BC its coming from California. They try to help everyone so check out there face book page and there web page and wait til July to order straight from them.

  159. I hate this commercial, it is so negative …and they stole my money saying they denied the cc and they still charged on it. PLEASE DON’T waste ur money and time.

  160. I ordered one and when it came it was defective. The screw to hold the battery plate on was in there so tightly that when you tried to remove it it stripped. Had to send back the first one and then they charged me full price for the second one again. I sent that first one back and paid to ship it back to them. The refunded me for the first one but only $30.95 so now I have paid $24.73 in shipping charges for one Dream-Lite. They have horrible customer service and I am reporting them to the better business bureau. I am still fighting to get my shipping money back from the first one. Then after all of that the screw on the new one is no better. They are cheaply made. I learned my lesson to wait until they are available for sale in the stores.

  161. As I read all of these Dream-Lites complaints. I took it upon my self to see if there was any other product out there like this by a trusting company. I came a cross a company called CLOUD B that make the same product. It does not have as many animals to choose from. I was able to walk into toy r us in the baby section and purchase it. I brought it home and before I gave it to my granddaughter I tested it. I didn’t want to disappoint her. I must say I’m very happy with the decision I made to check reviews before ordering from Dream Lites. Thank you all for your feedback. NOW RUN OUT TO TOYS R US AND MAKE THOSE BABIES HAPPY. 😉

  162. Horrible Customer Service. Lied to me and I didn’t get my order for over a month. Very Small and junky DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM! I never will again.

  163. WE NEED to contact a lawyer this is ridiculous. They are selling a product they do not have and worse yet the customer service STINKS!!! Let’s do something about this and put a stop to them!!!

    I have had an order for a puppy in for well over a month going on two months. No help and no answers. Cannot talk to a supervisor (they are always in a meeting or on another call). Will not escalate and have no idea what I am trying to do many times.

    • I agree with the lawyer at this point. I ordered a Dream Light for my daughter and was immediately bombarded with negative and rude customer service, lack of professionalism, and when we did FINALLY get the light a MONTH later, it was broken! It didn’t stay on for more than 20 minutes and none of the colors changed at all! I was furious and on the phone with customer service within 5 minutes.

      However, my 4 and 1/2 year old daughter already saw the light and was so happy and so excited about it finally being there that she didn’t even give me a chance to tell her it was broken. Next thing I hear, her screaming for me because its broken and doesn’t work. SO now I had a broken $60 toy that was ‘on backorder’, and a crying disappointed child that the thing she had been waiting for for SO long and anxiously, and a rudely unprofessional customer service representative who gave me every loop and side step possible.

      They said they were going to E-Mail me a pre-paid shipping label to send the broken one back and that they have already shipped the second dream light, which of course is on backorder. That was a week ago and I have been on the phone with them every single day this week about all of this and they keep telling me that it must be my fault!

      So bottom line is I will NEVER order ANYTHING from these people EVER again! Nothing but one bad scam!

    • Everytime I called they were “at a meeting” as well. They had me call back 3x in one day. Finally I called OnTel who makes DREAMLITES and spoke to someone who finally did not follow a script and answered my questions. I should be receiving my order in 10 days.

      Sadly I did place my order on 3/19/12 for a birthday gift for 4/1/12 and still have no gift for that little girl.

      DO NOT ORDER from DREAMLITES.COM!! The customer service is a complete joke!! They will always tell you it is on backorder and will be shipped soon and will never let you speak to a supervisor.

  164. Ridiculous, customer service a joke. Incompetence must be pre-requisite for this job. And I have not even received the product yet. Don’t tell customers 5 to 10 days for delivery if it is closer to 15 days. Also, there was no way to upgrade delivery method. The US postal system is a faster delivery method. From what I am hearing on this blog of reviews is if we saw it in a store, we would never pay $40 for this. They charged me $16 for shipping and handling but only offered me $5 in return for not getting me the product on time. My suggestion, wait until they are for sale at Walmart. Then you know what you are getting and when you can expect to have it delivered to your house. I will keep you posted.

    • Don’t you know, as I am typing the above email. There is a knock at the door. I received both pillow pets and both work. My daughter is running around the house going into dark rooms and watching the light show. Smile on my daughter’s face makes all the aggravation go away.


      • I am glad you received yours!

        Does it always need to be plugged in? I read in a review that it comes with an adaptor.

  165. I need to return a dream lite butterfly it doesn’t work. also got the puppy and it works just fine. But I have been told that customer service is really slow in responding.

  166. I ordered the lady bug and giraffe dreamlites on 2/22/2012. I just received them today on 4/6/2012 after sending an email to the company to cancel my order. After opening the box, I had to go back and watch the video, since the dreamlites are significantly smaller than the original pillow pets. It’s safe to say that the dreamlites are a third of the size of a pillow pet. They work as advertised so far, but I’m not sure if they are worth the price tag and the “back order” wait to finally receive them.

    • That is crazy 🙁 The commercial makes it look like they are the same size. I ordered one on 3/19/12 and it has been over a month and it still hasnt been shipped.

  167. This is the WORST in terms of customer service that I have ever seen. Once I get this fixed, I will NEVER do business with them again!

  168. Dreamlites have the WORST customer service in the history of on-line shopping! The Dreamlites web site is designed to scam customers into purchasing extra items and then jack up the shipping and handling charges. Their customer service is first Non-responsive, and then when you do reach someone they are unhelpful and unprofessional. What a terrible experience!

  169. HORRIBLE …. ORDERED MINE ON 3/12/12…. AFTER MANY CALLS AND EMAILS…. they tell me it is on back order. Thanks!

    WILL NEVER order from this company and I do not recommend!

  170. Horrible experience. Ordered giraffe Dreamlite on march 17 for my daughters birthday on April 3rd. Called as we hadn’t received it by that date. They couldn’t find my order for 15 minutes. Finally found it and said it shipped. Then, today April 5th, I get an email saying that it just shipped. Then I try to check tracking and they have no record of it. This is a ridiculous way to run a business. They have lost me as a customer. I wish I had read the reviews first.

  171. My mother ordered 1 for my son over a month ago, for his birthday; which is 9 days away. We still have not received the package! My mother has contacted the company twice on this order and she has been told both times that it has been shipped. I’d like to know where are they shipping it from? This is ALL my son has asked for, for his 5th birthday!

    • I ordered the unicorn Dream Lites about a week ago and it was delivered yesterday. Very fast shipping. As we work during the day it was left by the door. Good thing it was still there when we arrived home.

      • Here is the sequence:

        03/25/2012 Order was placed.
        03/26/2012 Order Was Downloaded Into System.
        03/28/2012 Payment Was Posted.
        03/28/2012 Ship Ticket Was Generated.
        03/29/2012 Package Was Shipped Via Smart Post

        I received on April 4, 2012 : )

        • Same thing is happening to me but still have not received mine. These people need to be put out of business.

  172. This is my second request, the first is out in cyberspace somewhere. rejected because of an e-mail address. I ordered a pillow pet dream lite for my Granddaughter and in error I ordered 2. I tried to go back and cancel the second dream lite to no avail.I tried to call customer service. No good, not normal business hours.Do I have to contact my credit card company to cancel the whole sale ? Please have some one contact me either by phone or e-mail.

    Thanking you in advance Patricia Schwarz
    phone 516-456-4462

  173. I don’t believe its a scam. If they don’t take the money out of your account til it ships it can’t really be a scam. I ordered my daughter one for Easter but it looks like it won’t be here. Her birthday is in August so hopefully I will have it for then. As long as they don’t take the money I will wait it out!

  174. My daughter has been begging for this since the very first time she saw a commercial for it! After reading the horrible reviews I decided to not take a chance on it and instead looked to find a comparable toy that she would love just as much. And I found one!! And best of all, you can buy it at Target!!! Bought it yesterday and used it last night! There are 2 options: Cloud B Twilight Turtle and Cloud B Twilight Ladybug. I bought both, one for my son and one for my daughter. They LOVE them! They have three colored light options and shine a moon and stars on the ceiling… very cool. They do only run on AA batteries but my kids want to keep it next to them in bed so I prefer no cord anyway. Hope this helps!

  175. I was very nervous about ordering a Dream Lite Pillow, especially after reading all the reviews. Luckily I have had great luck with the company. When I ordered on-line I accidentally ordered 2. The way they have it set up for printing out information is confusing and I ordered 2. I was furious and immediately emailed the company. They sent me an email the next day and credited my account. I received emails about the status of the order and it came within 2 weeks. With all my nervousness about this company I have to say that they were GREAT!

  176. I placed my order on 3/2/2012 for the butterfly Dream Lites and it arrived at my door on 3/25/2012.

    • We were told 5 days but its now been a week. They should tell you if they are on back order but they won’t.

  177. To everyone who has taken the time to write their reviews – Many Thanks!

    I was about to hit submit order – then thought I should look at reviews. I’m really glad I did – I’m going to opt for the Could B or other similar product I can just go to the store and buy.

    Good luck and I hope Dream Lites comes through in the end for you.

  178. I ordered my daughter a unicorn dream lite and after ordering and waiting a couple weeks without hearing when it was coming I decided to email customer service. A rep wrote me back saying it would be shipped soon and that my credit card would be charged once it had been shipped… Two weeks later and finally today after a month and a half they tell me it will be shipped within the next 4 days. or I can cancel my order. Its like wth I have had my 4 yr old asking me daily when it will be here like I am really going to cancel after already waiting which seems like forever. On the website where you order they should honestly tell you it will be 6 weeks til they will ship your item so you wont tell your child you ordered it because this is crazy. I got an order from eBay which was in Hong Kong that said it would take 20 business days already wth are they doing selling this item if they don’t even have them and claim they are on back order.

    • I got the same your problem. I ordered from Feb 29 and my daughter Birthday was on March 12th, until now March 27th order still not coming yet. I am not feeling good when my 6 years old repeatedly ask me everyday about her birthday. This is suck business!

  179. Ordered on February 23, still haven’t seen them and the website they gave me on the phone dreamliteorderstatus.com doesn’t come up on google. It all seems very strange to me.

  180. For those that are having a hard time getting through to customer service like I did.. DO NOT call the number that you are given in your order confirmation nor the email they give you! You have to go to the Dreamlites website and contact them through that number for ordering and the email is located next to them. That new jersey number and help@ontel does not work. I received an email back finally but was generic and not of help other than my invoice that just states “back order but should have shipment shortly”. Ha! That was still almost a month ago. I also called to correct the shipping info and they switched some of the billing info to match the shipping info even after I explained that the billing info was different than the shipping info. Sure hope the credit card isn’t denied now because they swapped the phone number! It’s pointless to call or contact unless you want to cancel your order. Even if you contact them inquiring about an estimated shipment date.. They try to get you to cancel the order. “if you wish to cancel your order” is all they imply instead of we are working to get them in soon. I still don’t know why they give you numbers and emails that don’t work in the order confirmation?

  181. It’s been 4 1/2 weeks and they are still on backorder. But I still see them advertised every day. They should stop taking orders if the can’t fulfill them. GRRRRR!!

  182. I placed an order for a Dream Lite on 3/2 and was instantly sent an email confirmation. I noticed that the invoice had two items I didn’t order and was missing the one item I wanted. I called the following Monday to have my order changed and the rep told me she couldn’t locate my order and to try back on Tuesday. I called back on Tuesday and the rep still couldn’t find my order. I gave it another week and called back, and still couldn’t find my order. I asked to speak with a supervisor and refused their several attempts to get me off the phone, telling me all the supervisors were busy. I finally spoke with Jon who told me he would be handling the problem himself and would call me back within 24 hours. Five days later and here I am, no call but my card has been charged for two items I didn’t want. They can’t explain any of this to me, they just kept apologizing. I don’t want an apology, I just want my correct order!! I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER order ANYTHING from ONTEL products again.

  183. I ordered my Dream Lites on 3/11/2012….after my son saw the commercial on Sprout and he HAD to have it….thinking that the Puppy would be a great Easter gift for a 4 year old boy. It was shipped on 3/13 & I’ve been tracking the darn thing through the FedEx system…and they take forever to get to their destination! It’s still at a Post Office in South Denver, I’m on the Eastern Plains and it won’t get here for another 5 days…..I have a cousin that just got one for her little girl and the child likes it, but here Mom said after seeing the product it’s a bit on the overpriced side.

    • Hi once again. I am a former customer service rep who has worked for many companies like the one mentioned here for Dream Lites. Did telemarketing.tech support. You name it. A lot of people don’t know or understand or even remember when ordering online, over the phone or from a magazine/catalog that most “hot” or ” in demand” products will usually take up to 6 to 8 weeks or even sometimes sooner like 3 to 4 weeks. Even as little as 3 to 5 days. 7 to 10 days or 2 to 4 weeks.

      BUT HEY! They should have had a BIG surplus of these toys and their customer service could be a lot better too. The website could be updated, modified or made more professionally. Email, live chat or IM. could be tons better. One company they could model themselves after/mimic would be Neiman Marcus. I loved working there. Everything was top notch. 100 % top quality everything in every-way that’s been mentioned here that has and could go wrong. DREAM LITE & CO. SHOULD READ THIS POSTING.Lol.How much can they afford to lose before they sink? ; )

    • I was really frustrated with my experience with this companies “customer service” before I stopped to read the reviews, now I cannot explain in friendly words my frustration. I ordered the Rainbow Unicorn March 7th, received the order confirmation and my credit card was billed. I called to inquire about the status of my order and all I could get out of this person is that it was backordered due to demand. They could not even give me a projected time frame of when it would ship. It seems that this company would list the items NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME if they do not have them available to fill customer’s orders.

  184. Hey guys let me clarify a few things. If you ever worked for a call center catalog order ordered online or by mail or phone. You should know that a “in demand” product is going to take a little bit to be sent to you since there is more than one person who really wants this item so badly. Think of when Tickle Me Elmo first came out. Was out of stock before it hit the sales floor in some cases. So chill and your order will be here when its time to be shipped usually 3 to 4 weeks and processed in 24 hrs. Means your order. Not when it will be shipped people. Get a grip. Its a hot toy and you will get yours when you will get it. Ok. Peace and god bless. Ciao peeps.

  185. I ordered 2 dream lites om march 2nd and am being told that the supplier is having trouble keeping up with the demand for product…thats okay but try explaining that to 2 grandchildren that are waiting for the mail each and every day. I am not sure that we will ever receive them, or at least before the two of them are gone away to college. Shouldn’t put something on a children’s television commercial if you are no prepared to deliver!! WOULDN’T RECOMMEND ANYONE TO BUY THEM!!

  186. I wish I had read these Dream Lites Pillow reviews before, everyone of these is EXACTLY what I am experiencing…I just called the 973-439-9000 and have been on hold for fifteen minutes..I’m calling to cancel my order….This is ridiculous that a company is allowed to do this….Okay, they answered the phone and I have cancelled my order and was told that the credit card does not get billed until the product is shipped…I will be checking my card right now. Good luck everyone…this is a SCAM!!!

    • Hey its really not a scam, I have actually received the turtle!!! they have a hard time them in stock cause of everyone wanting one!! best of luck to ya!!

  187. I ordered the penguin dream lite 2/28 immediately I received email confirmation of the order. However, when I look up my order status the system can not located my order. I called the 1-800 on the website and got a fast busy signal. I emailed the help address provided on the order confirmation and haven’t receive a response. I called 973-439-9000 where I waited on hold for over 10 min and finally spoke to someone. She advised me she can see my order but that all orders are back ordered and they will not receive the shipment from the warehouse to them for another 3 weeks and at that time they will ship out the orders they have waiting. I asked if they were doing anything to accommodate for the lack of customer service, like waive shipping and handling seen that is a joke. She replied we already provided a 25% discount, which is the dream promo they have on their site. WOW THAT”S CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ITS BEST!! This was suppose to be my sons birthday present and its totally ruined.

    • I forgot she decided the best accommodation she can provide was to put me on a priority list. Who knows how long that list is!!

    • My mother ordered 2 Dreamlites as well on 3/1 so that we could have them in time for Easter. She received a confirmation email and was charged for them but the site keeps stating “no ordered found” and that’s using the order number, billing info, etc… I emailed them and sent the confirmation email they sent my mother. Still waiting to hear back. I’m going to attempt to call them. What’s sad is that they ask for both phone numbers when inputting billing info and shipping info. If there is a problem or back order. CALL THE CUSTOMER!! Consumer doesn’t mean consuming the burden.

  188. I ordered a Dream Lite Pillow one week ago I haven’t receive it yet. And when I try to call customer service I can’t get in touch with them.

  189. I ordered one Dream Lites from Pillow Pets a week ago and it didn’t even show up on the web site for tracking until today. I called a couple days later to complain that the order wasn’t showing up on the order tracking site and the guy was no help at all. I wanted to add the color changing light to my order since my 3 year old keeps crying that he wants the one that changes color and was told that was what I ordered but I know I didn’t get the extra multi colored light when I ordered it. I was also told the giraffe I ordered was on back order and I should get it in 3 weeks. With that kind of wait it had better be with the right light inside. I really hope it isn’t any longer because my son asks me every morning if his dream lite is coming today and whines about it when the commercial comes on.

  190. I just received my Dream Lite pillow. Does it work? Don’t know. I ordered it on the 20th of February, 2012. Today is March 12, 2012 and when I opened the box the ac adapter that I also purchased was also missing. I had previously spoke with their customer service center about what the wait was, and to make DARN SURE that I would get this adapter as I can’t keep buying batteries. I just spoke with customer service again and they told me I have to mail it back to them and they will put me on the priority list and it should be back to me in 5 to 7 days. Okay, once I mail it that will take 5 to 7 days and then they will process it which who knows how long that will take. I am just totally upset about this. Something so easy like just mailing me the adapter is going to take a 2 month process. I am almost ready to tell them to just give me back my money.

  191. So has anyone actually received their Dream Lites order? My mom just ordered from the dreamlites website, I have received a confirmation email. But now I’m worried after reading all these comments from people not receiving their orders. :S Is it just that their demand exceeds their demand, and they haven’t amped up production enough yet?

    • I bought a Dream Lite Pillow on 2/26/2012. I have not received it. I called the number listed in the email and it stays busy all day. I found another number through the reviews and they told me the people who handle it were out. I am going to report this business tonight to BBB and whomever else.

      • A good number to get them to pickup is 855-876-1816. I ordered mines a week ago from all these reviews and speaking to customer service both of mines are on back order. I can’t believe this mess I got myself into my grand kids are bugging me everyday for this mess.

        Well I will post at a later date on my shipment.

    • I ordered mine on 3/3. I got tracking information on 3/14, it is suppose to arrive at my house on 3/19. I am hoping the adaptor and everything is there.

  192. I canceled my Dream Lites order. I recommended getting the Ladybug or Turtle night light from ‘Cloud B’ instead. Available at Target for $30. It is absolutely beautiful and great quality. Lights up the entire room, walls and ceiling. My daughter asks to sleep in her own room now so that she can use hers.

    • Thanks Mommy M…I will take my little one to Target and get the Turtle…its cheaper and available. Don’t want him to wait to long.

  193. I placed an order for Dream Lites from Pillow Pets on the 5th of March 2012 and received an email stating that my tracking info would be available after 24 hours. I emailed them and continuously called the customer service line and it just rang busy. I called the number that another complaint had listed and finally got in touch with someone. They said that my order was on back order and would not be shipped out for another 2 weeks. They just kept reading the same scripted response to me, and when I asked for a manager/supervisor they said none are available. That’s funny how none are available during business hours?! Well I finally got transferred to a “supervisor” and she was quite nice and told me that they were waiting for shipments from the warehouse and due to the overwhelming response the rainbow unicorn was on back order and offered to change my order to another “pet”. I finally asked her if this was a scam and she said “No”. I then asked her for a arrival date and she beat around the bush and told me 2 weeks. I also told her that if these pets were not available, they should take them off of the website and she agreed. I guess I’ll wait the 2 weeks and see if I receive my order. I’ll also post a response on this forum when/if it arrives.

    • Still haven’t received my Dream Lites order. Here it is almost a month later and today I receive an email stating that my order is on back order. Wow! Thats what they told me 3 weeks ago when I called them! This is getting ridiculous!

      • Dream lite was finally received today! A month to the day after ordering. Came with adapter and everything seems good! My daughter wont put it down lol Hope the same happens for everyone else! Good luck all!

  194. I placed an Dream Lites from Pillow Pets order on 2/29/12. Called last week and cancelled. Their customer service claims they are waiting for shipment from the warehouse and could take up to 45 days before my ordered is received. FORGET THAT!

    • I am going to call the Better Business Bureau on them. Can’t get no answer, or answers to my phone calls.

  195. I have had very same issues as the rest of the complaints, ordered two weeks ago still not gotten it, called Customer Service couldn’t understand half of what she said, I did make out that the penguin I ordered was on backordered, no ideal when it would come in. I asked to tell me what they had in stock, she said OK dog will be shipped, I said is the dog only one in stock – “oh yes” she said, I said OK that be fine. I asked when to expect shipment she said as soon as they can get it shipped was not much help still waiting and grand-baby cries for it every-time stupid commercial comes on.

    • Received an email from Dream Lites from Pillow Pets today, stating item was shipped expect delivery 5-10 days so will update you if I reeive it… I did call them last week and they told me the particular one I ordered was out of stock so I told them to change my order to one that was in stock… just an option for thos of you waiting.

      • Wanted to update.. WE GOT OURS TODAY…THE PUPPY DOG, GRAND-BABY DIDN’T WANT PUPPY DOG AND ASK WHERE ITS WINGS WERE BUT I TOLD HER TO WAIT ON A DIFFERENT ONE WOULD HAVE TOOK LONGER TO SHIP..so I believe they are telling the truth just long wait times best to ask what is in stock when ordering.

  196. Ontel Products who sells Dream Lites is a valid company (in case you are worried) I have a friend that worked there.. You can reach them at 973-439-9000 and ask for customer service for dream lite.. they will give you your order status.. I ordered one in 02/15 and it was shipped on 3/05.

  197. I placed my order on 02/29 and have yet to see anything, I tried calling the number and it is busy, I have responses to emails but they just say will ship next week. The Dream-Lites website says will process in 24 hours but nothing!!!

  198. I placed an order for one of the Pillow Pets on line and paid with my credit card. They sent me a receipt and a link to track the order, but every time I try to check, it states it can’t locate my order. They also provide a phone no. to call, but is always busy. I’m starting to think this is some type of scam and the product will never be sent. This has to be one of, if not the worst service I have ever received from an on-line order. Here is their web site, DreamLites.com

    • Did you receive the Dream Lites Pillow eventually? No one ever posted on this site if they ever received the merchandise, when you do, would you be kind enough to share if it really lights up the ceiling like it shows? I have a almost 8 year old deathly afraid of zombies 🙂

      • I ordered the purple unicorn on 3/5/12 and received it on 3/13/12 — actually a day earlier than the tracking number indicated. It’s small, like the smaller-sized Pillow Pets pillows, but it does light up the ceiling…and my child loves it.

  199. I Recommend NOT buying ‘Dream Lites’ This is why.

    I bought 2 dream lite pets off the website after seeing the commercial. Three days later the dream lite pets still haven’t been delivered but noticed I have an unrecognised phone number calling me, this number called me approx. 30 times in 8 days, meanwhile my Dream Lite pets still haven’t arrived, after getting sick of the unrecognised phone number calling me 10 times a day I decided to call and find out who it was, well it was Dream Lites, and basically telling me my order should be sent out shortly (it wasn’t even shipped yet) THEN they proceeded to force me over phone telling me I was signed up for some kind of rewards program that is un-related to the product Dream Lites which I ordered, that will bill me 29+ dollars every month after 30 days of receiving my Dream Lites and the contents contained within (the rewards coupons offer) but that can be cancelled after calling the number in the program contained in the package, they had me give my credit card number over the phone twice, made me repeat the last 4 digits of my credit card 4 times, as a way of recording my voice as some part of a verbal contract. This phone call lasted 30 minutes, while I was at work, and My package would not have been mailed until this was done. I Strongly Recommend NOT buying Dream Lites!

    • OMG THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME….. I kept thinking OMG I SWEAR I don’t remember hitting a “savings.com” button…. I agreed and had to do the SAME thing… for the 2 cards with money & $100. gas card….. I told hubby I have a month to cancel AFTER receiving the gas card etc. I asked the woman for the number I need to call to cancel it before I get hit with 3 $30. charges… She said it’ll be in the packets….. Now I’m panicking because I wont get the darn packets in time and I’m going to be hit with the charges… Does ANYONE have the cancellation numbers??!!

  200. I want to change my order but can find no way to do it. I will be forced to stop payment at my bank if I don’t receive an answer.

    • Connie, you should be able to reach them at 973-439-9000. I called and spoke to CSR there, nothing was really solved for me but I did speak to a live person. HTH

      • I called and purchased this Dream lite for my 5 yr old daughter on 3.8.2012 this was one of the worst orders EVER! The rep tried to sell me everything under the son lucky for her my daughter was in the room, which made me continue to be professional and repeatedly told her NO, NO, NO!! After finally completing the order to date 3.16.2012 there’s no sign of my order. Good thing is my bank account has not been charged. After reading the reviews and obtaining a number that actually worked I immediately canceled my order….. This was a joke now I must find something comparable for my daughter to enjoy at night.

  201. I ordered one of these Dream Lite Pillows online for my granddaughter. I used the website that they show on the commercial. Now I think I have been duped. I tried calling the number that was on the order confirmation and was put on hold…I waited on hold for over an hour…no one ever picked up. The price shown on the order confirmation was correct, but the items I ordered were not. I had ordered the Dream lite unicorn and the extra deal that was offered, the color changing light thing and the wall plug adapter so it didn’t have to run on batteries. All that was listed on the order confirmation letter was the dream lite pet and nothing else. (although the charge was equal to what it should have been for everything.) Can someone tell me if this thing is real or a scam.

  202. What material is the product made up of?

    Is there any chance of the material inducing allergy?

    Does it have any small part that can be hazardous for small children?
    How is it powered?

    How often does the bulb have to be changed?

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